How To Unlock Android Phone If You Forget the Password Or Pattern Lock

Unlock Android with Forgotten Password

It’s a horrible feeling when your phone is locked behind a passcode you just can’t remember.

Even worse is being locked out of the device entirely.

Kids and sneaky friends are usually the worst culprits for messing with your password, but that’s what you get if you leave your device lying around unattended.

It’s probably also your fault for having such interesting text messages and apps. (As you might be able to tell, I have a few…let’s call them “curious” friends.)

Anyway, if you can’t get past the lockscreen on your device, we’ve prepared a list with methods that should prove to be helpful no matter what the situation is.

(If you’ve got a cracked or broken Android screen, we have a guide that should prove helpful.) If your Android screen is completely dead we also have a few solutions on offer.

Time: 1 Minute

Method 1: Using your Google Account Password

You Will Need:

  • Your Device
  • Access to your synced Google account

This method uses your Google Recovery account to unlock the device from your lockscreen. One of the perks of Google Account integration is that it’s intertwined with most devices, and it’ll prove helpful here.

To get started;

  1. Tap Forgot Password? To open a new menu. (This option is only available on some devices.)

    Google Password

  2. Enter your Google account details in the menu shown and tap Sign in.

  3. Your device will now unlock, and you will have full access.

(The lock code will also reset, which means you shouldn’t have problems in the future.) Make sure to set a new lock code as soon as possible to keep your device secure.

If your Google account information isn’t working, you can try one of the other methods on this list, or there are numerous ways to recover your Google account information using your PC. You can go directly to Google’s account recovery page, and follow the steps to reset via the associated email address.

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Time: 1 Minute

Method 2: If You’ve Entered an Incorrect Password/Pattern Too Many Times

You Will Need:

  • Your Device
  • A little patience

This is easy enough to solve. The simplest method is to wait for the timer to run out so you can try to input the password or pattern lock again. If someone has been fiddling with your device, it shouldn’t take too long for the timer to reset. (Usually it should take about 30 seconds before it allows you to have another go or five.

If you just can’t wait for the timer, you may be able to use an associated Google account to unlock the phone, using the same steps listed in the previous method;

  1. Tap Forgot Password? To open a new menu. (This option is only available on some devices.)

  2. Enter your Google Account details here.

  3. Your device will now unlock, and you will have full access. (It will also reset your password.)

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Time: 5-10 Minutes

Method 3: ABD Commands on an Unrooted Device (Android Debug Bridge)

If you haven’t dipped your toes into ADB before, now is as good a time as any. Using a series of ADB commands, you can unlock your phone, as long as you have USB debugging enabled. If you do not have USB debugging enabled, I will address this in a step in this method.

There are three different series of commands you can use, and I’ll be going through each.

  1. If you do not have Android SDK tools installed, or enabled your device to accept ADB commands, please enable these features to complete this method.

    sdk tools

  2. Next you’ll need to confirm that you have SDK and ADB set up correctly. If you’ve already confirmed this before, please skip to Step 3.

    To do this, open your platform tools folder, and then the command prompt inside of it.

    • You can open the command prompt in a folder with Shift + right-click, then select open command window here.

    platform tools

    Now there is two commands you need to enter to confirm your ADB setup. The first is:

    • adb version

    This will reveal the version number of your ADB software if done correctly. For the next command, make sure your device is connected to the PC:

    • adb devices

    If your device is connected, the serial number should appear in the command prompt window. If you were unable to retrieve the serial number, please try this step again until successful.

  3. USB debugging needs to be enabled for this method to work as intended, but there is a way to circumvent this.

    If you boot into recovery mode, you can do these steps as normal without the need for USB debugging. However, your partition may need to be mounted, to do this:

    • Go to Mounts and Storage in your recovery.
    • Now mount /data.

    After you’ve done this, you can proceed as if you have USB debugging enabled.

  4. Hop into your command prompt and buckle your seatbelt, because we’re going for a ride. With your phone connected to your PC, and the cmd open, enter these commands one after the other:

    • adb shell
    • cd /data/
    • sqlite3 settings.db
    • update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
    • update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
    • .quit

    After you’ve completed this, reboot your device. If this doesn’t reset your lock screen, then please advance to Step 5.

  5. With your phone still connected to your PC, and the command prompt open, enter:

    • adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

    With that complete, reboot your phone once more. If you’re rooted, these commands will be easier to type.

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Time: 5 Minutes

Method 4: ADB Commands on a Rooted Device

There are a few differences to factor in when dealing with a rooted device. Supersu requires a few permissioned to be enabled. Additionally, there is an easier command line to enter through ADB if your phone is already rooted.

  1. For this method, you will still need to follow Steps 1-3 of Method 3. If you have already completed the tasks presented in those steps, please continue as normal.

  2. With the command prompt open in the appropriate place, and your phone connected to a PC, enter the following commands:

    • adb shell
    • su
    • rm /data/system/locksettings.db
    • rm /data/system/locksettings.db-wal
    • rm /data/system/locksettings.db-shm
    • reboot

    That’s all there is to it. In case neither of these ADB methods have worked for your device, there’s still one more method left that won’t wipe all of your user data.

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Time: 1 Minute

Method 5: Registered Samsung Device

You Will Need:

  • Your device
  • A registered Samsung account
  • A PC

If you have a Samsung account registered with your device, you can use the Samsung website to remotely unlock your screen. The problem is, many users don’t bother to register. This is another method that will probably only help a small section of people, but it could still be handy.

  1. Open the Samsung website on your PC and login with your account information.

    Find My Mobile

  2. Select your device from the taskbar on the left.

  3. Find the option called Unlock my screen on the sidebar. Tap it, and your device should now be unlocked.

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Time: 10 Minutes

Method 6: Factory Reset

You Will Need:

  • Your device
  • A USB cable
  • A PC

A factory reset is a drastic method that will delete all data from your device.

Warning: This method will allow you to access your device, but it will delete all data (images, contacts, videos, apps etc) from your phone. This should be used as a last resort.

The worst thing is, normally it’s advised to make a backup of all of your data before a factory reset. If you’re stuck behind a lockscreen it’ll limit just how much data you can access and backup. (Thankfully, the contents of your SD card will remain untouched by the reset.)

