Samsung Galaxy A5

14 Problems and Troubleshooting Tips for the Samsung Galaxy A5

As a mid-range Samsung smartphone with a premium design, the A5 is a great choice for the discerning Android user. The A5 isn’t known for having many major issues, but there are still a few problems that have been reported since its release in December 2014.

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If you’re having trouble with your Galaxy A5, here are 14 common problems with troubleshooting methods and advice for each one.

1. Signal/Service Loss Issues

Signal loss is one of the worst problems that can affect a phone, and the A5 is susceptible due to the metal casing, which can sometimes interfere with cellular reception. If you experience issues with reception, there are some ways you can get it working again.

Step 1: Restart Your Phone

It could be as simple as the tried and tested method of restarting the phone, which can be done by holding down the power button and selecting restart.

Step 2: Toggle Airplane/Flight Mode

Toggling Airplane mode is often a useful way to fix signal loss issues. Hold the power button and tap Airplane mode to turn it on and off.

Step 3: Move to an Open Location

Moving to an outdoor location or away from any external interference could also help to solve signal issues.

2. LED Light for Messages/Notifications

Almost all modern phones have some sort of notification light to keep users updated, but older A5 models lack this feature. There is no way to make the notifications light appear, however, there are a few other tricks you can use to keep up to date with your news.

This is more of a design flaw than a software problem, and there is no app you can use to make the LED work as it isn’t supported by the hardware itself.

Step 1: Increase the Volume of Notifications

If you increase the volume of notifications, they might be more likely to grab your attention. You can do this by going to Settings, tap Sound, scroll and tap Volume, and there will be a slider specifically for Notifications.Moving it to the right will increase the volume of notifications.


Step 2: NoLED

NoLED is an app used to display custom notifications and icons on your screen, available on the Play Store. Developed originally for the Samsung Galaxy S, which also lacked a physical LED, so it should also be useful for the A5.Visiting the Google Play Store will also give you your choice of several similar apps.

3. Poor Battery Life

The supposedly decent battery life of the A5 is a strong selling point, so battery drain is an annoying problem for users expecting many consecutive hours of use from the device. Samsung says that the phone is capable of eleven continuous hours of Wi-Fi surfing at “maximum” performance. However, there have been complaints regarding poor battery life for some owners.

Step 1: Identify the Source of the Battery Drain

It’s possible that there could be a resource-heavy application draining your battery, so it’s worth checking to see what is happening in the background. You can access this by;

Enabling Developer Options by going to Settings, and then About Phone. If you tap your Build Number several times, you will be notified that you can now access Developer Options.

Find the Developer Options in the main Settings menu. Find and tap Process Stats and you can check which apps are running in the background, how often they are in use and how much RAM they use.

Step 2: Turn on Power Saving Options

Power saving options can be useful if you can’t make it to a charger. To activate these modes, go to settings and tap on Power Saving. There are numerous options available (including the Galaxy exclusive ‘Ultra-Power Saving Mode’ and ‘Private Mode’ amongst others) which should help to extend battery life.

Step 3: Turning Down the Brightness

Turning down the phone’s brightness, Wi-Fi, mobile internet and Bluetooth individually could also be helpful depending on what you need to use at the time. You can toggle these and many more in the A5 quick menu, accessible via swiping down the top of the screen.

Galaxy A5 Quick menu

4. Poor Voice Quality

Due to the poor quality of the rear-based speaker, some users have reported problems with the sound, as well as struggling to be heard at times during phone calls with no background interference. There isn’t much you can do about this, but headphones with a decent microphone should help you to be heard more clearly.

Step 1: For Repeated Issues, Use Headphones

A good pair of headphones with a microphone are probably the easiest fix if you have repeated issues with voice quality.Avoiding background noise where possible should also help you to be heard if you can’t use headphones.

5. Water Damage

Many modern phones are now water resistant, but the sadly A5 lacks this feature. If the phone is accidently submerged in water, there’s still a good chance it can be saved if you act quickly.

Step 1: Switch the Phone Off

If the phone is powered on and still working, switch it off to prevent any further damage and dry it as soon as possible.

Step 2: Use Rice to Dry the Phone

Packed rice can be used to dry a Galaxy A5 if it gets too wet. Placing the phone in a container full of rice to drain the moisture could help to deter any/further damage. However, this method doesn’t work every time, but it is definitely worth a try.

Step 3: Boiler Room/Airing Cupboard

If you don’t have any rice, placing the phone in a warm room near a heater or boiler can help to dry out the phone but it can’t beat the previous method for results.

6. Rear Speaker has Low Volume

The rear speaker has notable issues, with low volume and a muffled sound when playing media. This also ties into the problems with the voice quality while making phone calls. Again, the best option would be to invest in a quality pair of headphones, as there is no other way to improve the overall speaker quality.

7. Overheating

Most phones overheat, and the A5 is no exception. Some users are even complaining about the temperature during phone calls. For the most part, you can avoid overheating by following some of these precautions.

Step 1: Keep It out of the Sun/Other Heat Sources

An obvious answer, but keeping the phone away from direct sunlight and other heat sources should help to prevent the phone from overheating during day-to-day use.

Step 2: Keep Resource Intensive Apps to a Minimum

Emulators and the latest games are fun, but they also use a lot of power, causing the A5 to heat up during more taxing tasks. If your phone starts overheating it could be time to take a break, or you can check if there are resource heavy apps running in the background.

You can find out how to check the RAM use of apps on the Galaxy A5 by following the methods found in step 3 of this guide.

Step 3: Turn It off If It Immediately If It Becomes Too Hot

If the phone becomes extremely hot to the touch whilst charging or during general use, it’s recommended to turn the phone off as soon as possible. This is also a sure-fire way to get it to cool down quickly. You can turn it off by holding down the power button and tapping Power Off.

8. Downgrading Firmware = Hard Brick

Forums are overrun with people asking, how can I unbrick my Galaxy A5? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Because the battery is built-in, there’s no way to perform a traditional soft reset.

Although, it is possible to downgrade without bricking the device, downgrading the phone from Lollipop 5.0 to KitKat 4.4.4 seems to be a common cause of turning the A5 into a paperweight and isn’t recommended.If you think you may have bricked your phone, the first test to see if the phone charges. If not the phone may be bricked, and there isn’t much you can do.

