3 APK File Downloaders for Your Computer

APK file Downloader for your computer

There are multiple reasons why you would want an APK downloaded on your computer. One of the most common is that you don’t have access to an Android device, but want to check out Android apps. These are the 3 best APK file downloaders for your computer so you don’t have to surf around the Internet to find what you need.

I’ll have to be completely honest with you here, I would rather prefer to use third-party stores than any dedicated software. This is simply because most of these apps are obsolete by now. Only the first app on the list is easy to use and set up the other 2 are quite a bit tricky for new users.

And in all honesty, I would rather simply download an APK from a somewhat reliable source and use it on my PC. So, if you are here only because you want to play Android video games on your PC, I would recommend checking out the best Google Play Store alternatives as well.

Note: The APK file downloaders were tested on a Core i7 HP Omen laptop. You need to download them from their respective links and you may need to do a slight installation. Only the first app is plug-and-play the rest of them require an intricate set up which may take anything from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on your familiarity with Android SDK.

Ko Player


I think Ko Player is one of the best APK file downloaders for your computer. The interface is designed really well and you don’t need anything extra to make it work on any PC. I’ve had no trouble downloading different games and apps on this player and actually playing them on it as well. This is what makes this APK file downloader so unique.

Only you have access to all the games on the Google Play Store but you can also play them if you want right on this app. To download an APK, simply search for the game or app you want, tap on it and that’s it.

If you want to move the APK file to your Android smartphone, this can also be accomplished by attaching your smartphone to the PC and allowing the app to do so. All in all, this is a complete package and I highly recommend that you check it out before moving on to other apps on this list.

APK Installer and Launcher


This nifty little software here allows you to download APK files directly on your computer and use them. However, you need to set up a few different things before you can get to the part of actually enjoying apps and games.

One thing to be noted here is that you’ll need an actual Android device for this app to work, don’t worry you only needed for the initial setup and after that you’ll simply turn on the app and continue downloading and enjoying.

If you already have Android SDK computer, you won’t even have to wait that long. I only recommend this app to those who are aware of how Android works and know where to find their device information.

Real APK Leecher


Real APK Leecher works similarly to the above app but it has an advantage of having a lot of helpful forum posts behind it. So, if you need any kind of helpful material for this utility, you can simply visit the link and check out a lot of posts on the XDA forum.

First off you want to download the software on your computer and install it. After that you’ll have to input a lot of information into it in order to make it work. You’ll need an actual Android device for everything to gel perfectly. This is exactly why this app is so asked him list because casual users will find it hard to go through this rigorous set of process.


These were a few above average APK downloader apps for computers. I would simply recommend the first app on the list because it is one of the easiest ones on the list. So, if you are a casual user who simply wants to enjoy Android apps and games on their computer, download the first app on the list and you’re good to go.

What do you think about these utility apps for PC that allow you to download APK files? Tell us in the comments.


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