Top 3 Free Movie Apps for Android that Work (Tested and Compared)

Boredom is terrible. Thankfully we live in an age that allows us to watch free movies on Android devices with ease. Catching a movie makes everything better and with the power of a portable Android device, you will have that amazing power anywhere and anytime. Stuck in bad weather? Flip out your android smartphone and you are ready to have a great time. Waiting for your daughter’s recital to start? Bruce Wayne will keep you company for a while.

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These free movie apps for Android need constant internet connection to stream movies to your device. Only one app allows you to download movies and view them offline. The rest will either need a good 3G/4G LTE connection or standard WiFi connectivity. And of course these legal content providers will never be as colorful as the pirates or quality paid services. These apps will have limited content but free movies are free movies and we can’t really complain about.

Note: This Top 5 apps to watch free movies on Android list contain apps which were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and Asus Memo Pad 7 HD tablet. The apps were tested on a 3G internet connection as well as a WiFi one. Over the course of one week we watched one movie on each app and tested the experience. Rest assured all of the apps are capable of delivering movies to your Android smartphone or tablet.

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#1Flipps HD#2Movies apps Icon 2Viewster#3movie apps Icon 5Hubi
Google Downloads
Amazon Downloads
Google Rating
3.8 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
3.4 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
4.1 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Amazon Rating
3.2 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
3.2 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Overall Ratings
4.8 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
4.6 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
4 of 5
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Help and Support
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Great InterfaceYesYesYes
Multiple CatagoriesYesYesNo
Good Smooth StreamsYesYesNo
Instant StreamsYesNoYes
Large LibarariesYesNoNo
Help and Support
Introduction VideoNoNoYes
Active DeveloperYesYesYes
  1. Free

    Flipps HD

    Flipps is a nifty app which not only allows you to watch some great movies on your smartphone/tablet but also on your TV. That’s right, stream media on your phone and watch on your TV; this is some futuristic technology right here.

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    The movie collection is good, nothing impressive but will keep you entertained for a very long time. The streams take a bit of time to load, but I blame my shoddy internet connection for that. The quality of the streams however is incredible, incredible enough to look great on a big TV screen.

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  2. Free
    Movies apps Icon 2 3


    Viewster has a ton of movies and they are all good. Sure most of them are not mainstream ones but they are free and entertaining. To us that’s all that matters. The reason we are not ranking it first is that some users are complaining about the movies no running.

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    We didn’t have any problems while testing the app and watched a full movie without any hitches. If you find any inconsistencies, you can always try the number one app on the list for your movie fix on the go.

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  3. Free
    movie apps Icon 5 3


    Hubi is more of a tool than an actual app which allows you to watch free movies on Android. What it basically does is get links from you and helps you download the movie hosted on that particular link.

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    For example if you were watching anime on some site, you can easily download the video with this handy app and continue watching even if you go offline. Same goes for movies and other videos. The app can also stream videos from restricted sites and without even consulting another app.

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We are aware that some of the apps may not work on every smartphone, but we are certainly sure that at least one of them will work flawlessly on your Android device. I know, I know it’s hard work but unfortunately I only have access to limited devices and they all ran the apps fine. So find the apps which work for you and put some popcorn in the microwave.

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Tell us about the cool movies you see with the apps listed in this article. We are always up for a good movie and would love to hear what you like.

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    • Dani on

      Hi Hunternl,

      We have not considered tablets while writing this post.
      Watch out for blog post on tablets soon.


    • Bryan on

      Now very hard to find websites that are free and without signups.
      Los Movies is one of the top free movie websites on the internet right now.
      A beautifully designed website and compatible with Android mobile devices.

  1. sherkhan on

    I am sorry but how is paying for Netflix or similar qualifies for free ???

  2. Truth on

    crap list, Netflix should not be here. Google ‘Showbox APK’ or ‘Cartoon HD APK’ for the real deal people.

  3. Lilly on

    I don’t really agree with the big #1, because everytime I want to watch a movie, something is wrong and it can not load the video, and it did load once, but then it started saying that the video is too big and you need more space on your phone. And I’ve got like, 460 mb on my phone but the video is 950+ mb so I can’t watch it. And that’s a shame, because popcorn time on the pc is great.

    • Dani on

      We recommend you to free up some space in your mobile. Anyways are you able to play movies with other app that we have listed?
      Thanks for your inputs. We will consider this when we rewrite the article and rank the apps accordingly.

  4. Mo Tube on

    Have you checked out our app? We’re up there in the search results next to Crackle and Netflix. Look for “MoTube” in the Play store and you’ll find us quickly.

  5. fazy on

    It is kinda weird that i have the same tablet and phone that was used to test them

  6. Flitz on

    Horrible list. The real free movie apps would be videomix, shoebox and cinema HD….come on bro…

    • Dani on

      Thanks for the suggestions Flitz. As you know many free movie apps get shot down regularly. We will update the list after checking out the apps you listed :)

      • Billa on

        Hey Queen,

        Its a great app but unfortunately its off the Google Play Store due to piracy concerns. JOA is strictly against piracy however, so Shoebox is off our list too :)

    • Casey on

      Hi, my favorite use to be movie tube, but they cancelled it last month, I don’t have a credit card and I’m looking for something exactly like it. You can see new movies and shows once they come out that day for free, any suggestions? Please!

