10 Free Bible Apps for Android for Daily Blessings

Reading the Lords word not only helps you in the afterlife, but also in your daily life as well. Surely carrying your bible with you all the time is not feasible; this is why, free bible apps for Android are important. These Bible apps are great way to connect to God even when you have a busy schedule. The hectic life will always drag our spirituality, but if you can use a free Android bible app, you can still hold the Lords rope tightly.

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The Holy book not only teaches us how to live our lives in peace but also guides us to a better future. Sure some parts of the bible are a little bit behind the curve but we always forget that these are not commands; they are suggestions for a better tomorrow. I call it my cheat sheet for life.

Note: These free bible apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. Most of the apps require an active internet connection to work, at least for the first time. Some apps may require you to download some data. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing.

1. Bible – Free

Bible - Free Bible Apps for Android


The Best One

The app is simply named Bible and it is as simple as it gets. One of the most important things in a free bible app is readability. If the text is too small it will put unnecessary strain on your eyes. If the text is too big it will fast become cumbersome to scroll again and again. This free Android bible app however comes with the perfect font and size which is ideal for reading, even on a moving bus. That is all and good but why is this app the number one on the free bible apps for Android list? Its because it features hundreds of bible versions in over 400 languages. Religion is not bound by region or language and this app knows that well.


  • Some versions are available offline.
  • Make the experience social with friends.
  • Stream audio bibles easily.

Notable Feature:

There are hundreds of plans available which will help and guide you through a specific topic in the bible. It is a great way for research and answering personal questions with ease.


2. Daily Bible – Free with In-app Purchases

Daily Bible

Learn Everyday

This is the most easily accessible version of the bible. I would say use this bible daily app, even if you read one verse. This free Android bible knows that we don’t have hours upon hours dedicated for reading bible daily. It knows that even if we want to read the bible all day, not everyone is equipped to do so. The Daily Bible gives you a daily bible verse and a reading plan which you can consume at your leisure. You don’t even need to dedicate time to it, it can be done even on your daily commute or eating breakfast.

In app Purchases: $0.99 – $100.00 per item


  • Fast and easy way to learn something new.
  • There is always something new daily.
  • Easy searches make finding verses fast.

Notable Feature:

Like something you read? Share it with friends and family with just one click of a button. This bible app is used by many moms I know.


3. King James Bible – Free and $0.99

King James Bible

The King’s Version

3.A Free Version

King James Bible is one of the most popular versions of the holy book. The app itself has a serviceable interface which can be further improved. But the actual reading is very enjoyable especially if you have a large tablet. This app is also available offline so you can read whenever and wherever you want to read. One of the best things about this bible app is the bible widget which displays a daily verse right on your home screen to see.

There is also a pro version available for this app but apparently it is only available from the app. I couldn’t find it on the google app store anywhere. If you want to remove the adds, you’ll have to make a $0.99 purchase from the app itself.


  • The text is clear and very readable.
  • The interface is ok but controls are great.
  • You can easily bookmark a part.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with audio capabilities too. I recommend listening to the bible while you use one of the best running apps for Android.


4. Bible.is – Free


Lots of Languages

This is truly a free bible app for Android and provides a quality service to all. The app is the only one which supports a staggering 800 plus languages. If you prefer to read the bible in your own native language, this is the app made for you. I recommend this bible app as a must have on your smartphone, even if you are using other bible apps. The app allows you to download Bible text and audio bibles on your Android device as well. So you can read or listen at your own convenience regardless of internet availability.


  • Supports Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and many more languages.
  • Comes with great audio quality.
  • Bible download are really fast and easy.

Notable Feature:

This bible app collaborates with the JESUS Film Project and allows you to watch educational videos about the bible. A great way to experience the bible, I must add.


5. Bible Study – Free with In-app Purchases

Bible Study

For Research

If you are student learning about the bible, this app for bible study has some really interesting features to offer. This is the best app for study Bible. OK I will be straightforward; this app is best used on tablets as it really opens the possibilities up. The smartphone interface is good but the app looks really amazing on a tablet. The app for bible study allows you to study resources, bookmark points, take notes and even make highlights. All that data and study can be saved on the cloud making this the most secure free Android bible app.

