Can You FaceTime On Android? [10 FaceTime Alternatives]

You’re here because there is a burning question that needs to be answered and answered right now!

You’re here because you want to know if you can FaceTime on Android.

The short answer is no you cannot FaceTime on Android.

It might be a deal breaker for many, but avid Android fans have always used other great FaceTime alternatives on Android. Video calling and voice over IP existed, long before Apple made it feel easy and seamless.

Apple is very protective of its intellectual properties; this includes FaceTime, as well as Siri. We have already covered some great Siri alternatives in a previous list. This list, however, will take care of all your video chatting and “FaceTiming” needs, all in one place.

There is no denying that Apple has made its first party video chatting app simple enough for anyone to just open the app and use it. The app is very user-friendly and allows you to just talk. While I couldn’t be without the customization and flexibility of Android, I can also appreciate the simplicity and ease of use Apple provides. There are, however, apps that are great FaceTime alternatives for Android, some even offer more options and flexibility than FaceTime.

Note: All of the FaceTime alternatives on Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone and a standard Wi-Fi connection. I have also tested most of the apps on 4G LTE and they worked great. You will need a stable internet connection for the apps to work at their full potential. Some older smartphones may not be able to run all the apps.

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  1. Free

    Skype – free IM & video calls

    This is the number one video chatting app on Android for many reasons. One of the biggest is the simplicity and clean interface. Microsoft has made Skype as easy as possible to use and it shows. Many apps these days have tried to copy the interface and design of Skype.

    I have been using this handy application with my friends while gaming. It’s one of the most stable apps to chat available on Android or Windows.

    Sure, there are some occasional problems, but overall Skype for Android provides the best video chatting experience. You can call landline numbers across the world at extremely cheap rates if you want. Sharing pictures, videos and even files is a matter of few taps.

    Unlike Apple’s FaceTime, this app is available on iPhones, Androids, iPads, tablets, PCs, Macs and even on some TVs. I recommend this app to everyone, even though they already own an Apple device.

    Skype Vs FaceTime

    Skype holds its grounds remarkably well against the Apple giant. Personally, I find Skype to be better because it is capable with virtually on every device there is. Yes, Apple users can also use this great app. However, Skype is not integrated with the OS itself, so FaceTime has a slight edge there.

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  2. Free


    Google’s Hangouts gets a lot of hate from many users. However, I have seen the app improve gradually and now it’s stable and works wonderfully. I get the hate, though; the app promised some features that were never implemented. I watched the keynote Google delivered about this app, and was disappointed to see some of the things not coming to fruition.

    Fast forward a lot of time; Hangouts has come a long way.  I use it regularly to voice chat with fellow Joy of Android colleagues and editors. We also hold our monthly meetings on Hangouts and rarely have any problems. The call sometimes drops after an hour or so, though, for some reason, but that is very rare.

    The video chat is highly accessible and works fine on almost any device. I video chat with my Android oriented friends using this clean and easy app and the experience has been stellar.

    Hangouts Vs FaceTime

    Hangouts is to Android what FaceTime is to iOS. I’ll be fair here, FaceTime does have a slightly better interface than Hangouts, at least for me. However, the versatility of Hangouts is second to none. Google has certainly improved their premier chatting app and are going in the right direction. As of now, Hangouts provides a commendable chatting experience.

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  3. Free


    Back when it was introduced, Facebook Messenger caused mass-anger. I was one of the people who lashed out at Facebook for forcing me to use another useless app for messaging. That was true at that time—Facebook Messenger was just a chunk of features torn away from the main app. Now, the app is anything but that. It has expanded and grown exponentially and is actually one of the most refined chat apps available on Android.

    The chatting is stellar, link and photo sharing works flawlessly and even video chats have a great quality. In short, if you are already using the Facebook social media app, Facebook Messenger deserves a chance. One good thing about this messenger is that it takes the contacts straight from your friend list on Facebook, so almost everyone you know is already added.

    Facebook Messenger Vs FaceTime

    I can’t believe I’m saying this… Facebook Messenger seems a lot more convenient than using FaceTime. I remember trying that app on my iPhone 5s back in the day and I hated it. Now, I find Facebook Messenger a lot easier to use than FaceTime.

