10 Most Reliable Android GPS Navigation Apps to Bet your Life with

10 Most Reliable Android GPS Navigation Apps to Bet your Life with

Do you want to change your android device into a navigational tool? If you are one of the Android users who don’t find the default map applications sufficient, there are a lot of cool and feature-packed GPS navigation apps waiting for you at the Google Play Store. We have almost all GPS navigation apps in android market and we’re listing down the 10 Most Reliable Android GPS Navigation Apps that You can Bet your Life with, worthy of your time and trust to navigate around the world. Thanks to the creative developers behind these free and paid apps, driving and travelling nowadays won’t be as difficult and problematic. If only Alice in Wonderland had an Android phone!


The apps in the list have paid versions. However, you can still experience the wonders of each of the featured GPS navigation app without spending by using the trial version for free. To make it work offline, you have to download a map at a cost. GPS Navigation app can work with data connection or with GPS alone. GPS Navigation app developers are exerting effort to provide users with an amazing array of features. OpenStreetMap support, turn-by-turn voice guidance, high quality map, 3D views, precision positioning, and integrated social media are just some of the amazing features that navigation apps have to offer.

Must Have Android GPS Navigation Apps:

1. Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps


Hey, beat this!

Sygic is the most downloaded offline road GPS navigation app in Google Play. It has 160+ downloadable maps of different countries and states. With over 30 million downloads globally, it has proven to be a trusted and reliable GPS navigation app by users all over the world. To experience the joy of using this app you can download the trial version for free. Here are its key features:

  • High Quality TomTom maps stored on the device
  • Easy oriented 3D cities and landscape
  • Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, Street names spoken
  • Listed and cinematic demo of navigation
  • Immediately offers alternate routes
  • Show nearby POI in map
  • Speed limit display
  • Speed camera warnings
  • Junction view
  • Safety warnings for sharp curve, speed limit change, toll roads and road blocks
  • Compass & stopwatch
  • Quick search for address, postal code, intersection, geo tagged, GPS coordinates
  • Road incident sharing
  • SOS assistance nearby
  • Friends on map
  • Car audio integration

Notable Feature: Your GPS navigation can be demonstrated and previewed with dynamic lane guidance. Whenever you tap anywhere in the map, it will show details about it -and distance from your current location. It recognizes mostly all streets that even Google Maps do not recognize.

Android Version:          2.1 and up

Size:                                     44Mb

Prize:                                   Free

Download on Google Play

2. Google Map


All Time Favorite!

Google Maps is perhaps the most recognizable and most popular Android GPS Navigation App as shown by its half a billion users worldwide. It is also widely considered as the standard in the field of mobile navigation apps. Even Apple recommended it as an alternative to its own mapping system. Users will surely enjoy its user-friendly interface. Plus it can be switched to different views, from satellite to the ordinary map view. It is not confusing to use unlike other navigation apps. Here are its key features:

  • Worldwide online map
  • You can easily find your location in the map
  • Offers different modes of navigation (driving, walking, biking, public transport)
  • Allows to save places in your Android device, upload it in the map, or view them offline
  • Customize navigation, you can avoid highways and toll ways
  • Road incident information
  • Provide different routes and detailed information about it

Notable Feature: This is a user friendly GPS navigation app.You can manipulate the view; zoom in and out with your fingers. Places that you browse through the map are saved automatically and can be viewed even without Internet connection.

Android Version:          2.1 and up

Size:                                     Varies with device

Prize:                                   Free

Download on Google Play

3. MapQuest: Maps, GPS & Traffic


The Quest Out of the Jumble!

MapQuest: Maps, GPS & Traffic offers an array of pleasingly unique options and features. You can speak to your android device for searching places and destinations. With this hands free input, you can focus on your driving. The map itself is highly precise, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost as long as you have Internet connection Your current location can be shared with others. Information regarding road incidents and traffic flow are updated every 5 minutes. This app can also provide updated gas prices. With a review rating of 4.2 in Google Play as of this writing, MapQuest is currently used by over a million people. Here are its key features:

  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) Map Setting
  • International Map
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Traffic optimize routing
  • Voice command, voice guided
  • Quick auto re-routing
  • Touch points
  • International map, satellite maps
  • Location sharing via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter

Notable Feature: Traffic situation along the route is considered when providing re-routing information and can be adjusted if needed. Touch points, with just long press in the map can give you a point you can route to.

