10 Common Android Rooting Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

You knew the possible consequences, and you went and did it anyway.

For Android users, the allure of rooting often outweighs the risks. But, bricking your device is one of the worst things that can happen after you get a new handset. There’s always a chance that your device will face issues after a root, but at least there are a number of steps you can take to restore it to perfect working order. If your device has issues after rooting, we’re here to help with a guide that discusses 10 of the most common rooting problems with tips and advice for each one.

Time: 2 Minutes

1. Device Restarts/Freezing Randomly

It varies from case to case, but many users have reported random restarts after rooting their device. It can happen at any time. You might see a restart right when you unlock the device. It might also happen when you send messages or try to open your browser.

If your device is affected, wiping the cache partition could potentially solve your problems. Here’s a guide to clearing your cache partition with methods and more information about the process if you want to learn more.

If that doesn’t help. It’s recommended to unroot the device. You can find out how to do so in point 2.

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Time: 5 or More MInutes

2. Unrooting the Device

Sometimes, you just have to get rid of your root access.

If you’re selling your handset, having issues with the phone, or you just want the latest update, it’s usually quite easy to unroot a device. However, it can vary depending on the method of rooting and the device itself.

If you have SuperSU installed, you can usually unroot directly from the app.

  1. Open SuperSU.

  2. Click on the Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to Full Unroot.


  4. Tap, and confirm if prompted.

  5. Your device will now be unrooted.

If you’re having issues with this method, alternatively you can factory reset your device.

Factory resetting your device will lead to data loss of images and contacts stored on the phone. Back up all data before attempting this method.

You can use your computer, apps, and Google to back up important data like photos and contacts. (Your SIM card won’t be affected by the factory reset.)

It may differ depending on your model, but to factory reset most Android devices:

  • Go to the Backup and reset menu in your settings.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset, located at the bottom of the menu.
  • A message will pop up, detailing everything that will be erased from your devices internal storage.
  • Tap Reset phone or Reset Device at the bottom of the screen.
  • The phone will reboot into recovery mode.
  • Once it reboots again it will be restored to factory settings.

Here’s a video that shows the process:

It’s a drastic method, but it does to be done sometimes.

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Time: Less than 1 Minute

3. Computer won’t Recognize your device when rooted

If your computer is refusing to recognize your device, there are a couple of things you can do to find out if it’s a hardware issue.

Make sure that your device is unlocked, because it won’t connect to the PC if a passcode is active. There could also be an issue with your cable, so try a replacement and ensure that the ports are clear.

If the device charges, at least you’ll know that it’s a software problem. If all else fails, you can always revert to factory settings and attempt to re-root.

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Time: 5 MInutes

4. Device Won’t Turn On – Is it Hard-Bricked?

Nothing is scarier than a device that won’t power on. What should you do if the problems occur after you’ve rooted? (Rooting voids the warranty on your device, meaning that you can’t send it back to the store.)

Here’s a video that takes you through steps you should take if your Samsung phone won’t switch on:

If your phone won’t turn on and it won’t connect to your computer you may have hard bricked your device. Check the next step for a few tips that could help out.

If you’re stuck in a bootloop, check point nine for more information.

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Time: 1 Minute

5. Bricking your Device

A bricked device is pretty much the worst problem you can have. There aren’t many options available. You will always want to double check to see if there’s any way you can power it on. (See step 4.)

A few online services are available that might be able to fix your device for a fee. You can also check the XDA Developer forums to see if they can help you with your issues.

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Time: 1 Minute

6. Problems with SuperSU

SuperSU Icon

If SuperSU isn’t working for you, there aren’t many alternatives. In fact, there’s pretty much nothing available anymore. So what do you do if SuperSU stops working? Reinstalling the app is probably your best bet, you can find it here on the Play Store.

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Time: 1 Minute

7. Malware

If you’re not especially careful during the rooting process, there’s a chance your phone could become infected with malware when you download suspect files to your device. (Always make sure that you download your rooting software and files from a legitimate source, such as the developer’s homepage.)

Malware Monster

However, apps downloaded from the Play Store are usually the culprit, as reports continue to surface about the rising number of infected apps, as well as growing numbers of affected users.

Here’s a guide to stop your device from being hacked.

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Time: 5 Minutes

8. Bootloops

Bootloops can be terrifying at first, but try to remember that your phone isn’t bricked or broken. If your device gets stuck, there’s a good chance that you can get it working perfectly again.

Here’s a video explaining how to fix a device that is bootlooping using the Odin method:

There’s a mega thread for bootloop issues available at the XDA forums if you have more questions or issues.

