5 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps for Heavy Sleepers

I’m extremely prone to walking in late for work and classes thanks to my heavy sleeping. Once I hit the covers it is really hard for me to get up. Fortunately there are some great Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers on the Google Play Store. We have already written an article about some great alarm clock apps and funny morning alarm ringtones but this one is tailored to wake those “unwakeables” among us. These apps are made to wake the most oblivious of sleepers with ease and they really work. Mild and soothing alarm tones don’t work very well on us and this is where the special powers of Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers shine.

Note: These apps were run on a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with a custom ROM based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The apps were tested over the course of a week and are proven to wake you up in an effective and timely manner.

1. Alarmy – Free and $1.71


Alarmingly simple

1.a Free Version

Alarmy is the best solution for those who miss final exams and important meetings. The app has a unique way to getting you to wake up and it actually works really well. The app forces you to get up and take a picture of a pre-registered place. That’s right, you will need to get up and take a picture to shut that annoying alarm. For optimal results make the bathroom your registered place. This worked like a charm every time and the best part is you are already at the sink when you wake up. Objects and places can work with the app too but that will be too easy to cheat even with a hazy mind.


  • A simple and interesting interface.
  • Setting the app up for work is easy.
  • It is by far the most annoying alarm.

Notable Feature:

The app’s standout way of forcing you off the bed makes it one of the best Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers around. It has a track record of never failing on me.


1.b Paid Version

The paid version of the app removes the ads and supports the developers. There are no significant features added in the paid version.


2. I Can’t Wake Up! – Free and $2.99

I cant wake up

But now you will!

2.a Free Version

The name of this app says it all. If you find yourself saying this every time you are late for school, this is the right app for you. It would have been the number one app on the list if it weren’t for the bland interface. Otherwise this app is amazing in waking you up. You can solve a basic math problem to make the alarm go shush. Arrange tiles or find pairs of matching colored ones. You can use the built in extra loud and annoying noises or select your own audio file.


  • Solid, sound and reliable.
  • The packaged alarm sounds are hard hitting.
  • Multiple ways to effectively wake you up.

Notable Feature:

The app can launch a selected app after you have closed the alarm. I like to use this feature to launch the radio app automatically.


2.b Paid Version

The paid version of the app removes the annoying full screen ads. There is nothing more added to the experience though.


3. Puzzle Alarm Clock – Free With In-App Purchases

Puzzle alarm clock Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Solve puzzles in your morning haze

If you are confused by the multitude of options available in the previous app, you will feel at ease with this one. As the name suggest, this alarm clock uses a simple puzzle to wake you up. The app comes with an explosion sound which is efficient in waking up almost anyone. You can also select a soothing melody to wake you but that is not recommended.


  • A simple and effective interface.
  • The three in-built alarms are nice.
  • Can launch another app after the alarm ends.

Notable Feature:

You can also disable the alarm with an NFC tag or QR code. Place the tag in your kitchen and you will be forced to walk there to shut this alarm up. It’s a handy feature if you find yourself dozing back to sleep every morning.


4. Alarm Pro – Free

Alarm Pro Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

It will wake your world

Wake up like a pro and remember everything thanks to this great looking app. Alarm Pro is one of the best among the Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. The interface is sharp and to the point and the design is one of the strongest areas. The app not only wakes you up from sleep but can also break your daydreaming. If you are forgetting anniversaries and birthdays, the app lends a hand there too.


  • A modern looking interface.
  • Can remember almost anything.
  • A handy calendar app is included.

Notable feature:

You can use this app very creatively. I set double alarms for important days, one that wakes me and the other tells me what to do after I have woken up. This way there is very little chance that I forget a birthday or an important meeting.


5. Timely Alarm clock – Free With In-App Purchases

Timely Alarm clock

Elegantly on time

This one is for those who need a little jazz in their alarm clock apps. Timely Alarm Clock will not only wake you up, it will wake you up in style. The app has an amazing range of customizations, from sounds to looks, it has them all. The app not only looks great on smartphones but also stuns on tablets. The themes are absolutely gorgeous to look at and really set the mood right in the morning. Most of the Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers look bland and thankfully this app distances itself from that tradition.


  • Use challenges with alarms to make you wake up.
  • Turn your phone upside down to snooze it.
  • Set alarms on all of your devices for the ultimate experience.

Notable Feature:

The app recognizes when you lift the phone to shut off the alarm. The app then lowers the intensity of the alarm so your head won’t hurt that much.



This ends the 5 best Android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers list and I know after installing them, you will wake up. If you still fear the sleep demon, try using two apps at once. But be warned, using more than one app will make your morning utter chaos. Now sleep easy knowing that a sharp sound and nudging phone will wake you up in the morning. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about these alarm apps. What’s next? Download the best calendar apps to make all your appointments after waking up.


Comments (15)

  1. orenbac on

    check out this alarm: dreamateapp
    it is far more beautiful than any of the alarm clock mentioned above

    • Dani on

      Perception differs from person to person. We will review this app when we update our article. Thanks for suggestion.

  2. Cherie Sogsti on

    I used to be a grouchy morning zombie and then I found a great new android app that forces you out of bed called Eject Alarm Clock. It has a simple design and great UI but more importantly, it gets me out of bed every day! I’ve finally said good bye to my snooze addiction. The phone automatically fingerprints each room’s WiFi signal, so it forces you to move into another room to turn it off. Brilliant! Try it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.rage.alarmclock.lite

  3. vasu awasthi on

    There must a app that acts as a screen lock and only way to unlock it by doing 20 pushups. It must be a sensor based app. Both good for us and them.

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      I don´t think there is an app like that, but If I had to do 20 pushups in order to unlock my phone, I would probably pass out on pushup #7, ha ha. It would be a good workout.

  4. ゴキブリ女王 on

    The “I Can’t Wake Up!” app does not actually work for me. I say ‘actually’ because it does get me up, but I doze off to sleep and no other alarm that I had set in that app managed to wake me up. “I Can’t Wake Up!” is good for sleepers that don’t tend to doze off after their awake, but if you do tend to doze off, then stay away from it.

    • Billa on

      So technically you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep? I used to do exactly that but then I started setting another alarm 15 minutes from the first one lol. Use double alarms, even on the same app to avoid missing classes/work.

  5. riley on

    When these alarms go off i can still turn my phone off is there any way i can stop this from happening any apps which you can not turn your phone off?

    • Billa on

      Woah there Riley! I don’t think there is an app which doesn’t allow you to turn off the smartphone. Btw I’m curious, how do you turn off your phone lol

    • Patty on

      There is an option on alarmy that doesn’t allow you to turn your phone off. Probably on others as well. I liked alarmy until it went silent on me one day. Luckily my son woke me up just in time. It never rang again so now I’ve had to use 2 apps just in case.

  6. AKASH GOLA on

    Hi Billa,
    I love to the way you write, very informative article. I will definitely try some of the alarm clock app in your device.
    Thanks for sharing.

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