So what can you do? To back up your images when the screen is locked;

  • Connect your device to your computer using a micro USB cable.
  • Find your phone and open the main folder with your PC.
  • Your pictures should be located in the folder named DCIM.
  • Copy the folder to your computer to save the files.
  • Repeat the process for any other folders you would like to save.

You can also remove your SD card if you wish.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the factory reset. Depending on your device, the steps may be a little different, but the end result will always be the same. Most devices will let you to hard reset by accessing recovery mode.

  1. Turn the device on, and hold down a combination of your buttons to access the boot menu. (For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 requires you to hold down Power, Volume up and Home.)

  2. If you can’t find the correct combo, it should be easy to find the information online. It’s usually Power, Volume down and Camera for most Android devices.

  3. Use your volume keys to navigate up and down, and the Power key to confirm your selection.

  4. Find the option that will allow you to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

    Factory Reset

  5. Confirm that you want to wipe your device, and the phone should now begin the process. (It can take several minutes to complete, depending on the amount of data on your phone.)

  6. When completed, the device will restart without the passcode, but also without your data.

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Time: 10 Minutes

Method 7: Lock Screen Bypass Apps

This next method is going to require money, and will not work on Android devices above version 4.1. You can skip this method if you want to try something free, and for more up-to-date devices.

Otherwise, you’ll be paying $4.20 for an app that can help you bypass, and reset your lock screen. There are specific instructions for how you can get this app to work, even when you’re already locked out of your phone.

The app I’ll be talking about is Screen Lock Bypass Pro, which you can get by using the button below. Be warned: results may vary with this method.

Screen Lock Bypass Pro

  1. If your device is currently connected to your PC, unplug it. You’ll be plugging it back in within a few more steps.

  2. Following the link in the button above, install Screen Lock Bypass Pro through your PC. This requires your device to be registered and connected to the internet.



  3. After you’ve installed the app, and everything has worked as planned, you can plug the phone back in. You should now have a new screen displaying.


    On this screen, tap Activate, and then Remove Lock on the next screen. After you’ve done this, and confirmed it, your lock screen will be reset.

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Time: 5 Minutes

Method 8: Deleting Passcode Information in Recovery (No Root Required)

This method requires a custom recovery, for example, TWRP or CWM. Additionally, you’ll need a file explorer to access spots you normally wouldn’t be able to without root. This method will assume you are using AROMA file manager. However, the steps will be the same regardless of the manager used.

Installing a file explorer or manager means you’ll need to flash the manager install file through your recovery. This is normally done through the root of an SDcard, but is not necessary, and is only recommended.

  1. Assuming you have already flashed your file explorer of choice, boot into recovery mode.

  2. Using your file manager, navigate to data/system.

  3. If you’re attempting to delete pattern swipe info:

    • Find and then long press: delete gesture.key

    If you’re attempting to delete a password:

    • Find and then long press: delete password.key
  4. Once you’ve deleted the file you’re searching for, exit your file manager of choice and then safely reboot your phone. If done correctly, your phone’s lock screen will be reset, allowing you access again.

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Time: 10-15 Minutes

Method 9: A Remote Factory Reset

We’re still on factory resets, but what if I told you it was possible to reset your phone without touching it? With Android Device Manager, you can lock, reset, and ring your phone from a distance as long as you can access the website.

Android Device Manager additionally functions as a phone tracker, which is a great security and retrieval feature.

  1. On a computer, visit the Android Device Manager. If this is your first time using the service, you’ll receive a welcome.


    If your device is registered with your Google Account, and ADM was enabled on your phone before you were locked out, you can use this service.

  2. If you look in the top left corner, you’ll see any compatible/registered devices. Underneath that, will be a bar with three different symbols.


    For this method, we’ll be dealing with the one on the far right, labeled Erase.

  3. After confirming the Erase function, your phone will boot into recovery and start performing a factory reset. Once you’ve confirmed this action, it’s impossible to stop. If you shutdown your phone before the reset finishes, the reset will just resume on startup.

    Once this process has finished, you’ll be able to pass your lock screen without a pattern, pin, or password.

If you haven’t unlocked your bootloader, now’s a good time.

Unlocking your bootloader essentially performs a factory reset, and is essential before a root. If you need to perform a factory reset, and haven’t yet rooted your phone, this is one more reason to make you take the plunge.

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Passcodes are meant to protect us, but they can also be a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you get back into your locked device without resorting to a factory reset, but sometimes you will have no other option if you can’t remember the code and you need to use the device.

If you’ve reset your passcode, make sure to set up another as soon as possible to avoid any further problems. It might be a pain at times, but if your phone is lost or stolen at least your personal information will be safe.

If we’ve missed an easy way to unlock an Android phone, or you have questions about one of the methods on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Joe on

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask a question. My daughter’s Android phone (LG G2) is locked. We are at the screen to enter the Backup Pin or Account Unlock (username and password). She enters her correct (and only) Google Account name and password and it does not work. She cannot remember the PIN. We have tried the PIN and PUK from the Sim card. We have seen your great solutions at But her problem is that WiFi is not turned on on her phone and she does not have a data plan–so Google’s reset password plan won’t work and there is no way to get the Screen Lock Bypass app onto her phone (is there?). Why won’t her phone accept her Google account name and password? Is there another way? Or is there any other way to get her phone to turn on Wifi? We can’t do Command Line prompts because the phone won’t connect to the computer.

    • Dani on

      We understand the problem completely.
      Usually when you type google account and its password it will unlock the phone. But you should have internet connection either wifi or data plan for it. Press and hold the power button to get the options to enable data plan. If you do not have data plan for the current sim, purchase from online. Or borrow from friends who has data plan.

      The other way is hard resetting the phone. This will delete the phone data completely, hence I do not recommend this method.

      • Denon on

        This helped me so much. I’m so happy my phone is back to normal. Thanks man! ☺☺☺

        • gio on

          how did u do it do u have a an lg g2.i have one i forgot my pass code gmail dont know how to download sdk and stuff can anyone help me do it or do it for me and i will pay u money to unlock my code thank you im in california in los angeles

          • felicia on

            Hey I was wondering the same thing. I locked my android LG and I don’t remember my username or password! is there any other way I could unlock or reset my phone? at this point, I don’t care what is deleted I just want it open :/

      • Lisa on

        I am having trouble doing this once I downloaded the SDK file? Can you please help

      • Francis Sajulga on

        I really need a help from you. I forgot the Password of my phone and also the password of my Goggle account. How can I solve my problem? Please help me.

