Android Parental Control: 3 Perfect Ways to Protect your Child

So, your kid owns an android smartphone or tablet? Well, android devices can be an important tool for learning, communication and more so fun – if used rightly. But despite the many benefits your kids get from using android devices, they also get exposed to a whole lot of safety issues that you ought to consider.

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Before handing over that appealing smartphone gift to your child, you have a responsibility to ensure that the content on it is safe for both their mind and eyes! How can you do this? By setting up parental controls to limit your kid’s exposure to mature content apps on the android market! This doesn’t get easy, though. Android has no general built-in parental control features, only rudimentary controls in the Google play store. You may also consider installing apps on your Android tablet or smartphone to keep your child safe on the internet. In the next sections of this post, we are going to roam the web, examine the play store and tell you everything you need to know to keep your kids safe on the android.

1. Google Play App Filtering

Google play is now the latest version of the Android Applications Market, after replacing the Android Market in late 2012. It brought with it storefronts for books, music, magazines, movies and TV, unlike the replaced Android Market which had storefronts for apps only. The built-in content filtering is available for apps only. To enable the app content filtering, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Google Play app from the home screen of your android gadget
  • Press the menu button – the one with three vertical dots in the upper corner of the right hand, adjacent to the search icon.
  • Select setting as the option.
  • Scroll down to user controls
  • Either choose the “Set or change PIN” option to set a pin so as to restrict access to the settings.
  • Select the “content filtering” option.
  • Select the highest maturity level you would allow, without using the PIN to override. The maturity levels are classified under:
    1. Everyone
    2. Low maturity
    3. Medium maturity
    4. High maturity

Google Play Store only filters apps; it won’t filter the content in books, music, magazines, TV or movies.

2. Google Play Block Purchases

If you have Google Play version 3.1 or higher, it’s possible to set a PIN to prevent unapproved or accidental purchases. Upon setting the PIN, any Google Play Store purchases including book, movie apps or any in-app purchases made from that android device will require you to enter the PIN. Nonetheless, it is important to note that free apps will not be restricted.

Here are a set of steps you should follow to restrict unapproved purchases on the Google Play client application:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app
  • Press Menu then touch Settings
  • Select “Set or change PIN”
  • Enter PIN of your choice and press OK
  • Re-enter your PIN
  • Check  the box “use PIN for purchases”

Android also allows you to restrict the use of Google Play Store by using an app blocker which will require a pin or a pass code every time you even need to open the Google Play Store. This way, you can easily prevent unapproved downloads or purchases – anytime everywhere.

 3. Android Parental Control Apps

Having the right parental control apps installed on your kid’s android smartphone app or tablet PC can go a long way towards ensuring their safety. In this section, we bring to you a run-down of the five best android parental control apps:

A. Kids Place – Parental Control [Free]

Kids Place Parental Control

This is one of the best android parental control apps on the Google play store. Kids Place creates a custom home screen for your kid. It is built based on the principle of allowing some apps while disallowing others, hence supporting many filtering options and levels. It creates a custom “kid mode” for all the Android devices hence important for devices shared among family members. With the Kids Place android parental control app, your children can spend fun time on the platform with the blessing of your peace of mind!

Here are some of the features Kids Place offers to ensure a safe environment for kids on android:

  • Capable of blocking incoming calls when it’s running
  • It can restrict your kid from downloading or buying new apps
  • The custom home screen displays only the apps that parents have authorized
  • It can also restart apps accidentally stopped by kids thus allowing parents to stay focused on their own tasks.
  • Capable of disabling wireless signals to avoid exposure to Wi-Fi, cell phone and Bluetooth radiation.
  • Has a timer feature to thus you can lock it after some designated amount of time.
  • Custom wallpapers to customize your kid’s experience
  • Provides customization that’s suitable for kids of all ages

If your kids are all over your android phone or tablet PC, or yet still they have their own android gadget, Kids Place is the android parental control app you are looking for to make things much easier as far as ensuring their safety is an issue of concern.