    The simple reason is, all of my friends are on Facebook and are usually online. FaceTime has already alienated around 80% of my friends thanks to its leech like association with iOS, so no surprises there. Facebook Messenger may not have a flashy interface, but it does provide a surprisingly convenient way to talk to your friends.

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  4. Free


    I didn’t give this app a chance because I was already using other alternatives. When I came around to testing Viber, I was pleasantly surprised. At first, the app looked like a color swapped Whatsapp and many people brush it off as a Whatsapp knock-off. However, during my real time testing I found Viber provides better quality audio.

    The best thing about this app?

    It doesn’t use a lot of mobile data. I talked to my cousin in the UK for around 34 minutes and it only consumed around 6 MB of data which was remarkable. The compression algorithm this app uses is highly sophisticated because I didn’t even hear that annoying electronic “hiss”.

    I would use this app if I need an inexpensive calling service while on the go. The video calling is also good, but not amazing. Skype is still my go to app for video chats.

    Viber Vs FaceTime

    This app is a mixed bag; on one hand, it does provide a solid voice chatting platform. On the other hand, the video quality is simply not on par with FaceTime. I would flat-out say that FaceTime is the better option here if you are looking for some digital face time with others. If you are looking to simply have a voice time, this app will save you a lot of money.

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  5. Free

    imo free video calls and chat

    IMO is another great app that essentially gives you FaceTime on Android… and in style too. The app is simple to use and follows a clean design formula. You will need no time getting used to the app and start video chatting. One of the things I noticed about the app is that the calls never dropped during testing.

    Skype has a problem where sometimes a longer call will drop and you need to call again. I used this app to chat during an intense gaming session of League of Legends. The games lasted around 2 hours and this app helped me maintain clear contact with my partner throughout that session. There are tons of other features available on the app as well, but nothing stands out as being extraordinary. You can do everything on IMO that any other video chatting app does.

    IMO Vs FaceTime

    It comes down to personal preferences in this comparison. While I certainly admire the simplicity and responsiveness of FaceTime, IMO has its uses too. The younger crowd can actually have a lot of fun with the stickers here. The extended chatting sessions with friends are welcome as well.

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  6. Free

    Tango – Free Video Call & Chat

    I really appreciate a good design and Tango comes with one of the best ones around. While the design is certainly not original, the color scheme and some elements make it highly usable. Tango puts all of the essential functions at the bottom of the screen, which is indecently the easiest to reach side. I would’ve never noticed other apps put their buttons in such hard to reach spots if I hadn’t tried out Tango for myself. Every app should follow this design feature.

    I hate getting hand cramps trying to reach the call button on the top of the screen, especially when I’m using a phablet with one hand. Tango also provides some of the best quality video calls I have seen on Android.

    Does Tango rival Skype?

    No, but it does get close. If the app amped up its background noise cancellation, it can become the best in business.

    Tango Vs FaceTime

    FaceTime doesn’t work well on slower internet connections. Tango doesn’t work well on slower internet connections either. Both have a good user interface.

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  7. Free

    ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

    I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this app and why it is called that. However, that’s the only confusing thing about using this great app on your Android. The app gives you easy video calling and multiple ways to text. The app also comes with a group chat feature that is absolutely essential to talk to multiple friends.

    My high school buddies are all away from home and it was really nice talking to them all at once using this app. Sadly, the call dropped 3 times in a short 20 minute conference call.

    The video and audio quality was magnificent though. I used a standard and stable Wi-Fi connection, one friend used a 4G connection and the other used a free coffee shop Wi-Fi. ooVoo had no trouble keeping the audio and video at an amazing quality.

    ooVoo Vs FaceTime

    Want to chat with more than 4 people at once? Get ooVoo and you can do just that. The app will require a better internet connection to work flawlessly though. FaceTime is lacking in some of those features.

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  8. Free

    LINE: Free Calls & Messages

    This one is relatively new on the market, but has gained a name for itself. Line Messenger is essentially a great chatting app with the added benefit of sending countless stickers. The stickers are a great way to express yourself without actually typing anything.

    The sound quality of the audio calls is top notch. There was some distortion during one of the calls, but I chalk it up to an anomaly. The video calling features are pretty standard, but they do get the job done.

