Best Pedometer Apps for Android to Walk (or Run) Around Town


Running is a great way to remain fit and agile but sometimes it becomes hard to be motivated. Thankfully, with one of the best pedometer apps for Android by your side, running becomes extremely rewarding. I have been running/power walking on and off for almost two years and I have to say, the apps have made a big impact on my fitness.

A pedometer app not only shows you how much you have ran or walked but also keep track of your progress. If you are serious about your fitness and want to make lifestyle improvements, these pedometer apps for Android are highly recommended. Combine them with the best fitness apps as well as best running apps and you have a solid combination.

Note: The best pedometer apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. Minor inaccuracy in the step count was observed in all the apps but the change was only of a few steps and easily negligible.

#1Walk With Map My Walk iconWalk With Map My Walk#2Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach iconPedometer & Weight Loss Coach#3Runkeeper iconRunkeeper#4Runtastic Pedometer Step Count iconRuntastic Pedometer#5Noom Walk Pedometer iconNoom Walk Pedometer#6Google Fit – Fitness Tracking
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4.4 of 5
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  1. Free & 2.99
    Walk With Map My Walk icon 3

    Walk With Map My Walk

    This app is one of the best pedometer apps for Android and I have used it for more than three months. It has grown and improved in a lot of aspects over the course of few years and it is certainly going in the right direction. From the easy to use interface to well thought out features, this pedometer app for Android has all the bases covered.

    If you want accurate GPS location tracking and full maps of your runs, this is the best Avenue you can get on the Google play store. That’s not all, though, sharing your data with other nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit is extremely easy. MyFitnessPal has been featured in other lists I have written as well and it is an exceptional app.

    If you are one of those people who love to see full stats, this app allows you to access more features on the web. Although it is a subscription-based app, the price is worth it when you consider all of the features you will be getting. Read our detailed review of Walk with Map if you want to learn more about the app before committing.

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  2. Free
    Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach icon 3

    Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

    Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach is a relatively new app but has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its good design and polished features. I really like the neat and clean look the app projects with its white background and blue text. This is an app which is made by a proper designer and it shows in its execution.The built-in pedometer tracks

    The built-in pedometer tracks your steps throughout the day. The app keeps track of your steps even if your phone is in your backpack or purse which is a good feature. You will be able to record steps, distance, active time and even calories with this great app.

    Walking, running, jogging or power walking all can be measured with this pedometer app for Android. The app is also capable of tracking your weight and BMI and correlate changes with your vitals and activity.

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  3. Free
    Runkeeper icon 3


    This is the app I have been using all this while and I’m in love with it. It is refreshing to see an app designed so well and being executed as intended. Runkeeper comes with an easy to use interface and the app works just as proposed. Graphs and charts are there for you to measure your progress in a very meaningful way.

    The app allows you to track any type of activity you will be doing. You can use the app for running, cycling, walking, hiking and swimming but that’s not all; you can also use it for mountain biking, rowing and downhill skiing. Social media integration is also handled very well.

    You can even attach photos to an activity you have just done, giving it a more memorable feel. The app also comes with a built-in music button which takes you to the preferred music app directly. I highly recommend that you use one of the best music players for Android along with Runkeeper, an app which is featured on our best fitness app for Android as well. If you are interested in learning more you can also check out our review of Runkeeper to learn more.

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  4. Free & 1.99
    Runtastic Pedometer Step Count icon 3

    Runtastic Pedometer

    Runtastic Pedometer is truly one of the fantastic pedometer apps for Android. A ton of people are using this app actively and they love it. Automatic step counting, calculation of calories burned and a robust training and activity log allows this app to stay above the competition.

    I’ve used this app for a while and it has performed remarkably well. Whether you want to learn the overall stats of all your activities or want to analyze your records, this app will help you achieve your goals. Sharing your progress with your friends and family has never been this easier.

    Posting your pedometer activities on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Whatsapp is extremely easy. You can even use it as a calorie counter while it’s not as accurate as a dedicated one it still does a pretty good job.


    • A robust suite of features.
    • Works well on almost any Android device.
    • Easy activation and companion features.
    • Reliable step counts and results.


