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Not a lot of Android smartphones come with an IR blaster these days. For those that do come with it, these are the five best TV remote apps for Android. While technically you can use any smartphone to control another smart TV if they are connected to the same wireless network, but not a lot of people own a smart TV yet. So, for those of us who have the standard high definition TV in their den, these apps can prove invaluable when you simply cannot find the remote and the game is on.

A lot of modern flagships have dropped the infrared blaster and it’s a shame. Opting for a closed waterproof design, they simply don’t see the point including an IR blaster on their flagships. I’ve only seen midrange smartphones come with it and frankly speaking, I would rather have all the options in the flagship rather than a midrange device. Huawei Honor 8 is one of the few amazing looking midrange smartphones that come with an IR blaster. So, if your smartphone doesn’t have an IR component, most of the apps on the list won’t work well with your phone.

Note: The 5 Best TV Remote Apps for Android were tested on a Huawei Honor 8 smartphone. I borrowed the smartphone because my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t come with an IR blaster. The apps worked perfectly fine and there were no problems faced during the testing. The apps aren’t in any particular order simply because they cater to different audiences or a particular company.

#1easy universal tv remote iconEasy Universal TV Remote#2peel smart remote iconPeel Smart Remote#3sure universal tv remote iconSURE Universal TV Remote#4anymote universal remote wifi iconAnyMote Universal Remote +WiFi#5lg tv remote iconLG TV Remote
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  1. Free
    easy universal tv remote icon 3

    Easy Universal TV Remote

    Easy Universal TV Remote is one of the oldest TV remote apps out there. However, it is a bit hard to set up, that I personally think is the reason behind its low rating. I tested the remote with a Samsung TV and it worked fine.

    A point to be noted here is that my TV is not a smart one, so that might be the reason of the smooth operation. I have heard from friends that this app works perfectly on their TVs as well. The interface is fine, once you calibrate your particular device to work with the remote.

    However changing rooms is a bit different. This is perhaps the only app that supports thousands of different TVs in one package, so it is one of the best ones to try out first.

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  2. Free
    peel smart remote icon 3

    Peel Smart Remote

    This is one of the best and well-designed TV remote apps for Android. It aims to be the only TV remote as well as a guide that you will ever need. To be honest, the app does come close in unifying TV guides and remotes into a well-packed app.

    You’ll be able to reliably control not only your TV but also all the devices attached to it. For example, if you are using a DVD or Blu-ray player, this app will work with it as well.

    Switching between devices is also streamlined so that you don’t have to worry about constant changes. The app is also very simple to use and works with whatever TV you have. The only downside of this app is that it is not available in all the regions. However, USA, Canada and most of Europe is supported, though.

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  3. Free
    sure universal tv remote icon 3

    SURE Universal TV Remote

    This is the new kid on the block and it comes with a lot of features that are not available on any other remote control app. For me, this is the best app on the best TV remote apps for Android list; simply because of its simplistic interface as well as great functionality.

    It has won a lot of different awards and there is a good reason behind it, it is a very reliable remote app that simply works with a lot of different appliances. Sure, TVs are supported well on this app but, if you need something more, this is the app you should get. The only reason why I’m listing it on third-place is because it is not a dedicated TV remote control app.

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  4. Free
    anymote universal remote wifi icon 3

    AnyMote Universal Remote +WiFi

    If you’re in the market for a very customizable TV remote app for your Android, this is the app you should get. With more than 900,000 supported devices AnyMote aims to please a lot of people and it does succeed in that mission. I haven’t had a single problem while using this great app over the course of almost 2 years.

    The highly customizable interface combined with a great widget allows the app to do almost anything you need. That’s not all though, you will also able to combine different remotes on one screen so, you don’t have to switch between multiple devices on the go. Want to control your TV and the Blu-ray player from one remote? You can do this with this great app.

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  5. Free
    lg tv remote icon 3

    LG TV Remote

    As the name suggests, LG TV remote is solely for televisions made by LG. While they are not as popular as Samsung or Sony, LG TVs are actually quite great. So, if you happen to own LG TV and want to control it with an Android device, this is the app you should get.

    The biggest selling point of this app is that it’s made by LG and does not contain any kind of ads. It also doubles as a touchpad to control the pointer on the TV screen; that is if you have a smart TV. Making your smartphone touchscreen and a trackpad is a great idea for ease of use. This app is last because it is only for LG TVs.

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These were some of the best TV remote apps for Android. It is highly rewarding to see how much apps have improved over the years. Back in 2012, when I first tested these apps they were not as fleshed out as they are today, especially AnyMote was a big surprise to me. I actually went back and checked my original analysis of the app and compared the screenshots, while the interface has the same color, the app has improved on numerous fronts.

So did any of these apps worked for you? If they did, talk to us about your experience and if they didn’t tell us what was the problem. I would love to hear feedback from you guys.

