Best FM Transmitter App For Android Devices And How To Use It

If you own an Android phone, chances are that you like listening to music and I’m sure all of you like to listen to music while you’re driving. The problem for most of us is that we can enjoy what’s on our Android phones through our headphones but when it comes to music in the car, we’re stuck with the same old radio.

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If you’re tired of listening to the radio in your car and you want to make the most out of your phone’s audio playlist, then continue reading to find out the optimal car audio solution for Android devices. Using this guide, you’ll be able to turn your Android phone into an FM transmitter for transmitting songs directly from your phone to your car’s speakers or audio system.

I remember owning the Nokia N900 a couple of years back and I used to enjoy music whenever I was driving since the phone had a built in FM transmitter. Android phones and tablets don’t have built-in FM transmitters but fortunately, there are several FM transmitter app for Android solutions available. Let’s take a look at the best one.

TuneLink Auto

The way we can turn our Android phones into FM transmitters is through TuneLink Auto. You’ll need to purchase the device and install the TuneLink Auto app on your Android phone in order to set up the system. Once you’re done, your phone will turn into an FM transmitter.

What Is TuneLink Auto?

TuneLink auto is basically a device created by New Potato for mobile phone users who love listening to music in their cars. It is a Bluetooth device that lets you play music from your Android phone through your car’s speakers using either the FM transmitter or a direct wire connection.

The device is available for Android and iOS devices. If you’re looking for a wireless solution for your music needs, then this is possibly the best solution available.

Why TuneLink Auto?

There are several reasons why I believe TuneLink Auto is perfect for Android devices. If you’re looking for something that the Nokia N900 had, then you should definitely give this a try.

The device features a solid Bluetooth link for smooth and continuous playback. Also, the device features one of the best FM transmitters for high quality audio playback, meaning that audio quality should be superior than some older FM transmitters that people still use.

Using the device is as simple as plugging it in, pairing and playing! Aside from the audio features, the device also has a USB port for charging your phone so it can act as a car charger as well. You’ll need a 12V power socket and FM radio in your car in order to use the device.

TuneLink Auto App

The official TuneLink Auto app is available on the Google Play Store and it gives you complete control over the device. One of my favorite things about the app is its automatic reconnect feature. What fun would it be to connect your phone with the device every time you sit in your car?

The automatic reconnect feature automatically connects with TuneLink Auto and starts playing music as soon as you enter into your car. Aside from that, using and setting the frequency for the FM transmitter is quite easy  due to the large dial interface in the app.

The app also suggests the best possible FM stations available for high quality playback through your GPS. You can also set up your favorite channels and the app lets you access your default media player directly.

In order to use the app, you should be running Android version 2.1 or greater. The app currently doesn’t support the Moto X smartphone, but all other Android phones should work fine with the TuneLink Auto device.

How To Set Up And Use TuneLink Auto

Step 1

Purchase the TuneLink Auto Android device. You can either look for it at your local phone store or use online retailers. The device is available at Amazon for just over $74. amazon-buy-button

Step 2

Download and install the TuneLink Auto app on your Android phone or tablet. You can get the app through the Google Play button below. Download on Google Play

Step 3

Get into your car and connect the TuneLink Auto adapter into your car’s 12V power socket. If the device is properly connected and receiving power, you’ll see the device glowing green.

TuneLink Plug

Step 4

Go to your Settings app, select Wireless and network and tap on Bluetooth settings. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Bluetooth Settings

Step 5

Let your phone search for TuneLink Auto and pair the device with your phone by tapping on the device name below the Bluetooth devices tab.

Step 6

Select your desired FM station in the TuneLink Auto app by using the dial tuner. For example, if you want to use 107.7, set it to 107.7 FM in the TuneLink Auto app. Tunelink FM

Step 7

Set the corresponding FM station in your car’s FM radio. If you set 107.7 FM in your phone, set it to 107.7 in your car’s FM radio as well. Your phone has now become an FM transmitter!

Step 8

Open your music app and start playing music on your phone. The music should now be played through your car’s speakers rather than your phone’s speaker.