    • It is highly recommended that you install the Runtastic fitness apps to gain a better experience. Not a big con but rather an inconvenience.
  5. Free
    Noom Walk Pedometer icon 3

    Noom Walk Pedometer

    It is great for you to play around with an app which is designed really well. Noom Walk pedometer for Android was joy to use, thanks to its seamless interface and robust features. The app automatically counts steps wherever you go and whatever you do, even if the smartphone is in your pocket it will do the job.

    One of the most important aspects of the app is its low battery drainage, it only activates itself when it is needed otherwise it’s silent in the background. Social media sharing features are available as well and can help you get motivation from your friends and family.

    The app allows you to integrate your social life with your fitness regime, allowing you to encourage your friends as well as inspire yourself. If you are interested in the app I would recommend that you check out the Noom Walk pedometer app review we have covered.


    • Extremely simple and easy to use.
    • Comes with one touch tracking start.
    • The main interface is not cluttered with information.
    • Easy to access charts of your previous runs.


    • The app usually exaggerates the step calculations by four or five steps each time.
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  6. Free

    Google Fit – Fitness Tracking


    • A robust fitness and exercise app.
    • Has information on multiple facets of fitness and running.
    • Can track your steps with reliability.
    • Doesn’t need a lot of system resources to run in the background.


    • Some users may get confused with a bundle of different features on this app.
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This concludes the best pedometer apps for Android list. These are all pretty amazing apps and will help you in the long run, pun intended. I also recommend trying out the best weight loss apps for Android if you are aiming to gain that slim and sleek summer body.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to type them out in the comments. I’ve got to run for now, catch you next time.

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Comments (42)

  1. Nathan on

    Can you tell if any of these apps are able to make us of the pedometer chip in the Galaxy S5?

  2. Laurel on

    Hi, Guys
    Samsung discontinued fitness app, New one doesn’t download or work. I only used pedometer to keep track of steps walked. It worked with every step taken, screen didn’t have to be on, no daily resets, just constant tracking of all steps taken. I’m Not a runner, just walk, Period. Would you recommend which free app would work best on my android? Thanks.

  3. Veselin on

    I can strongly recommend Pedometer log , maybe the best pedometer for Android

  4. Tufick on

    Do any of these apps work well with groups of people, I am considering using an app to keep a log for a competition and I would prefer if an app kept a leader board for a tailored group

    • Billa on

      Hi Tufick

      The 3rd and 4th apps on the list come with stats tracking and sharing. But I don’t think they will be accurate for an actual competition (they can be tricked). However if you want to run with a bunch of friend or have a friendly competition, they will do just fine.

  5. Mike on

    Which apps can track laps? I walk dogs and like to keep track of how far I walk with each dog then have a daily total.

    • Lisa on

      Have you tried the WalkForADog app? Besides keeping track for you, distance, time, speed, etc. It gives $ to a dog charity for you. It gets me to walk more knowing they will donate to Shih-tzu Rescue of Central WI. And it’s nice seeing my route.

      • Judy on

        Hi Lisa,
        No, I have not tried the app, but it is so great that it also allows you to donate to a dog charity. I am a dog lover myself and that is definitely good news to hear. What is your favorite feature on the app?

  6. DD on

    Nice review. You need to update the pricing on these apps since you reviewd them. Some have more than doubled their cost. An interesting note is that some of your top ten get a fairly low rating in the play store. A below four rating is an app I would not consider very good.

    • Billa on

      Hi David,

      The articles are updated quarterly. I’ll get to the apps soon. To be honest, I test around 20 apps per day and I have found some 4+ apps to be completely worthless. However you are correct, this is why the last app usually dips below the fabled 4 star mark. But I assure you, If I find a better replacement it will be gone. Thanks for your kind suggestion.

  7. Cathy on

    I am new to this App thing .. LOL .. So, I am looking for a pedometer/tracker WITH an option for music .. I have Map My Walk, but I have an Android, and I dont see an option to connect to my Library .. I spent hours looking at settings, etc ..I can’t afford to buy a Fitbit, but I also can’t afford to go over my Data ..Please HELP !!

  8. Corinne on

    Hi, I am developing a school-based fitness program for high schoolers and would like to know which program you would recommend for that age group. No cost is also necessary.
    Thanks, Corinne

    • Judy on

      Hi Valerie,
      There are quite a few options when it comes to free pedometers in the article. I hope you find one that you like.