    • Dani on

      I agree. But shoebox came to light after this list was assembled. As you know many free movie apps are regularly taken down by the authorities for various reasons. Shoebox will be on the list soon :) thank you for your kind suggestion.

    • Judy on

      You are absolutely right, commenting is a lot of fun! Going through various apps until we find the one that works for us can be frustrating for some, but it does feel great when you find the perfect app for you. Don´t worry and please leave the testing to us so you can just enjoy them. =-)

  7. Sam on

    To be honest commenting without registration is good. It doesn’t necessarily need me to spend some time to register, and I can simply throw my thoughts and leave the site. However if | am passionate about a site, I will definitely register and start commenting from there.

  8. Pooja on

    I always use ShowBox android app. I love this app because it is totally free and easy to use. You can find latest movies and TV Shows on this application. I would like to say, I am using same app on my Windows 8.1 PC to get the feel of Movies on Big Screen.

    I know, It is removed from Google Play Store due to violation of policies.

    Thanks for providing info of other apps.

    • nik on

      I can’t figure out how. Keeps asking for a referral code. .

  9. adele on

    Thanks for the article Billa. Netflix app or Hulu, or BBC, etc is great on Android. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix or Hulu, or BBC on your Android.

  10. Nick on

    Showbox used to be great… used to. Recently it has fallen off in a big way. At first glance, it looks like they have a ton of new movies, currently or recently in theaters. However, try to stream one and you’ll get “video unavailable now.” Pretty disappointing. I’m on the hunt for something better if anybody has a suggestion…

    • rynostone999 on

      Download the showbox 4.22 version… it works the best outta all the updates, which you are correct about, that they all have major issues.. there is even a showbox 4.22 ad free version that has functions just as good… the ad free version is what i use everyday without many issues other than having to close and reopen the app occasionally after i have navigated through a bunch of stuff on the sitr… its like you have to reset the buffer cause is gets overloaded… youll be happy if you download the 4.22 version.. I promise.. your welcome

  11. Zyra on

    I was just hoping to find out which apps provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired and ease of use as my raging tinnitus interrupts my viewing pleasure on those that do not (i can only rewind so many times to figure out what was said before just dropping it all together, jacking the volume up doesn’t usually work). Appreciate the assistance or if you could recommend apps that do have CC.

  12. Tony on

    Thanks @Billa for your efforts, but please update your list, and add useful movie apps for your visitors.

  13. rheno felipe on

    altough the top list u have are ok bug have in considerate mobdro not only movies also live tv oh and showbox , movietube , popcorn time but who doesnt love free sattelite tv on your hands so mobdro is the best and free and has frequent updates please check that out

  14. Nik on

    In this application, you can find your favorite actors filmography.
    Link for Android:

  15. Jeff on

    All I can say is SHOWBOX. Google even advertises on it. Everyone who knows about streaming movies knows about Shoebox. Why don’t you include it in your picks.

  16. Den on

    Why ArkMC is not mentioned. A good video player and streamer that works without problems.

  17. Enache on is another best movie site for movie lovers. Users can search movies by names, casts and directors. You can also search movie by genres like action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime etc. All movies are in good quality and you can download your movies by single click. You will get two options for movie download first one is magnet download and the second one is torrent download. The choice is all yours. And the best thing is here all services are free.

  18. Ankit on

    All the apps is given here are great. Best collection is done by you.
    Thanks for sharing

  19. Mel on

    Thanks for this list! TubiTV is also another good streaming app for android. They have thousands of free movies and TV shows that can be streamed for free and it’s 100% legal! Should check it out :) They have everything from action, comedy, and horror movies to korean dramas!

  20. Abid Anwar on

    Nice list of movie apps,.. you can add Crackle – Movie & TV, Viewster these are also great apps to watch free movies and TV shows

    • Judy on

      Hi Abid,
      Thanks for the compliment, the author put a lot of time and effort into putting this together and it is good to know that you liked it. Crackle is also a good suggestion, but did you find a favorite among the apps?

  21. Bob Simon on

    Movie Tube EX is out of Google Play :( When I click on the google play link, it shows – “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.” Could you please provide me the .apk link or any other download from trusted source ?

  22. Den on

    Why you haven’t mentioned ArkMC and BubbleUPnp as good video players and streamers. I use them every day without any conversion or streaming issues.

  23. Daniel on

    These are some good apps, but you have missed the best one – Show Box. It’s the greatest movie streaming app ever. Very high quality movies and TV shows, you can even download them for watching later. I vote for Show Box.

  24. derek on

    i agree those application are good but for me nothing better than Hulu ,get it for free on google play try it and you will see by yourself , Watch your favorite shows & hottest new series on your phone

  25. Kina on

    You are so awesome! I don’t suppose I’ve read something like that before.
    So wonderful to fiknd another person with some
    unique thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up.
    This website is onee tying that’s needed on the internet, someone with
    some originality!

    • Judy on

      Hi Kina,
      Thank you for your kinds words and don´t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks for your Android device. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    • Judy on

      Hi Jacob,
      You are most welcome and don´t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks. Thanks for commenting.

  26. Troy_Nikki_Trey on

    Is there any apps for Series that have at least already aired I’ve looked for some series but can’t find any

  27. Sumair victory on

    Hi All,

    This is Sumair, I am very confused. I have just search common & latest movie (Brookyn & fifty shades of grey) but result did not find as given above. Can any one share best app pl….

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