Mind Blowing Top 10 Android Live Wallpapers that Went Viral

Most likely than not, you’ll get bored by your static picture android wallpaper. So what do you do to change this? One of the enhancements that make android amazing is the awesome collection of live wallpapers. You will be able to make your tablet or smartphone come to life with an active, live, moving wallpaper. Literally, there are hundreds and hundreds of choices that are available for you to choose from Google Play Store or Google play alternatives. And most likely than not, you will come across a live wallpaper that fascinates you so much you want to install it right away on your android gadget.

Most of these live wallpapers will scope around certain topics and genres. For instance, if you love animals, there are dozens of exemplary android live wallpapers that will reflect your love of animals’ every time you look at your home screen. The same goes for other subjects such as the galaxy, aquariums, photos and extreme weather events. Over the years, there has been gradual but steady improvement in the quality and creativity featured in android live wallpapers. When the android platform was new, only a few wallpapers were available, and you really didn’t have much choice. Today, however, there are scores and scores of absolutely appealing wallpapers, and in this post we highlight the top 10 android live wallpapers that went viral!

1. Koi Live Wallpaper

Koi Live Wallpaper

One of the best android live wallpapers apps for android, the Koi Live wallpaper is something you’d want on your device. This amazing live wallpaper app is all about koi and her adventures. Well, if you haven’t heard of her, koi is a Japanese word referring to ‘carp’, and includes both the dull grey eye and brightly colored fish varieties. With this top android live wallpaper app for android, you can watch Koi jovially explore their pond! The application features some very colorful fish and backgrounds that nearly make this live wallpaper app better than the real thing. You can be able to select from twenty different Koi types, everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, and with completely interactive water that is sensitive to multitouch! If you need to feed your fish, just double tap on the screen and it so happens. There is both a free version and a paid version on the Google Play Store. While the free version is nothing short of awesome, the paid version of this app, going for around 1 USD, will enable you to access the settings screen and control your fish population, background image, time of day, raindrops and some other cool things.

The Koi Live wallpaper app for android is compatible with both the android smartphone and the tablet, in portrait and landscape modes.

2. Bubble Live Wallpaper

Bubble Live Wallpaper

This is another one among the top 10 android live wallpapers apps that went viral. The bubble live wallpapers, in all sense and manners, lives up to its bubbly name! This is an amazing wallpaper option with an attractive feature that enables you to pop the bubbles by simply tapping them. You will also be able to choose your lucky color theme, bubble colors and the number of bubbles floating. Supporting most resolutions including Android 3.0 tablets, this live wallpaper application makes use of 3D hardware to render images and save battery. Try it and have some fun right on your android device screen.

3. Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

The aquarium is another great android live wallpapers app that went viral, with its classic beautiful 3D fish and plants dressing up your home screen. This live wallpaper app features gorgeous backgrounds and smooth motions, making it not just interesting but also entertaining. You can double tap to feed you fish, or just tap once to get their attention. While you’d be tempted to think that this app is sort of a movie, it is not. The app makes full use of OpenGL and supports both portrait/landscape modes and home screen switching. If you love the aquarium free live wallpaper application, its paid alternative gives you more control over the settings of your aquarium.

4. Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper is one of the best android live wallpapers apps. With its classic representation of the sunrise phenomenal, this application can put a smile on your face when you look at your android phone after waking up. This top android live wallpaper application features a tree silhouette, birds flying, a morning sky background with soft moving clouds and occasionally a rainbow. You hear the morning birds welcoming you to the new day right from your android gadget. Like most of the other live wallpaper apps, they also have a paid version that offers more control over the settings.

5. AniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper

AniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper

The AniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper is definitely one of the best wallpapers that you can make use of. If you love eye candy, you’ll want to give this top live wallpaper app for android a try. AniPet Aquarium live wallpaper lets you manage your own virtual aquarium behind your app shortcuts and widgets. You may have up to twenty fish in your aquarium with the free version. The full version on the other hand offers upto 180 different species across twenty categories of fish. If you feel you need the paid version, you will also be able to control the customization options including the size of each individual fish, and have the fish slowly mature the more you feed them! Mature fish can even have babies, and there’s also an option you can turn on where your fish may die if you don’t feed them well. Are you responsible enough to take care of a pet at home? This AniPet aquarium android live wallpaper app can help you find out.

