Android Note Taking

5 Things to Remember to Master the Art of Mobile Note Taking

Note taking isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when I think about art, but taking great notes really is an art form worth appreciating, and learning. Good notes help facilitate a good memory, more productivity, and even your technical skills. That’s not even mentioning the subject you’re taking notes on, but you […]

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android boot problem

Troubleshooting Android Boot Problems

It can feel like a little part of you died when your Android suddenly won’t boot. Maybe you did take some risks—it’s hard to resist customizing, optimizing, or tweaking your device. Or maybe you just unassumingly accepted an OTA update, thinking it could only improve the performance of your Android. Problems at boot aren’t always […]

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How To Change Font on Android Phones

Be that person who marches to the beat of a different drum. We value the individual who dares to be different. How boring would life be if we were all the same, or if there was only one font; not to mention that some fonts are easier on the eyes than others. Regardless the reason, […]

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android christmas

Android Gift Ideas for Your Office Exchange

It’s the most wonderful time of year when everyone starts asking for your money unabashedly. Inevitably, this rears its head in a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange. Granted, you’ll receive a gift like someone’s unwanted wedding serving tray in return for your efforts, but you probably still want to do your best while […]

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pug android

The Basics of Troubleshooting Android Phones

If any engineer/programmer came up with a perfect phone, who could put a price on that? It’s somewhat like finding the fountain of youth, or anything perfect in this world. It simply doesn’t exist. We and the phones we make are imperfect—subject to the laws of entropy that dictate a gradual decline into disorder. Thankfully, […]

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