About the App Scholarship

Like us, you believe that apps have drastically changed the way we live. You’re here because you believe that the app market needs one more thing - your idea.

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If you’re someone who has thought, “Hey, why doesn’t this app exist yet?” then this grant is made for you.

We at JoyofAndroid.com sincerely believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s cornerstones for technology and innovation.

We are on a mission to push young minds into inventing the next best application.

No coding or marketing knowledge? No problem.

That’s where we come in.

The JoyofAndroid.com team has come to understand how apps work digitally, logistically, and artistically after years of research and training.


All we need from you is one original app idea.

Not a prototype, but an idea. One amazing concept that you can develop into a fully-functional application. Give us this and we’ll give you the $500 grant plus the training materials you need to successfully launch it on Google Play!

No need to worry about lack of experience. The exclusive training kit is a crash course of sorts. You will learn everything you need to know about coding (when to get help, what you can do on your own), marketing, design implementation, and development.

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