      • pamela on

        i have a problem please help me if i want to use the first step but i don’t have the option “forget your password what should i have to do? i don’t want to loose my data. i have internet on my phone and i have a gmail account

    • Dreena on

      I have a galaxy note 3 that I lost . I remotely locked it using Android device manager. I have now found it and can not unlock it. Is there a way other then a hard reset. Please help me!

    • Alex Weiss on

      I also have an LG G2(T-Mobile) with the above problem mentioned by Joe… I was locked out of my Google account, with all internet connection disabled and seemingly no way to turn it back on. The only options available from that point seemed limited, but after messing with it a bit, I found a pretty simple solution(after scanning this whole thread to no avail):

      1. Select “emergency call”.
      2. Use another phone to call the one you’re trying to unlock(assuming you have the correct Google login info and an available internet connection on the locked phone when normally unlocked)
      3. The locked phone will ring normally(mine did at least). Answer the call. After answering, you should be able to pull down the shortcut menu and enable whichever connection you have available(Wi-Fi, data). Do so before ending the call, ensuring a successful connection.
      4. Enter your Google login info into the empty spaces just the same as you probably have for what seems like forever now.
      5. Carry on your merry little way without the hassles of factory data resets or PC-phone connections

    • Zeret on

      I live in tel Aviv university and the national institute of technology in the world

    • Noelle on

      Have a ZTE phone, i don’t have any service or data plan on the phone currently. I forgot my numerical password, i tried a hundred combinations without luck. I tried resetting my phone to factory settings, it asked me to sign in with a Google account previously sinked on this device, put in my email, then it asked for my password, put in my password and then it went to aanother screen that said checking or verifying info, it thinks for a minute and goes back to the google screen asking for my email that was previously sinked on my device, i have a wifi connection. I dont know what to do. I need to unlock my phone in order to get my information off the SIM card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      • Trevor on

        If you have exhausted all of the options, there isn’t a lot you can do. Many cell phone stores can pull the information from the sim card for you if that’s what you need.

          • ali on

            I have a sumsung divice with android OS.
            my sun play with pattern and now it lock with google account.
            (i set my phon number with another divice.)
            i can’t login now !!!
            how can i unlock my divice?

            I don’t forget my pattern.
            I don’t forget my User and pass in google account.

            can You help me?

          • Judy on

            Hi Ali,
            Did you already try the first method with Google Official Method? If that one doesn´t work, I am sure the other ones can help too. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thanks for commenting. =-)

      • Lisa on

        How do you know what file you need from android sdk to start this process

  2. Martin on

    Slightly different point but if I have a PUK code and want to unlock the phone but retain the previous PIN (ideally displaying the pin to confirm I have the right number) can I do this? I only just applied the password and don’t want yet another different one but it is locked so think I may have set PIN incorrectly

    It is a Samsung S5

  3. Tanim on

    if i use the last method (adb shell) to unlock my phone, will my all data,app,android update be deleted from device? Is there any way to keep them?

  4. hadi on

    great order and neat guide

    just have a question…i read online android adb…and this usb debugging method uses sdk…are they generaly the same thing?

    also, i downloaded the sdk as you said, but what exactly do i do after extracting the files to my downloads folder? there is like eclipse tool, and many other files in that folder…what exactly do i install from there for this? there was this one executable which i double clicked but a black screen came up then wuickly disappeared. idk what that was about so i just kept looking inside the sdk folder…but i dont know what exactly to do with what folder and file?

    thanks in advance

    • Sam on

      Hadi, glad to help. Android ADB is a part of SDK.

      In terms of actually executing the method, you just need to download the package on your PC. You don’t need to open anything. Right after downloading, enter the commands through command prompt. This will do the job.

      • Loretta on

        i did the steps wuth the usb cord and downloaded the files onto my computer, but when i enter the second command it says something about the path wasnt detected? what am i doing wrong? is it just not going to work for me? i forgot the password i used for my lock screen and dont want to lose my data.

        • Tim on

          Same “The System Cannot Find The Path Specified” result here. I’ll keep plugging away today unless a JOA rep can give us some insight. I’m an iOS guy fumbling with my Boss’ kids ASUS Nexus7 Tablet that got locked out.

          If you came across a different solution, please pass it on.

          • Logan on

            Hi. I have the same “cannot find path” nonsense happening here. I am on a windows 10 laptop. Im a Ubuntu guy stuck on a windows computer. Im lost. Screen is broke and has no touch response. Its currently plugged into a tv through a HDMI cable, and the USB is plugged into the computer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

          • Judy on

            Hi Logan,
            Have you tried checking that no files or directory name start or end with a period? Hope this helps.=-)

          • Logan on

            Also, for security reasons (job), my phone has the data encryption and sim card pin locked. The phone battery died, so now I have to enter 2 unlock codes (sim and screen). Thanks again.

  5. Deilan Raj on

    Will the data and files be erased if i use the ‘How to Unlock Android Phone from Computer Without Resetting’ way ?

  6. steve on

    Thank you for the article. Do all the options only work for pattern lock? Will the Android ADB work for pin lock as well? Looks like the code is specific to pattern.

  7. yooni on

    nothing works on samsung note 3

    only option i have is hard reset? not really good with computer to run adb : (

  8. mike on

    My fiances note 3 won’t unlock….. *with the correct security password it won’t ask for any google either is there any way besides a hard rest?

  9. Sarvech on

    Sir, I am using a third party app lockscreen, will the ADT shell method work ?
    i dont want to hard reset the phone, please help.. !

  10. tianna on

    how do i unlock my android phone with no wifi after too many password attempts

    • Sam on

      Checkout this very article, it has solution for these as well. Especially read methods under “How to Unlock Android Phone Without Internet Connection?”

