Most common Android issues and workarounds

 Android IssuesAndroid has become the most widely used mobile operating system, gobbling up as much as 70% of the market share. This has been mainly attributed to the fact that Android is open source software, aiming it open for altering. This has thus enabled many smartphone manufacturers to run customized versions of Android on their handsets. But this approach has created quite a number of issues with Android; the good news is that there are many workarounds to these issues.

Unfreezing your Android phone

There are many instances when your Android phone will freeze. This may be due to overloading of the processors with numerous processes, or t may be that an app has malfunctioned. Either way, freezing usually renders your phone unusable for a short duration. One of the simplest ways of addressing this issue is by using the soft reboot option. This entails switching off your phone and then switching it on again. This usually works on numerous occasions, although it may fail to work at times. Alternatively, there is a very simple Android app that enables you to softly reset your phone, as well as shut down all the running process, all with just one tap on the app. This app is called Fast Reboot, and it is available on the Android app market.

Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

Android has been quite popular partly because it supports Wi-Fi, making it possible for people to use their Android smartphones in cafes and other places with wireless internet connections. However, one common issue with Android phones is that their Wi-Fi at times connects intermittently. When this happens, simply go to Wireless & Network and then press the menu key. From here, alter the sleep policy to ‘Never’. This will thus sort out the issue.

Manage Data

Android-Work-AroundsOne of the major complaints about Android phones is that they usually use too much data, mostly to refresh the apps. This can be quite hectic if you have subscribed to monthly data allowances. The best way of handling this problem is to monitor your data usage. This is possible through the use of an app called the My Data Manager, which will alert you when you go over your data limit.

Unrecognized SD Card

At times, your Android phone may fail to recognize your mountable SD card. When this happens, you will not be able to access the data stored on the phone, and this will be a big inconvenience. This usually happens when the SD card gets corrupted, for one reason or the other. When such a thing happens, you have to reformat your SD card. The most effective way of doing this is by using a PC to format it; many people have reported this as an effective way of solving this issue. However, if your SD card is messed up beyond repair, then you have to get a new one.

Inaccurate maps

Google Maps are one of the major reasons why people usually use Android phones. They usually enable one to find directions to different places, as well as show your current location. However, there are times when the maps are not quite accurate, and this may mislead you. A simple way of solving this problem is to go to Settings / Location and make certain that ‘Use GPS Satellite’ is checked. This will enable you to get accurate directions and locations.

Inaccurate touch screen

There are times when the calibration of your Android touch screen becomes messed up, and this means that your phone’s screen will respond to inaccurately to touch gestures. There are a few options for solving this issue; first, you should try a soft reset. This will allow your phone to restore any wrongly configured screen setting. However, if this does not work, then you have to try out the hard reset; in many cases, this method will work, and you will be able to get your touch screen to work again. If this fails, then you have to look for technical support from your phone vendor.

Unable to update Android updates

Android-UpdateGoogle usually releases periodical updates for their Android software. Unfortunately, there are phones that do not support updates, and this may be a major challenge. The firs step in solving this challenge is to find out whether your phone manufacturer supports Android updates. If not, then you have to ‘root’ the Android on your phone to a level of customization that is most relevant for you. However, you have to be certain that you understand the risks that come with rooting your phone, as well as how to do it.

Installing apps on SD card

There are times when you download an app and try to install it in your SD card. Most of the times this will work, but at other times, it won’t; the good news is that the workaround to this problem is very simple. All you need to do is to download the app into your phone memory and install it. Then, you can manually move the app to the SD card by going to Settings, the Applications, then Manage Applications.

Increasing the performance of your phone

At times, you may need to boost the performance of your phone; this is made possible by over clocking the performance of the phone processors. The simplest way to this is to get an app like SetCPU, which lets you adjust the speed of your phone processors to exceed what the performance level they have been pegged at. If you need to save your phone’s memory, then this app will easily allow you to slow down the speed of the processors. However, you have to take note that some processors have been set to run at certain fixed speeds, so you have to be careful when doing this.

Secure your Android phone from viruses

Android SecurityViruses are a nightmare on all computing devices, no doubt. This means that you will have to take precautions so that you can secure your phone from getting infected. There are numerous antivirus apps that have been designed for mobile phones, and most of them are from reputable computer security companies such as Kaspersky, which offers Kaspersky Mobile Security.


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  1. Leah on

    My android phone is really slow ….It freezes all the time and automatically restarts itself. There’s not a day where I don’t have to deal with this. I do use an antivirus app but It only tells me what apps harm my phone but it doesn’t clean my phone, well atleast that’s how I feel like because even if I uninstalled all harmful apps or problems on my phone it still gets stuck and freezy when i use my safe apps. I even checked what was running in the background but all I had on their was wifi and Bluetooth, etc. can anybody help me with why my android phone is so slow?

  2. Charmen on

    My android constantly freezes. When it does unfreeze, it only allows me to use my phone for a limited amount of time. Usually 5 minutes of less. Then my phone also selects apps on its own. It oftenly launches applications on its own and I can no control over my own phone. I have a LG Marquee phone from Sprint. I have contacted my service provider to no avail.

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