Top 16 Best Value 3rd Party Android App Stores Proven Free of Malware

Google Play Store AlternativesGoogle has improved its Android app Store a lot in the past few years, but sometimes you need an alternative. For those times, here are 8 great PlayStore alternatives that you should know about right now. While these lesser alternatives may not provide you with all the functionality you may desire, they can come in handy in a number of ways.

Sometimes an app is not available in your region on the official app Store for Android and it is a very valid problem for many people. Thankfully, the PlayStore alternatives do not segment their audience based on the region and provide apps to all of them.

Other times a country may have blocked Google services and the Android PlayStore might not be readily accessible. I faced this issue in Dubai when I last visited. For some reason a few of the apps were not accessible there. It just might be my old Samsung Galaxy S3, but I used one of these app store alternatives to download the app I needed without any hassle. Of course, I had to use a proxy to do so.

Some people also like to keep backups of apps in the form of APK files for later usage. ThePlayStore doesn’t allow us to download a backup of an app, instead, it automatically installs the app on your phone after downloading. So if you want to have a healthy collection of apps which are ready to be installed on any device you want, it is advisable to download them from one of these great PlayStore alternatives.

A word of caution, though, while these Storefronts are well-maintained and have a healthy collection of Android apps, there might be some malicious apps lurking on them. To be honest, Google also doesn’t have a fail proof method of detecting harmful apps on their Store but at least they take them down immediately after discovery.

So, it is highly advisable that you download the apps you need and not go exploring on these PlayStore alternatives. Only download the apps you trust and from the developers that are well known. I have personally scanned several downloaded apps from these websites and found nothing wrong with them so at least the mainstream apps are clean.

However, I recommend that you use common sense and only interact with the apps that you deem essential. This list will show you websites of the respective PlayStore alternatives, some of them may have Android apps that you can download to your PC and install by copying it to your smartphone or tablet. The list is not in any particular order because all of them provide the same functionality with very minor tweaks to the delivery system.

1. Amazon Underground

1. Amazon underground

Amazon launched their line of smartphones and tablets a while back, and they have been fairly successful. The real problem is, Amazon decided to use a highly modified version of Android; thus, Google restricted access to their own PlayStore on Amazon’s devices. Android is a free platform and allows this level of changes being made to it. Thankfully Amazon made their Store with almost every mainstream app available there.

Even if you are not an active user of Amazon’s devices, this PlayStore alternative will help you download some great apps. A lot of other manufacturers may have tinkered with the Android formula and as a result, their devices are not able to access official PlayStore apps.

Amazon underground is the best option to download reliable apps to your device without the worry of them being malicious. I highly recommend this PlayStore alternative because it provides you with a ton of free content. I got a few expensive paid apps for free on this PlayStore alternative.

Download at Amazon


2. Getjar

2. Getjar

This particular app Store has been around for a very long time. I distinctly remember using their website to download apps on my Nokia phone almost a decade ago. I also remember getting .jar video games for my Sony music edition phone almost 12 years ago.

This PlayStore alternative is now perhaps the world’s biggest open app Store for Android, and that is saying a lot. There are a ton of apps available here, and some of them are not even available on the Google PlayStore. This Store is expanding at a rapid rate and provides a ton of content for absolutely nothing. The website also comes with advanced filters that can help you locate a certain app with ease.


3. Mobogenie

3. Mobogenie

If you’re looking for an easy to use and reliable PlayStore alternative for your Android device, then this one has all the ingredients you may need. This website comes with an installable client which can be downloaded and run on your PC. After that, you will be able to back up your phone, download apps and wallpapers and even edit contacts.

It is a great application to have on your PC if your default manufacturer client is not up to your expectations. The backup system alone is worthy of your attention. You can easily download and transfer Android apps to your preferred device with this client.


4. Slideme

4. Slideme

Sometimes you don’t want to sift through hundreds of apps to find the one that suits you best. Sometimes you’re in a hurry to get a perfect app for a certain task. This application manager app provides you access to a well-curated list of Android apps. Unlike other Play Store alternatives, this one handpicks the best of the best apps and brings them to the forefront.

This allows you to get the best experience possible on your preferred device without having to rummage through thousands of apps. The app can be installed on your smartphone as well and from there it is fairly easy to download and install other apps.


5. Appbrain

5. Appbrain

This PlayStore alternative has helped me a lot in my research and is still going very strong. This App Store alternative allows you access to some details that are not given at any other place. It is an easy way to know how much space an app will occupy on your Android device. If you’re worried about permissions, this amazing PlayStore alternative has them listed right on the app page.

There are a lot of apps you can search and download from this Store. I especially like how detailed the search feature is on this website. The filter system is also very well implemented and advanced features make this a unique experience for someone who is looking for depth in functionality.