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Comments (43)

  1. Angie V. on

    I am looking for a Universal Remote App. (free) that will work on my Samsung GalaxyS5 and pair to 3 TVs in my basement which are not modern.
    * A Panasonic which has an Omnivision 4head VHS Tape Recorder/FM RADIO (built in) as you can tell this is quite an old model (does the FM radio really mean music)? this is not connected to Comcast cable used only for VCR player.
    The second TV is:
    * Sylvania. Included is a Dolby Digital, Compact Disc Audio DVD Video player included, but…. the DVD video is broke so we do not use that, only the TV capability with Comcast connection. a DVD player is separately wired.
    * 3rd TV is an “ILO” (I think) also says dolby digital SDTV. This also has a DVD player connected separately.
    Is there a free application available to function all three of these televisions in my basement? Two of them are connected to Comcast.
    my name goal is to have function of power and volume control possibly channel is that is an option. Thank you I hope that you were able to give me some advice.
    Kind Redards,

    • Dani on

      Hey, have you tried the WatchOn app which comes with Samsung smartphones? I use it on my Note 3 to control an old Sony TV and a DVD player. No idea about a VCR though. Get WatchOn and make in app “rooms” to configure 3 different TVs. I have almost 5 devices setup on that app. Good luck and keep me updated.

  2. Chris M on

    The only apps on this list that are worth installing are the LG, Panasonic and the Ir Smart Remote. The other two are so littered with ads that they most certainly do not belong on a top five list by any means. If you look only at the ratings and comments in the play store for these individual apps I don’t think many will be inclined to try them.

    Personally I don’t understand why you included them in the first place. I feel like you’re promoting a sub par product and that makes me not put much stock into any of your other reviews.

    • Billa on

      Hi Chris,

      I felt that too, you can check my reviews about the apps and you can clearly see me bashing on the ads. Unfortunately I was not able to find better alternatives. They are not THE Best apps sure but they are the ones which work making them better.

    • Chubbilu on

      I’ve download 3 apps to use as a Remote for my TV. Previously I had a Samsung S5, it worked perfectly with the 55 inch LG TV, & a ROKU. SiiiicK with it but Now I have an Emerson 13 inch HDTV anybody…??? I cannot configure my phone …

  3. Sean on

    I have the samsung smart remote app on my phone whuch works fine for turning the tv on and off and adjusting volume but because we watch videos or movies from an external only i dont need the channel option amd cant find directional buttoms/ exit buttons etc yo browse through the external. Do any of the above apps have such a functionality? Wud greatly appreciate a rezponse dont want to waste my data possibly downloading incorrect apps?? Thank you

  4. Sophia Stewart on

    At the least this is more informative than one of our reality Television stars, kim who?
    Joey what?

  5. Evan on

    Do any of these apps allow you to assign volume up/down to the volume rocker buttons on the side of the phone? I’m looking to use a galaxy mega as a home theater remote and the only IR control I need is the volume. I’d like it to be more or less permanently assigned so I can just pick up the phone and change volume without going through any menus.

    • Billa on


      Wow that is an amazing idea. I’ll check if any of the apps do this. This would make changing channels or volume a breeze for many. Thanks for your query.

  6. Chris W on

    Hi, Do any have the learning mode allowing you to duplicate the units remote? Thank you.

  7. Avayha on

    Hey I’m looking for a remote app for my Android phone for my Element TV

    • Emily on

      Smart Remote that was already on my Samsung Note 4 will work on an Element TV. I just programmed it in my phone. Only issue which im going to go back and look at is the volume isn’t working. It also worked with the Time Warner both that is attached to that TV.
      IR Remote will not work with an Element TV, just FYI.

  8. joey on

    I give all of these a 0 stars
    none of them will work on my brand new emerson tv..
    Plus with the pop up ads will drive anyone insane..
    Plus why do all these apps want all your personal info..

  9. Victor on

    Hey Guys,
    I downgraded to a galaxy Grand Prime which does not include an IR Blaster Module, I need to find a TV remote app that works without the IR. I have tried soooooo many out there with no avail Can you please advice?



  10. Larry on

    Hi guys, has anyone tried Peel smart tv remote control? To me, it’s the best so far. That’s after installing the various apps mentioned earlier which didn’t work for me. I use an HTC by the way and I have no regrets.

    • Judy on

      Hi Larry,
      Thanks for your suggestion, you sound very happy with it. I haven´t tried it, but I will when I get the chance. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  11. Nina on

    I found an app that works with my Samsung 5S phone and turns my TV (a Toshiba) on and off and changes the channel but it won’t let me put in “digital” stations. For example, I’m trying to watch 50.1 and it will only let me watch channel 50 (which is nothing) or 51 (which is nothing). How do I fix this? Or, is there another app that will allow me to input the “.1”? Thanks!

  12. Victor Sim on

    Stop wasting your time, use Castreal IR remote, it is the best so far.

    • Judy on

      Hi Victor,
      I´m glad that you found a remote control app that you are happy with, and thanks for your suggestion. How long have you been using it? =-)

  13. luke on

    I have a Samsung galaxy prime phone and no wifi…I have an Emerson 42 in tv that I lost the remote for…all the apps I’ve tried don’t work. Can anyone help plz!?

    • Judy on

      Hi Luke,
      Have you checked to see if your phone and TV are compatible? That could be the reason why none of the apps that you are trying are working.=-)

  14. Kate on

    Help me! I have an old box Emerson TV and a ZTE phone. I know they both are cheap. I just need to get it to go to input so I can watch movies on the XBox 360 my neighbor is lending me. Please help!!! I also have a kindle fire and WiFi.

  15. Rustom on

    Its not working ….Im trying too much time . But still not working .. …

    Tell me someone what to do..plz

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