Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case and Covers

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case and Covers

The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case and Covers | Joy of Android
The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case and Covers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most popular phones out there. As these Android phones are progressing in apps, beauty, and design, they’re still quite delicate and need an extra layer of protection.

Besides finding the right browser for your Android phone, you should choose a case and cover for its protection. This protection is actually the fun part! There are several cases for the Galaxy Note 8 that are easily available in several styles, designs, colors, and quirky trends. They can protect your phone against any bumps, drops, scratches, or dents that could decrease its value and user experience.

In fact, there are so many Android phone cases and covers that you may get confused about which one to pick. Fear not; I’ll help you out with these Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reviews:

1. Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case with Kickstand

Spigen Tough Armor
A Case with Cushioning Technology

Having a kickstand for your Samsung Galaxy is a huge convenience if you’re into horizontal viewing while using a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Some fun games have horizontal layouts, or you might just like watching shows and movies on your phone. The screen is big enough for that, and the ease can’t be denied!

With this case, you can have a supremely sturdy case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the best cushioning technology with the kickstand to boot.


•    Air Cushioning Technology

•    Several colors available, including Gunmetal, Deep Sea Blue, Orchid Gray, Maple Gold, and Black

•    Dual protection with TPU body and back made of polycarbonate

•    Precise cutouts that easily accommodate ports

•    Drop-tested


•    Kickstand doesn’t work vertically

•    Prices slightly vary with color

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2. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy Note8

A Case That Works Best With A Curved Touchscreen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Otterbox case may be a bit on the pricey side as far as such cases go, but you can be sure that you’ll be getting a design that’s completely compatible with the curved touchscreen and all the ports you need for your charging, hands-free use, and anything else required while using your Android on the go.

This case is screenless, but there’s a separate screen protector from Otterbox that you can get to make sure everything is compatible with each other.


•    Rugged protection

•    Multi-layer protection with outer slipcover and solid shell inside

•    Protects from bumps, scratches, and drops of all kinds

•    The holster can also provide role of kickstand

•    Mostly compatible with any Samsung wireless charger

•    Limited lifetime warranty

•    Highly positive customer reviews


•    Leaves screen unprotected; requires separate purchase of screen protector

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3. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

Its Built-In Protector Comes To The Rescue!

The SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case with built-in screen protector gives you complete confidence in taking your phone out and about. Even if you’re one of the clumsy ones, your phone will remain safe and sound from any angle with this rugged case. You can use the holster to clip it firmly to your belt while using the handsfree, all while being sure that the hard shell will prevent your phone from a serious tragedy.

This case boasts a hard PC shell outside. This makes sure that the phone will stay safe from the outside world.


•    Available in several color combinations with a universal gray

•    Shock-resistant

•    Screen protector does not compromise sensitivity while protecting from scratches

•    Slim, fun design

•    Rugged and tough protection

•    Drop protection that’s military grade

•    Holster is rotatable


•    Some reports of case cracking with rough usage

•    Some complaints of holster being too hard to handle

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4. PASONOMI Galaxy Note 8 Case Wallet


This folio-style wallet case is a slim case that’s detachable if you want to make things even more minimal. The outer or PU leather almost gives a real leather-like feel. You can have a wonderfully luxurious experience while paying the fraction of the price for a real leather case!

Additionally, this wallet case has space for your ID and cash card, money, and even a wrist strap so you can carry everything easily. If you’re busy downloading Android apps on your phone on the go, this is certainly one of the best choices out there!


•    Available in black, brown, gold, rose gold, hot pink, and purple, as well as striped patterns

•    Perfectly fitting

•    High-quality magnets, PC material, and PU leather used

•    Materials used are non-toxic and better for the environment

•    Nine slots for cards and/or cash

•    One slot with viewing window for pictures.


•    Magnet may affect S-pen’s functionality

•    Very thick case; could go up to a whole inch

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5. DURARMOR Galaxy Note 8 Case Disney Quotes

Have Disney in Your Life Every Day!

Do you absolutely love Disney apps on the Android phone?

Who doesn’t?

However, you may be a little too old for cartoon characters to deck your phone case. Worry not; there’s always another option for those of us who want our Samsung phones protected but decorated with something we love. To this end, DURARMOR has come up with these lovely protective cases that feature some Disney quotes in a nice, neat font.

This PU leather case is a folio style, so it covers your phone from the front and back. It’s also equipped with cash and card slots for extra convenience. This will make for the best case on your trip to Disneyland and will also serve to inspire you no matter where you are!