    While the app is great and all, I just don’t see myself returning to it very often. It’s not like the app isn’t good, it’s because I already have some go to apps that work fine for me. There is nothing remarkable or unique except for the stickers, which may be substantial incentive for many, but not for me.

    Line Vs FaceTime

    Line is a good app but there is nothing extraordinary about it.

    Is Line a good replacement for FaceTime on Android?

    Yes it is.

    Is there something special about it?

    I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

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  9. Free

    WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used texting apps around the world. I use it daily as a way to text my friends and family. So why is it so low on the list? Because it doesn’t have video chat capabilities.

    Recently the app started a voice-calling feature making it even more useful. I’ll be honest here, I use this app to share small videos and pictures of myself with friends and family.

    I don’t actually post pictures on Facebook, so this is one of the best ways for me to share personal moments with a few loved ones. The voice calling takes remarkably low bandwidth and consumes very little data. The video forwarding also takes just a few KBs because it is saved on a server—it is deleted after a while, though.

    Whatsapp Vs FaceTime

    If simple texting is your jam, then Whatsapp is what you need. The app also allows you to send pre-recorded messages to contacts. The big downside is the lack of video chatting features that clearly makes FaceTime the winner here.

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  10. Free

    hike messenger

    This app is made by an Indian developer and is mainly targeted to the Indian audience. The app has a fantastic interface that is not only easy to use, but also easy on the eyes. I like how well managed all of the features are on this messenger.

    If you are an Indian and need a local messenger that understands the trends, this is the right app for you. No other app will remotely come close to producing hilarious Bollywood jokes via stickers. The stickers range from international humor to local Indian phrases.

    Hike Vs FaceTime

    No video chatting means that Hike is already out of the question for many people. The app is already limited to South Asia with its feature set, so obviously FaceTime beats it in general standards.

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I wanted to get FaceTime on Android and easily talk to my friends who are using an iPhone. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon. Unless Android and iOS shake hands or Google and Apple hug it out, we won’t be getting FaceTime on Android smartphones.

Thankfully, almost every app listed here is freely available on iOS, Android, and even Windows phones. In all honesty, I would always choose an app that doesn’t discriminate usage depending on the hardware. Skype was and is my favorite video chatting app and has been for a very long time.

What app will you be using to see your friends and family? Tell us why you use a specific app the comments below.


Comments (110)

      • Sergei on

        She obviously mis-chose, I’d say, when typing on her phone and choosing the word that pops up, lol. Debbie would love to facetiime with everyone, of course, not with every time, but even so, it would be also quite an obvious troll-like message still. LoL, cause you’re polite to answer such a meaningless statement 🙂

    • Johnson on

      This article has some hilariously fake conversation screenshots. I think me wants to nail Pete Bergman, and i hope Steve wears those pants again.

  1. Mike on

    The problem I had with ALL of these is this – NONE of them work like FaceTime, not one of them.
    The primary advantage of FaceTime is that it turns your iPad, laptop, desktop, or iPhone into a very REAL videophone.
    By that I mean that, when you make a call THE RECIEVING “PHONE” rings, & keeps ringing for atleast ten rings REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THE RECIEVING “PHONE” IS ON OR OFF.
    In other words FaceTime works like a telephone. For your “phone” (i.e. your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever you’re using to communicate) to ring –
    You do NOT have to have any particular Apps running (FaceTime doesn’t even have to be running).
    You do NOT have to be “signed in” to anything at all.
    Your “phone” doesn’t even have to be awake to recieve a call.
    With FaceTime, the ONLY way your phone will NOT ring is if you deliberately turn on the “Do not disturb” function.
    With Skype for example: if you’re not signed into Skype, or if your Skype App isn’t running at the moment recieve a call YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW SOMEONE TRIED TO CALL YOU until you’ve started Skype & signed in.
    The problem with ALL these solutions isn’t trying to get your friends to install them, it’s getting all your friends in the habit of ALWAYS having these Apps running in the background, & ALWAYS staying signed in on them.
    Few of my friends have that kind of discipline, maybe you have cooler friends.
    Lastly – I use an iPad2, a Galaxy, a Surface Pro2, & a MacBook Pro running the Mac OS, Windows 8, & Chrome, because I don’t buy into this myth of there being such a thing as a MASTER OPERATING SYSTEM that’s superior to all others. That’s bunk. Each OS & platform has it’s own advantages & disadvantages depending on what you’re trying to do.
    At the moment, if what you’re trying to do is make (or in particular receive) a video call, FaceTime is hands down the way to go. It also does everthing these other solutions do, & more.
    From FaceTime you can make a video or audio call, or send text, or pics, or audio or video clips, or (only if you’re using an an iPhone) make a regular cell phone call.
    And you can be certain the reviving party’s platform WILL ring when you call.
    As I said, I use a variety of OS’s & platforms, and I REALLY wish these other solutions were as reliable for communicating with others.
    And that’s not “just an opinion”, it’s just the way things are right now.
    Until enough of us bitch – LOUDLY about the inherient shortcomings of these other products, we’re all stuck with FaceTime, or playing roll the dice to see if the party you’re trying to reach has the right App running, & that they’re singed in at the moment you try to contact them.
    Sux, but it is what it is until changes are made.

