Need More Storage? See the Backup Cloud Storage Options for Android Compared

Backup Cloud Storage Options Compared

There are a ton of backup storage apps competing for your attention. Some of them are amazing, some of them not so much. This article is all about comparing those services and making a comprehensive list of all the backups cloud storage options for Android compared.

I selected the top 7 backup cloud storage options for Android from the Google Play Store and will be comparing the Android-based services only. As it is going to be a long comparison, I will be diving straight into the different categories right now.

Free Storage

Free Storage

Let’s be honest here, a lot of people just want free storage options for their photos and videos. Not many are keen on paying a yearly subscription fee to cloud storage providers unless they have a lot of data to store. I’ll be comparing the free storage options in the section, so all the freeloaders can find the best service with ease.

One of the benefits, though, is you can share files between different devices very easily with these cloud storage options. Automatically uploading images and documents created on your Android will create almost instant access on your computer.

1. Mega: 50 GB

Mega tops the free storage charts by giving a whopping 50 GB of storage space for free to new users. This is a lot of store space especially when you compare it with other options available and if you are a free user, highly recommend that you check this app out first.

2. pCloud: 20 GB

I was recently introduced to pCloud as I haven’t seen this app ranking anywhere but was pleasantly surprised when I tested the app out. pCloud is not as big as Mega when it comes to free storage space, but it is certainly giving a respectable amount of 20 GB free when you sign up.

3. Google Drive: 15 GB shared

In all honesty, I thought that the 15GB Google Drive is giving was quite generous but after doing research for this article my eyes are a little open now. While Google Drive maybe one of the best storage solutions around, it is certainly not the generous of the lot because those 15 GB are divided between Google Drive, Google Photos, and your emails in Gmail.

4. Box: 10 GB

Box has been around for a while now and has been generally great storage option. This service only gives 10 GB of storage space for free.

5. OneDrive: 5 GB

Microsoft recently became stingy with the free storage they were giving with their OneDrive. A few months back it was 15 GB now it is reduced to five which is not a lot by today’s standards.

6. Dropbox: 2 GB

Dropbox only gives 2 GB of free storage space to new users but there are different ways to gain more storage space. Now that I know some of the apps are giving more than 20 GB for free, getting friends to sign for Dropbox seems like a chore for me.

7. SpiderOak: 2 GB

I was not impressed by the Android offerings from SpiderOak. The 2 GB free storage space didn’t help the cause either.

Supported Operating Systems

Supported Operating Systems

1. Dropbox: 9

Dropbox comes at the top with nine different platforms supported. Virtually every major operating system, whether mobile or not, is supported by this service. So, if you are looking for the versatile backup solution for all your different devices, dropbox is the way to go. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire are supported on this service.

2. Box: 7

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry are supported here.

3. OneDrive: 6

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone are being supported by this app.

4. Mega: 6

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux are compatible with this one.

5. pCloud: 5

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux are good to go here.

6. SpiderOak: 5

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux are being served by this app.

7. Google Drive: 4

Google Drive is the worst option if you want to go multiplatform. It only supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

File Size Restrictions

File Size Restrictions

1.A Mega:

There are no limits regarding file size on this service.

1.B pCloud:

The service also imposes no restrictions on the file sizes.

1.C SpiderOak:

I was actually surprised to see SpiderOak put no restrictions on the file sizes. This is probably because they want to cater to larger business clients as well as small personal users.

2. Google Drive:

5 TB for every other file except Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. For those, there is a 50 MB file size limit.

3. Dropbox:

Surprisingly there is a 10 GB limit on the website that you can access from any device. However, there is no such restriction on apps.

4. OneDrive:

Microsoft’s OneDrive has a 10 GB file size restriction. In all honesty, the free user wouldn’t care for this at all.

5. Box:

There is a 250 MB file size restriction for the free accounts. There are no such restrictions for the paid ones, though.

Lowest Prices

Lowest Prices

Finding the right price for the right amount of storage is important. Not a lot of users are going to store one terabyte of data in their cloud storage, but it gives a piece of mind to those who like to bulk store pictures online. So, finding the right deal becomes important for many different reasons.

I’m only listing prices for the basic yet comparable plans for each of these services. Some of them are quite expensive in my opinion while others are very reasonable.

1. pCloud: 2TB for $8/Month

2. OneDrive: 1TB for $7/Month

3. Google Drive: 1TB for $10/Month

4. Dropbox: 1TB for $10/Month

5. SpiderOak: 1TB for $12/Month

6. Mega: 200 GB for $5.5/Month

7. Box: 100 GB for $6/Month



OneDrive: Website | App

Google Drive: Website | App

Dropbox: Website | App

SpiderOak: Website | App

Mega: Website | App

Box: Website | App

pCloud: Website | App


This ends the backup cloud storage options comparison article. I hope that you find the app you’re looking for and make the most out of it. I think all of these apps/services have something unique to offer. I highly recommend visiting their affiliated pages to learn more about them.

If you have any more questions or suggestions about the apps or cloud storage options, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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Comments (6)

  1. Jim Isbell on

    Do any of them have the ability to do a disk backup without doing it one file at a time?

  2. Greg Jankowski on

    I signed up for proud6 months ago and hhaven’t looked back. Being auser of lLinux windows and Android, the excellent cross platform integration proud offers is second to none for linux, although android features are good, there are some upcoming features that sshould make it one of the best cchoices for aAndroid. The ddevice team is receptive to users and I’ve seen many requests including my own added in the following update.

    With 500GB for $4/m I figured I’d use it to store all my data- although I’m well under 200GB. For those more concerned with oprivacy – proud offers client side encryption too. For business customers SpiderOak is definitely worth a try – as their GUI and previously difficult functionality has improved, they now offer high ssecurity apps tthat are crossplatform and use end to end encryption.

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