Top 10 Apps to Watch Free Movies on Android

Top 10 Apps to Watch Free Movies on Android

So, you are a movies buff and you’re looking to get the best of experiences on your android smartphone or tablet PC? Well, it’s quite simple! Your android smartphone will not only allow you watch video clips and surf the web but will also give you access to movies-streaming websites using a 3G connection or Wi-Fi network.

You need not spend your hard earned cash buying movies and watching them on your android device as there lots of free apps available that offers this functionality.

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Here is a list of the top 10 apps to watch free movies on android smartphones and tablet PCs:

1. Netflix

Netflix is one the world’s top subscription services for watching movies on your smartphone or tablet PC. Its apps deliver the best experience anywhere and anytime. Recently, Netflix only serviced US-based users but the company has now branched out into the UK, hence bringing its easy-to-access cross-platform to a wider target.

Besides watching videos over the air, it’s also possible to manage your Netflix queue so as to boot out the boring movies in favor of the latest movies.

How Netflix Works:

  • Membership to Netflix gives you access to unlimited movies at a low monthly price
  • Allows you to instantly watch as many episodes and movies as you please anytime you want to
  • Search for titles and watch  instantly on your android tablet or smartphone
  • Rate your favorite movies and let the app makers know what you like so that Netflix can suggest the best titles for you
  • Browse many titles and new episodes that are added regularly

If you still are not a member, sign up here for a free trial and start enjoying immediately on your Android device.

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2. Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster

Flixster allows you to stream and download full-length movies and also gives you access to the top box office movies, not to forget coming soon movie trailers. With Flixster, it’s also possible to share movie ratings and check out on what your online friends are watching. You can watch trailers, browse DVD releases and check the read reviews(including the critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes). You also can find out what is on at your favorite cinema or even buy tickets to your next cinema outing!  If you are looking for a cool, single Android app for watching movies, try Movies by flixster, and also invite your friends to get additional movie gifts.

Download on Google Play

3. YouPeliculas Classic

YouPeliculas Classic

This is a free movies on android that allows you to watch movies and series hosted on YouTube, uploaded by other users and publicly accessible! These movies and the TV series are carefully selected to select out only the best quality as the list is sorted according to the most popular titles.

Here are some of the features that you get to enjoy with this free movies on android application:

  • The movies/series are both in English and Spanish
  • A movies search engine
  • Fast contents load Engine
  • Simple interface-find a free movie and press to view it.
  • Quality Control- all movies are recent and of high quality

You can watch free movies of your choice using the YouPeliculas Classic apps anytime you have this app on your android device.

Download on Google Play

4. Crackle


An Android app that offers movies that you can watch over 3G and Wi-Fi networks right on your tablet PC or smartphone. Crackle will always remember where you last left a movie in case you didn’t manage to finish it in one sitting. Unlike other apps, with crackle, you don’t have to sign up with a fee to watch movies or TV series.

Features that you get with this app:

  • New movies and series are added monthly
  • It is optimized for both smartphones and tablets
  • Stream HQ video through 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi
  • The apps only service in US, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Watch full-length Hollywood movies and series
  • Unlimited on demand viewing
  • Free download app which are free to watch
  • Build and manage your watching list for viewing on the app
  • Genres including: crime, action, comedy, horror, animation and thriller

Crackle is one among the fastest growing digital entertainment networks that offers many quality movies, Sony pictures, TV series from Columbia and much more. It is available via smartphones, web gaming systems and set-top boxes. Movies are mostly drawn from Sony’s catalog.

Download on Google Play

5. IMDb


If you love movies, you must know that IMDB is an automatic must-have. It provides you with a list of all films ever made and also those that are currently in production. It also provides links to Amazon for the movies that are available for purchase. You also can get the location-based show times for your favorite cinemas, and also allows you to compile your watch list, helping you remember where you exactly saw that actor in another movie. With the IMDb movies app, you also get information and access on over 4 million actors, actresses, celebrities, directors and other crew members.

IMDb Android app – Features:

  • Access movie trailers
  • Your search and browse history on IMDb
  • Users reviews for movies
  • Critics reviews for movies and series
  • Quotes and goofs about movies and celebrities
  • Can access the upcoming movies
  • Movie showtimes at local theaters near you

The most comprehensive source of film information, IMDb is most essential. For each film, this app gives you a cast list, trivia and a plot summary. It’s also possible to rate movies and share that with your friends online.

Download on Google Play

6. Sky Go

Sky Go

This is a free movies on android app that has certain sky packages that allow you to watch the Sky on your Android tablet or smartphone. The app is broken down into two sections: what is available on demand to be streamlined when you need it, and what’s on right now.

Sky Go offers sky movies and plenty of on-demand content. The app is really enjoyable to use especially when planning to that sky movie away from your TV.

Download on Google Play

7. Movie Vault

Movie Vault - Classic Films

Are you a fun of old and obscure films? If you are, Movie Vaultis the app for you. It allows streaming of full-length films, giving you the chance to choose from more than 1,000 quality movies. Once you search for the movie either using; genre, title, director, actor or keyword, the movie is displayed with its cover art and a brief summary of the film.

Movie Vault is automatically updated when new movies are added and it is possible to save movies in a queue to watch later or you can even pause and pick up later. After the one off payment for the app at a low price, streaming is free!

Download on Google Play

8. Bigflix


If you are a fun of Bollywood and not Hollywood, BigFlixis the app for you. It allows you to stream full-length Bollywood movies including: Hindi, Tamil and Bengali blockbusters for free! It also offers unlimited streaming and downloading.

Download on Google Play

9. Popcorn Horror

Popcorn Horror

This Popcorn Horror app is best for the people who love watching the horror movies. With your Android smartphone or tablet, you can stream full-length horror films. Filmmakers worldwide can send in their work and then it will be decided whether or not it meets the standard of the quality required making sure you have plenty of quality movies to choose from. You can also rate the films or add your favorite horror movie quotes. You can also download the horror movie wallpapers for you Android smartphone or tablet and have a general chat about all things about the horror films.
It will also notify you in case a new horror movie is uploaded on regular basis and if you don’t want to have to check in all time for a new movie, it’s possible to set the app to alert you when there is a film uploaded.

Download on Google Play

10. Crunchyroll


This is an app that offers movie download for free after the first week of the release of movies. It also allows free streaming of full-length movies with a paid membership. Watch the latest movies for free and also download the movies to watch them later on using Crunchyroll app.

Download on Google Play


With an android smartphone or tablet, it’s possible to watch any movie of your choice, and even get notified on the latest movies! So you don’t have to go out purchasing movies only to get disappointed by finding out that the movie isn’t even on the local store. Download a free movies on android app of your choice and get the entertainment right where you are, anytime!


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