Android Version:          2.1 and up

Size:                                     2.9 Mb

Prize:                                   Free

Download on Google Play

 4. Waze: Social GPS Maps & Traffic


Waze Babies Never Get Lost!

Waze is an app that successfully converges social networking with traffic navigation. Every user has an avatar. If you are new to Waze, your avatar will start as a baby and can be customized eventually while using the app. It provides relevant information that you may look for like hospitals, schools, police, groceries and a lot more. It also shows traffic jam, transportation stops, parking and other useful information. You can find other Waze locations in the map, just look for their avatar. But some people may find Waze’s ability to show your exact location to other users uncomfortable. Here are its key features:

  • Cute avatar
  • Real-time road information
  • Voice guided navigation
  • Linked to Facebook and Foursquare
  • Friend’s bar on the map
  • Facebook events
  • Automatic shut down if you don’t use it to save battery life.

Notable Feature: You can contribute to your local driving community by just driving with Waze.

Android Version:          2.1 and up

Size:                                     19 Mb

Prize:                                   Free

Download on Google Play

5. CoPilot Live Premium


Key in your type of Vehicle for a Stress Free Travel

CoPilot Live Premium is available in different versions depending on which continent or place you’re located. This navigation app requires an internet connection for its online searches. Another cool feature about this app is its ability to customize your route depending on the type of vehicle you are driving. Here are its key features:

  • Works in different platforms (android and iOS)
  • No data connection needed for on board maps
  • Offers alternate routes that is more faster
  • Innovative turn-by-turn satellite navigation
  • In car or by foot
  • It offer 3 routes you choose which is the best way for you
  • Monitors live traffic
  • 2D and 3D map
  • Driving instructions are listed
  • Connects to Facebook or Twitter
  • Instant detour.
  • Take me to my car
  • Geo-tagged photo

Notable Feature: Easy navigation with CoPilot on board. To make it more detailed, continents are subdivided into different versions.

Android Version:          2.1 and up

Size:                                     Varies with device

Prize:                                   $29.99

Download on Google Play

6. OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation


Open Street Map with OSMAnd+

This navigation app has priority access to high quality OpenStreetMap data that can be stored in your device for offline use. It displays your position in the map an optionally line up to your direction of motion. Here are its key features:

  • Voice guidance
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Optional lane guidance
  • Values display
  • Automatic re-routing when deviate from route
  • Quick search
  • Save places
  • Displays POI’s around you
  • Can display different overlay
  • Always up to date map
  • Day and night switching
  • Public transport stop

Notable Feature: This navigation app has a complete detail and promising features for the frequently travelling globetrotters.

Android Version:           2.1 and up

Size:                                      21 Mb

Prize:                                   $6.99

Download on Google Play

7. BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS


Explore the Wild on Horseback with BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS.

BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS enables users to navigate outdoors beyond paved roads and streets. This is recommended for outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. You can explore the wild using your handy Android device. Here are its key features:

  • Pre downloaded topographic maps
  • GPS way point / coordinates input using latitude and longitude
  • Trail maps (ATV, Whitewater, equestrian, hiking, trekking)
  • Marine maps
  • Use for geocaching

Notable Feature: BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS is excellent when used for off-road, nature-tripping, and wild outdoor.

Android Version:           2.1 and up

Size:                                      Varies with devices

Prize:                                   $9.99

Download on Google Play

8. MapFactor: GPS Navigation


Map Factor – Path Finder and Traffic Ticket Evader

MapFactor: GPS Navigation may be just another Android Navigation App to some, but what makes it extra special is that you can hear audible warnings when you approachspeed cameras. And its GPS satellite navigation is available in 2D and 3D modes. Here are its key features:

  • Day and night switching
  • Voice guidance
  • Map rotates in driving position
  • Quick search
  • Door-to-door route planning
  • Save favorite location
  • Route avoidance

Notable Feature: The MapFactor: GPS Navigation has voice guidance offered in different languages.

