A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Echo

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, watched any video online, or even on TV, you’ve probably seen a commercial for Amazon Echo. Every commercial I’ve seen makes it seem essential, or at least greatly beneficial to any household, but what exactly do you do with the thing besides asking it questions? Related: How to Automate […]

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featured image periscope tips

Essential Tips for Using Periscope on Android

Periscope, which is essentially Facebook Live, but on Twitter, is a streaming service that turns your Android into a window into your life. It makes it so at any point in time you can stream bits and moments of your life to people you know or for anyone else to come watch. It’s as easy […]

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5 Apps that Change Notifications

5 Apps that Change Notifications for The Better

Conclusion These were some of the best apps that change notifications on your Android devices. While I highly recommend that you give the stock notification system a chance, if you feel that you need a change, these apps will do just fine. I understand that the apps are quite similar to each other and I […]

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APK file Downloader for your computer

3 APK File Downloaders for Your Computer

There are multiple reasons why you would want an APK downloaded on your computer. One of the most common is that you don’t have access to an Android device, but want to check out Android apps. These are the 3 best APK file downloaders for your computer so you don’t have to surf around the […]

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5 Apps that are Quick Tile Compatible

The 5 Best Apps that are Quick Tile Compatible

Conclusion I’m sure that we will see a lot more apps that are quick tile compatible in the near future. I’ll revisit this article in 6 months and update if there are more apps released. For now we will have to make do with the ones that are already available. Do tell us how you […]

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No Calls

20 Tips to Fix SIM Error: Emergency Calls Only

If you are paying for cell phone coverage, only being able to make emergency calls is unacceptable. What’s even more frustrating is that sometimes the problem persists even after the SIM card is replaced. The problem can also originate from the hardware, software, or network—which doesn’t really narrow things down too much. The good news […]

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Best Navigation Apps for Android

5 Best Android GPS Navigation Apps

Conclusion These were some of the best navigation apps for Android that will surely work well on all of your devices. I personally tested these out over the years and wholeheartedly recommend the first 2 apps for daily usage. The best thing about these apps is that they are available globally and even if you […]

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