    • Sam on

      Hey Mike, I agree with you 100%. You have nailed the facts one by one very clearly. Appreciate that.
      “Facetime” is a Apple term. As you mentioned, it is pretty much works just like a phone (except that it uses data instead of cell network) and it’s awesome. It is built inside Apple’s iOS. So, “Facetime” literally means Apple to Apple device calling. When it comes to Android there is no real concept of Facetime. Unless Apple creates a Facetime app for Android, which I serious doubt if they will even consider it, this is the fact.
      Most people who are searching Facetime for Android, wants to do a video chat – Either between Android devices or between iOS and android device (like you). For that, the only option at this point is to use cross-platform apps like the ones mentioned in this post. I definitely agree it is not ideal, but it is something that we have to live with it, unless situation changes.

      • Mark on

        Sam, I am going to disagree with you a bit on your comment “Most people who are searching Facetime for Android, wants to do a video chat”. Not sure if you have stats to back that up. But my kids use FaceTime to talk with their friends all the time. In their case, as with any other person (including adults like myself) with a non-Apple phone, saying “You need to install Skype/ooVoo/etc just doesn’t cut it. Especially when the article title misleadingly (which is just a nice way of saying “wholly inaccurate”) is titled “How to FaceTime on Android”.

        The first sentence should have been, “You cannot.”

        Perhaps followed by alternatives that let you audio/video chat, but are not compatible with FaceTime and may require you to ask EACH of your Apple friends to install.

        Good article on alternatives. Horrendous choice of article title.

        • Derek on

          Mark, I agree with both but I think your a little bitter on end result as so am I. Sounds like you may have similar problem as me. Kids all use iPad and ipod. Easiest way to get ahold of my children especially when parents are split. :(.

          Great article

    • Dustin on

      Have you tried hangouts? The reviewing person doesn’t have to have the app running and their phone “rings” when you call them. That seemed to be your biggest issue with video chat on Android.

      • Ethan on

        Rings your phone even when its turned off?!! Yet another reason I will NEVER get an iPhone.

        • Vic on

          Wow… it seems that some people have issue with the fact that Apple isn’t all what people think it is. Seriously, why do people get so angry when someone points out that there is a better product than the almighty apple? Mark, take a chill pill. You love your apple product and that is great, but open your mind a bit and realize that there are comparable and better products.Personally, I prefer sticking to things that aren’t padlocked.

        • Harold on

          Tried hangout as one family member got an android phone. Followed the instructions and had several issues. Tried to send an invite by searching contacts. Typed in the first name and got 50 people I have never heard of, but not the person in my imported contacts. Next when I got my contact added, no video chat icon. Tried to send an invite, which never got received. They tried to invite me. Nada. Search all the settings went to the webpage on my phone and no fix. Finally decided that this family member was not important enough to continue to try to video chat them. They have an iPad in the house and can use that if need be. Also, sending videos via messaging from android to iPhone is nearly impossible. I guess you choose your team and live with it. I was given an android tablet and am hoping I can trade it in on an iPad. So much nicer user interface. Much more intuitive. Maybe if I had started in the beginning, but too happy with my iPhone’s to ever change after this

      • jasperedwardstx on

        Hangouts is definitely the best…not Skype, because sometimes I get notified of Skype messages and sometimes I don’t. Skype can be inconsistent. As far as Mark’s original comment, where he said “You do NOT have to be “signed in” to anything at all” — that’s not exactly true. You have to have signed into your Apple account. Once you sign in, you stay signed in, JUST LIKE WITH HANGOUTS. Once you’re signed into Google on Hangouts, you stay signed in. The reason Hangouts is the best messaging app for Android is because Google is built into Android. You have one account for all Google apps including Hangouts. With Hangouts, you’re not just limited to one OS. You can use it on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/Pod Touch), Mac, and Windows (via the app for Chrome), as well as some Google desktop services such as Gmail and Google+.

