10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a sleek phone with amazing performance that would delight any modern user. Sometimes, though, you want something different from all the rest. To get the most out of your S9, try one of the best custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

With a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, you have a flagship device which is relatively easier to customize with a custom ROM. Whether you got used to one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus before making the upgrade or just want to try something different, it’s time to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S9.

I’ll walk you through some of my favorite Samsung Galaxy S9 custom ROMs below, but first let’s talk about how a custom ROM will benefit you.

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Why You Need a Custom ROM

Custom ROMS are extremely unique and can take your Android experience to a whole new level.

First of all, ROMs like these will optimize your phone’s battery as well as its performance. Smartphone users often complain about their battery running out before long, and this is one way to rectify this situation. Plus, you get complete administrative control over your device, allowing you to run several programs that you may not have been able to otherwise.

With the control you’ve achieved, you can install the latest updates, hibernate annoying or time-consuming apps, and much more! The level of customization with these ROMs is also unprecedented; you get the ability to do things like enable and disable the navigation bar, customize and bars, overclock and underclock the CPU/GPU, and gaining access to third-party themes.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Custom ROM

Custom ROMs do give Android users an immensely unique and more useful experience according to their needs. Still, it must be remembered that they’re not officially provided by mobile vendors. Such ROMs are created, developed, and updated by the Android community.

The above fact means that if anything goes wrong with a phone after installing a custom ROM, there’s no one you can blame. There’s no guarantee or refund available, so you’re stuck with your decisions. This could also greatly affect the resale value of your phone, even making it impossible to sell off at any decent price. But it’s worth installing a custom ROM for the benefits they offer.

The 10 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S9

We now come to some of the best custom ROMS on the market today. Installing them may be a challenge, but the user experience is more than worth the cost, time, and effort! Let’s check them out below:

1. Resurrection Remix Oreo

10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Resurrection Remix – Awesome Features Along with Stability

This custom ROM gives us a mixture of the features you can get from the original Remix, Slim, and Omni. I like this because it also provides all of its stability combined into one ROM. So if you’re looking for a ROM that will give you each and every feature under the sun, this one is your best bet! It has everything that open source ROMs provide, but that also means that it comes with all the risks.

If you’re planning to go for ROM customization, the Resurrection Remix is sure to give you the original features as well as new ones.


  • Stable, yet full-featured
  • Several add-ons from the original Resurrection Remix ROM
  • Gives device a lot of power
  • Enables high level of customization
  • Easy to root and install


  • Boot up time is relatively longer than other ROMS

Download here.

2. Pixel Experience

10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Experience the Google Pixel on Your Samsung Galaxy S9

If you’re on the lookout for something that can transform your device into a Google Pixel smartphone, this is the ROM to consider besides other functional ROMs! This ROM will give you the application that comes with that particular smartphone right from the packaging.

This ROM will equip your phone with GAPPS, the launcher, the icons, fonts, boot animation, wallpapers, and everything else your heart could desire! There’s not much risk involved here, either, since this ROM was developed and released directly from Google. The developers from the Android community did contribute to the customization, though.


  • Extremely smooth performance
  • Almost no issue with bugs
  • Google assistance works without any flaws


  • Might lead to issues in network stability if the user travels a lot

Download here.

3. Mokee OS

10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Breathe New Life Into Your Samsung Galaxy S9 With The Mokee OS

Mokee OS is a Custom ROM that’s open-sourced and based on the Android Open Source Project. It was initially launched by a community of developers from China when Android was entering the Jellybean phase. In fact, Mokee OS was the ROM that signaled China’s debit in the Android open source world.

The crux of this ROM is based on customizing the devices that are still running on Stock ROM.


  • Always being developed to give a better performance
  • Easy to root and install
  • Would give smooth performance without much effort
  • Longer battery life
  • Several customization options


  • No guarantee if device bricks

Download here.

4. CyanogenMod

10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Get Cyanogenmod and See Why It’s So Popular

This is one of the most popular Android ROMs out there, with hundreds of users installing it every month. It’s designed to provide Android users a lot of excellent features and is much more easily available than other Custom ROMs that are similar to it.

Once you get this Custom ROM, it’s going to be very hard to look back! Make sure you get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S9 by installing this ROM.


  • Excellent level of support
  • Highly polished performance
  • Easy to use
  • Includes features not found in stock Android, such as VPN support
  • Supports downloadable themes, additional privacy tools, etc.