  11. NSI on

    Excellent article! Have another curve ball to throw at you: I have an Android -HTC, reset my security pattern and promptly forgot it! I also have the 2-step verification enabled for my Google/Gmail account and now can’t log in to reset on the phone. Since I can’t receive my code, I can’t login to my Google/Gmail account from a PC either! Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

      • JLyn on


        My screen isn’t cracked, I don’t remember the code. What happened is I dl’d Panda it said it had anti-theft. I went to check that out. It said, “if you lost your phone or it was stolen how do you want to proceed?”. I took it to mean, if and when that happens. Not right this minute. It locked my phone. I don’t remember the passcode. The code I entered to panda was a 3 digit code, but my phone won’t accept a 3 digit code. I’ve tried it and every # combination I could think of. Nothing works. I’m at a loss. Please Help me! PS I still have yet to receive my verification code.


  12. Gregvaldo on

    I found samsung galaxxxy note 3, but it asks for password!
    How can I unlock it?

      • aditi on

        plz help me on intex agua y2 pro.. i had forgot my pin and there is no forgot password option .pz help me

        • Judy on

          Hi There,
          Have you tried all of the methods in the article? =-) Please let me know if you need help with anything. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Rosie on

    My galaxy 3 Samsung i forgot my password my phone charger doesnt work i had to get a unyversal charger for my battery how do i unlocked with out delete my contacts

  14. Angelica on

    Hello! I have a question- I accidentally locked my Samsung Galaxy S4. I know my pin and my screen allows me to put in the numbers but it does not allow me to press ok. Is there a way to unlock my Galaxy without resetting it and maybe using a computer to unlock it? Any answers will be so helpful!

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    I am very happy that i could unlock my samsung galaxy Y duos , by given your advice ,

    thanks dear

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    Hi I have a question I forgot the pin to my phone and my device is not giving me the option to use my Google information as a back up option to unlock my phone. my phone is not compatible with option number 2 installing an unlock app and im trying my best to avoid a Hard Reset. I tried option 4 over and over but it will not work i downloaded and installed the Android SDK the platform, tools and devices but it will not work……..please can you help me out? thanks for your time.

  17. Wayne Gibson on

    Hi I was having problems with option 4 after i downloaded the android SDK and its platform-tools, also the driver for my phone I keep running into this same problem”The system cannot find the path specified’ after I type in your commands into the command prompt…….What am I doing wrong here?

  18. AO on

    why is it when I type cd android-sdkplatform-tools
    it states they system can’t find the path specified?

    • Dani on

      AO, Try going into the platform tools folder and using shift+right click, select open command window here. Then enter the rest of the commands. Hope this helps.

      • Kei on

        I too am having the same problem. I went into the platform tools folder as suggested but continue to get same msg.

        • Dani on

          Are the files present in the platform tools folder such as the adb exe file? if yes, then your phone is probably not connected properly.

      • Jane on

        So I tried this method, but now it is saying that the device is unauthorized. Is there any way to get around that?

      • Jane on

        Hi there,

        I also had the same problem, but I went into the platform tools folder as suggested but now it says that it is unauthorized… is there any way to get around this??

  19. Antoinette on

    What does hooking the phone to the TV do? I installed the app on my computer.

    • Dani on

      I cant understand your question. Please rephrase. Moreover we have not instructed to connect the phone to TV in this post!

      • Angel on

        Jan 10th, you suggest that Wayne Gibson connect to TV. Please refer to the above

  20. Dmytro on

    Another method to bypass screen lock for Android (partially described in other sources).
    You have non-rooted phone with USB debug disabled, no Google or Samsung account – the worst situation ever.
    Download respective version Odin and flash you device with root firmware, then with TWRP bootloader / recovery manager. Use external SD card and copy /data/data/ to it. Then download any of SQLITE DB files editor and set lockscreen.disabled to 1. Copy the file back and remove cached DB files (extention other then DB) in that directory. Also it may be required to remove /data/system/gesture.key

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    hey i forgot my passcode to my galaxy avant what can i do/? my phone a week old and havent sync anything to it what can i do?

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    Please am in Ghana my command prompt of my system always give me wrong formate i try several laptop Boss

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    i am regular visitor of your website, keep posing for help us. thanks

  24. Lysa on

    I am locked out of my Galaxy Note 3 and the phone is not providing option to reset with google. I don’t want to lose my data nor do I want to do a hard reset. What are some options?

    • Dani on

      Are you sure that you don’t see any option for resetting? No option as forgot password? Try entering the wrong code multiple times and that might bring up the menu. Otherwise, you can use the ADB method from this post.

      • Rachel on

        Thank you for this info about resetting a forgotten password. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also. After 7 tries of password, I still am not getting option to reset password via my google account. The pop-up message on the phone is that after 10 failed tries the phone will automatically factory reset! Don’t want that. Tried to download bypass and says app is not compatible with this phone. Trying option 3 using Android adb and what’ s happening now (after doing all the preliminary steps) is that I’m on step 3 and I get through the first round of prompts but never get to random numbers; instead the prompt box says it’s not a valid path! Help please! Thanks.

  25. ideas imperial on

    i am a young boy who has grown much interest in modern information communication & technology,
    recently about a month ago i had a problem with my samsung galaxy s3 mini. well, i was using the phone and it went of all of a sudden. so i tried putting it on buh it won’t boot at all, it only shows “samung s3 mini” on the screen and nothing else. i tried hardreset but nothing changed. is there any other way i can use?
    Also help me on how to flash an android phone!
    Thanks_in _advance!

  26. enablewifi on

    Android has a fail , if they give us opportunity to turn on wi-fi when this happens we easily unlock by gmail account and password , nobody is going to do something when the screen is locked and wi-fi is on.
    at the end I had to restore with hard reset losing all my precious data because I have no debbug usb, no custom recovery , ect ect …. and if we could enable wi-fi it would be easier to track devices which has been lost or stolen.

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  30. Friendly on

    Hi I have a Note 3 and I attempted to do option 2 but was not able to select my phone (it was listed but un-highlighted). Will it still work with my operating system? The app’s description says it will not work for Anriod 4.1 and above. Do you think it will still work on my v4.3 device? Is my only option to do a hard reset?

  31. Shiva on

    Hi JOA Team,

    I have a MOTO G phone ( Lollipop version). I have locked out my phone and not able to login. No root and USB Debbuging NOT enabled.

    My only advantage is i have WIFI enabled.

    1. I have tried Andriod device manager method. But Lock option doesnt seem to work in Lollipop version. I just got the message that device is locked by android device manager. It doesnt work.

    2. I have tried “Screenlock Bypass Pro” installation from browser. But it doesnt seem to be compatible with my device. My device is listed but it is greyed out.