    • CRaig on

      There is one glaring problem with Facetime. It is limited to the 14.8% of mobile phone users on an iPhone.

      • Judy on

        Hi Craig,
        Facetime is an Apple thing and a term that only Apple uses. I don´t think Apple will want to share Facetime with Android anytime soon. =-)

  2. Damian Raspachini on

    Come on, the title is not what people think when open it. Should be like “5 apps to substitute Facetime on Android”. I wasted my time.

    • Matt on

      It says “or at least close to it” in the title, but thanks for your input

      • Steve on

        It’s still wrong. Saying “how to x or y” implies that you can do x or y. You can’t do x. It’s poorly worded. I ended up here because your article made me think somebody figured out how to FaceTime on android (AND will show me the alternatives that I’m already aware of).

  3. Angela on

    This item is entitled “How to FaceTime on Android – 5 Easy Methods”

    I have yet to see ONE method yet.

    We all know of ways to make video calls on Android but if we explicitly need to chat to an iPhone user who only has FaceTime then how do we do that? That is what people come here for based on the title.

    The title of this article in no small way indicates that by reading this we’ll know how to FaceTime on Android.

    So come on then how?

  4. Sam on

    Hey Angela, Damian and Mark,

    Agree with you guys. Sorry about the misleading title. We have now changed the title and the introduction to reflect the correct sense of this article. Thank you all three for voicing it out.

    Best regards.

    • Ella on

      Wow! You’re being very polite to a lot of rude people, Sam. I applaud you! I would of gone off on them and give them a lesson on manners. Your article, regardless of the title, answered my question. I typed in my search engine how to FaceTime with an android user and you answered it. Had you not used the word FaceTime the search engine wouldn’t of shown me this. So thank you. I wasn’t aware it allowed you to make a video call.

      • Ella on

        I meant to say I wasn’t aware Hangout allowed you to make a video call. Left that out.

        • Dennis on

          Ella, Exactly my sentiments. I googled Facetime for Android and got my questions answered. Nothing is like Facetime and Apple likes it that way. Nevertheless, people want to communicated across platforms. Thank you Sam for your kind responses to people who will argue accuracy to the point of exhaustion. Nevertheless I found the entire string informative, so thanks to Mike for the time he took to go into some detail. Its all good.

    • Moh06 on

      You omitted Viper, doesn’t it enter in this category of alternatives? And, yes, there’s no answer as to how to Face time between Android and Apple IOS.

  5. Deger on

    For the Facetime, you cannot see if the person you are calling is online or not. I mean if he/she doesnt ve a internet connection, you are not aware of that. You keep calling without knowing that he/she is aware of you call or not!!

  6. Sophie and Elexia Button on

    Hi we are twins, so we Hangout eachother all the time,
    Sophie and Elexia

    • Dani on

      Hi, That’s so nice to hear from you. Thanks for reading. Why don’t you share your experience in pics if you don’t mind!

  7. Robert Moore on

    Unlike some of the posters who seem to be upset over not being able to install Apple’s proprietary products on their Android, I am very appreciative of the straight forward solutions provided in this article. Google’s Play Store has several apps that insinuate the ability to use an Android with Facetime, and that is what I take issue with. Skype would be the best method for me to communicate with my son stationed in Okinawa. Unfortunately, there is a configuration issue on his Apple laptop preventing his mic from working properly. The easiest solution for me was to buy an Apple Ipad and use Facetime, and cave in to their monopolistic practices. LOL At any rate, thanks for the information in the article, as it verified what I suspected, but was unsure due to the various false claims of apps on the Playstore.

    • ramjet on

      Lol! Thats hilarious! Your son has issues with his apple product so you buy one to resolve the issue! (Not sure how buying an ipad fixes his hardware issue…whatever…)
      Facetime is just another ecosystem bait app, and you took the bait, hook line and sinker!
      The www is supposed to be universal, and apple fights that concept relentlessly, which is why I will NEVER buy an apple product.