Step 1: If it’s Under Warranty

The Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with one year of warranty. If the phone is still covered, it may be best to take it in-store to see if they can fix or replace

9. Freezing and Hanging

With a battery that can’t be removed, it can be difficult to restart the device when it freezes. If the phone freezes, you can turn it off with the following methods:

Step 1: Basic Restart

If the A5 is freezing or repeatedly hangs up, hold-down both the Power and Volume button together for more than seven seconds to restart the phone.

Step 2: Perform a Factory Data Reset

If restarting your device doesn’t solve the problem, a factory data reset may help and is recommended. The phone should have at least 50% battery in case it freezes during the process as it could corrupt the phone if it turns off during the reset process.Be sure to back up any important data beforehand.

Warning: The following method will erase all data on the device.

To perform the reset, go to Settings, tap Backup and Reset, then tap Factory data reset, tap Reset device, and finally tap Erase everything.

This should solve most issues, but if problems persist after resetting data Samsung advise to contact a Samsung Service Center. However, the phone also has persistent problems with general lag, which is impossible to fix during heavier tasks.

10. Apps Crashing

If a specific app is causing problems and you are able to identify the offender;

Step 1: Stop the App

If the app is still running, make sure to bring it to a halt. You can do this by tapping the Recent apps button from the home screen, located on the bottom right. Tap the Active apps icon, and tap End and OK if you’re prompted.

Step 2: Delete the App if Necessary

If the app continues to give you problems, or it affects the overall performance of your phone, you may be better off removing it from your device entirely. You can always reinstall most apps again later if you need them again.

To uninstall an app:

Tap Settings, scroll, and tap Application Manager. Scroll until you find the app and tap Uninstall.

11. Slow Upload Speed

This is a rare issue for the A5, and it’s more likely due to Internet Service Provider problems on the user’s side than a problem with the phone itself.

12. Scratches on the Edge of the Phone

The phone isn’t scratch proof, so a case will help to protect the chamfered metal sides, corners, and the edges of the phone as well as the screen itself from general damage.

13. Official Radio App Bug

The official FM radio app is reportedly buggy, with a few issues that include muting at random and refusing to turn off. There are some replacement radio services (including FM) that can be downloaded from the Play Store that work perfectly with the Galaxy A5.

14. Galaxy A5 Boot Loop Problems

Warning: The following method will erase all data on the device.

If you encounter the dreaded boot loop, a forced reset may help. Hold the power button down for more than ten seconds. If/when, it restarts, press and hold the Power, Home and Volume up buttons to go into the recovery menu, where you can reset the handset to factory settings.

This should get the phone past the boot loop and working again, but if the problem persists, it may need to be taken in for service.


Hardware issues aside, the Galaxy A5 doesn’t have many problems and it’s a reasonably dependable phone. If we managed to solve your issue you can share the article, and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve found another issue that we haven’t covered or you have any other questions about the handset please let’s talk about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Bad sound come from my galaxy a5 when i intsert a sd card when i remove still i face same problem what should i do…plz suggest

      1. hi dear my phon a5 2016 it will b putt in watar and now its wifi and camra was not working whAT I do plz tell me

    1. Hi Anil,
      You might be getting that message for a few reasons.

      1. Dirty Sim card slot (try blowing some air and clearing any dirt)
      2. Faulty sensors in card slot
      3. Phone might be locked a particular carrier
      4. A Rough App might be responsible. Boot in safe mode and all third party apps will be disabled. If everything works just fine, that means an app you recently installed is causing the issue.

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

      1. My a5 won’t turn on.I also pressed Pawer bttm, home bttm n upper volume bttm together. Is it hard bricked? The prblm is created when I try my phn from kitkt to lollipop. Plz give me solution

        1. There is a known issue not mentioned with the power button and area around if you give a firm yet not to hard squeeze to the phone right next to the power button while holding power button in.
          iti should work for a while till it bugs out again Samsung should start offering a replacement.

  2. My a5 just crashed whilst on Facebook,the screen went black it will not respond to any of the buttons can u help

  3. My A5 hangs too often. The screen goes blank specially when i use skype. The keyboard is giving a lot of trouble. When i type a word, half the alphabets dont get typed. Is this because i haven’t updated my software yet?
    I got the phone 4 months back.

    Also i wanted to ask that how can i change the software update settings from “connect to wifi” to “connect to Data” in order to update my software?


  4. I can only use one app at a time with Wi-Fi network, am not able to do multi tasking , am not able to use facebook and whatsapp together , Wi-Fi is getting connected to only one app at atime and am not getting notified

    1. Hi Zoya,
      If you are referring to using the split screen feature the device has to be able to support this specific feature and the app also has to be made for this feature as well. It is also something that only come with Samsung´s TouchWiz overlay. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  5. My phone won’t switch on. It was working just fine last night when I put it on the charger. It won’t turn on now.

    1. Hi Thoko,
      Please check your battery, is it bloated or leaking? Maybe leaving it charging all night may have damaged it somehow. Let me know if the battery looks Ok. =-)

      1. My sim card got stuck and I took it out. And now my sim card is not detected by the phone I have an A5 what should I do

        1. Hi There,
          Have you tried testing another SIM card? Just to make sure that there was not damage in trying to force it out.=-)

  6. i have samsung galaxy A5 and its glaw is message app do not open most of the times it gives message service has stopped working unfortunately try later plz tell how to fix this issue

    1. Hi Nadeem,
      Have you tried erasing the apps cache, restarting your phone or uninstalling and reinstalling the app? I hope this helps. Thanks for commenting. =-)

      1. My samsung A5 cannot connect to mobile data after I upgraded to lollipop I’ve tried the hard restart still didn’t work. Please any idea what I can do? Thanks

        1. Hi James,
          You can try checking first your phone APN settings (The Access Point Name (APN) is the name for the settings your phone reads to set up a connection to the gateway between your carrier’s cellular network and the public Internet.) and see if this is the one used by your carrier. Compare your phone APN with the carrier settings and make the necessary changes. You can get your carrier settings from their website or by calling their technical support hotline.

          From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
          Tap Settings.
          Tap the Connections tab.
          Under Network connections, tap More networks.
          Tap Mobile networks.
          Tap Access Point Names.