    3. There is no “Forgot Password” option when i enter incorrect password 5 or more times. That option is not there in Lollipop version. So couldnt give my google login to unlock.

    Please help me.

    Also i can use my phone in Guest mode, where i can make or recieve calls. I would be happy if i can atleast recover my pictures in phone. Great if i can bypass unlock somehow.

  32. erl.j on

    i reset my android phone because i couldn’t receive a message, but when i turned it on it asks for a pin and i don’t know the pin. how could i unlock it?….i tried to connect it to the computer but the computer could not detect it…. please help me…

    • Judy on

      Hi there,
      Have you tried all of the methods in this post? One reason why your computer may not be detecting your phone could be because of a faulty USB cord or a damaged USB port on either your phone or computer. Please try using a different cord or connecting the phone to another computer to help troubleshoot the problem. If no other solutions work, you phone may have internal hardware problems.

  33. Leilani Rivera on

    I have a S5, if i use the method: How to Unlock Android Phone from Computer Without Resetting, and I reboot will I lose my data?

  34. erl.j on

    I already did the hard reset on my android phone, but when I open it on again it still asks for a pin code and i don’t know the pin. what should I do to unlock it?

  35. Tarah on

    so basically anyone can just break into my phone now with this advice?

      • Nizam on

        When I type adb devices the output is like this:
        List of devices attached
        Emulator-5554 device
        0123456789ABCDEF device
        After this I type adb shell then the output is like this
        More than one devices/emu .
        Pls help.

  36. Ashley on

    When I do the factory reset, it will not move on to the second screen for me to reset the whole phone.

  37. Sourav on

    When i type the command ” cd android-sdk\platform-tools “, without the quotes ofcourse, the window replies that it cannot find the path.
    PLease suggest how can i fix this.

  38. Sourav on

    Also i went through the above comments, i cannot find the platform tools folder. where can i find it?

  39. sourav on

    when i connect my phone, and launch the command prompt, and launch it in the folder platform tools, after this when i type adb devices, it shows the connected devices are and then its blank and after that when i type adb shell, it shows no devices are connected, i have made sure that my phone is connected properly and the usb debugging option is switched on.
    Please help me in resolving this issue.

  40. JLyn on

    Hi, I’ve been locked out of my Samsung Galaxy S4 since Wednesday, found your article on Thursday and have been tyring to make the adb work and it won’t. I read the comment that all you do is dl it and open the command prompt. I clicked your link and it took me to Android Studio so I dl’d it. I also went back and dl’d sdk stand alone. 1st time I opened both of these added extra tools, etc. Didn’t work. Saw the aforementioned comment so uninstalled. Started over. Dl’d android studio and sdk stand alone. Didn’t open, plugged in phone, opened DOS, typed in cd\ enter, ok in C: typed cd android-sdk\platform-tools\ and I get “The system cannot find the path specified. I got myself into the dl folder in the prompt and tried it there still nothing. And I do have the Samsung drivers dl’d on the computer. Please help I’m desparate!

  41. Sandy on

    I pretty much have SDK installed and ready. Only issue is that I have an LG l34c Optimus fuel tracfone that does not have debug enabled.
    There is no way to turn on wifi(not even if I call the phone and swipe) .
    In cmd, when I type adb shell, system responds with: error device not found.
    Please advise on any possible way to debug this phone.
    I’ve even installed LGunited drivers and device is still not recognized. Hard reset is not an option as the owner of the Phone is now deceased, and we want to preserve the data on the phone. 🙁

  42. Ali Kh on

    i’m trying ADB way.
    i installed SDK Successfully
    i’m using xperia j but i didn’t have drivers for it on my computer, i installed sony pc compation but it need’s to unlock the mobile … how i can install my driver.

  43. behzad on

    in ADB Command way , if my usb debugging is turn off ,
    how i can turn on it ?

  44. Mobeen on

    Should i install the android studio le just the sdk tools??

  45. alice on

    I just want my tablet to get back to normal but i can,tdo anything with it help

  46. Heyden RM on

    Thank you Admin for the services you offer. unfortunately, my LG phone was locked in pattern after my sister changed it accidentally and couldn’t remember the password pattern. so, when i tried all the several procedures but to no avail in assistance because after five trials, it gives me a msg that i can try in 30seconds but cant show the reset window – please help me if there is any other option without loosing my contacts.
    Thank you so much for your assistance

    Heyden RM

  47. Tomas Ntinda on

    I have formatted my phone but it is still asking for privacy protection password. I connected the USB cable its is not showing on the phone. i cant connect the phone because the USB debugger is not connecting.

  48. rasheedat on

    I lock my app like gallery settings and other Apps with CM lock app and I forgot the pattern I used please which help can you render to me

  49. Tayyab on

    Hy my phone is locked by pattern lock and my phone is not accepting Google account plz anyone help me

  50. Hassan on

    I have Samsung Note 3..and your screen lock bypass pro app is not compitable with my device. So what should I do?
    My device is connected to WiFi but I do not have any google account option appears on my screen. And I am left with only one trial of entering a backup PIN before my device goes through a factory reset automatically.

  51. ronel on

    I cant choose my phone in from the option: ‘ Select your device from the list of devices registered to your account and click on the Install button. The app should now be downloaded and installed on your Android device.

    there are no device available.

    Please can someone help me to unlock my phone when I have forgotten my password

  52. Waris on

    please help mee 🙁

    i locked my device using android device manager.but when i opened it says wrong password.then i tried to reset password using android download manager,it says,”since google has verified a screen lock has already set,the password you entered wont be needed.” then i looked in the web for a long time and saw this page..i tried but when i plug the usb cable the computer shows its folder but no files.and also the amd is saying they cant find the path
    Pls help mee…. 🙁

    Device:Samsung Galaxy S4


  53. Arpith on

    i have forgotten the pin of my android phone … unluckily i even don’t have USB debugging enabled due to which i am not able to use adb option too .. neither i can get thru using the google device manger .. any other way to unlock the phone without formatting it ??

  54. Basooma on

    My phone has locked itself and its requring me to put a privacy protection password which i dont know… It doesnot bring an option for forgetting password. It started when i removed the line and when i tried putting it back, itd asking for a privacy protection password.