  8. Ian Ashton on

    Oooh I thought. I’ll have to try that so I called my wife on Hangouts on my Galaxy S4 it crashed.
    I tried Roe my friend she too has a Galaxy S4. The app crashed again.

  9. Paul on

    Its hangouts all the way for me. Works on my PC, my laptop, my tablet (nexus 7) and my phone (nexus 5). It was preinstalled on the tablet and phone and works every time. Good for video calls, picture messages, online messages and its my default SMS app as well.

  10. Mama G on

    Hey Yasir, keep that eye twinkle and spring in your step going.I for one learned something and it was all good. Thanks for the info on how I can now see my iPhone addicted kiddos. I appreciate you.

  11. John Black on

    Worth mentioning, related to cross platform issues, I got my sister to install Hangouts on her iPad so I could video conf. with her from my Nexus 5 phone (android) or Chromebook (Chrome OS). Problem was it transferred her texts (SMS), on the iPad to Hangouts. She lost her Apple cross device messaging (i.e. her iPhone still used iMessage but anything from a Hangouts user went only to Hangouts on the iPad). Solution, remove Hangouts from iPad 🙁 and go back to Skype for video conf. Shows if you get friends to install other SMS/video apps and they mess up their system it’s not a real good advertisement for ever doing it again.
    That said, it’s amazing we can even do any of this however technophobes beware! 😉

    P.S. have yet to get decent quality sound on a recipient of a Hangouts Video chat. Even Google OS to Google OS. Disappointing.

  12. David on

    Hi all,

    I was looking to vid-chat with my son who just got his second i-phone. The new 6 ,so I looked up the Specs,and saw “facetime”. That’s how I found this site.

    I knew and have hangouts app,and figured he would also need it too. But now am aware of some others to try that have great potential. So thanks for writing this article.

    Now for the Galaxy S4 folks and the crash issues,if you are on 4.4.2 os update,then I would high suspect that’s the real problem. That was/is a horrible update,and every major carrier has thousands of people who have bad connection issues with 4g LTE,and week signal too. There are several problems with S4 on kitkat so I doubt it is hangouts.

    So,that’s where i’ll start,by having him get the app going on his phone. Hangouts that is.

  13. Lori Becker on

    I have someone going to Caribbean I have a galaxy she had iPhone, she said will be charged if I use galaxy call this true.Will she need charged for my cal.should I just use my son’s iPhone

  14. Torymon on

    Now, if Google would play nice with BlackBerry, I’d be in good shape! Thanks for the info, now to see if I can get one of them to work on my BlackBerry Z10.

  15. Brenda Starr on

    I have an OLD windows phone that I got in an emergency when my Iphone4 was stolen. It doesn’t even have a reverse phone nor can it send pics to my MacBook I am just getting around to replacing it with a ???? My kids want me to go Apple again so I can Facetime with them but I can’t see paying 600$ just to have that app when others will do. Or so I thought before I read your article. Drat. I’ve really gotten used to these active windows on my Nokia phone but I am not brand loyal. I am constantly going between Android, Windows and Apple in my head. It is exhausting non prodctive and frustrating. My fave decision would be a Windows phone that I can video chat with and send pics my MacBook. Your thoughts?

    • Dani on

      Brenda Starr,
      I’m not really fans of Windows phone. I would suggest going for Android.
      Windows don’t have some good app collections when compared with android.

      • Brenda Starr on

        Thanks Dani! I appreciate your input. Trouble is- How do I select the right android for me? is there a comparison chart that can help me?

          • Brenda Starr on

            Wonderful news! My budget would be up to $200. I look foward to seeing your chart of androids.
            Brenda Starr

          • Dude on

            Androids rock!

            Keep in mind that it’s a Google product. And, that said, Nexus phones also are. Meaning to say that you can count on definitely getting updates. Unlike others that may not since it depends on the manufacturer of the phone.

            Exp: I have an LG MyTouch phone, the latest Android version it has is 2. On the other hand, my LG Nexus 4 phone has the latest and greatest Android version 5.

            Money talks, budgeting, sure, but used phones can be had for cheap and finding them as good as new isn’t difficult either.