•    Several Disney, Harry Potter, and Star Wars quotes to choose from

•    High-quality PVC leather for a luxurious experience

•    Precise stitching for extra sturdiness

•    Several slots for license, cards, and money

•    Snap-on closure for keeping everything in place


•    Complaints about case not being sturdy enough for rough usage

•    Not suitable for long-term, everyday use.

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6. Spigen Slim Armor CS Having Slim Dual Layer

Spigen Slim
A Case with Dual Protection

This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case card holder is the perfect example of getting two products in one go! It’s not too pricey, which makes it an even better bargain. It’s equipped with a dual layer, has an incredibly slim design, and could be a real lifesaver if you commute every day while using Android travel apps.

Take your pick of several beautiful shades with this case and rest assured that your choice is the right one. You can freely use your phone without worrying when Spigen is on the job!


•    Available in a wide range of colors, including black, gunmetal, deep sea blue, orchid gray, and rose gold

•    Dual layer that has a hard PC shell for sturdiness and TPU to absorb every kind of shock from the inside

•    Lightweight and slim for easy portability

•    Several cash compartments for cards and cash

•    Military-grade certified

•    Air Cushion technology in each corner


•    Screen tends to stick outside the case by a small amount

•    Pop Sockets could cause the card compartment to slip open

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7. PhoneNatic Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

PhoneNatic Silicone
A Unique Silicone Case

This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case has recesses in all the right places for all the connections you need as well as easy access to the camera and microphone.

Since this case is made of silicone, you can expect it to protect its contents no matter how many times you drop, bump, or knock your phone during the course of a day.


•    Durable and long-lasting

•    Elastic and durable TPU material used

•    Available in six colors, including a fun shade of matte hot pink

•    Perfect fit

•    Easily uncased when necessary


•    No protection from the front

•    Screen protector needs to be purchased separately if not provided by vendor

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8. Make Mate Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case, Genuine Leather

Make Mate
Because Leather Is Here to Stay!

Having a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case leather-covered is a really amazing deal since you get to have an immensely elegant and posh feel without shelling out huge cash. Even though it’s very thin, this case can withstand a whole lot of shock and keep your phone safe and sound in those careless moments.

This case is a convenient flip design that features a viewing window, a kickstand, and a sturdy magnetic closure.


•    Comes in many shades, including black, rose red, orange, and clear

•    Genuine leather that is durable and natural

•    Option for disconnecting or answering the phone by swiping with finger through viewing window

•    Fall-resistant

•    Shock absorbent

•    Tough PU material on the inside

•    Soft TPU on edges for protection while maintaining a slim look


•    Some complaints about cutouts not being precisely aligned with interface

•    Screen doesn’t automatically turn off when the case closes

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9. BAISRKE Galaxy Note 8 Case Purple Gradient

Purple Just Got More Stylish

If you’re one of those individuals who can’t live without something purple, this awesome case just might be the best one for you! With a TPU bumper along the edges, this cover would protect your Samsung Galaxy’s back from getting scratched, dented, or otherwise affected by fall or bumps.

What’s even more fun is that the colors of this case aren’t just a boring solids. They’re gradient, so you get to have your purple in all shades.


•    Available in several shades

•    Molded design to accommodate all ports, speakers, buttons, and camera lens

•    Simple design, suitable for work and casual events

•    Bumper to provide partial protection to screen

•    Soft, smooth feel when in hand

•    Can be easily installed and taken off without tools


•    Only protects back and sides, not the complete screen

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10. BeePole Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Flip Case

A Case That Looks Like A Wallet!

This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case flips over for easy access to the screen, then flips right back to cover and protect your phone from both sides. It boasts a magnetic closure, a card slot, a stand feature, and a PU leather outside for that wallet-like feeling along with function.

You’d be delighted with the classy colors this phone comes in! Choose a fun pink for your girls’ night out or a beautiful black to wow your coworkers.


•    Equipped with two hand straps

•    Includes mirror, cash slot, and 3 slots for cards

•    Soft, quality materials for comfortable holding

•    Edges protect screen even without a separate screen protector


•    Could be a little too thick for some

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What’s Next?

Your ultimate choice of buying Android phone case and covers should depend on how you use your phone and what you need the case for.

Which one of the above Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case and covers would you love to buy? Let the world know about your choice in the comments section below! Want to tell your friends about these Note 8 cases and covers? Share this post on social media! 

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