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Switching Countries, But Not Phones: Keep Your Android When Moving to a New Country

We’ve all had that dream about packing everything up and moving to a different country, but if you’re actually doing it there’s a lot to consider. In addition to possibly having to learn another language and culture, there are logistics like securing safe housing and transportation, and what about your Android? Maintaining the relationships you […]

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Best Classic Games Ported to Android feature image

10 Great Classic Games Ported to Android

Conclusion These were some of the great classic games ported to Android and I’m sure we will see a lot more coming in the future. I simply can’t wait to play the Elder Scrolls series on Android smartphones. So, what do you think about these games? If I’ve missed some important title, feel free to […]

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The Best Free Siri-like Apps for Android

Conclusion These were some of the best Siri like apps for Android that will surely be of use to you. Check out the best virtual assistant apps for Android list to see more assistants as well. We will revisit this list in a year’s time to see if Android is truly exchanging blows with Siri […]

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Docs Sheets

The Android Advanced User Guide to Google Docs and Sheets

Microsoft Word and Excel were kind of a big deal in the business community when they first came out, and are still the standard. But it’s also probably fair to say that Google Docs and Sheets are also a big deal, because they maximize the benefits of online collaboration (although Microsoft came back with Excel […]

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5 Widgets to Help Keep You Motivated feature image

5 Widgets to Help Keep You Motivated

Conclusion These were the 5 widgets to help keep you motivated and I hope that they work. I understand that the collection in this list is a bit lackluster, I was also disappointed with the offerings on Google Play Store. This is one of those lists where just having a bit of option is fine. […]

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