          To reset your APN, tap the Menu key and then tap Reset to default.
          If available, tap the APN (the bullet point fills with green).
          Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN. Hope this helps. =-)

  7. When I am opening the camera app on my A5 it shows warning:camera failed
    What should I do now..I tried the several steps:
    1.1.clears cache
    But still it’s not working
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Naziur Rahman,
      Have you tried:

      STEP 1- Go to application manager
      STEP 2 Locate camera on the application manager
      STEP 3 Touch clear data and force stop.
      STEP 4 Connected your device through Wi-Fi.
      STEP 5 Go to application > settings > about device > software update

      Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

  8. hi i buy samsung galaxy a5 and i never use any sim card only using on wifi and its good.
    but i want to use sim card and i switch off cell and want to on but having problem . when i switch on cell fone given uper side ( set warrenty bit: recovery ) given on andriod logo then logo of samsung in colors comes and with blue dots and stop here only coming samsung with blue dots same as animation and not going further so please help me to find the solution

    with thanks and best Regards

    1. Hi There,
      Did you try tip 14 where it says that a factory reset might help. If you do try this method, remember to back up your data since a factory reset will wipe your phone clean. Hope this helps. =-)

        1. Hi abhishek kumar,
          Just before this started happening, did you install and app or was an app recently updated? If so, try uninstalling the last app you installed right before you started having this problem. Let me know how this works for you. =-)

  9. I upgraded my A5 to Lollipop 5.0.2..the software download was successful.. when i installed it it reached 100% but said an error occurred.and that the phone needs to be restarted. i didn’t do anything yet because immediately the android avatar appeared with the words “Downloading..Do not Turn off target”…I decided to reboot it and followed the instructions online. but the only choices were to continue downloading the custom OS or cancel and restart phone…but either ways still same thing appeared..i cant do do i reboot/reformat it?…or how do i resolve this without rebooting?

    1. Hi There,
      Press VOLUME UP + MENU BUTTON + POWER BUTTON at a same time to get your phone to normal state. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Dy,
      Have you tried going to Go to Settings, My Device, Accessory. S View Cover. Turn it off there? Hope this helps. =-)

  10. Hello,

    I can not find the radio for my A5. In my A3 it is located in apps I belive.

    How can I use the normal fm radio in my A5?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Janica,
      If you variant of A5 has a radio, try to connect your earphones first and then go to apps and look for the radio. Hope this works. Let me know what happens. =-)

  11. Hi, I recievedmynew Galaxy a5 today but there appears to be something wrong with the display. When I switch the phone on the display looks perfect, but within about 10 seconds it changes and looks funny, almost like an X-ray mode or reverse colour mode or something! It it just a setting? Or have I received a faulty phone?

    1. Hi Matt,
      Something like that should not happen on a new phone. You should have a perfect display experience. Problems like that come with drops and time, but not with a new phone. Try getting a new one. =-)

  12. my phone is not charging, it shows the same percentage from the time I charged. n its hard to find if the phone is charged is not. when the charger is connected, it shows that its getting charged but it doesn’t show any increase or decrease of the battery percentage

    1. Hi Haneesha,
      Make sure that you are using the Samsung charger and cable that came with the A5. Other chargers may have different voltage ratings and they won’t always work with the A5. Leave the device plugged in for about 30 minutes before you try to turn it on. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. Hello I was using my galaxy A5 in sunshine and I plugged its headphone with it . suddenly its get switch off.its giving indication on charging that battery need room temperature. But i am doing it.its happened 10 hrs before. But still it doesbnot switch on. I need your help on immediate basis.
        Thanks its so tense for me.
        Please help me.

  13. Hello I was using my galaxy A5 in sunshine and I plugged its headphone with it . suddenly its get switch off.its giving indication on charging that battery need room temperature. But i am doing it.its happened 10 hrs before. But still it doesbnot switch on. I need your help on immediate basis.
    Thanks its so tense for me.
    Please help me.

    1. Hi Nauman,
      Sometimes the hardware glitches and you need to refresh it. Try removing the battery for a few seconds will drain electricity stored in the capacitors.

      1. Remove the back panel of the phone.
      2. Pull the battery out.
      3. While the battery is out, press and hold the Power key for a minute. That should be enough to drain stored electricity in some components.
      4. Place the battery back in.
      5. Attempt to turn the phone on.

      Hope this helps. =-)

        1. Hi, Lucy! To remove the back of a Samsung Galaxy A5, look around the edge of the back plate on your device for a little gap. Just put your fingernail in and pry the back off.

  14. My samsung A5 is not connecting with any wifi router.when i enter password then it doesnt connect only shows connecting and then save and secured.

    1. Hi There,
      Have you tried pressing the wps icon in the wi fi menu and then the wps button at the back of the router? Hope this helps. =-)

  15. Hi! I’m having an issue where at times my phone’s volume control goes haywire and either rises all the way to max volume or lowers it to zero. In addition, it’ll skip a song that’s playing or go to S Voice without any buttons being pressed or words said. it usually happens when the headphones are plugged in or Spotify is running, however it’s also happened without those 2 things.

    Also, I wanted to know if it’s a good idea to update to Lollipop.

    Hope you can help, cheers

    1. Hi Fede,
      Have you recently downloaded any apps prior to this happening. Sometimes certain apps cause our phones to go crazy. Try uninstalling the ones you recently downloaded and see if the problem continues. =-)

  16. Hi there,

    My moms phone is looping every time i call i hear myself

    Issn’t that some kind of warranty issue?

    It got back from repairs but the same problem is there

    1. Hi Rafael,
      Have you tried getting rid of the Google voice integration? That seemed to help other users with the same problems. Hope this helps.=-)

  17. Hi, same Fede from above here. I have now confirmed that the problems occur when I connect my Creative HN-900 noise cancelling headphones to the device. Any ideas why that might happen? They worked fine for the past five months…

    Cheers and thanks

  18. Hi
    My A5 switch on and off by itself almost 12 times a day….! Once i’ve put my pin in it would accept then 5min later I hear it switching on again…. This is constant and this phone is really starting to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.
    Screen goes blank and nothing I do can switch the phone on…. I have to wait for it to switch itself on again.

    Please, any advise would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Vicky,
      There are a number of potential causes for a smartphone will repeatedly and unpredictably restarting itself. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot this problem with your device.

