The Best of the Best Android Bible Apps

The more you stay on android, the better android gets. So, you want to be able to read your favorite bible verses from wherever you are without having Bible with you? All you need is a few finger-taps on the android play store to make reading every verse of every chapter an out-of-the-pocket experience.

Android Bible Apps

Thanks to a committed and more so talented community of developers on the android ecosystem. Well, there are a couple of dozens android bible apps on the Google play store or google play store alternatives, so which one is good for you? In the next sections of this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best android bible apps on the World Wide Web.

Bible [Free]

Bible by

Rated a whopping 4.8 by over 650k android users, Bible is currently the best android bible app on the Google play store. Well, this bible app is in use in over 90 million android gadgets across the globe – which means people are reading, listening to and even watching and sharing the Bible completely for free. This android bible app allows you to add your own public or private notes, highlights and bookmarks. More still, there is a provision for you to customize your reading experience and access everything you need when you need it, just provided you’re internet-connected.  With the android bible app from, you can do the following:

Read the Bible

  • Easily select from hundreds of bible versions, in over 200 languages
  • Set your Bible App’s interface for your choice of more than 35 languages
  • Read your Bible even when you’re not connected to the internet, via Offline Bibles
  • When you simply need to listen, this bible app makes it possible for you to listen to audio bibles as you go about your other tasks
  • You get to choose from your favorite bible versions including KJV, NIV, NKJV, ESV, NASB and NLT, among many others

Study the Bible

  • Features hundreds of reading plans, including topical plans, portions of the Bible, Devotionals, or the whole Bible
  • Many reading plans are even available in multiple languages
  • Search your Bible by keywords using this android bible app

Customize your Bible as you wish

  • Highlight your best verses with custom colors, just like you can do with a paper Bible
  • Share popular verses with friends using social platforms, email or even SMS
  • Bookmark passages: memorize, share or just keep track of your favorites
  • With a free YouVersion account, see all of your notes, bookmarks, reading plans and highlights on any supported device
  • It’s easier to set fonts, contrast and text size with this android bible app

If you’re looking to have the world’s number 1 Bible app experience right on your android smartphone or tablet, Bible by is your best shot.


Daily Bible [Free]

Daily Bible by JoanSoft

With an average user rating of 4.8, Daily Bible is a premier android Bible app for android users. With this bible app, you get an easy and fast way to search any bible verse or topic, support for multiple bible versions and features to share or save your favorite bible verses on Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks.

Here are some of the other cool features you get with this android bible app:

  1. Daily Bible Verse – you get to start your day with an inspiring Bible verse. You will get automatic daily notifications and you can read or just listen. These daily bible verses are chosen in different versions including NIV, ESV and KJV.
  2. Daily Bible Reading Plan – this feature allows you to choose from a wide range of Bible reading plans.
  3. Daily Bible Devotionals –you get to listen to a wide range of biblical Christian devotions, and choose from a huge list of devotional podcasts. Moreover, you can save a bible devotional podcast and listen to it offline.
  4. Bible Index – read or listen to any chapter of any book in the holy Bible the easy way.

Arguably the world’s most liked android bible app, Daily Bible is definitely worth some space on your android device.

Daily Bible by JoanSoft [Free] by ‘Faith Comes By Hearing Ministry’ offers you mobile access to more bible translations in more languages than all other Bible apps for android, and includes a dramatized bible audio and The JESUS Film Project. With this android bible app, you get a convenient way to read the bible, listen to the bible and more so see the bible as never before with anyone in the world.

Rated an average 4.7 by over 40 k of its users, offers the following unique and distinctive features to android bible readers:

  • A Free Holy Bible – sharing the world of the Lord in more than 700 languages
  • Search for keywords, specific verses and book names
  • Bookmarks, ability to add notes and highlights.
  • Select from any of your favorite Bible versions, including KJV and ESV for quicker access
  • Watch Bible videos, see the word of God come to life in over 60 video segments from The JESUS Film Project. These videos are available in multiple languages, and new languages are added regularly.
  • Share any of your favorite verses on social media
  • Stay in sync with a free account to access all your access bookmarks and highlights on any of your devices
  • This bible app localize bibles based on your default device language, e.g. Arabic, Chinese, French, English, etc.

An android application by a non-profit organization, is a great solution that wishes to reach the entire global community with the word of God. by ‘Faith Comes By Hearing Ministry’

KJV Bible [Free]

 KJV Bible by Tecarta, Inc.

This is a free talking KJV android bible app. A very cool and fast app designed to streamline Bible study, KJV Bible is popular for its quick navigation, easy note taking and a host of other classic features. The simple but powerful design is also something worth noting, which allows you to easily read the word off-line, search, highlight verses and more so make margin notes. Additional bible translations such as The Message, New Living Translation, NASB or NIV can also be affordably purchased via in-app purchase.

With a host of cool features, including landscape/portrait mode, ability to view your reading history, a powerful folder system and more so night mode for low light reading, this classic android bible app is definitely worth a try.

KJV Bible by Tecarta, Inc.

Bible Study [Free]

 Bible Study by Olive Tree Bible+

Bible Study is a cool android bible app designed to facilitate a more insightful study of the Bible. Download this bible app and join hands with more than 4 million other users learning from reputable scholars through scores of useful resources including dictionaries, commentaries and maps all available offline. If you love highlighting bible verses and/or bookmark passages, this is your ideal Bible study app. Bible study comes with the free KJV and ESV bibles. Some of its more outstanding features include:

  • Cloud Sync – enables you to synchronize your notes, bookmarks, book ribbons and verse highlights between devices that have this bible app installed.
  • Powerful Bible Resource Guide – they have a unique resource guide that allows you to execute extensive searches in your entire bible libraries, dictionaries and bible commentaries, among others.
  • Side by Side Study – the divided screen feature of this bible app makes it possible for you to view two bible books simultaneously, easily compare translations, see your study notes whilst you read and more so push along with a commentary as you read the scriptures.
  • Immerse yourself in Bible Study – you are easily able to put away distractions by having your books and bibles open in full screen mode so that you may focus fully on the text.
  • Social Bible Study – instantly share your bible with the people around your life from inside the app.

Bible Study by Olive Tree Bible+

Live Bible [Free]

 Live Bible from

Supporting the most modern translations for both online and offline viewing with audio bible reader, Live Bible gives you free access to over 60 bibles, including modern translations in a variety of languages. This android bible app is absolutely free, stores your browsing history on your SD card and more so can work whether or not you’re connected to the internet.

If you are looking for a free, comprehensive bible study software for your android smartphone or tablet, Live Bible is definitely worth a try.

Live Bible from


The next time you need to read a bible verse to keep you inspired, you don’t have to carry a pocket bible with you, at least not in the literal sense! There are scores of highly rated Bible apps on the android apps store. When picking your app, put into considerations factors such as whether or not you are consistently connected to the internet, whether you prefer to read text, listen to audio or watch video. Install your best android bible app pick from our list and read the scriptures from wherever you are, whenever!


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