    Also the mobile antitheft is ON

  55. gia on

    My S4 is locked and my location isn’t enabled on my device so Adm cannot unlock it. Apps like screen lock bypass pro isn’t compatable and Verizon says I need to master reset like many ppl I cannot do that. Is there a way to enable my location to use Arm or is there any other way to unlock? Phone has been like 6 months now. Please please someone please help me.

    • Judy on

      Hi Gia,
      Looks like Verizon gave you the solution to your problem, but have you tried all of the methods mentioned in the article?

      • gia on

        A master reset isn’t a solution as many ppl would say as well. I need better solutions. Is there a way for you to answer my questions like is there a way to enable my location on my phone with it being locked? Are there any after market apps I can use to enable my location or unlock my phone? Please try to help because I have files on your cell that I need to use in a custody battle with my ex and if I master reset that would be the worst!

        • Judy on

          Hi Gia,
          How unfortunate to hear about what you are going threw, but have you tried to connect your phone to your PC? By doing that you can see all the files you have on your phone and you can copy them onto your PC.

  56. suni on

    I have micromax phone and I for got my screen lock password
    when I put wrong password 5 times IT says try after 20 seconds ,don’t ask Forget password. what should I do ,help me please!!

    • Judy on

      Hi Suni,
      Have you tried using all of the methods in the article? Just want to make sure that you have so I can move on to other possible solutions.

  57. Ed Miclat on

    Hi JOA,

    Found this article informative. Now, will it work on my own Samsung Galaxy S4 after I replaced the motherboard with the one that I bought from eBay? This motherboard works but the phone is locked with a password pattern or pin. I cannot guess the password so I am asking for your help to unlock this phone. No way that I could connect it to the internet until it is unlocked. How do I unlock this phone? Thank you for your help.

    • Judy on

      Hi Ed,
      If your phone is working just as good or even better than it was before, I see no reason why you shouldn´t be able to unlock the phone. Have you tried all of the methods mentioned in this article?

  58. Ryan on

    I have tried following these steps. When i enter the code adb devices, there are no devices that are listed. Please advise.

    Thank you

    • Judy on

      Hi Ryan,
      Problems with drivers, cable or USB port are all possible.

      But to deal with the simplest first, are you sure USB debugging is enabled on the phone?

  59. Khaled on





  60. Nafisah on

    Hi , Ive locked my phone using ADB and it wont unlock no matter any password I tried which is really irritating as the only option that can find on the internet is need to do factory reset which will erase all my data. Do you have a way to get around this please

    • Judy on

      Hi Nafisah,
      I would feel the same way if I was in your situation. Do you have Android Device Manager setup? How did you lock your phone using ADB in the first place?

      Also, if you put in the passcode incorrectly in quick succession, it should ask for his Google account details (providing that you still have an active connection to the internet).

  61. Lucci on

    Hi I have a metro pcs Lg Ms 345 which I bought from my brother but he couldn’t remember his password so I hard reset it, erased everything but when I turned it on it took me to Google verification which he doesn’t know either, and I can’t go any further into my phone how do I get past google verification after hard reset?

  62. Tommy on

    I’ve downloaded the Android SDK and I believe I have completed all of the steps up to the command prompt. When I type in cd android-sdk\platform-tools\ into the prompt, The prompt returns “The system cannot find the path specified”. What do I do from here?

    • Tommy on

      I have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (Android 4.4 KitKat), and I’m not sure if I have USB debugging enabled. Does it have to be enabled?

      • Judy on

        Hi Tommy,
        Yes, you absolutely need to have USB Debugging on or else this method won´t work. The necessary drivers are also a must and pressing enter after each entering each command is also important. If one of these is not done properly that would explain the error. Hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

          • Judy on

            Hi Tommy,
            Welcome back! You are most welcome and please let me know of there is anything I can help you with in the future. Hope to hear from you soon. =-)

  63. Connor on

    I tried the forgot password method but that option does not come up and i cant factory reset at all

    • Judy on

      Hi Angel,
      Use the one you think you used on the locked phone. I also have multiple Gmail accounts, but there is one that is always used the most. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  64. se on

    hi any solution for this
    i do factory reset when i forgot my pattern lock, and this need email to privacy verification, but i dont know becasue this phone second hand, any solution?

  65. Jay on

    The screen lock bypass pro is outdated for devices running higher than Jelly Bean. is there any other apps equivalent?

  66. Garfield on

    Wow, awesome weblog layout! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for?
    you make running a blog look easy. The whole glance of your site is excellent, as well as the content!

  67. kristy on

    Hi my son had taken one of my phones and changed the Google account and locked the screen on me. I have a lot of information on this phone so I don’t want to reset it to get into it. The last way you have posted to get into your android says that you have to have USB ext. Unlocked on your phone for it to work. Is this something that would already be unlocked? And if you have any other suggestions for me to unlock my phone please let me know. Thank you

    • Judy on

      Hi Kristy,
      Did your son change it to his account or another one you have? Were you referring to USB Debugging? If so, that is something that is usually off unless the user turns it on. Did the second method work out for you? =-)

  68. ยารัก on

    I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come
    across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    The issue is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      I am also glad you were able to find us as well. Don´t forget to keep coming back for more useful tips and tricks and to also tell others about us in your social media accounts. =-)

  69. ali on

    Hi, there, plz tell me if i use method 2(screen bypass pro) will it work for android v.5.0 lollipop or not.

      • Timothy on

        I have a pattern lockout as well, and am attempting the Android ADB method, but seems I am too much of a novice, because my command prompts using the lines that you posted are not being accepted. I’m on a MS Surface 3, the phone is connected via a mini-USB, and I’ve downloaded and installed the needed Motorola drivers, the latest Java updates, and the full Android Studio program with the latest SDK updates.

        I’m about ready to shoot my phone.

  70. Timothy on


    I posted earlier in the day today, but no longer see my post. Was it deleted?

  71. Prach on

    I have a galaxy S3 that is encrypted because I used to have access to my work email on it. I now have a new phone and it has been a while since I sedan the old one, but still have a lot of pictures on it. I need to unlock the phone for use now, but can’t remember the encrypted password. Will the ADB method work for this so I can get into the phone and still keep the data that is on it?