      Download the latest software update

      The current software update for your device may fix any bug(s) that are causing the restarts. Follow these steps to download the latest software update for your device. Note: the steps required for your specific device may vary slightly from the following.

      Make sure your device first has a WiFi connection and then on your device go to Settings > About Device > Software Update and then touch Update.

      Remove the external SD card

      If your device contains an external SD card please make sure your device is powered off, remove the external SD card and then power on the device again and see if any further unexpected restarts occur while your external SD card is outside the device.

      If your device works fine without the SD card, it is very likely the SD card is at fault. Delete all software on the SD card and see if your device works with the SD card after you have wiped it of data. If your smartphone or tablet still restarts unexpectedly while the empty SD card is inside it, the SD card likely has a hardware fault and will need to be fixed by an engineer or replaced with a new SD card.

      Perform a factory reset

      A factory reset will restore your device to the state it was in when it left the factory. This means that all the changes you’ve made to your device and all the media you have stored in its internal memory will be wiped, so please make a backup of anything you don’t wish to lose on another device, such as a PC. When you’ve safely made backups of all your important data follow these steps. Note: the steps required for your specific device may vary slightly from the following.

      Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset and then touch Reset device.

      Contact a service center

      If the above steps have not resolved your problem, please contact Samsung service center closest to you so you can arrange for an engineer to inspect your device. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Alex,
      Have you tried restarting your phone or clearing cache? Sometimes the solution is as simple as that, I hope this helps in this case. =-)

    1. Hi Alex,
      Have you called your carrier to see if it could be something on their side? Maybe their constantly sending you the msg. Have you tried rebooting your phone? =-)

  19. my samsung A5 charger not conecting sometime & when i turnoff my phone then charger conect????????????????????????????

  20. Hi
    I bought my galaxy A5 seven months ago ,since then it was dropped for 2-3 times & yesterday when it dropped again ,the screen gone blank/black. But everything is working i.e.-power button,sounds,touch,even it’s ringing when someone is calling. I’ve restarted it for several times but the light doesn’t show up. Hope you can help & thanks for reading a large essay…

    1. Hi Tuhin,
      Looks like you could have hardware problems from all the times it was dropped. I would take it in for service. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    2. Hey there
      I got the same problem my the screen wenk black after downloading whatsapp when whatsapp was installing i try to slide down on the top to check if still installing went black if i call is ringing and i can hear the message notification but i can’t answer because isn’t showing nothing on the screen , What can i do please help

  21. Hello. I have a problem with my galaxy a5 phone. It is the application data appear incorrectly. For example, i downloaded Asphalt 8, and the game is supposed to be more than 1gb with the download data. But when i check the game app in application manager. The game data is only 516kb.
    And because of that. When i try to move the app to sd card. It only move the game app and not the actual game data.

  22. Hi
    Every time i make a call it does so with speaker on, i can turn it off but it should not start calls with speaker on…i know this…
    I looked through settings and if i turn off a setting to do with priotry senders names being read out when they call, it fixes the problem, but thats nothing to do with it, but does fix it…please help…its so ANNOYING…

      1. If i press the power botton to lock the device the screen goes blank until i force the device to restart

  23. Hi, my phone fell in the water and I’ve done the rice and drying method and everything appears to work except the touchscreen and menu button do not work, which means I can see all my messages, emails etc., coming in but I can’t open them. The volume and power buttons are working and I can listen to music with earphones. Please help.

    1. Hi Mankete,
      Unfortunately, the only way to be sure it’s not a hardware failure would be too hard reset. You may want to flash back to your stock ROM as well. Remember you can always flash from your SD card in bootloader mode. Hope this helps. =-)

  24. I can turn off the predictive text on my A5 and send a message, but when i try and type another message the predictive text has turned itself back on again

    1. Hi Rick,
      I think it´s set up to turn on for each message you sent. Check in settings and see how you have it set up. Did you turn it off this way?

      Settings – My device – Language and input.

      Then select the keyboard you are using and press the Settings icon again. You should be able to find a predictive text option on this screen. Hope this helps. =-)

  25. Hi, I need help my Samsung A5 just suddenly turned off, and I cant get it to turn back on. it was on charge connected via Bluetooth to my speaker when it shut off, the button thing doesn’t seem to be working at all. any suggestions?

    1. Hi Zehra,
      Have you tried pulling the battery out, waiting for about a minute or two and then trying to turn your phone back on? If this doesn´t work try charging your phone for a while to see if that helps. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. Hi, I am not able to take the battery out of this phone and I charged it last night, it over heated slightly today but I managed to cool it down but there still seems to be no change, should I take it back as I have had it barley 3 months?

        1. Hi Zehra,
          Does your phone have a tendency to overhear several times a day or does it only do it from time to time. If it does it several times a day, maybe a reset can help since it will eliminate anything that could be causing your phone to overheat. I just want to rule that out before saying that it´s hardware issue. If you do reset it, remember to back up all your information first. Hope this helps. =-)

  26. Hi, it has only done it this once which made me think it was related to the phone being suddenly unresponsive.

    1. Hi Zehra,
      Oh, if it´s only done it once then you´re fine. Some phone overheat because there are too many apps running at the same time in the background. When my phone is hot I use Cooler Master. It detects the temperature of your phone and if detects that it´s too hot, it will kill all apps running to help cool down your phone and then it will tell yo to leave your phone alone for a while.

      I have been using it for a while now and I think it´s great. Also, try not to keep your phone where it gets direct sunlight, uninstall apps you don´t use anymore, turn off unnecessary services such as NFC when you are not using them. This will help cool down your phone. Hope this helps. =-)

  27. When I plug in headphones to my phone it turns itself off, it does not reboot until I remove the headphones. Occasionally I have found to get round the problem is to have the media i want to watch playing and then put in the headphones. sometime this works and I can listen to it and but sometimes it turns still the phone off.

    Literally though in a normal situation as soon as I put in headphones it straight away shuts down.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Are you using the headphone that came with your device or headphones from a known brand such as Samsung or headphones with no brand? =-)

  28. Hi..I have a problem with my Galaxy a5.The is its not turning on.I restarted it and it just stuck on the logo SAMSUNG.plz help

  29. Hi my a5 was working with no issues. It got dropped once from the tea table and went on blank suddenly after few hours it worked fine and again went blank . phones ringing the recent used apps place lights up but doesn’t show anything on screen. Pls help

    1. Hi Rupa,
      It looks like you could have hardware problems since a drop was involved. I would take it in for service. Hopefully, the fix will be a small one. =-)

  30. Hi my a5 went black while i was using messenger and ig. It hung first and then went black. Now it wont turn on. I even triend to press power button for more than 15 seconds also the home+volumeup+power at the same time. I dont know what happened. It was fine last night.