Download Carmageddon on Google Play

B. Funamo Parental Control [Free]

Funamo Parental Control

Funamo is an android parental control app that aims just to give you peace of mind. When you install this android parental control app on the devices that you are sharing with your kids, you will get access to a comprehensive list of parental controls.

A useful android parental control app by all means, Funamo offers the following features:

Internet Filtering

Internet Filtering

  • The patent pending wed filtering technology blocks pornography web sites.
  • Allows safe web browsing, with filtering on all major browsers including Chrome, stock Android browser and Dolphin HD
  • Enforces safe search on Youtube videos, Bing, Google and Yahoo
  • Enables filtering of keywords/phrases –parents can specify any keywords, and any web page having any of the keywords will automatically be blocked by Funamo.
  • Parents can always view and change parental control settings remotely from any browser, and easily push the settings to the device

Application Controls

Application Controls

  • Funamo Parental Controls restrict applications to the time limits selected by parents
  • It supports different time allowances for weekends and week days
  • The protected apps are usually protected by parent’s code. Also, the Android Market and the settings are protected by default

Device Monitoring

  • Parents can view the device history from any browser at any time.
  • Automatic logs of contacts, calls, texts, applications, websites and location of the device are recorded.

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 C. Kytephone: Parental Control [Free]

 Kytephone Parental Control

Kytephone is a classic new android parental control app with a great kid’s user interface. With advanced app scheduling, this app turns android into a kid’s phone with full featured safety controls. You can easily create a new home screen from which your kids cannot exit. More importantly, you can choose who your teenage daughter or son can call or even what game they can play. This android parental control app is equipped with GPS tracking to easily help you locate your child from any phone, computer or tablet PC.

With all its great photo syncing, app control, GPS tracking, game time limits and remote monitoring features, this android parental control app is certainly a great option for every parent.

Download from Aptoide

 D. Care4teen Parental Control [Free]

Care4teen Parental Control

Care4teen gives you remote control to what your children are doing on the web. With GPS monitoring, you can also track their location and control what apps or games they play!

More importantly, you can remotely see online reports of what your kids are doing at the website:

  • Remotes reports on phone calls made
  • Remote reports on texts sent and received
  • Remote reports on the websites visited
  • Remote reports on your kid’s location
  • Remote reports on applications and games launched

Here are some of the features that you get with this amazing android parental control app.

  • Individual application blocking
  • Safe web browser

With an average rating around 4.7, Care4Teen is a great way to monitor your kids from wherever you are.

Download Carmageddon on Google Play


Nowadays, there are scores of scam bags out there that may be harmful for the psychological and emotional safety of your kid.  Even some of the content you access from your android gadgets may not be right for your kid. And because you cannot always limit access to your android gadget of your kids, there is every reason why you should have a decent android parental controls app installed. Make sure that your kid is employing the android environment as a tool for learning and positive growth, whether or not, you are there when they visit the next website or play the next game!

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P.S: You can also spy your kids or husband or wife by wide range of spy apps for android.

Comments (32)

  1. BIll Ingue on

    One app that actually works and can filter content and block apps is Qustodio. I’ve tried many of the others and they’re actually not just limited but in many cases don’t work. Their filters for porn are easily defeated by the least tech savvy kid and they don’t do much else. Pretty poor. I’d recommend Qustodio. I’ve tried Funamo, Care4teen and the others mention and have found that they’re all lacking in certain key areas. I’m surprised that this article recommends them: a little research shows their limitations.

    Download Qustodio and stop worrying 😉

    • Mrs. England on

      My kids could uninstall Qustodio in just a few minutes because it does not reload very soon after the phone is powered off and back on. Then they discovered that moving it back to the SD card removed it from uninstall protection. Also Tech support never contacted me back during my 7 day trial so that I could see if there was a solution to this MAJOR glitch. $40 for 10 devices seems pretty reasonable, but not to have to pay it every year until the kids are grown.
      What limitations are there with Funamo etc.? I am using it now, but only get to try for two days and I wish I could pay $20 for a family license instead of per child because I have 6 children and it would be nice to be able to cover all their devices without breaking the bank.

