Secret “OK Google” Commands: 45 Little-Used Tricks to Try

OK Google Now Commands to Give Your Phone Mic a Workout

I’m sure you know at least a few OK Google Now commands off the top of your head, and I even know where you can learn about 29 more off the top of my head. However, that can’t be all there is, right? You’d be right if you thought so, and I’m here to let you know what else you can tell OK Google Now to squeeze even more functionality out of the feature.

Some of these commands may not work if you aren’t on Android 4.4 or higher, so if you’re still scarfing down jelly beans or ice cream sandwiches, you might want to pick up a KitKat instead if you want your phone to listen to you properly.

‘ll be separating these commands into sections, starting with what I think is the most useful, and ending on the more entertaining secrets OK Google Now has at its center. If you have a few minutes to spare, why not learn something new?

Navigation and Travel Help Commands

I don’t know about you, but I’m bad enough with directions to get lost in my own backyard, twice. A GPS or a friend that knows their way around is a must for me, so these OK Google Now commands are a boon to anyone without a proper sense of direction.

1. Navigate to <Made-up Street, Fakesville>

There’s nothing like being able to set up a route to navigate with without needing to type in the information, so why not let OK Google take care of it for you?

2. Show me the menu for <Joe’s Horribly Expensive Crab Shack>

I definitely like to know the menu in and out before I got to a restaurant, so a command like this is always helpful in my book.

3. Where is <Hard-to-find Landmark>?

Touring in a new area and looking for landmarks or tourist attractions? If you know the name, OK Google can do the rest and guide you along your way.

4. What are some attractions around here?

On the other hand, if you don’t know the name of any nearby attractions, OK Google still has you covered.


By saying this command you’ll get a list of all the popular attractions near your current area.

5. Where’s my hotel?

That’s a great question, where is your hotel? I may not have the answer for you, but OK Google could.

6. Show me my flight info.

If your flight information has been linked through your Gmail or Google account, viewing your flight information is as easy as asking your phone, so don’t be afraid to.

7. Directions home / or / How do I get home?

Once you have your address set as “Home” on your phone, you can say either of the commands above to have your phone guide you back to where you once were.

8. Where is the nearest <Italian Restaurant>?

If you don’t have any idea what there is to eat around your current location, why not ask? You could ask someone local, or you phone and get the answer in a few seconds. If you’re looking for a specific type of restaurant, even better.

9. What is <500 euros> in <dollars>?

If you’re traveling, it’s handy to have a currency converter on hand.

Currency Converter

Thankfully, a converter is just a question away with this command.

10. What is the flight status of <Southwest> flight <652>?

Flight plans can change at any time, so it’s important to stay up to date on the status of the ticket to the skies. At any time, you can ask OK Google about the flights you’re concerned about it.

Helpful Day-to-Day Features

These next few commands may be ones you’ll use more than once a day when you get used to them, and may even become second nature after a while.

11. Set an alarm for <8:00am>

If you’re trying to wake up for work in the morning, or just want to take a quick power nap, setting an alarm with just a few words is a great feature to take advantage of it.

12. Set a timer for <5 minutes>

I’m a forgetful cook, so having a timer in my pocket always helps. With this command, you can do the same.

13. Take a picture/take a photo

There’s no need to fumble for a button if you can just tell your phone to take the picture instead, so this command is always useful.

14. Record a video

If it’s easier to take a picture with voice commands, it should be easier to record a video as well. Video recording is just a few words away with this command.

15. Turn <on/off> <Flashlight / WiFi / Bluetooth>

If you want a quick way to turn the three features above on or off, you can always tell OK Google to do it for you.

16. Make a note/note to self

If you want to jot down a quick note, and using an S-pen will just mess with your screen, you can tell your phone to make a note and then quickly speak what’s on your mind before saving it for later.


17. Find <John Johnson’s> <Phone number / address / email (most contact information)>

If you have any information about a contact you have entered in that you need to retrieve, there’s no need to scroll or search for them, just say their name and what information you need.

18. My bills due this week/show me my bills

If you have any bill information present in your linked Gmail account, saying this command will remind you about any bills you have due this week in case you forget like I constantly do.

Talking and Messaging

These commands are all about communicating. I’m not talking about the communicating you’re already doing with OK Google Now, but communicating with your contacts.

19. Show me my last messages

This command may not work without a more recent update, but it is used to have OK Google read off at least five of your last SMS messages to you. This is pretty handy if you need to check a message when you can’t afford to divide your attention with reading.

20. Send Hangout message to <David>

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but try it out for yourself to see if you like using Hangout this way.

21. Send a <Telegram> (or <Viber, WhatsApp, NextPlus, WeChat>) message to <David> : <Take a look at Hangout, will ya’?>

Sending messages with voice works with more than just Hangout, Google Now has some app commands for Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Nextplus, and WeChat, which gives you plenty of different voice controlled options.

22. Send email to <James> subject: <google>, message: <Just testing something out, ignore this!>

If you need to send a quick Gmail, this is the way to go. You’ll just need to voice the recipient, the subject, and the quick message.

23. Text <Arnold> <Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday, my cat had a piano recital.>

Now you can let Arnold know what kept you busy even faster than before with your voice. Just use the command above and hope your recipient will understand.

Common Questions

While these commands don’t cover every common question people often put into Google, they will cover a few. You can use these OK Google Now commands to answer a few of your burning questions quickly .