    1. Hi Jay,
      Repeat what you did but instead of the volume up button try the volume down for more than 7 seconds. Hopefully this helps.=-)

  31. Hi my a5 hung and then went black. I was just using messenger and ig. It was fine last night. Now it wont turn on. I dont know what happened. Can you help me? I just bought it last december.

  32. My samsung a5 start to flash continuously when I switch it on and it been since 1 week that it started

    I want to know what is the problem and the solution for this problem

    Thx in advance

  33. Hi, My samsung a5 start to flash continuously when I switch it on and it been since 1 week that it started

    I want to know what is the problem and the solution for this problem

    Thx in advance

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Have you tried booting your phone in safe mode to see if the problems continue? If it doesn’t then a third-party app is to blame. Also, check to see if you power button is not stuck since that could be causing your phone to continuously reboot. Hope this helps. =-)

  34. suddenly, my phone is switch off. i try many times to re open but just vibration then till now its switch off. so can you give me some tips how to solve this problem.

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Please check to see if the power button is not faulty since that could be preventing your phone from rebooting. If the power button is OK, check your charging cable, it could not be charging your phone correctly to your phone is not getting any or very little power. Hope this helps. =-)

  35. now here is serious one.
    i have galaxy A5, i rooted through odin and after restarting it turned to freeze on bootscreen so i flashed through odin. then it started normally but i saw it had only 1% battery remaining so charged it but as soon as i charged its flashlight started blinking and nothin else responded. now when i put it on charge, the flash light blinks and even same happens when i push the power button.. help!!!

    1. Hi Jeevak,
      Is your phone able to boot at all or does it only get to the logo of the device? First let´s see that the device is not bricked. The easiest way to tell if you are bricked or not is to pull the battery. When you put the battery back in, hold the volume down key while pressing the power button. If your phone doesn’t boot in recovery, you’re bricked. Please let me know what happens. =-=

    1. Hi There,
      Looks like you have hardware problems with the drop. I would take it in for service and have them fix it. =-)

  36. hi, my A5 has been rebothing for an hour now and wont go to the main screen. its the fist time that happens. what can i do?


  37. Hi, i bought my A5 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and im using it now here in the Philippines. I experiencing weak signal on my simcard,sometimes it worked but most of the time the mobile phone shows NO SERVICE or EMERGENCY CALLS.

    1. Hi Belle,
      Have you tried inserting a SIM card from the Philippines? The one from Saudi Arabia could have some network issues. Let me know what happens. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  38. hi
    I have samsung galaxy a5 and it’s stuck on boot on android logo
    all tried, factory rset, wipe cahe, but all not solve the problem
    do you have an idea and solution

  39. Hi! I’ve had my samsung a5 since September 2015. The main concern about my phone is that sometimes the screen colors are a little bit off. They seem to be colourless. One time it was way too yellow.. To my knowledge the phone hasn’t gotten too wet or fallen from too high off the ground.

  40. Hey!
    My A5 is constantly stopping video. On youtube it keeps pausing it (10-100) times on a video. Snapchat just leaves the video like pressing the back-button would.

  41. Hello

    My A5 recently upgraded and ever since then I am having problems with my wifi connection. The strange thing is that it is just my wifi at home isn’t working correctly. When I connect to my wifi at work it’s perfect. Even stranger is that everyone else who connects to my home wifi has no problems!!! It’s like if my phone and my home wifi are fighting each other 🙁 Any ideas??

  42. i was scrolling through instagram when it froze and overheated. i tried turning it off but it didnt respond, it froze for like 15 minutes and shut down, now it wont turn on no matter what i do, i tried charging and factory reset but it just doesnt work. the same thing happened to my s3 mini, brought it to a cell shop but the phone just wont respomd

    1. @ira patricia That seems like there is a bigger issue than just surfing social media. Freezing usually occurs when your phone is trying to do too much at once. This is also a cause of the phone getting warm and/or overheating. If overheating happens, there can be damage.

      If the phone is unresponsive, you might not have many options to save it or recover data. You can call Samsung to see if they have any options for you if you send in the device to them.

  43. 3G is not connecting in my A5.. can any one please give a suggestion that how i can use 3G in A5

    1. Hi Abdul,

      You can check with network provider. If the problem is not with the SIM, then try to reset your mobile.

  44. Hi my a5 screen just gone black but all still works, touchscreen and sound and bottom lights, not dropped or anything please advise

    1. Did you download any apps or change any settings? The screen brightness on some phones is pretty easy to turn all the way down.

  45. I have a problem with my a5 2016 .it can detect my simcard but always on emergency call . I can use my internet data but always on 3g only. When I sent it to Samsung service center they said that the system has been blocked . but when I check my phone status on the imei checker website it says my phone is unblock.

    1. Samsung didn’t or couldn’t unblock the system? Or are you saying your wireless carrier is blocking features?

  46. Hi can anyone help… my wifi wont turn on iv tried resetting phone 3 times no luck its samsung a5 ?

    1. Could you be more specific?

      What have you tried so far?

      Have you tried on other Wi-Fi networks?

      Is your phone rooted?

      What error are you seeing?

  47. My galaxy A5 will not switch on … It’s froze earlier so I switched it off n on again but was still frozen … I then tried to go through restart and it has not come back on since …battery was at 39% when it went off … I tried charging but no response… Can you suggest what the problem might be.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Can you try pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume button down,at the same time again,for more than 10 seconds to restart your device,and see if that helps. =-)

  48. SIR, my samsung A5 its only working top (half screen) there is only camera and message option. how i can fix this problem..pls help me SIR, thank u.

    1. Hi Sajithran,
      Has your phone suffered any physical damagae lately? Did you drop it or get some water on it? If so, Taking it for service would be your best option. =-)

  49. My mobile data just randomly stopped working, I’ve tried turning it off and on again, resetting the phone and taking out the sim and re-inserting it. I know that I have data to use but the symbol just disappeared..

