10 Best Cases for LG V30 in the Market Right Now

LG V30 was released last year and it was one of the best flagships of 2017. So, there is a large demand of amazing cases for LG V30 as well .With its beautiful screen, great audio, and well performing cameras, the smartphone soon became one of the most popular smartphones. LG has been making great strides when it comes to making amazing looking as well as performing flagship smartphones and LG V30 is no exception.

If you have already gotten an LG V30 smartphone, you already know that it has a glass back. While glass does look amazing and feel premium, it is highly prone to cracking and breaking. Of course, you don’t want it to break or shatter at all; this is exactly why you need one of the best cases and covers for LG V30. While they won’t completely make your smartphone unbreakable, they will certainly provide a much-needed layer of protection.

Note: The 10 best cases for LG V30 are not in any particular order, simply because design and color choices are purely subjective. We highly recommend that you go through the whole list and select the case that you think suits your style.

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal

You will see a lot of Spigen cases in this list simply because they make some of the best and affordable cases around. Their Liquid Crystal case is a lightweight and flexible cover that shows off the beautiful curves of the LG V30 without sacrificing protection. The single and flexible layer is made of sturdy materials and provides easy application.

One great thing about the Spigen Liquid Crystal case is how tactile the buttons feel ensuring fast and reliable response as well as haptic feedback. The case also comes with Air Cushion Technology that is deployed on across all corners for added shock absorption.

2. Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor, as the name suggests is a sturdy case for LG V30 that comes with the signature looks this series is known for. The case is made out of Matte TPU layer that is adorned with glossy detailing as well as carbon fiber; this gives the case a unique look as well as great protection. The case also features raised edges that will lift the screen and won’t allow it to touch the surface you put the phone on.

The Spigen Rugged Armor also comes with tactile button that makes it easier not only to find them but also know when they are being pressed. One great thing about the case is the intended fingerprint sensor that makes it a lot easier to locate it even when not looking at the smartphone. The case is only available in one color.

3. i-Blason Magma Case

If you are in the market for a case that is big, burly, and super protective, then the i-Blason Magma Case is made just for you. The case is available in 4 different colors including standard black, blue, green, and pink. The textured TPU bumper on the keys helps a great deal in case of falls and drops.

The back of the case is kept transparent and it allows the beautifully designed LG V30 back to shine through. There is also a front protective cover built-in with the case. You’ll have full access to all the ports and buttons when using this case with your smartphone.

4. Spigen Tough Armor

I personally really love the design of the Tough Armor Series by Spigen and it seems a lot of people do as well. The Tough Armor case for LG V30 is designed for extreme protection. The dual layer protection involves a hard TPU shell that protects the smartphone from drops. The back is made out of polycarbonate material and is beautiful to look at.

There is also a great kickstand that can easily pop out in case you need to watch a video. This makes the tough armor case a great choice for those want to watch movies and videos while eating breakfast. The case comes with precise cutouts for all the buttons and ports, so you’ll have complete access to them.

5. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

As soon as you land your eyes on the Unicorn Beetle Pro, you’ll know that it is designed for extreme protection. The case is precisely made for the LG V30 and gives you full access to the functions, sensors, as well as ports.

The case is made for heavy usage and is great for people who like to go outdoors a lot. There is also a 360° swiveling belt clip holster that makes it a lot easier to grip the smartphone to your belt and forget about it. The case is made out of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate materials, so you will be getting extremely durable protection and that too in an attractive package.

6. LeYi Luxury Glitter

If you want your case to be a little bit shinier than the straight to business ones, then the LeYi Luxury Glitter is the case made for you. The “bling bling” style of the case comes with a solid color adorned with shining elements on the back. While the hard-shell does protect the smartphone from drops, the main attraction here is the design.

There is a flexible inner silicone cover that is combined with a harder polycarbonate outer shell. This gives excellent protective properties to the case. The faux leather gives it a premium feel in the hand as well. The case also comes with a one month warranty from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about anything when purchasing this case.

7. UAG Plasma Case

The UAG Plasma Case comes in 2 different color variants, the darker one is called Ash while the lighter one is called Ice. One great thing about these cases is that they are all Android Pay compatible. This means you don’t have to take the case off to make payments while using the Android pay service.

The case is a combination of a harder outer shell and a soft impact resistant inner one. There is also a soft raised rubber screen lip that doesn’t allow the screen to touch the surface you have put it on. There are also skids on the back that make the smartphone a lot easier to grip. The UAG Plasma Case meets military drop test standards, which is impressive on its own.

Ringke Fusion Case

If you’re looking for a clear cover for your LG V30, but want a little bit of color thrown in, then the Ringke Fusion Case is made just for you. It is available in a clear variant as well but that is not as exciting as Orchid Purple, Rose Gold Crystal, and Smoke Black.

It is a perfect case to show off the looks of your LG V30 while also protecting it from drops and spills. The case is also not bulky at all and won’t weigh the smartphone down a lot. The thermoplastic polyurethane corners protect the LG 30 from drops. Surprisingly, the Fusion Case also offers Certified Military Grade Drop Protection.

9. Pierre Cardin Genuine Leather Case

If you want to make a style statement, then you should seriously consider the Pierre Cardin Genuine Leather Case as it looks stunningly marvelous. The uniquely beautiful one-piece design makes the case remarkable as well as quite attractive. The case also provides normal protection that you come to expect from a case, all the while looking ravishingly beautiful.

A point to be noted here is that the case does not provide any drop protection at all, so you need to be careful while using it. However, the retro style leather and ultra-slim profile makes it an attractive choice for those who are sure they won’t drop their smartphone.

10. Clayco Hera Case

The Clayco Hera Case is available in 4 different colors and they all look remarkably beautiful, thanks to its great design. The back of the case has a unique pattern that gives it a unique look. While the black and gold variants of the case are great, the standouts are the blue and pink ones.

A sturdy polycarbonate shell protects the smartphone from impacts and drops. There is also a front cover that comes built-in with a screen protector, making the Clayco Hera Case a 360 protective case for LG V30. It is an overall great choice for those who are looking to stand out a little bit all the while protecting the smartphone.

Case In Point:

These are some of the best cases and covers for LG V30 and I hope you found your daily protector among this list. Of course, there are countless other options available that are just as good but we can only have 10 cases on the list, otherwise it will be cluttered and a tiny bit confusing.

Do tell us your experiences with the LG V30 smartphone. How are the dual cameras treating you and are you seeing any screen burn? Talk to us in the comments below about this glorious smartphone.

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