  72. Michael on

    I have an android samsung smartphone that I recently found after a few weeks. I forgot the password and tried several to get in, it failed. I found this link and thought I might try the android ADB. I downloaded all the necessary things from Java (JDK version 7) and others (all for windows 10 x64 which would be compatible with my pc). When I finally got the Android Studio setup working and got the whole thing downloaded and ready, I did what it said above and typed everything word for word (and letter for letter) into command prompt. When I got the second line down (cd android-sdk\platform-tools\), it said that “The system cannot find the path specified.” I tried typing it in several times and they all failed. Did I download something for x86 or make an error somewhere in the process?

    ps. When I enter the wrong password 5 times in a row it says “wait 30 seconds to try again”, but there is never an option like “forgot password?” where I can use another method to get into phone. It just says “emergency call”.

    • Judy on

      Hi Michael,
      Did you have USB debugging on? If not you can try the following:

      1. On a computer or other mobile phone, visit:
      2. Sign in using your Google login details that you also used on your locked phone.
      3. In the ADM interface, select the device you need to unlock (if it isn’t already selected).
      4. Select ‘Lock’
      5. In the appearing window, enter a temporary password. You don’t have to enter a recovery message. Now click ‘Lock’ again.
      6. If it was successful, you should see a confirmation below the box with the buttons Ring, Lock and Erase.
      7. On your phone, you should now see a password field in which you should enter the temporary password. This should unlock your phone.
      Now, before you go on with your life, go to your phone’s lock screen settings and disable the temporary password. Hope this helps. =-)

      • Sandy L on

        Judy, excuse me, but you’re not understanding & therefore not replying to the problem people are having with the “directory not found” issue, while trying to use Android ADB commands. Michael, above, stated it very clearly, as did several others. “Michael on January 30, 2016” said:
        “…. I downloaded all the necessary things from Java (JDK version 7) and others (all for windows 10 x64 which would be compatible with my pc). When I finally got the Android Studio setup working and got the whole thing downloaded and ready, I did what it said above and typed everything word for word (and letter for letter) into command prompt. When I got the second line down (cd android-sdk\platform-tools\), it said that “The system cannot find the path specified.” I tried typing it in several times and they all failed. Did I download something for x86 or make an error somewhere in the process?”

        Judy, you are not responding to this problem! I think the updated versions of the downloads have changed the directory names & placements such that the command window instructions are incorrect. The issue is that your instructions direct that in the Command Prompt window, the OS should change directories to the root of C: (CD\) then, change directories to “android-sdk\platform-tools” (off the root of C:\). I’m an old DOS user…. trust me, after installing both the Android Studio Bundle AND the required JDK version 7 (which your article doesn’t mention), there IS NO directory under the root of C:\ (or anywhere else it seems) called android-sdk… nor is there, of course, one below it called “platform-tools.”

        I opened Android Studio, and at the top there was a msg about an update … I clicked… it took me to “Updates are available for the Android SDK and TOOLS.” Clicking “update now” button brought me to an option to “Exit Studio and Launch SDK Manager.” I opened the Android SDK Manager program which provides a whole list of “packages” (over 50 different individual files), ONE of which, under “Tools” says “Android – SDK Platform-tools.”

        After selecting that “package” and several others that looked promising, downloading & installing them from Android SDK Manager, there was STILL NO “android-sdk” directory ANYWHERE on C:\. There is a C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio but I failed to find the correct directory with which to launch your commands.

        I will continue to search, utilizing Android Studio, but I am disappointed that your article was not more specific.

        • Judy on

          Hi Sandy,
          Apologies for the article not being more specific and providing the details that are necessary to unlock an Android device. I truly appreciate the details you have provided on your experience with Android Studio and I am sure many will find it useful. We will look into updating the article with the necessary information. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      If the phone is set to that language, I would try and find a friend, neighbor who can translate for you. Hope can find someone. =-)

  73. Lora on

    I forgot the password on my Android HTC, and since it is an old model, there is no “Forgot Password” option when I enter the password incorrectly. Because I have some great photos on the phone, I am checking hard restart off my list…

    Is there any way to get my files before I hard restart? Please? I tried downloading them onto my computer, but it didn’t find my phone even though it was plugged in…
    At this point I’m pretty much desperate 🙁
    Thank you!

  74. Nizam on

    When I type adb devices the output is like this:
    List of devices attached
    Emulator-5554 device
    0123456789ABCDEF device
    After this I type adb shell then the output is like this
    More than one devices/emu .
    Pls help.

  75. cynthia on

    I locked my galaxy s3 & forgot password i dont want to do a reset, i downloaded adb but my phone usb debugging is not on. I have tried the other options but, the app doesn’t work for my phone, neither does the google or samsung since i did not register it. Is there another app or a way to turn on usb debugging via pc or something. Please help me!

  76. kevin on

    guys..i have a htc wildfire s ..i tried to hard reset and tht too didnt work in my mob…and also i forgot the gmail id and password…..also how to start usb debugging when the phone is locked???dont be silly

  77. Alex on

    Hi i have a lg h345 that i found and its locked with google verification and i cant get that so i factory reset . same problem . i downloaded flash that should fix the phone but my computer running windows 7 fails to connect with my phone. It says fail to install mtp usb drivers or somthing like that. I dowloaded new drivers deleted them reinstalled them tried different cables different ports i have had windows trouble shoot it and it says nothing. I dont know if after a factory reset usb debuggig would b on or off. Please help ive been trying for two days and dont know what else to try . i dont think its the phone cuz it is almost brand new . help me and if u ever come to maui ill show u a good time .

    • Judy on

      Hi Alex,
      Are you sure that the drivers you are installing are the most recent ones? Maybe they are not working because you need the most recent ones. Please check. =-)

  78. Jason on

    Hi I have an LG Optimus G Pro. The lock screen is set with the password option, not the pattern option. After 5 attempts of failure, it just makes me wait 30 seconds, instead of showing me the forgot password option. I do have the gmail account set up, and do have access to the internet. What would be my best option to reset the password using my google account?


    • Judy on

      Hi Jason,
      You could try Android Device Manger. Type those words into Google Search and the site you need is going to be the first one on the list. Hope this helps. =-)

      • Jason on

        Thanks for the suggestion. It didn’t work for me since the phone number on the google account was now associated with the new phone number I have now.. I wanted to switch it to the locked phone number but it requires a code verification sent via a text msg, which couldn’t be checked cuz the phone is locked..