In app Purchases: $0.99 – $199.99 per item


  • Looks stellar on landscape modes.
  • Best offline study Bible.
  • Over a hundred free resources.

Notable Feature:

The app makes it really easy to share what you read. For example if you like a verse, simply double tap and you will be ready to share it via Facebook or Twitter.


6. Bible for Kids – Free

Bible for Kids

Fun and Interesting

Bible for Kids is really an amazing app tailor made to capture children’s attention. Honestly, I played with the app for 15 minutes before realizing I’m not a kid anymore. This is the power of this free Android bible app. I’m yet to test the app on a kid but judging how I was hooked to it (I’m a kid at heart), I’m willing to bet, it will be amazing for kids too. This is the most interactive and fun app among the free bible apps for Android list. Check out kids security apps for more control over your phone.


  • Highly kid-friendly interface navigation.
  • Amazing looking illustrations.
  • That narrator sounds very likeable.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with interactive animations and mini games as well. For example, you can learn how God created the earth all the while switching the sun on or off, this is funny and attention grasping at the same time. If you have kids, this is the bible download for you!


7. Holy Bible Offline – Free with In-app Purchases

Holy Bible Offline

Read Anywhere

“Holy Bible Offline”, as the name suggests, this is an offline bible app which you can read at your own personal convenience. The free bible app for Android makes it really easy to download the whole bible and make it your own. But that is not all what this app does, it also comes with a quiz game which will further hone and test your biblical knowledge. This is the best app to build Bible knowledge.

In app Purchases: $1.00 – $3.00 per item


  • Is available completely offline.
  • You can interact with other readers in the forum.
  • Comes with new and old testaments.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with advanced search as well as word search features. It makes it easier to find verses about a certain criteria like sin, boon etc.


8. All Bible Stories – Free

All Bible Stories

Epic Drama

You know bible teachings are all and good but some of the bible stories are epic. I mean if you want some entertainment as well as religious enlightenment, these stories are a remarkable way to do just that. The app takes all the true stories from the bible and makes them easier to access and read. You won’t have to read about other stuff and yet all those amazing stories will be there for you to enjoy.


  • Stories appear in the order they appeared in history.
  • You can bookmark pages.
  • The readability is great.

Notable Feature:

This Bible app can consume a lot of your time. I read for around 45 minutes before realizing I need to work!


9. Easy to Read Bible – Free

Easy to Read Bible

For Everyone

This free bible app for Android is an OK one. While there are a lot of versions supported on the app, the interface is a little gloomy. It’s almost the same as that dingy corner in the church. Maybe it’s just me but the grey interface makes the app seem a little dull. The content however is of top quality and really helps deaf readers to understand the words completely. Yes, sometime deaf people have trouble reading complicated words and the World Bible Translation Center made a translation specifically for them.


  • A highly readable version of the holy book.
  • Uses thought for thought method of translation.
  • Comes with a lot of different versions.

Notable Feature:

The functional equivalence method of translation makes sure that the gist of the bible verses remains the same.


10. Audio Bible – Free

Audio Bible

Listen to the Lord

This app has the worst interface among the all free bible apps for Android. It is terrible to look at, but thankfully the app is made for listening to the bible. The audio quality is good but cant be downloaded so you will need a constant internet connection for streaming. The bible itself can be read offline.


  • Good streaming audio quality.
  • Has some offline features.
  • Can move directly to a preferred chapter.

Notable Feature:

The app can stream audio even on a weak internet connection. The audio quality is great and the stream starts almost instantly.



This concludes the free bible apps for Android list. I hope that these apps will make you a little bit more religious and help you in finding the right path.  Just like always, if you have any suggestions or have found another great Android bible app on the Play Store, feel free to tell me in the comments below. So what is your favorite bible verse?


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  1. ck on

    Big initial download, but the free JW Library is well worth it. It contains 6 bible translations (e.g. King James, Byington, Greek Interlinear, NWT) that you can easily switch between / compare just by tapping a scripture.

    Add in bookmarks, links and ~dozen appendixes e.g. maps, “principles of bible translation”, ” the divine name in the Christian-Greek scriptures ” etc and it’s by far one of the best bible apps available for android (& iOS)

    • Judy on

      Hi Martin,
      Glad that you found something that you liked. Make sure to come back for more great recommended apps. Thanks for commenting!

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