10 Free Dictionary Apps for Android to Look it Up

Free Dictionary Apps for Android

No matter what anyone says, words carry weight. As a person who earns his entertainment funds by writing, I can assure you that right usage of words make a better impression. The free dictionary apps for Android will not only provide deep vocabulary but also improve your grip on the language. Word craft is an art form and in the right hand it can do wonders. I usually read a novel with a fleet of free dictionary apps for Android ready on my smartphone. This way I can learn and get intimately … [Read more...]

10 Best Apps for Nexus 6 to Amp Up Your Google Phone

apps for Nexus 6

After setting up my accounts and playing around with the settings, I look for the right apps on the Google Play Store whenever I buy a new Android smartphone. First, I get the apps that I liked using on my old Android phone and then I install the apps that will improve my new phone's experience. I don't feel that the phone is truly mine before I install the right apps. I believe that you can never get comfortable with the phone if it doesn't have the right apps installed. If you're looking to … [Read more...]

15 Tips And Tricks For Nexus 6 to Pack the Cool in Your Phone

Tips And Tricks For Nexus 6

If you just got your Nexus 6, then I'm sure you're loving it so far, especially if this is the first time you're using an Android device. Even if you've used Android devices before, the Nexus 6 should feel really different as it comes with Android Lollipop. If you're already impressed with your Nexus 6, then you'll be amazed after finding out about the hidden tips and tricks available for the phone. Almost all Android smartphones have some secret tricks that you can use and if you're looking … [Read more...]

10 Best Golf Apps for Android to Land it On the Fairway

Best Golf Apps for Android

Golf is one of the most calculated sports I have ever played. Granted my short-lived golf career abruptly ended when I bent my dad’s 9 Iron, I still have fond memories of the summer I played golf. Thanks to the best golf apps for Android I was able to join my father and his friends for a nice evening of golf. Sure I was the caddy and was mostly ignored, but the best golf apps for Android kept me busy. After checking out my great score-keeping almost all the old players were eager to download … [Read more...]

5 Unknown Tips, Tricks And Hacks For WhatsApp

Tips Tricks And Hacks For WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps on Android and other mobile platforms. Used by millions of users, WhatsApp is brilliant as it is. That being said, there are various different tips, tricks and hacks that you can use in order to make WhatsApp even more awesome. To be honest, I didn't like WhatsApp until last year and my friends kept on nagging me to download it. However, after using it for a couple of days, I became a fan. If there are some features that you don't like on WhatsApp or … [Read more...]

5 Best Dating Apps for Android for a Hot Night Out

Dating Apps for Android

The dating game has changed quite a bit since my retirement. Gone are the days of mingling at social gatherings and drinking needlessly. Now you can simply take one of the best dating apps for Android and get a date in no time at all. You see, the thing about algorithms is that they don't hook you up with completely opposite people like your good friend James does. The apps actually have some decent suggestions based on your personal interests. Now you don’t have to buy a drink for a total … [Read more...]

29 Incredible Android Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard


Android is now the most used mobile operating system in the world, with many commentators putting its market share at around 70%. With such growing presence, there are too many Android applications, although if we are able to hack Android OS and customize it as we wish. Not to worry, crazy Android developers have already done this for us. People have successfully rooted their Android smartphones and there are number of wild Android hacks with countless applications (Android apps). Some of these … [Read more...]

7 Best Archos Tablets for Android: Affordable Reading and Watching

Archos tablets for Android

It's not every day in the tech world that you hear about the Archos company. You may get some news about Apple or Samsung, but Archos isn't really a player, at least when it comes to the press. That doesn't mean that the company produces bad products. In fact, they have some fairly nice tablets, and their children's tablets are some of the nicer options on the market. When I look for a tablet I want a device with a large enough screen to watch movies and TV shows, but not too big so that it … [Read more...]

10 Best Motorola Android Phones to Put Turbo in Your Life

Motorola Android phones

When I think of Motorola Android phones I typically think back to my first generation RAZR, which was the first phone I ever received from my parents in high school, or was it college? I don't know, it all blurred together, but the point is, I have a very fond memory of that phone, but the brand has somewhat fallen off the map since then. There was a period of time when Motorola just didn't seem to show much interest in the mobile phone game or they couldn't figure out how to beat out … [Read more...]

10 Best 9 Inch Android Tablets for the Perfect Size

9 inch Android tablets

When I look for a tablet I always try to play around with the devices to see how they feel in my hands. The 9 inch Android tablets usually hit a sweet spot for me, because I like to kick back and watch some of my favorite movies. The 9 inch Android tablets are nice because you get a small enough screen for holding it in your hands, but you don't sacrifice on resolution or screen size. That said, I am always looking for the best Android tablets and size certainly comes into play during this … [Read more...]