Android Version:           2.1 and up

Size:                                      6 Mb

Prize:                                    Free

Download on Google Play

9. Wisepilot-GPS Navigator


A traveler that doesn’t want to get lost in the bushes needs WisePilot.

Wisepilot claims that they are the most outstanding and efficient award winning navigation app. I think there’s indeed a good basis to this claim. However, the downside is users have to pay to enjoy its wide spectrum of features.After paying, you can now enjoy the following features:

  • Show distance and estimated travel time
  • 3D Worldwide map
  • 5 Day weather forecast
  • Live traffic a& speed camera alert

Notable Feature: With Wisepilot, you can share your trips with your friends and follow you in real time with arrival details and map updated. It enables all downloaded maps and other navigation data to be stored in cloud.

Android Version:           2.1 and up

Size:                                      Varies with devices

Prize:                                    Free

Download on Google Play

10. Maverick: GPS Navigation


The Marvelous Maverick Map for the Modern Nomads

Maverick: GPS Navigation is a detailed and easy to use navigation app. You can use this versatile app offline, which is great if you will hike to places where Internet connection is poor or non-existent. The map is accurate and automatically caches for offline use, which is really handy. It offers similar features like others but what’s good about Maverick is that you can navigate it easily. Your tracks can be recorded in just a single tap and you can upload it to GPSies. Here are its key features:

  • Several online maps for global and regional
  • Multiple online maps for global and regional
  • Save places you visit
  • Trip Computer
  • Fousquare support

Notable Feature: We can view GPS track in Google Earth.

Android Version:           2.1 and up

Size:                                      1.6 Mb

Prize:                                    Free

Download on Google Play


There are varieties of navigation apps for your Android device – most require internet connectivity to function, but there are also dozens of downloadable maps. While most apps are free to download, not all are accurate and works as fantastic as their developers claim.

So always exercise good judgment when selecting a navigation app that you’ll use on your next trip. In addition, these apps tend to share the same features, so choose the most efficient and accurate one. Furthermore, some navigation apps like Waze, CoPilot Live Premium,and Maverick: GPS Navigation are linked to social networking, so you are updated with your friends’ locations. It is more fun to use this kind of navigation app if you and your friends use the same one. On the other hand, the most effective and most comfortable navigation app largely depends on the feature that you want to have plus the bucks that you’re willing to shell out for it. Stay on track, drive safely, and enjoy the trip!


  1. Interesting review, however many of these apps do not do auto rerouting, they simply try to get you back to the route you turned away from. I have travelled many miles extra in a 20 minute detour only to find that I’m back to the massive traffic jam/roadworks that I went off route to avoid. One of these apps makes no attempt to re-route until you are many miles down the new route. It just simply tells you ‘you are now 4 miles off route’ !! My best ones so far are Map Factor Navigator free & Nav Free. I paid for OsmAnd but it simply doesn’t appear to be able to re route you from where you are to destination, which is the major major problem with most of the others I have tried. Extremely frustrating!!!

  2. Sygic is not free as stated above; it is trial for 7 days.

  3. Will any of these GPS app’s work on a ZEKI? My ZEKI has a 4.1.1 Android OS. It is a 10″ tablet, do these tablets have the ability to get info from the GPS satellites to track a persons locations? I just don’t know how they work (70+ yrs.old and behind the curve a link or links that can explain would be most useful for this ole codger.


    • Hello Steven, it’s a valid question. Yes, all these apps will work on your ZEKI. These apps use the location services available on Android to narrow down your location and direct through the right route. This functionality doesn’t depend on cell phone tower. So, all you need is a working internet connection to use these GPS apps.

  4. I recommend to use Co-pilot very much. I’ve been using it for 1 year already and it does right rerouting. I use it being a truck driver and it never failed me!

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