How to Change Your LED Notification Colors on Android


Before I start talking about changing the color of your LED notification light, it’s important to understand that not all Android devices can do this. For the most part, Nexus, LG, Sony, and Samsung phones can change the color of their LED light with a few tweaks. This isn’t always possible on some other Android brands, but there’s no harm in trying these methods.

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Some Android devices don’t need outside help or apps to achieve this, but since most do, we’re going to mention a few apps that make this easier. If your LED Notification light is off by default, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to switch that on so you can get started.


How to Turn on Your Notification LED

On some, but not most, Android devices, the LED light is turned off for notifications by default. Or in other cases, the LED light is just hard to see or notice, like on the Nexus 5X.Thankfully, it’s easy to turn them on, even if you’ve had them off the whole time you’ve had your device, or just haven’t noticed the light in the first place.

  1. Open Your Settings

    Open your Settings menu from any location you want, how you get there doesn’t matter.

  2. Find Sound & Notification

    Depending on the model, and version of Android you’re using, this will be slightly different. In my case, on a Moto G3 running Android 5.1, I open Sound & notification under the Device section.


  3. Pulse Notification Settings

    Once again, this differs from version to version, but on 5.1, under Sound & notification, look for any settings relating to pulse notifications.


    You’ll either see a toggle switch or need to access a new menu for the setting. Either way, enable pulse notifications from here to enable your LED notification light.

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The Best Android Apps for Changing Your LED Notification Light

Now that you know how to turn on your LED notification light if it wasn’t already, it’s time to download an app that’ll help you finally change that color from white to something else. To get that done, I have two different apps for two different Android users.

First up, there’s Light Manager – LED Settings.


Up front, Light Manager requires root access if you are on Android device running Android 4.2 and below. If you’re on 4.3 or higher, no root is required. Light Manager’s compatibility is hard to pin down, so you’ll need to try the app before you know if it’ll work for your Android device.


If Light Manager works for you, it’s easy to use to set different lights for different notifications and more from a large color spectrum.

Light Manager Download

The next app is Light Flow – LED Control, which has a free version and a pro version for $2.49.


Light Flow is an app that’s highly rated and well received by most users but has the same compatibility issues that Light Manager has. If you can get it work after downloading, you’re golden, but if you can’t, there aren’t any tweaks you can make that’ll help.


The main difference between the free version and the pro version is the amount of utility and customization. While the pro version has over 600 different notification lights available to set, the free version has a very specific list of custom light notifications. Take a look at both Google Play pages to see which version suits your needs.

Light Flow Download (Free)

Light Flow Download (Paid)

If your Android has the compatibility, and a working LED notification light, both of these apps will get the job done.


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There are plenty of benefits to setting different colored pulse notifications for different apps and messages. If you’ve ever wanted to tell what the pulsing light means without waking your phone, look into either of the light apps above.

If you can’t get either app to work and are sure your Android is compatible, we can help you as soon as possible when you leave a comment below.

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