Best Sega Genesis Emulators for Android

Sega Genesis Emulators for Android

I only had the opportunity to play Sega Genesis when I went over to my neighbor Paul's house during my childhood. His parents got him Sega Genesis one year and I received Nintendo 64 for Christmas another year. This was just fine for me, but I really enjoyed playing Sega Genesis, so we had to go back and forth from each other's homes to play each other on our favorite games. How do I play these games now? I use Sega Genesis emulators for Android. We've talked about Gameboy and N64 emulators, … [Read more...]

15 Best Weather Apps for Android: Choose Shorts or Pants

weather apps for Android

If you live in a place where weather has mood swings, you will definitely appreciate good weather apps for Android. There is nothing worse than a sunny day suddenly turning into a thunderstorm, and believe me when I say, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Back when I didn’t have a good weather app installed on my smartphone, I use to come home wet and cold numerous times a year. Riding a motorcycle didn’t do me any good either. Thankfully now I have a couple of great weather apps for … [Read more...]

How To Install Omega Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S5

install Omega custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5

If you've been using the Samsung Galaxy S5 for a while, then I'm sure you'll be interested in getting a fresh new experience on your phone. The way you can improve your phone's performance and get lots of new features is by installing a custom ROM. Even if you're happy with the user interface on your Galaxy S5, I'm sure installing a custom ROM will help you make the most out of your phone. If you're looking to install one of the best custom ROMs on the Galaxy S5, then continue reading to find … [Read more...]

How To Install CyanogenMod On Samsung Galaxy S3

Install CyanogenMod On Samsung Galaxy S3

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs for Android and if you'd like to install it on your Samsung Galaxy S3, then continue reading to find out the easiest way to install the ROM on your phone. Installing ROMs is a very risky process as it requires rooting as well, however, with CyanogenMod's latest installer, installing a ROM has never been easier. If you've never had the courage to install a custom ROM on your Galaxy S3 due to all the complications, then I'm sure this guide will change … [Read more...]

5 Fastest Browsers for Android

fastest browsers for Android

Feature-perfect browsers are fine and dandy but sometimes you feel the need…the need for speed. This is where the 5 fastest browsers for Android come into play and lend a helping hand. We have already listed the 10 best browsers available for Android on the Play Store. Now it’s time to introduce the fastest browsers for Android. If you have been following Joy of Android, you might notice that almost all the browsers in this list are new ones. It’s because the 10 best browsers were selected … [Read more...]

3 Best SMS Spy Apps or Text Message Spy Apps for Android

Text Message Spy Apps for Android

Checking what your kids are up to can be a little hard these days. Smartphones, while making our life easier, have made wholesome spying a hassle. Thanks to these text message spy apps for Android you will at least have a general idea about what is going on. It is important that you keep an eye on your kids especially in their teenage years, these days kids have multiple means to stray away from the good path. The text message spy apps for Android will not only enable you to know where and what … [Read more...]

Best PSP Emulators for Android

psp emulators for Android

I started playing on the PSP when I was in high school and loved every minute of it since you could just jailbreak the PSP and get all the games you wanted without paying. This was cool for putting old games on your PSP, so if I wanted to play GoldenEye from N64 then I could do so. What if you want to play old PSP games on your Android phone? That's where PSP emulators for Android come in. These emulators are perfect for playing your favorite PSP games without having to break the bank by … [Read more...]

Best N64 Emulators for Android

N64 emulators for Android

The N64, or Nintendo 64, was the first gaming system my parents ever bought for me, so I had some fond memories with it. Playing Mario Party and Super Smash with friends or by myself in the basement for hours was one of the easiest ways to forget about stresses in school and just have a good time. Most sleepovers I had consisted of playing a few hours on the N64 and then watching a movie. But what if you want to play your N64 on your phone or tablet? In that case you'll need one of the N64 … [Read more...]

5 Best Panorama Apps for Android

panorama apps for Android

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you need a little more than a thousand words? It’s simple, you take a panorama. A good panorama app for Android is the one that gives you great looking panoramas with minimum effort. Unfortunately for me, I’m pathetically lame at taking photos (my dad can testify) but the panorama apps for Android I tested were very helpful. In capable hands, these great panorama apps will result in beautiful pictures. I did improve somewhat by using these awesome … [Read more...]

5 Best Translator Apps for Android for Global Travels

translator apps for Android

Traveling can be hard, especially if you have no means of translating the native languages. Fortunately for us, we live in a world where the Android OS exists and it can help us with this little problem. With the best translator apps for Android, you will effectively be able to navigate the whole globe. Of course there are limitations but they can be circumvented very easily and thus provide you with a cheap and easy-to-command personal translator. Tip: Always have more than one translator … [Read more...]