        Do you have any other suggestions?

  79. Omar on

    Hi my name is omar
    I’m using a galaxy note 4 and my phone randomly removed the fingerprint screen lock and now it only shows the backup password and i don’t remember my back up password. what do i do please help!!!

  80. Nomsa on

    my child locked my screen pattern and I dnt know how to unlock it I forgot my security question and I dont know my Google username and password please help me because it only give me those 2 options it’s a Sony Xperia V

  81. Cameron on

    I am stuck, no option to use Google to unlock (doesn’t give me the option on the PIN screen, and Android Device Manager has been used but I get the “since google has verified a screen lock has already been set, the password you entered wont be needed”. Which I have no idea what that means… I have seen videos where my phone is in exactly the same predicament as the video, has a PIN lock and ADM is used to change the PIN code. And from the looks of it, the ADB option doesn’t work for anyone… If you can explain why Google doesn’t come up as an option, and why Android Device Manager isn’t working, I would love it. Thanks.

    • Andrew on

      Hi Guys,

      I have tried all of the advice on your list, I still have one go with my password but as I am certain I have put the correct password in I didn’t want to use it until I was certain I had the correct advice. You mention that you can use a micro USB and download the photos of my device. I don’t get anything in the folder to transfer, I am using my phone charger USB is that correct?

  82. Joy Pollak on

    I have a samsung S6 active. It has an option to set a pattern passcode to protect a separate category of files labeled ‘private’. This passcode doesn’t have the same recovery options as the main passcode – for example, the option for “forgot passcode?” never shows up. Alfter entering the wrong passcode a number of times, it does put a 30 second lock on it, but that is all.
    Any advice for my predicament?

    Joy Pollak

  83. Jafe on

    My brother has forgotten his password of Galaxy Tab A. I tried finding the password using Method 1 but I don’t see the Forgot Password option and the other option that I have is Method 9 but I can’t afford losing all my data. What do I do in this case?

  84. novajuniar on

    hi!my phone is htc i was forgot pattern and button of volume has been broken please help me in it

  85. festus on

    Hello pls my phone is Samsung s5 demo it has the fingerscanner Which is not working can’t remember the alt password hard reset is not working pls help

  86. Rizbi Rizbi Shorker on

    Sir,I forget my pattern lock.Now I want to see my pattern map by a phone.please helps me…

  87. Yani on

    Hi, I am using Lenovo and it only appear
    1. Recovery mode
    2. Fastboot mode
    3. Normal mode
    I dont see any factory reset pls help me. How to get the factory reset?

  88. Tony Lightfoot on

    I have installed a microSD card on my Samsung J3. My videos automatically store onto the card – fine. I can access them via the ‘Video’ menu item. However, I tried to transfer them to my laptop, but while the laptop will recognise the phone, it cannot see the card.

    Any ideas ?

    • Judy on

      To transfer the files on your SD card, you´re going to need an adapter and after sliding your card in there, insert it into your computer´s slot, and you’re ready to go.

  89. rocks on

    i forgot my account and the password and i’m stuck in account unlock i cant hard reset my phone because when im doing it its just keep rebooting. yes i tried everything the article was said what should i do ?

  90. Shelton on

    Why people still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world all is accessible on web?

  91. smartyboi on

    pls help me i have promblem with my phone pls tell me how to replace imel on my lenovo a708t phone pls

  92. Albert Fifth on

    Subject: Bypass the PIN check of Samsung Galaxy S3 without root

    December 24, 2016


    First impossible to register at your site. I try two time and nothing happen when finish to enter the information (name, email, etc.)

    I have an old Samsung S3 smartphone and I don’t remember the PIN. The charging micro USB port no longer works.

    I won’t use this smartphone because I have a brand new and I do not wish to have it repaired.
    The battery is charged to 100%.

    I would like to access one last time to recover my data and see all the applications that I used.

    My smartphone is not “Root” and I don’t want “Root” it.

    Can I use one of the methods that you presented here without that I lose my data and my applications?

    I have no more access to my Google account or my Samsung account. In fact, I keep my passwords on a USB key and I lost the key.

    Method 7 looks nice, but does it have a “Root” smartphone to use it?

    Thank you and Happy Christmas!

    • Trevor on

      Not likely. If it’s not rooted, the usb port is not functional and you can’t access your accounts which could help you unlock it, and don’t know the PIN, I think you don’t have many options left.

  93. Lady S on

    Hello I have a Samsung J3. It’s prepaid. My phone service isn’t active, because I have a different carrier and new phone. I’m trying to get data off of this previous phone. I don’t have a Samsung Account. Because the service isn’t active, I can only lock and erase from my Google account, which does me no good because I need the data. I tried method 3, but when I type adb devices into the command prompt, no devices are listed. However, the Samsung KIES driver can sense the J3 phone. So I’m trying Method 8 and it has me so confused! I downloaded aroma on my pc. How do I flash it? I don’t know what this even means. I now how to boot into recovery mode. Please help!

    • Trevor on

      you can still hook the phone up to Wi-Fi to transfer information. Have you tried that? You can download apps and whatever else you might need over Wi-Fi.

      • Lady S on

        The phone is currently hooked up to our home wifi. How do I download apps when I cannot get past the lock screen.

        • Trevor on

          You didn’t say where you were stuck.

          If you need to flash it to your phone, you will need to add it to your micro-SD card. From there you boot into recovery and can install the file from there. However, depending on the functionality you have on the screen, you might have issues seeing what you are doing. You can look at this article, it may help explain some things. You can also look up articles about rooting your phone as it may explain some of the terminologies you need.

          Whenever you are rooting, flashing things via recovery, or otherwise messing with the backend files of your phone, you need to be sure about what you are doing. If you aren’t, you can mess things up with no option for repair. Take your time and learn about what you are doing so you are sure about it.

  94. David on

    I have a Stock S7 flat (SM 930P) I have no custom recovery, Debugging Mode is not enabled, it is not Rooted. I changed my pattern and forgot. I am familiar with ADB but ‘Shell’ says closed. ‘Mount’ is not recognized as an internal command. I am using ADB version 1.0.32. Please if I can just delete the “gesture.key” I would be sooo happy. Please help how I can flash maybe a custom recovery without Debugging Mode.

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