android christmas

Android Gift Ideas for Your Office Exchange

It’s the most wonderful time of year when everyone starts asking for your money unabashedly. Inevitably, this rears its head in a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange. Granted, you’ll receive a gift like someone’s unwanted wedding serving tray in return for your efforts, but you probably still want to do your best while […]

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How To Clear Android Browsing History

How to Clear Your Android Browser History

Clearing your Android browser history is very similar to clearing your cache, but just happens in a different place on your device. Thankfully, even though the process is similar, it’s even easier to clear your browser history than your cache or cache partition. Since these two browsers are the most popular, let me show you […]

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5 Best Android Apps to Scan Old Photos

Conclusion After a long while, the first app on this list actually deserves the first spot. There is no question about it, Google has done a remarkable job with their old photo scanning app and they deserve all the praise. It’s not that the other apps are incapable of scanning photos, the way Google handles […]

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5 Best Android Apps for $10 (Approximately)

Conclusion These were the 5 best Android apps for $10 available on Android store. While the prices may fluctuate, they are still closer to $10 than other apps. I’m pretty sure that not everyone would want every app on this list, most probably you’ll select 2 or maybe 3 apps from here. I’m an Android […]

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Best Features of the HTC One M9

10 Best Features of the HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 was met with a middling reception on its release, despite the number of tricks up its sleeve. A big factor with a lot of these middle of the road reviews was the sheer number of expectations put on the One M9 before it released. The HTC device didn’t meet all of […]

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