  50. My A5 have no sound when the volume button is already full max . I lock my phone, shut down my phone, play videos and when people call me there is not sound and no ringing sound at all can help?

    Thank u

    1. Hi There,
      I know this may sound silly, but it´s something that tends to happen. Have you checked to see if the volume for everything is at it highest? Have you tried restarting your phone? Hope this helps. =-)

  51. Hi
    my galaxy a5 has some issues …..It works perfectly well when the battery is full , buh once the battery level goes below 30% and I lock the screen ,when I press the power button to unlock the screen ….The screen doesn’t come on …All the lights at the bottom come on tho …and I can feel the touch pad still working buh the screen is not coming on
    Please I need help…

    1. Hi Dabo,
      Please check to see if it still does this in safe mode. Just to rule our the basics and to know that it´s not a recently installed app or update. Thanks for reading. =-)

  52. My phone is suddenly off when I was talking on Imo. But now it doesn’t work when I m pressing volume buttons menu and switch on but PH not on now what to do pls help

  53. Hello or my phone was about a week, and color is very bad color of the left screen was constantly going geliyo pale düzelmiyo b kinds nowhere hiçbir problem with both of these, then, however, the back button is very slow, I reset the number of cut wire started to work, but what should not trouble wonder what makes auxiliary I am glad you have

  54. My a5 reboots randomly, mostly when playing games or watching youtube. It first freezes for a few seconds and then reboots. It can reboot over 100 times in a row but normally only few times (starts rebooting again in the middle of rebooting or soon after rebooting).
    I have used factory reset many times and taken it to warranty service but the problem is still in the phone. I have newest updates aswell.
    I have had this problem from the very first days, when I started using this phone (almost a year ago).
    My a5 is half useless 🙁
    Could you help me?

    1. Hi Akseli,
      Can you please check to see if the power button on your phone is not stuck because I had a phone with a similar problem. It would randomly reboot no matter what I was doing and when I checked the power button I noticed that it was faulty. Let me know if that was the problem. Thanks for reading. =-)

        1. Hi Akseli,
          Welcome back, it´s not the power button, Have you tried uninstalling the latest YouTube update? Maybe the latest update doesn´t get along with your current apps and is causing this issue. You can also check how many apps are running and how many processes are running in the background. If there are too many of them, the device might restart to clean overloaded RAM. You can do that using Android Assistant. Hope this helps. =-)

          1. Usually there is always almost 1gt ram free. Youtube app update is not the reason. And I tried deleting other apps such as games. I also use clean master to keep the system running well. But this phone still keeps rebooting. Last time was few hours ago.
            Remember that I have had this bug from the time when I bought this phone.
            It’s probably a system problem that hopefully gets fixed soon via an update. Nothing I can do about it, seems like it. 🙁

  55. My A5 worked fine until an hour ago. the “0” key and “ok” keys wont work. so I cannot unlock phone. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi There,
      Sometimes it´s as easy as rebooting your phone, but if that doesn´t work you can try turning off your phone taking out the battery and even SIM and leaving them out for a few minutes. After putting them all back in, boot your phone and hopefully those keys will start working again. Hope this helps and let me know how it works out for you. =-)

  56. Usually there is always almost 1gt ram free. Youtube app update is not the reason. And I tried deleting other apps such as games. But this phone still keeps rebooting, last time was few hours ago.
    Remember that I have had this bug from the time when I got this phone and tryed almost everything to fix it.
    It’s probably a system bug that may get fixed some day via an update.
    Thanks for your good help Judy!
    If you still have some ideas, I can come here and read them.

    1. Hi Akseli
      If that´s the problem, I hope the update comes soon, but if it´s not the YouTube app it could be another app that maybe was recently updated and we all know that updates can cause headaches. Have you tried using your phone in safe mode for a while to see if it still reboots? That way you are certain that no app is responsable. You can also check the battery. Take it out and see if it´s bloated? If it is, then it´s time for a replacement. If you aren´t sure, place it on a flat surface and spin it, if it spins on its own for a few seconds, it´s time for a new battery. Hope this helps. =-)

  57. I accidentally slept over my phone at night, and when I woke up in the morning, the screen wouldn’t show, but what came up was a black screen with a line and colourful dots. I still can turn the volume up or down, restart my phone, but I can’t see. Pleaseeeee helpp meeeeeeee.

    1. Hi Cleopatra,
      You may have caused some damage to your screen with the pressure it received when you slept on it. I would recommend taking it for service and if the screen replacement id too expensive, this can be the perfect excuse for a new phone. =-) Thanks for commenting.

  58. My a5 wont connect to wifi in one place only,comes up with ap settings not working,but it worked before any surgestions

    1. Hi There,
      Have you checked to see if the password or name have been changed? That could explain why it worked before and now you´re having this problem. Hope the solution is that easy. =-)

  59. Hi,

    I bought My A5 phone on Nov 2015 now the receiver phone is not working , how I can resolve it ?

  60. Hi, My phone won’t switch on. One day I plug in charger and it stop working, what should I do? Please help

    1. Hi Agne,
      Could it be that the phone turns on but the screen is not working properly? Please try rebooting the phone and if you hear a rebooting sound or feel a vibration, looks like you have screen issues and the repair shop would be the place to go. Was your phone buggy before it started acting this way? If so, then you can try replacing the firmware, but if you do do this, please remember to backup your information. You can also try checking if your phones battery is bloating, if it is, then a replacement is needed. Please let me knoe how this qorks out for you. Thanks for reading. =-)

      1. Screen and phone not working. I have a5 one years and it works perfect. I don’t have any problems with it and sudenly it stop.

        1. Hi Agne,
          Did you drop your phone or get water on it? Have you tried pulling out the battery and SIM card and leaving it out for a few minutes and then putting everything back together and see if that helps? =-)

  61. Hi,

    Am using Samsung Galaxy A5 for past 1.5 years. Currently am facing an issue regarding the Flip Fonts. Now it showing ”Font is not supported contact the font provider”. Its happened after the update of my phone.

    It will be appreciated if you revert any solution.

    1. Hi Rahul,
      I would recommend a factory reset, so that way you can eliminate any corrupt or leftover data from the last versions that are causing this problem. If you do go for the reset, remember to backup all your information. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

      1. Hi,

        Thnx for the concern… I tried that also, but still not working.