24. What time is it in <Germany>?

Just for reference, it’s around four in the afternoon in Germany right now, but you could ask OK Google the current time of anywhere you can imagine. If you want to get an interesting answer, try asking it what time it is in Heaven.

25. Where was <William Shakespeare> born?

Personally, I already have this answer drilled into from years of English classes and tests, but if you ever want to know where someone was born, just ask OK Google.


26. What is <Twitter> ‘s stock price? / What is <Twitter> trading at?

I haven’t been paying much attention to Twitter stock, but you can pay attention to any stock prices just by asking OK Google for a quick update.

27. What’s <347> multiplied by <82>?

Know the answer? Time’s up! It looks like OK Google answered first, and this isn’t the only math question it can answer. Feel free to try asking it any basic or complicated math you can think of to see if the correct answer arises.

28. What’s <25 miles> in <kilometers>?

OK Google Now can also be used for unit conversion, so if you’re ever stumped, don’t be afraid to ask.



Were the previous commands not enough for you? Are you not entertained!? If you aren’t, don’t feel bad; I haven’t gotten to the entertaining commands yet. These are OK Google Now commands that will help you use the stock entertainment apps on your device.

Let’s start with some music.

29. Play <The Man Who Sold The World>

If you have a song in your Google Play Music list, you can tell OK Google Now to play it with the “Play” voice command.

30. Next Song, Pause Song

There are fairly self-explanatory, but you can switch to the next song in your Google playlist, or pause the current one with these two commands.

31. What’s this song?

Hear a song playing but can’t remember the title? Ask OK Google what the song is, and let it listen to it for a little while. If it can determine the song, it will tell you, and if possible, link you to where you can purchase it on Google Play.

32. What song does <David Bowie> sing?

Asking this question with a specific artist in mind, OK Google will give you a list of their most popular songs and more.


33. Listen to TV

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get this command to work properly, but you should be able to gain information about what’s on TV just by letting your phone listen to it.

34. Watch <The Iron Giant>

You can use this command to watch movies you have linked to your Google Play account, or to search for information about the movie itself.

35. Where is <Star Wars> playing?

If you want to know what cinemas are showing the movie you want to see and when you can use this command to check times and locations quickly.

36. How are the <Pacers> doing?

No matter the sport, it’s easy to see how each team is doing if you just ask OK Google.


37. Read <Salem’s Lot>

If you already have an ebook linked to your Google Play account, you can use this command to get to it quickly. Otherwise, this command will link you to where you can purchase it if need be.

Tricks and Secrets

Rounding off the list, I have a few secrets you may or may not already know about them. I won’t be explaining some of these since trying them is half the fun, so if you’ve never done them before, give them a try!

38. Flip a coin

This does exactly what it says it does, until I lose a coin flip, then it’s probably rigged.

39. Roll dice

This will roll one six-sided die and give you a result, hopefully, a favorable one.

40. What is the loneliest number?

You may already know the answer to this, but it’s worth a quick question anyway.

41. Tilt/Askew

If you’re looking to get a new perspective on life…


42. Sudo make me a sandwich

I hope you like nerdy jokes.

43. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right

If you want to know what websites use this well-known code for anything interesting.

44. When am I?

This is something you should always be aware of.

45. Tell me a joke

If you’re looking for a laugh, or want to give a laugh to someone else.


That’s 45 of the most recent, awesome Google Now commands to use in your day-to-day, every once in a while, and maybe even for a just a chuckle now and then. Android voice commands have been in effect for a long time now, and they can only get better from here on out.

Do you know any OK Google commands that weren’t mentioned here? Why not share your favorites that may have been missed in the comments below!

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  1. Carter on

    The screenshots in this editorial are ages old, just thought I’d point that out. But otherwise this is a very interesting article!

    • Sam on

      That’s a good catch, Carter. We may updated the screenshot when we update again. It’s a bit tough to update screenshots quite often to reflect the new OS version. As long as the article is interesting to you, we find it satisfactory.

  2. Mike on

    Try this: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? lol

    • Sam on

      Lol! That’s creative thinking, Mike.

      I had my Android phone on my other room and hence tried it on Siri. Here’s what she said: “About as much ground as a groundhog could hog if a groundhog could hog ground”… 🙂

    • Corey on

      I have e is another most don’t know : “make a list”, “add to list “, “remove “, “save list”.
      Pretty darn Co!

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      The fox one is great, but my favorite is beam me up Scotty, always makes me laugh. Thanks for commenting! =-)

  3. Jesse on

    As of the latest updates Tell me a joke only opens a search for jokes and sudo make me a sandwich opens a search for delis within 10 miles.

  4. phenix hall on

    I look for recipes. Ok Google how do I make scrambled eggs?

  5. pcWiz7 on

    Do you have a print version available? For us dummy’s who can’t chew gum & walk at the same time??? 😎😎

  6. Joe on

    A number of these didn’t do anything. The photo command would not actually snap the photo. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Judy on

      Hi Joe,
      I tried it on my phone and it worked just fine. Remember to say OK Google or press the mic icon and then say Take a Picture. If you have more than on camera app it´s going to ask you to choose the method you want to use. Hope this helps. =-)

    • Judy on

      Hi There,
      I have never heard of that command. When I OK Googled it, all I got were pictures of Cadbury chocolate, ha ha. =-)

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    Thank you. Especially for the Bowie reminder. Listening to the man who find the world right now.

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