6. Aptoide

6. Aptoide

In the market for a simple to use and easily accessible PlayStore alternative? This is perhaps the app just made for you. You’ll need to download the APK file from the website and transfer it to your Android device. From there you just have to install and run the alternative app Store. After that, you will be able to see a ton of apps ready to be downloaded and played around with.

It is a very well designed app with some fairly advanced features. It also houses a very large library of apps that are free of any malicious code or viruses. Although it is not as big as some of the websites we have listed, it still is one of the best ones to have.


7. Opera Mobile Store

7. Opera Mobile Store

Opera has been around for a very long time and by now they have made a name for themselves with amazing browsers. I use their Internet browser to access content which is closed off in my country, and they have worked pretty well. The Opera browser also made it to our best Internet browsers for Android list. So naturally I also tried their mobile Store, and it was pleasantly stocked.

Make no mistake, though; there are a ton of apps there, but they are not at the level we expect from a fully featured PlayStore alternative. However, if you are worried about your security and only want to download apps from reliable sources, this is as reliable as it can get.

Opera Mobile Store

8. F-Droid

8. F-Droid

F-Droid is free and open source software that allows you to get apps for your Android smartphone or tablet. This is not a traditional app Store and only houses some apps that are made for free. However, if you are into these apps and trends, this is one of the best places to get them. T

he repository of FOSS apps available here can be kept updated by using an Android client which can be installed on the device. It is a clean and hassle free way to make sure the apps stay updated and supplied with fresh content. This Store is listed at the end because of its niche user base. Normal Android users may not find any use for these apps.



These were a few PlayStore alternatives which are not straight up scams. These apps will not try to fraud you or obtain your personal information just to give you one measly app. While they are not as reliable as the official Google PlayStore, they do provide a pretty good service.

So tell me why do you want to download apps from third-party websites? I love to hear your problems and reasons. And who knows, I might have a solution for that as well.

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  1. dave schorr on

    Also, check out – great search/discovery platform for apps

    • denise Hopkins on

      thanks for the survival information on how to get the best of my Samsung, I am a very big fan of those nearly all of your own stuff that you are not able to get to see after you have sent it out into your phone. the entire directory under the surface is amazing. I have no idea how it will become the most important part of my life. I am hardly ever using the laptop these days simply because the phone is just a simple and easy to get out.

      • Judy on

        Hi Denise,
        Even though I love my phone, I just can’t manage to put my laptop to one side. I love it too much. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  2. Mattimeo on

    Another warning (often not heard of but useful for fans of alternative Android stores): Not all marketplaces have all the Android apps currently extant and not all marketplaces have the same version of an app on their respective databases.

  3. Sam on

    Nice one, Hazuz. I see that this app lists quite a lot of market place. However one has to be very careful in using the market places. Loads of market places that are unverified would inject malware/spyware apps.

  4. Mohammad on

    I know a lot of mobogenie,mobomarket,bazaar,myket,kandoo.But some of them are iranian.

    • Maggie on

      Do you have the contacts info of Myket market? I can’t read the local language and can’t fund a way to upload our apps. Please help. Thanks.

  5. Srihariat on

    Thats a Good list. But i had a hard time figuring out the URL to submit my apps. If you had given submit url for each of the app store it would have been a great help for developers like me. Thanks.

    • Sam on

      These apps are intended for end users who are looking to download apps from different markets. Hence we didn’t give importance to submit URL. Hope you were able to find them all; thanks for the tips.

  6. RANJAN on

    this list is almost unfamiliar for me ……thanks. But is also a good reliable alternate for play store. Thank god you noticed LG store, its been a great help for me as I’m a LG made android user for 3 yrs.

    ONE thing I’d like to say, cnet mostly sends you to play store if you want to download app from the link provided, its annoying.

  7. Alvaro Pinto on

    Hi Billa,

    Congratulations for your Google Play alternatives article.

    I’m co-founder of Aptoide the App Store that you mention in number 6. Aptoide is a marketplace where anyone can create an Android Apps Store and we have an official store inside the marketplace called Aptoide Apps. So, could you change the name to “Aptoide” or “Aptoide Apps”?




  8. Bubba O'Reilly on

    My reason to use multiple app stores…because I’m CHEAP!
    Comparing Google to Amazon to Slide etc., you can often find the same app for a lower price.
    Especially true if your device maker has an app store (that’s LG for me.)

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  10. Murat Dikici on

    Hi Dani, thank you for the useful list. I like and use for my app needs. It is very simple and fast place where I can find only really top rated apps.