          • Brenda Starr on

            That really helps me out. The update factor is something I have never heard in relation to selectiing a phone. I guess the $200 is low for the current offerings but I will now go on the hunt for a used phone. Any suggestions regarding buying a used or refurbished phone?

            Best, Brenda

    • Joyful on

      600$ is expensive just so you can see the person who you’re talking to crazy that’s what you are

  16. David L on

    @brenda Starr,

    There is a great site for in-depth reviews of phones,and you can do side by side comparisons.
    Also,start by looking up what phones are available on your network of choice. That will narrow down your choices in the first place. And if you are pay as you go,then do some research first and look for reviews,coverage maps,etc. And there are lots of good phone deals to be had,depending on provider.

  17. Nick on

    I disagree with the conclusion that FaceTime is the best. While it has great functionality, the simple fact that it cannot communicate out of it’s own platform makes it proprietary and utterly, completely useless. I am not going to disagree with the idea that no one platform is the best. That is why I find Facetime useless, except among Apple zealots. If everyone owned an Apple then the analogy of ubiquitous phone-like service would be valid. However, it is of limited usefulness for the average person.

  18. francoi43 on


    I have HTC desire.. Hangourt is on it. When I try to login, its keeps trying to connect, endlessly.

    • francoi43 on

      and, if I may add, while it is doing so, I CANNOT end it, and I have to restart the Phone. Really..
      Android should be android, regardless of the hardware, isn it?

      • Judy on

        Hi Franco,
        What app is giving you those problems? Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling and see if that fixes the issue?

        Apologies, but what do you mean when you wrote Android should be Android?

    • Judy on

      Hi Ahmetmy,
      How long have you been using skype? Thanks for the heads up on that fake site. I am sure it is going to help avoid a lot of issues. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  19. kompo on

    For latest information you have to pay a quick visit web and on world-wide-web I found this site
    as a most excellent web site for newest

    • Judy on

      Hi Ali,
      You´re right. Facetime is for Apple users, but I hope you can find an alternative in the article. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    • Judy on

      Hi Jamie,
      Facetime is just what Apple calls video calls, a name Android can´t obviously use, but there are plenty of great alternatives as you will see in this post. Let me know which one you decide to try. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    • Judy on

      Hi Rodney,
      Facetime is something iOS users can use, but as you will see in the post, there are plenty of alternatives for Android users. Thanks for commenting.=-)

  20. Charly on

    Wechat was mentioned twice and twice it was overlooked…or so it seems. Given half of Asia uses it on ios and Android and perhaps other operating systems AND it has a facetime equivalent that works very well and is FREE, I suggest that people take a look at it as Apple is too narrow minded to build cross platform apps.

    • Judy on

      Hi Charly,
      WeChat is a great choice and I agree on Apple being narrow-minded. Maybe one day they will change, miracles do happen. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  21. Hamid Saddik on

    I found this website like I found this website. In the website I downloaded a file and then when I install and open it look like FaceTime camera also working nicely and call button green also good.

    Viber is also good but lack some features. Thx

    And sorry for my bad English

  22. DMX on

    Definitely something, that provides more privacy than everything on the list. Btw. Line is the only app with End-To-End encryption, so if I would need to choose from “this menu”, I would go for Line!

    • Judy on

      Hi DMX,
      Line is a great app, I have also used it myself. What do you like about line beside the encryption? =-)

  23. Sherry on

    Thank you for answering my questions. My bf is station in Iraq and he has to FaceTime. So it’s not falling hook line and sinker to apple or any other service. It’s doin what u have to do to actually get to see your loved ones. Everyone have a bless day.

    • Judy on

      Hi Sherry,
      You are most welcome for the answers. Sad to hear that your BF is so far away, I hope he returns soon. Have a great day and thanks for commenting. =-)

  24. DP on

    Line gives very clear audio, Android to iPhone, from US to Taiwan, video is good too. And it does ring, as long as your phone is on. Don’t know about ipad/tablet.

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      I have used Line and it´s great. I haven´t used it on an iPad, but I think the service should be good as well. Thanks for commenting! =-)

  25. Daniel on

    Only high-end Samsung and Apple devices have the videocalling feature as far as I know, but Samsung uses network instead of data plan.

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