        Better wait till next updation. … 🙁

        1. Hi Rahul,
          How unfortunate, if you are using an app maybe the app is not compatible with your version and maybe getting another one will get things up and running. =-)

  62. My phone recently updated automatically and every time I open my cp a message appears that the TouchWiz hone has stopped. I cannot access otherapps the way I used to. What shall I do?

    1. Hi Rosalie,
      Have you tried using your phone in safe mode to see that a third-party app is not responsible for that issue?

      You can also try removing the battery from your phone when it’s on.

      Press the Power button for minimum 30 seconds.

      Put the battery in the phone and place the back cover.

      Turn your phone on.

      Please let me know how it works out for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  63. my wifi isnt turning on
    shop person from where i purchased told its hardware iissue n warranty doesnt covers hardware part . is it true ??
    what should i do pls do help me .
    n is it neccessary to replace whole board of it or not for this issue

    1. Hi There,
      Have you tried some basic fixes such as a restart or maybe even a factory reset? If you don’t want to do a reset you can try an app called WiFi Fixer,

      If your phone is still under warranty you should be able to get a new phone. The person you spoke to may have been new or may not have been very familiar with what covers a warranty. I would call again and ask to speak o a supervisor just to clear things up. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. he didnt gave me new phone he told he cant do anything .
        yup i had reset it as much as i can u must how many times ???
        pls help me ..

        1. Hi Haidar,
          If it has already been confirmed that it’ s hardware issue, I’m afraid there’ s nothing I can do. Have you taken it somewhere else for a second opinion? =-)

  64. My Galaxy A5 does not receive text messages from certain people not everye onlyone. I cannot establish a common factor for these people. There are only 3 who I know don’t get my messages although they get them which I send. Can anyone help?

  65. hello i have a problem in my A5 2015
    i got problem in calling means some one call me or i call some one i can lsn clear vice but the front persion caller lsn a eco sound of her reapet like i did flash to phone but not solve prblm yet

  66. hello there, i have my samsung galaxy A5, my problem is even i put inside my pocket…i felt my phone is hot

    need help …i bought my phone last 3 months ago

    1. Hi Loren,
      Have you considered using your phone without a case? Maybe the case you have on doesn’t let it “breath” when you are gaming or watching videos. If they are not too expensive where you are you can also try replacing the battery. Hope this helps. =-)

  67. hi sir/ma’am i have a problem with my samsung a5 charging. it’s not charging when it’s on but when it’s off it’s charging. someone can help me with it? and btw the charging is kinda super slow.

  68. Really slow and freezing since update to 5.02 this week. Doesn’t seem to be a memory issue and battery seems to be running down fatter so I expect is a processor issue but not sure. Restating not helped. Thanks luke

    1. Hi Luke,
      You are not alone with this problems. This is a common issue after an update. This usually happens because the update is installed over the top of existing firmware rather than installed clean. Try a factory reset to clean out any conflicting data, but remember to backup your information before you reset since this will wipe your phone clean. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

      1. Thanks Judy
        If it doesn’t improve I will be doing that. C OK m pool location of being a work phone with Knox in use but will manage something. Best wishes Luke

  69. I’ve been using samsung galaxy a5 for a while now and they sent me a software update.. but I’m scared to update cos I don’t know whether the update has issues.. can you advice me ..

    1. Hi Mekings,
      Don´t worry, you should be fine. Updates have been known to have bugs but they are usually fixed with other updates. Usually the bugs are minimal. I have always accepted the updates from my J5 and I am doing great. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  70. Hello! I’ve been using my samsung A5 for almost a year. I upgraded it to lollipop last month, and after that my phone became slow charging. When I plugged it before I sleep and the next day I woke up it was still not fully charged. It also became fast draining even if I don’t use my phone often. Any tips for me? Thanks in advance.

  71. hi,
    please help me my home back buttons are not working on my Samsung A5 the touche screen is freezing as well. how do i solve this issue please? its rendering the phone useless.

    1. What are you doing when your phone freezes? In the meantime, you can try pressing and holding the power button and the volume button down at the same time for more than 7 seconds to restart it. Let me know how this works out for you.

  72. Hi,
    On my Samsung A5 if I take a picture and then go to gallery to check the picture I only see black , so what can I do?

    1. Hey Joe,

      Can you see the image in the camera app? I mean, when you take a picture of a cat, can you see the cat on screen? If yes, then I recommend either getting another camera app or a gallery app. Hope this helps.

  73. When Trying to unlock my Samsung A5 2016, it often asks me to “Try again in 5 minutes” or even more like 30 minutes!!! Please help me with this problem.

  74. In A5 2016 phone when were since last one day If i am dialing any number out not able to get the display on the screen but as soon you press the main key i am am able to see the display dialing

      1. Hi madam. My a5 2016 power button is not working. What to do? This happened after I factory reset it a week ago. Im facing this for a week.

  75. Few hoursbefore my new Samsung A 5 battery getting lo w and than it switched off, after that I’ll charging my phone near about 2nd half hour and than I’ll switch on my Samsung A5 phone but it’s not working which means my phone will not going to on so I need ur help “how can I switch on my phone”plz reply fast

    1. Check the battery to see if it’s bloated, if it is, even slightly, it’s time to replace it. You can also try charging it with a different charger and adapter, just to make sure that the one that you’re currently using is not faulty. If you tried to turn it on as soon as you plugged it in, wait a few minutes to give it some time to charge and then try again. You can also try (without a removable battery) long-pressing the Power button. Press your device’s Power button and hold it down. You should only have to hold the Power button down for ten seconds, but you may have to hold it down for thirty seconds or longer. This will cut the power to your phone or tablet and force it to boot back up, fixing any hard freezes.

  76. hi i have a5 and when i upgraded it to marshmallow its not starting just shpwing startup and stuck there. Plz help

    1. Hi Daksh,
      Try wiping cache and FDR. If it doesn’t work the first time, please try it three times. It should work the first time, but it has been known to sometimes take three tried for some strange reason.

    1. Since the buttons are stuck, you’re looking at hardware issue and the best thing you can do is take it doe service.

  77. Hi I have A5, after taking pics, I put the phone in my bag.. sometime later I took it out and the phone was dead, with only the flash light on, and I could not switch it off, it eventually went off, when charging it flash light goes back on but not the phone, also no sign/sound that the phone is actually charging…..pls help!!