      • Kathy on

        I am also using Funamo and I am quite happy with it. I tried Qustodio and others, Funamo was the only one that worked for me. Another big problem with Qustodio is that you can easily bypass their filter using the incognito mode in the browser. Funamo prevents this with their own browser. I bought 4 licenses together and I emailed them asking for a discount. They are very reasonable. Kid place and kytephone are too restrictive. They change the whole user experience with an Android device. I could not get Care4teen to work when I tried it and I did not get any reply from their support. I have not tried it again lately because I already have Funamo. Hope it helps.

  2. on

    Hey Joe, thanks for your comment. I see Mobileminder’s app doesn’t have that much of ratings and user base. Did you had chance to use this app? If so, please let us know exactly what feature of theirs you love the most.

    • Sarah on

      Mobileminder works great, but it’s not free. And I can’t get the GPS location to work.

  3. snowhite10 on

    I downloaded the Care4Teen for my sons phone. Opened the “safe browser” and typed in the p-word to see what came up. A list of websites came up and if I clicked on one, then it said that the site is blocked. The descriptions were not blocked. And if I chose “images” view from the search results I saw a lot of super nasty stuff. This app does NOT block image searching! No good.

  4. mom_dont_spy_on_me on

    If your kid is not a moron rooting will bypass all this and is relatively easy to do. Also the play store is not the only place where you can install apps from so kids could just download the .apk file for the app and install it.

  5. lynn on

    Is there a parental control app that will still work even if my teen puts her phone in safe mode? The problem I am having is that once the phone is in safe mode my parental control app that i have downloaded doesn’t work. I need to continue to have apps and the web blocked during school time.

  6. Daniellia Conger on

    I need to know what cell phones apps protect against incognito in browser?

    • Judy on

      Hi Daniellia,
      Just to make sure I understood your question correctly, you are looking for apps that prevent someone from using the incognito feature? =-)

  7. Adam on

    It sucks big way that Android (which has been around for years) doesn’t have parental control embedded – like Windows !
    You need a dozen of apps, root and some uber-parent skills to limit or block smartphone / tablet usage but time restriction really never works.

    • Judy on

      Hi Adam,
      It would be great if Android had that, but you never know, it just might have it in the future if we complain to Google enough. =-)

  8. Cindy on

    Spent entire day yesterday instaling and setting up on tablet and it’s a disappointing sham. 1. The Funamo Browser will block things, but one can just pull up Google or Youtube within the Funamo Browser, and nothing is blocked. This is with the individual Google and Youtube security / blockers enabled. Nothing ever defines what is blocked; G and Y have no standards; I was able to pull up any and every-thing. 2. Hence, you are left with entering every conceivable word on your own; the word blocker does work. 3. I specifically wanted the monitoring capabilities, the ability to see, from another device, what is being searched, played, texts etc. HOW is this accomplishmed with Funamo??? 4. GPS tracking???

  9. Keith on

    What about Covenant Eyes? Anyone here have any experience with them?

    • Judy on

      Hi Keith,
      I haven´t but hopefully, someone who has will pitch in with their experience. The app is free, so at least, you won´t have to pay to give it a try. =-)


    Sprint offers “Sprint Mobile Control” I can lock & unlock my childs phone from mine. I can determine apps available while its locked (3 apps) I can determine who is available for texting or calling some locked. Know what apps where installed & who called or texted her at any time. I won’t leave sprint because they are the only ones to offer it. Plus Sprint family locator allows me to track her whereabouts & lets me know when she is at school or at home. Love it!

    • Judy on

      Hi Gwen,
      That sounds like a great service. It sure offers a lot and I´m sure that many parents are also happy with it as well. Thanks for sharing your experience, I´m sure that many will be tempted into trying it as well. =-)

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