    • Judy on

      Hi Leo,
      If by ‘walking app’ you mean a route planning and navigation app there are two you may like, both use the OpenStreetMap and show the majority of recognized paths and trails and both allow download and storage of maps on your device and are therefore fully usable off-line.

      The first is OsmAnd :-

      which I have used extensively over the last couple of years and find excellent for hill walking.

      There is a free version with a limit of 10 map downloads and a paid version, I think it was £4.99, with unlimited downloads. I have found out that the app is particularly useful with OsmAnd is the ability to easily create and save your own routes to follow with GPS.

      The second one is Magic Earth :-

      by Route66 – it’s a fairly new app and I only downloaded it recently and haven’t had chance to use it although it does seem promising – the app and all map downloads (unlimited) are free. I have read that Route66 is an excellent navigation app for driving purposes and I am looking forward to trying Magic Earth for walking. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Kamal Desai on

    Does any of these apps will upload to a website so I can use the actual data. I love to play with the data and chart and map and all that good stuff of my own. I want my data into XLS or CSV format or any other Database format (even TXT files). i.e. I plot 10 day averages or 30 day averages to see if I am falling behinf my normal walk/run etc. Which of the free versions will export the data or give me access on desktop/laptop screens.


    • Judy on

      Hi Kamal Desai,
      Fitbit does have everything you need but it also requires a separate (quite cheap) band to work properly. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    • benediktg on

      An app called “Pedometer” might be worth a look. It is free software (both as in freedom and as in free beer) and it makes use of an integrated hardware step detector and counter. The stats from the last week are displayed in the app and the complete statistic can be exported as a simple csv file. More information is available here:

  10. Andre on

    Are there any apps that keep track of your average daily steps, so that at the end the month you’ll know how many steps you averaged that month?

    • Judy on

      Hi Andres,
      Almost every app gives you this info. Let us know which one you try and your experience with it. Thanks for reading.

  11. Zoddy on

    You say “RunKeeper is a fully loaded pedometer app” but I can’t find a way to see the number of steps taken during a walk.
    Isn’t this a basic function of a pedometer (step-counter)?

    • Judy on

      Hi Zoddy,
      It should be a basic function. Maybe the app is malfunctioning, have you tried re- installing? if is working just fine, maybe the settings are off. =-)

  12. Anita Lorentzen on

    Is there any of theese trackers that can be used offline? Without beeing connected to internet?

  13. todd on

    I downloaded the Pedometer app. But it stops counting steps when the screen is locked. So it’s basically worthless. I’m flabbergasted it has any positive reviews, nevermind tens of thousands of them.

  14. develop on

    obviously like your web site but you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your
    posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to inform
    the truth on the other hand I will surely come again again.

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      Thank you for your feedback and we will definitely look into that. Thanks for reading and commenting. =-)

  15. honajz on

    Hi there. Please, is any pedometer app working without using GPS? Which is using only gear in my phone? Thank you.

  16. Wayfarer on

    Hi, I’m already using Pedometer on my Samsung, but I was wondering if there was a pedometer app that allowed me to add steps from when I don’t have my phone on me. Say I’m using youtube while on the treadmill, is there an app that then allows me to add how many steps I did in that session? Or do you always need to have your phone on you to log steps.

  17. Thirza on

    Nobody I know on social media gives a crap about how far I have walked/been successful at losing weight. Nor should they. Is there a good app that makes a feature of NOT boring one’s friends with information best kept to oneself?

    • Judy on

      If you have a Samsung phone, S Health is good, ay least I think so. If not, you can try any of the apps in the article.

  18. Ed on

    I have a nexus 6: I have google fit: I am looking for a pedometer app that actually works for day to day walking at work.
    I am on a farm, I walk 10 barns 300 ft long, 4 passes each. Here is the rub, I get on a tractor to go from barn to barn.
    Fit, noom, & s health all count steps when driving. Is there some thing that recognizes when you are not in a walking pace & stops counting?
    OR has a front & centre easy to find on off switch?
    Counting steps when driving totally troes accuracy off and defeats the purpose of using the app.
    Am I asking too much????

    • Trevor on

      Most of the devices use the up and down motion of walking to count your steps. That’s why you can shake your phone or Android Wear to add steps. You can try an app like Fit Plus to see if the advanced widget might be more of what you’re looking for.

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