  11. Siddharath on


    Mostly, I have finished all anroid app store in our company. so i request you all here with my pleasure.. give me another android store link if it possible

    waiting for your reply


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  14. sara on

    that’s nice but i want an android market more amazing than play store because i try many apps market and i don’t find app market like play store, i mean play store is perfect but it’s not open

  15. farceSnacker on

    it’s a pity,this site has concise reviews.I have 2000 PC software and 3 smart phones.CNET used to be good in around 2010 or be fore,,it’s full of spyware etc.Had 1mobile on my phone and it was Ok for a year then it took control over all my apps constantly updating them and attempted bit by bit to take over my phone etc.had to uninstall all the apps.It was just crazy,People just don’t get it,do good get good,do bad get bad.I’m suspect of a couple others.Best Google anything u use.I scan everything I download.Even though I’m running 2 Avasts& 1 McAfee some get through 2 my PC on occasion.I use superantispyware#1 ;and for deep search Malwarebytes Reg,&Cameleon.&another+[[mssstol {was free from microsoft it wipes all malware {IT’S STORED OUT SIDE,out on disc,or flash]][[get it from a friend a real lifesaver when your PC is locked up with extorsion ware.]If something looks suspicious Google it & ask for malware feedback. some site do 12-16 different malware programs that scan every piece of software out there around the Globe,so they can show you Yaaa we scanned such and such 12-16 times & what the fed back was for all the scans quick like.Most are OK some a little dubious some it;s a no go.Have a nice day. P>S> Never had aprob. except 1 I mentioned with my phones running esp since installing avast and malwrebytes. to protect them and I’ve a lot of 3rd party apps

    • Billa on

      Hey Farce,

      Yeah, most of the Android sites are fast becoming sellouts. Its partially the reason why I joined the JOA team. I try to recommend apps which are spyware and malware free, I also test each app before recommendations 🙂 Stick with us as we will be launching new recommended sections soon.

  16. ask on

    Do you have any video of that? I’d want to find out more details.

  17. khawar msibah on

    hi , i need some help , if my application uploaded on google play store and i want to upload my same application on other third party stores , what kind of changes needed my application thanks.

    • Judy on

      Hi khawar msibah,
      I think that each site has their own conditions for uploading and they would be the best choice in giving you the right information as to what changes you need to make. It really depends on what third party stores you want to upload your app. Hope you app is a success! Good Luck. =-)

  18. Jame on

    I happened to notice that nobody has gave any feedback about the blackmart apk I’ve used the app in alternative to the Google play store and its never given me any negative output

    • Judy on

      Hi James,
      That is good to hear that you have not had any problems. What is it about the store that makes you like it so much? =-)

      • Darryl on

        Hello pretty. I stuck. With a o13 element LCD has USB. 5v HDMI,Ga and rca port I have a LG 5.1.1 software.m1533010e version .is there a way I could connect my phone to this TV (has no cast or pair). Thank you for listening. I am a student at Trade Tech downtown LA .to become a Pastry Chef….

  19. Elizabeth Braniff on

    Great fan of the moborobo family myself.
    Mobo app market
    Mobogenie app market
    (Also contains free music/ebooks/video/image download markets & Some good phone essential tools in settings including download and APK managers

    Also available
    Desktop/iphone launchers & phone backup/sync manager

    Video/TV player
    Games Booster
    Music player
    & load of other useful addons/extensions

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  21. Lee Broadstock on

    Hi there, and thank you for the useful list. I like and use a new app store at for testing out some of the latest apps and games. It is very simple to register and publish both Android and iOS apps and games.

  22. Carl on

    Wow, what a great list. Slide Me and GetJar really stand out, especially GetJar as this site is one of the earliest app stores (java stores) on the web.

    If you have a hardcore game for gamers you can also try NVIDIA’s.

  23. gmina lubin on

    Hi to all, the contents existing at this web site are actually awesome
    for people experience, well, keep up the nice work

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that you liked the information. Don´t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  24. johnhenry on

    I love Mobogenie because I’m in China and it’s not blocked here, nor is it in Chinese. You really can’t underestimate how great it is to have an English-language version of an app store here unimpeded. There seems to be one problem with Mobogenie, though: the desktop app triggers my computer’s antivirus program.

    • Judy on

      Hi Johnenry,
      When it triggers it what happens exactly? Sometimes antivirus can be really sensitive, for example, when I scan my phone it says it´s found threats and when I see what it is, it´s Google app that I know is not a threat. =-)

  25. Somish on

    If i wann to upload my apps on alternative app store rather then google play store so I need to change package name of app . Is that violation google play store policy ?

  26. Anthony on

    admin, am using galaxy Samsung s4, and I have been wondering what other galaxy s4 performs, e.g swiping airtime digits on the screen to recharge, throwing apps on the wall and many more. would you assist me with some amazing applications I could find useful to make my galaxy more interesting. thank you

    • Judy on

      Hi Anthony,
      I would be happy to help you find some great apps. Are there any specific apps you are looking for such as for taking notes? For example? =-)

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