Smart IR Remote App Review (Android): One Remote for All

Smart IR Remote App Review

No one likes a lost remote control, I certainly hate it when it’s really hot and I can’t find that pesky AC remote. Thankfully there are apps like Smart IR Remote which makes life easier. While these universal remote apps are not magic they certainly make magic happen. Once I lost my TV remote and there was a great match going on, I simply used a TV remote app for Android and switched the channel back. Theoretically I could have gotten up, walked like a thousand miles and change the channel like … [Read more...]

10 Best Educational Apps for Android to become Stephen Hawking

Educational Apps

Education is one of the most essential aspects of our lives; we are what we are today, because of education. No I’m not specifically talking about schools, academies or colleges; I’m talking about education as a whole. These best educational apps for Android are not going to be a campaign for “stay in school”; they will be about learning and growing on your own. I'm aware that many modern youngsters may rather hang out more than actually learn something. But there are many who has … [Read more...]

Lookout Security & Antivirus (Android) App Review


There are a lot of malicious people out there trying to get to your personal data. There are apps which are designed to steal information, widgets which are greedy for credit card information or even keyboards which log every key you press. A good guardian like Lookout Security & Antivirus is almost necessary in these testing times of digital thefts and stolen identities. We all love our Android smartphone and would never want it to fall into the wrong hands but no one person can know which … [Read more...]

CamScanner vs Scanbot vs TurboScan: Best Scanner App for Android

Scanner app

Scanning a document using your Android device is an amazing experience. At first you will naturally be skeptical about the quality but you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of the scanner app for Android. I was worried that light might leak or other orientation problems may arise when I use one of the best scanner apps for Android but I was quickly relived to see the quality of results. Sure the Android scanner apps cannot beat a real scanner but it does come dangerously close to … [Read more...]

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation App Review (Android)

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation App Review

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is one of the best navigation apps available on the Android platform. The app provides quality services without forcing you to pay for them. I have recently reviewed another great offline navigation app for Android called Sygic Navigation and while it is also an amazing app, it is basically a free trial. OsmAnd Maps & Navigation App is not free from pay walls though but thankfully they are very lenient.  If you are going to use a free offline navigation app for … [Read more...]

5 Best Android Password Manager Apps

password manager app

Are you the forgetful type? You know the one who forgets why he/she opened the fridge and stands there for 5 minutes trying to remember? Well the best Android Password Manager Apps are for you then. How do I know? I’m a proud owner of at least 2 different Gmail accounts which I forgot. Not the passwords but the actual user name. God I wish I used any of the Android Password Manager Apps before. Related: 8 Secret Ways to Manage Apps On Android: Organize Away! As a software engineer (yeah, … [Read more...]

GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic App Review


Traveling is always a joy but sometimes it can become tiresome and downright annoying when you don’t know exactly where the destination is. GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic App Review is going to tackle one such app which makes traveling a whole lot easier. This app was featured in our Android GPS Navigation Apps and Offline GPS Navigation Apps list. I have personally used the app countless times (my dad has the pro version) and it has always delivered. Want to meet up with new friends and … [Read more...]

5 Best Android Guitar Tuner Apps for Perfect Guitarists

Guitar tuner

If you can play a guitar, you are instantly a 100% cooler. This is a scientific fact. What’s not cool? An out of tune guitar is definitely not cool. This is where the 5 best guitar tuner apps for Android can really help you up your game. I’m not a musician by any means and I don’t even play any instrument, so I will be only listing the apps which are recommended by actual musicians. I visited the National College of Arts for the 10 best guitar apps a few months back and thankfully I still have … [Read more...]

5 Best Android Market Apps for Phones and Tablets


The Google Play store is the best place to get apps but it lacks focus or a solid quality control system. This is where the 5 best android market apps for phones and tablets come into play. These stores within a store provide you with details which are sometimes easy to miss on the Google Play Store itself. The sorting system on the Google Play Store is also one of the biggest problems the platform faces. Thankfully Google is listening to feedback and constantly improving their premier … [Read more...]

22 Nexus 5 Problems and its Troubleshooting


I've owned multiple Android smartphones and I can say that none of my devices were free from bugs and software glitches. That being said, I still love the Android operating system and these minor bugs are in no way a deal breaker for me. The Nexus 5 is one of the most popular Android smartphones and I'm sure many of you thought that the device was bug free before you went out and purchased it. From camera problems to weak WiFi signals, users have been facing multiple problems on the … [Read more...]