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Time: 5 MInutes

9. Battery Charging Issues

It has been reported that some users have faced battery problems after rooting, despite the process being widely known to enhance battery life.

Android Battery

If your device continues to have problems with the battery, you can always unroot the handset to see if there’s any difference. However, any issues shouldn’t derive from the root itself, and it’s more likely than an app or a new update is to blame.

If you have recently installed a new game or utility, it’s far more likely to be the source of any problems.

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10. Any Other Issues after Rooting

If there’s one thing to remember, you can nearly always restore a device and attempt a re-root. There are numerous issues reported about a wide variety of hardware and software issues that are claimed to stem from rooting. They usually come from apps and updates, or because the root was installed incorrectly. If your device has an issue that wasn’t covered in the article let us know in the comments and we’ll try our best to help out.

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If the Root isn’t working: try a different method.

If your root didn’t work, it’s possible that your device isn’t supported, or you’ve made a mistake during the process. Again, the XDA Developer forums are often useful if you need to ask a detailed question.

There is a wide variety of methods to choose from, such as the Universal Android Root or Towelroot. If you’re overwhelmed, take a break and read through a guide that explains what needs to be done in easy steps.

There will always be a nominal risk involved, even if you take every precaution, but it’s a chance that many of us are willing to take.

It’s part of the reason why Android is so successful, but there’s a reason why every rooting article has a disclaimer at the top.

If you’re having problems after rooting or you have a different issue, let us know in the comments below, or you can also send us a message, (or a follow) on both Facebook and Twitter.

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Comments (18)

  1. Brandon on

    I attempted to root my phone and now I don’t receive ota updates for Android. I’m stuck at 5.1.1 and I’ve tried factory resetting. Nothing changed

    • Judy on

      Did you actually root your phone? If you did and added a custom ROM, that would explain why you’re not getting OTA updates.

    • Judy on

      It sounds like your efs folder may have been wiped. Using a root file explorer could you go to /efs on your phone and see if the folder contains any files

  2. Aqueel Shaikh on

    i tried my samsung infuse 4g mobile with kingo root windows based software to root my mobile but after it is done my mobile restarts at logo contineously. it is samsung i997 with 2.3.6. i tried clear cache + factory default but it did not helped, same problem exist. Please help me to get my phone back in working condition.

  3. Steve on

    I rooted my Huawei P7 with king root and since then some of the App i have in it isn’t working properly. Like, whatsapp, instead of getting messages instantly, it only appears when i open the whatsapp app. Again is 365scores app ( football app), i do not receive notifications or football alert when due but once i open the app, all the alerts will just rush.. Is there anything i can do to correct this?

    • Trevor on

      Some apps do not respond well to rooting. In some cases, there are security concerns. Other times, there are permission issues. Whatsapp might misbehaving because of the encrypted chat function and the security difference when it’s rooted.

      Did you do anything like add a different ROM or make any changes to the settings of the phone or delete any files or apps?

      • STEVE on

        No i did not add a different ROM. I am technically smart in that area. i looked up in youtube and followed an instructions to root my phone and it was a success except for the issue i mentioned. And i didn’t delete any files. My andriod was 4.4 kitkat when i rooted it. later i downloaded from huawei the files for 5.1 lollipop and updated manually and this reverted my root (unroot) and solved the whtsapp problem. I need my phone to be rooted and working fine without app problems.

  4. Miks on

    Rooted my phone last month to retrieve important photos and files. Factory resetted it earlier today and now my google play services are missing. As in I can’t find them in the apps listed under “All” in application management in settings. I have a paid app and now I can’t use it anymore since I can’t verify my license/purchase without play store. My other apps don’t work because I need to have GP services. Tried downloading zip files of GApps but they all won’t install. Please help!!

  5. vaishali on

    after rooting when i reboot my phone its still going on reboot,i can only see micromax unite nothing else.kindly guide what to do.

  6. Abhijith on

    I have rooted my Micromax canvas 2.2 a114 recently. There is no problems till now. But I am afraid of the bricking of my phone. What should I do if my phone is bricked.

  7. Zana on

    Hello first My Mobile is HTC e9 plus dual SIM ……so. my mobile is not rooted but I got in a website that have various inside and broke my secure of Android ..and my phone in this minute change me to a Website that said your Mobile secure had been been broken ..and now I am trying to install some programs like banking programs they tell me that my mobile has been rooted …and I reset my mobile to factory mode .this doesn’t help me ..what should I do please…

    • Trevor on

      well, you can try to unroot it, but it sounds like there is malware on your device. You can try to run an antivirus like Norton or AVG to see if that can remove it. I would look more into malware first. rooting is a process that typically relies on human interaction to root. If you didn’t do it, then my guess is malware.

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