Step 9

Charge your device while you’re driving and listening to music using a micro USB cable and plugging it in to the TuneLink Auto adapter. Tunelink Charge


If one thing is missing from the latest Android phones, it is probably an FM transmitter. If you like music on your phone while you’re driving, New Potato’s TuneLink Auto is the best option available. It is amazing to see how such a small adapter can solve all  your music needs while you’re in the car. The device is small, portable and for just over $74, you should definitely consider it.

I really enjoyed the FM transmitter in my N900 a couple of years back and even though it didn’t have any advanced features, it was such a convenient way of listening to music. With TuneLink Auto, you can get all that and more. The FM transmitter is superior than some of the ones available right now and the adapter lets you charge your device as well. Also, the app gives you complete control over the device. Make sure that you follow all the instructions properly on the best FM transmitter app for Android, and feel free to ask any questions below!


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  1. Joshua Watson on

    I hate reading time-consuming posts, only as i have got some
    dislexia, but i really loved this piece

  2. justin on

    You failed to mention a single other product. What about the many fm transmitters available in electronic stores or even wal mart? They work perfectly well and they don’t require an app, setup or a 75 dollar price point. The fm transmitter I use everyday was 15 dollars. The author of the is article obviously has some stake in this product. Shameless plug.

  3. margaret on

    Can the FM transmitter be used as a voice monitor in other androids or Evan as a monitor in a car?

  4. r. cowper on

    Just buy a $2 cable and connect it from the headphone jack on your phone to the media jack in your car and the music on your phone will play through your car speakers. No need to download anything or spend $79.

    • moose on

      You must be young. A lot of cars don’t have an auxiliary port. Only a cassette player or a cd player. My car only has a cd player.

      • Phil on

        Then go to the dollar store and by a line in wire that has a cassette on on end. Still won’t cost you 79 bucks.

  5. Tom F. on

    Can any FM station be selected, or does it have to be one that’s not receiving a signal? My problem with other FM transmitters is that when you’re driving long distances, the ‘non-used’ stations start to pick up signals, interfering with the phone’s music. You constantly have to find new ‘non-used’ dial settings. Is this also an issue with Tune link Auto?

    • hudu on

      even with my precious nokia n8 it do happens..d best u can do is to choose the max frequency or the lowest frequency. stations dont go to that top or low so often.

  6. Lily White on

    This has to be my second favourite piece of writing of the
    last few days, i can’t tell you the very best,
    it may offend you!

    • Judy on

      Hi Lily,
      No offense taken. We all have our opinions. What one person loves, the other one hates. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Brandon on

    I think it’s cool, but for the non tech savvy here, the phone really isn’t the fm transmitter, this product is essentially a Bluetooth device. Converting audio to BT to be resent over RF in the FM spectrum is going to have significant losses in fidelity. Especially for the price point, it’s just not scaleable.

    • Judy on

      Hi Brandon,
      Thanks for your feedback and hopefully you will find an app that better fits your needs in future posts. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Jeff on

    reminds me of Motorola phone I had that actually had a FM Reciver built-in and the headphones where the antenna

      • Jake on

        I have a LG G4 and i bought a premier audio fm transmitters to play through my trucks system. My truck is a 98 dodge ram3500 slt laraime 24valve Cummins turbo diesel. It just has a cd and a tape player. The aux cord starting acting like it wasnt getting connection very good and would cut in and out. I had plugged all the way in on my phone and transmitter. So i tried to use the usb port. And my phone started freezing up and i had to restart my phone. Would like to know what i would have to do. Without buying a new transmitter and stuff.

  9. JJ on

    Very misleading. What you are describing is not a direct FM transmitter from your cell phone to a nearby FM radio, you are describing a device that you plug into your cell phone, that device connects to your phone via bluetooth, then sends the audio on to a nearby radio via FM frequencies. Your article starts by making it sound as if the app itself turns the android phone into a FM transmitter. It does not.

    • Judy on

      Hi JJ,
      We all have our personal opinions and what seems right to some may seem wrong to others, it’ s the diversity of opinions and we appreciate that you share yours. I re-read what you mentioned and at least to me it didn’t sound misleading since thanks to the app it’ s like your phone turned into an FM transmitter. Our intention is to never mislead anyone and we apologize if the title or the beginning of the article made you waste any time. Thank you for commenting. =-)

      • Tahyang on

        The title is “Best FM Transmitter App for Android” that’s pretty misleading. Click bait even.

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