Android Apps for Quotes

The 5 Best Android Apps for Quotes

Conclusion These were the 5 best Android apps for quotes and I’m sure you will find a ton of them for inspiration as well as public admiration. Some people are easily motivated and these apps will actually benefit them the most. Reading an uplifting quote is a sure-fire way to get you motivated. Unfortunately, if […]

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5 Best Android Apps for Used Stuff feature image

The 5 Best Android Apps for Used Stuff

Conclusion These were some of the best Android apps for used stuff that you can use to quickly shift your old furniture. I was this close on including Craigslist here as well but that app has gone a little down the hill for the past couple of years, so I kept it out of this […]

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13 Best Calendar Apps For Android To Get It All Done

One of the best ways to keep track of all your engagements is to simply install a great calendar app on your smartphone. I know, many people still prefer physical calendars hanging near their clocks on walls but believe me these best calendar apps for Android are far more convenient. I used to think that […]

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Top 15 Android Paid Apps for 2016

Conclusion This ends the top 15 Android paid apps for 2016 list, I’m sure that these apps will keep you entertained until next year this time. Android apps are blooming and there is some true innovation to be seen here, as an Android aficionado, it is truly fascinating to be on this journey of creativity […]

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Getting Android Apps on a Chromebook Right Now

Google Chromebook are a unique beast, they may look like a PC but they are not and they are definitely not Android. There is a niche market for Chromebooks and Google aims to expand by giving you the option of getting Android apps on the chrome book right now. That’s right, while there are other […]

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10 useful tasker profiles to automate your android feature image

10 Useful Tasker Profiles to Automate Your Android

Tasker is one of the most useful Android apps that allows you a very deep control of your device. Even if your device is not rooted, you’ll be able to reap benefits of most of the Tasker profiles easily. However, if you need full control over your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to have […]

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