  • Requires some expert technical knowledge to install

Download here.

5. Lineage OS 15.1

10 Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9.
Give a Little Oomph to Your Android Device with Lineage OS 15.1

The Lineage OS 15.1 custom ROM is highly recommended for those who want fast and uninterrupted performance while operating their Samsung Galaxy S9. The experience is similar to Stock Android and the whole interface is just a bit cleaner and easier to navigate.

You can easily flash this ROM on your device by following the instructions when you download it.


  • No bloatware in the system
  • Faster performance than TouchWiz
  • Familiar and user-friendly experience


  • Risk of bricking device when flashing this Custom ROM

Download here.

6. dotOS

Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Enjoy the Stability of the dotOS Custom ROM

The dotOS custom ROM is now available in a highly stable form, especially for the Samsung Galaxy S9 series. You can even use it as a driver on an everyday basis. Once you get this Custom ROM inside your device, you can rest assured that there’s going to be customization in almost everything.

With this iteration, users can tweak the accent colors from quick settings and choose from a variety of gorgeous wallpapers provided by Dot Papers.


  • Users can modify their interfaces and device performance to their taste
  • Includes custom buttons and toggle styles
  • Variety of customization options especially with colors
  • Fast and lightweight performance


  • Battery life depends on the type of device
  • Relatively new, might contain bugs

7. AOSP Extended ROM

Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Get the Best Features with AOSP Extended ROM

The AOSP or the Android Open Source Project works to bring you the cream on the top of the Android developer community. This Custom ROM is a mixture of the greatest aspects from other ROMS that are all compatible with Android systems.

The features you can expect here are a customized status bar, customized lock screen, and an immensely stable performance that can even be used daily.


  • Smooth performance without lags
  • New features become available in the near future
  • Provides stability


  • Recent release; might not be available for every user yet

Download here.

8. CrDroid OS

Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Take Advantage of This New Custom ROM

The CrDroid OS is a custom ROM that’s quite new on the market. However, it does provide a delightful combination of every feature that the topmost ROMs have to offer. It’s designed from scratch along the same blueprints as the Lineage OS and the AOSP workings. You can get the experience of the Pure Android along with a few special customizations added to the mix!


  • Supports scores of devices from several manufacturers
  • Is being developed to support even more devices and manufacturers in the future
  • Updated reliability, performance, and customization of Stock Android
  • Simple to use and lightweight to carry for your device


  • Some users find the unlock swiping very hard

Download here.

9. Project Treble

Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S9
Free Your Android from All Limits with Project Treble!

Project Treble is a Google project that was specially made for enhancing the ROM in all kinds of Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S9. This custom ROM makes sure that you get each and every update that becomes available for Android.

With this ROM, you’ll basically be making your OS and stock ROM unlimited by any limitation from your mobile vendor. You may then easily update the OS as and when they’re released. This is a great option if you have a long-lasting phone like the Samsun Galaxy 9 and want to make it relevant for a long time, not just the standard 2 years.


  • Streamlines updates and makes them more consistent
  • Reduces the problematic fragmentation that’s sadly common with Android devices
  • Automatically supported by any device that runs Android Oreo out of the box


  • If an Android phone doesn’t have Oreo, it won’t have Project Treble either. Even with Oreo, the final decision rests with the manufacturer

Download here.

10. MIUI

Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9
Fall in Love with Your Phone All Over Again with MIUI

Users of the MIUI Custom ROM have been delighted by the elegant and gorgeous user interface. It makes Android phones look like something out of this world! It may not have the most unique features, but it’s a pleasure to use. Plus, it gets you a high level of customization along with GApps support.


  • Beautiful and simple user interface
  • Easily customizable
  • Fast performance
  • Strong support for themes, stock apps, etc
  • Supports GApps


  • Not easily hacked
  • Not packed with features

Download here.

It’s Your Turn!

With the right Custom ROM from the list above, you could be zipping through your phone and delighting in its new features with very little effort! It’s recommended that you get the help of an expert for the job, though, since there is a minor risk of bricking or crashing involved. The customization and performance level make this a decision you’re not likely to regret.

So which one of the custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S9 mentioned above attracts you the most? Tell us in the comments section and buy it right away. Want to recommend your favorite one to friends? Share this post on social media and let them know!

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