Make Sure No One Hacks My Android Phone Through Free WiFi Or Bluetooth

make sure no one hacks my Android

Smartphones, today, are used for a lot more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. From banking to accessing confidential business information, users can do almost everything on their Android smartphones. While this makes life a lot easier, this also makes Android devices vulnerable to hackers. People use open and free WiFi networks for confidential work, such as banking. This can be really dangerous. If you're looking for tips to protect Android from hacking, then continue … [Read more...]

How To Get Complete Privacy Details Of My Android Phone

get complete privacy details of my Android phone

As users can store all their personal and confidential data on their Android smartphones, privacy is becoming a big issue for many users. I'm not talking about virus attacks or spyware here. I'm taking about normal third-party apps accessing your personal information and acting on your behalf through your Android device. If you're worried about your Android privacy settings and you feel that some apps might be getting access to your personal details, then continue reading to find out how you … [Read more...]

How To Know If Anyone Is Spying Or Tracking My Android Phone

know If anyone is spying or tracking my Android phone

The latest Android smartphones come with premium hardware and software features which is why some users don't even need computers any more. You can do almost everything on your Android device that you can do on a regular Windows PC. While smartphones are becoming similar to computers in usability, they are also becoming more vulnerable to spyware and viruses. Privacy is one of the biggest issues on smartphones and if you're wondering whether someone is tracking your phone or spying on your … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Lost Keys Using Android: Gatekeeper Review

Protect and Lock your PC Automatically using Android

When was the last time you lost your car keys? Do you often get locked out of your house and have to call a locksmith or call up someone for the spare? This may happen more often for some than others, but eventually we all lose something that's essential in our lives. Your dog may run off, your bike might get stolen or you might even lose your wallet if you're not careful. Luckily, the Gatekeeper Chain helps you find your missing items. I particularly like it for finding my keys, since I … [Read more...]

5 Best Talk to Text Apps for Android for Transcription Bliss

Talk to Text Apps for Android

Sometimes your hands are very busy doing other stuff and you still need to text someone. This is where the Talk to Text Apps for Android comes into play. Simply activate them and reply to important texts without touching your Android device. While they are not a hundred percent perfect, the Talk to Text Apps for Android still do an admirable job of making texting easy without using the touchscreen keyboard. I highly recommend using the Talk to Text Apps for Android while driving. They can … [Read more...]

10 Best Language Learning Apps for Android to Gain Fluency

Best Language Learning Apps for Android

Moving to a new place, especially a country, is very hard. It becomes even harder if you are not familiar with the local language. Thankfully there are language learning apps for Android which will not only aid you in effective communication but also hone you in the target language as well. The apps are remarkably designed and if you work hard, you can become proficient in any language you desire. I personally have learned to speak Spanish quite fluently, despite never needing to use it … [Read more...]

5 Best Radar Detector Apps for Android to Avoid the Fuzz

Best Radar Detector Apps for Android

The speed limits on roads are there for your own safety. All of the drivers know that but when you get fined $100 for going 6 miles faster than the limit, it feels pretty bad. The best Radar Detector Apps for Android aim to keep your speed in check and avoid unnecessary fines. Joy of Android in no way endorses driving way beyond speed limits. The limits are designed according to the surroundings and road capabilities and need to be adhered to. We urge you to try and stay under the limits and … [Read more...]

Best Lightweight Android Launcher: A Smart Launcher Review

Lightweight Android Launcher

Not every Android device is made equal and this is what makes the platform amazing. While top end devices can run the most demanding launchers, a budget one must rely on a nice lightweight Android launcher to keep the resources in check. Sure, you can get the fastest launcher on your phone too, but if you want to extend your battery life a little more, a lightweight Android launcher will do the job nicely. We have already listed the 15 best launchers for Android before, but this article will … [Read more...]

Best 3D Launcher for Android: A Next Launcher Review

3D Launcher for Android

Android devices are always getting faster, better and more awesome. What good is all that processing power and large RAM when you don’t even use it for spicing up your device? A 3D launcher for Android is made for those powerful smartphones and tablets which can run even the most demanding games and apps with ease. So if you have a top-tier Android device, Next launcher is the best 3D launcher for Android you can install. I’ll be honest here; the Next Launcher can run on mid-range devices … [Read more...]

The Fastest Android Launcher: APUS Launcher Review

Fastest Android Launcher

One of the major reasons why I so dearly love Android is its customization options. The possibilities are limitless when using this amazing platform. Want to use the fastest Android launcher? You can do that. Want to use the fanciest Android launcher? You can do that too. I love customization and I simply adore changing launchers. We have already covered a lot of great Android launchers before, but this article will dive deeper into the fastest Android launcher we have found. Why This … [Read more...]