A great enhancement on your android gadget, this application borders between wallpaper and game.

6. Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper

Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper

The Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper is a spectacular backdrop of storm clouds, lightening and rain. This app is not a movie, but offers full support for home screen switching and landscape mode. If you love a stormy scene, get this live wallpaper app right on your device. The paid version offers some more customization options, including the number of clouds, the bolt or light color and many other options.

7. Photo FX Live Wallpaper

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

If you want a top live wallpaper android app that considers your photos and makes an amazing display from them, this is it. Photo FX Live Wallpaper has time and again been ranked the best photo LWP on the market. You can watch your favorite snaps drop one after the other with a stunning animation. Here are some of the features that this app offers:

  • Allows you to choose images from our camera’s gallery
  • Allows you to select photos from folders
  • Adds a stunning floating animation
  • You can change slideshow interval
  • You can set image opacity, saturation and photo frame color
  • Can work as a lock screen wallpaper

8. Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

Snowfall is a beautiful live wallpaper app that features gentle snowflakes falling over the top of swaying pine trees. This application offers full support for landscape mode and home screen switching. If you love an live wallpaper app that reflects a snow fall perfectly on your android gadget, this application is worth a try. The paid app offers more customization options and more control over the settings.

9. Galaxy S3/S4 Live Wallpaper

Galaxy S3/S4 Live Wallpaper

Characterized by cute flying seeds, the Galaxy S3 (and S4) is one of the best android live wallpapers apps. This application comes with the new Samsung GS4 wallpaper background, and has a beautifully calming ‘water droplet’ effect that can be enabled on the settings options. By simply tapping or touching the screen, you can easily include water drops on the home screen. A live wallpaper android app that is first getting viral, this live wallpaper app will trouble you with neither notifications nor icon ads, and has been tried on most of the latest android devices, including the HTC Desire S,  nexus 7, XPeria S and Samsung Galaxy S3.

10. Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper

A live wallpaper android app that is similar to the ‘default’ Nexus live wallpaper but with enhancements such as improved efficiency and customization. This is a cool app that is interactive to touch and multitouch, has power saver settings and many other adjustments available. The pro version additionally has reaction to battery level (speed and colour), custom background images and custom particles colours.


Most of these best live wallpapers apps for android are free, and you can always get one running on your device from the Google Play Store within no time. There is no reason why you shouldn’t customize your home screen with brilliant, livening wallpaper applications. You may just want to try with a free wallpaper option at first, and then if you like it or realize that it can be more fun with more customization options, upgrade to the pro version (most cost between 1-2 dollars) to enjoy the full unlimited wallpaper experience.


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  1. Valentin Petrov on

    Best of all amazing wallpaper is Ditalix Wallpaper – try it and you wont be sorry, ive been on a quest for months and i came to the decision i should make my own live wallpaper, untill i found ditalix .. its amazing!!

  2. kkl on

    It’s just alright to me~ For a hardcore live wallpaper fan like me, i would go for something something cool and yet to be founded like these few great live wallpapers:

    Tap Leaves Live Wallpaper – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kisionlab.tapleaves&hl=en
    True Water Live Wallpaper – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jw.lwp.aqua.pro&hl=en
    Marine Aquarium 3.2 – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acrodea.fish.lite&hl=en

  3. Romano Gregorio (@romdude) on

    Thanks for Ditalix and True Water Live tips. Here are my suggestions: planetscapes (paid for is better with two new vistas), my log home, paper town, forest hd (paid for has nice options), friendly bugs, gnome’s life, popcorn live wallpaper, music visualizer, alive video wallpaper, space colony, YourCity 3D, Autumn Tree and Galaxy Note 3 live wallpaper by wasabi. I already had Marine Aquarium installed.

  4. vizhu on

    Hi, captain america live. Wallpaper is awesome check the full crack in world4hd.com

  5. Chris on

    I’m trying to a animated water wallpaper that looks like it’s running off both sides of my note 7 edges. Cabt fibd one rhough

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