    1. Try taking out the battery and leaving it out for a few minutes so all the energy can drain and then put everything back and reboot. If you feel that you’re phone is slightly on but not completely, you can try a factory reset from recovery. Keep in mind that a reset will wipe your phone clean of all files.

  78. 60 days ago i update my A5 and i seen some problums in my A5 , i connect the chrgeer and when i unplug the charger charging icon shown properly plz tell e what i am do

    1. You can try things such as taking out your phone’s battery, leaving it out for a few minutes and after putting everything back together, booting it up again. If that doesn´t work, you can try clearing your device´s cache, or even a factory reset. I think the reset will work since after updates; files can become corrupt and cause these kinds of problems. If you do reset, don´t forget to backup all your files since it will wipe your phone clean. Hope this helps.

    1. Try taking out the battery and leaving it out for a few minutes, put everything back together reboot. You can also try uninstalling any screen brightness apps.

  79. hi
    I bought a new a5 2016 and I realsed that phone get heat when I record video with flash led .but didnt get heat if record without flash.

  80. Hi Mam/Sir

    My Samsung A5 is getting continuously hanged from last few days. It has been more than a year when i bought this phone but it didn’t had this problem earlier. I am frequently watching online videos, Can this be a reason for my problem?
    Is there any other option other than factory data reset?

  81. Hi there pls I have only one issue with my Samsung A5 if I save a number with like A alphabet it will delete some A’s pls need your help

  82. Hi

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A5, my phone refuses to charge and constantly vibrates when I place it on the charger (original charger) but the power does not come on. please may you help me figure out the problem.

    The phone had a cracked screen before but was still charging correctly with the blank screen and had the screen changed but now does not charge nor switch on but only vibrates every 2 seconds on the charger.

    1. If there was internal work done to the phone, it would make sense that something inside the phone was not assembled correctly and needs to be looked at. I would take it back to the place that did the repair. If you did the repair, take it back apart and make sure it is all plugged in correctly.

  83. Hello, I have a galaxy A5 and my video calling is not working. It said it needs a password… my phone has already been factory set once and I’m not doing it again. I just want to know what this password thing is?!?! I never sat a password for it.
    Please help!?

  84. Hi,i have a signal problem with my phone..sometimes it shows a message of no network services..due to signal issue message doesnt receive on time…?

    1. Do you have a case on it? Try to remove it.

      If you have dropped it, added new apps, upgraded the OS, rooted, or added a new ROM this could be part of the issue.

    1. I believe it needs to go into a service center to be repaired. It might be something came unplugged inside or something else was damaged when it was dropped. It’s hard to say.

  85. Hello.
    After the battery ran out I had to unlock my new Samsung A5 6 with the password. Unfortunately I forgot the password to my new A5 6 , as for the week I had only used the fingerprint sensor.
    I hard reset and then had to log into my google account I had used when setting up the phone to set up a new password etc, however when I have entered the email address and password to the account the phone goes back to asking to log in to the account again.
    Its just going around in a loop

    1. did you try to log in on your computer to see if there was any notification there? Sometimes it will trigger an alert in your google account to verify it is you trying to sign in a new device.

  86. Hello! I’ve been using this device more than one year. there was no problem at all. but nowadays LCD screen keep flashing. I contacted Samsung directly and asked me check software update. I upgraded it to OS 6.0.1. but the problem is still the same. I also tried to uninstall all application. Please advise if you have a solution for this issue. Thank you.

    1. sometimes it can be a hardware issue, meaning the screen is the issue. It can be seeing less voltage for some reason and flickering. Does it do this at all brightness levels or just the lower settings?

  87. A 5 S view cover stopped working after my phone fell from my pocket. The setting is on for S view cover but still it’s not working…please help…

    1. it could be a damaged sensor. what else is not working?

      does the screen go black like it should when you put it near your face on a call?

    1. did you take any measures to dry out your wet phone? Water will wreak havoc on the electronics in a phone. It’s hard to say what could be wrong internally. The battery could be bad now, something could have shorted out…

      I would say to dry it out for a couple of days and see if the problem continues.

  88. My j5 2015 model updated to marshmallow and when I unlock phone and press home screen button annoying doo doo sound comes really annswitched off lock screen sound so I do

  89. the flash light of my glaxy A5 goes off itself i dont want it.. i want to have it for long and i turn it my self on and off. plz tell me wat to do?

    1. try to download a different torch app to see if it does the same thing. It may be shutting the LED off so it doesn’t get too hot or something. Or is the flashlight shutting off when the screen goes black?

  90. My new A5 (2017) keeps on turning off by itself, ie. screen goes black and I have to restart it from scratch. Its done it at least 6 times in 2 days even while charging during the night. What could be the problem? I cant trust it.

    1. when my Samsung did that, it was a hardware issue from being dropped a bunch. if the phone has been dropped or twisted or banged around a lot, that can cause it.

    1. It’s probably low on storage space. try to delete some apps, videos, images, and the system cache.

  91. Hai…..
    It’s been 5 months for since i purchased my A5 2016. few days back my wifi stopped getting connected to the source and would never get turned on. After two days it just got connected without any service made. Currently, i experienced over heating and got turned off.. What could be the reason and what can be done… Waiting to hear from you..
    Thanks in advance

    1. it could be the case you have on the phone, it could be that you need to reset the system cache, or that your phone’s memory is too full, your router may need to be reset… there are a lot of possibilities. What have you tried so far?

  92. hi…It’s been 3 months back I have purchased A5 2016 but after some days the rear camera become blurry. the camera focus is not clear. I tried everything I.e. factory reset/ clear camera cache / update software and there is no physical damage also. what could be the reason And what can be done. waiting for your advise…thanks in advance…

    1. First, I’d recommend trying a different camera app, something like Snapchat or really anything other than the default camera app. If this fixes your problem, check your default camera apps mode settings and make sure it is set to “Auto”.

    1. There are a number or problems that could cause that, most of them hardware related. Try looking up the instructions for doing a hard reset NOT a factory reset for your specific phone. If that doesn’t fix it, try charging it fully with a charger you know works. If it still won’t turn on, try going back to the original retailer for a warranty claim.

  93. hii i brought a5 like 2 months . ago ,from past one week , my phone is charging , very slow ,like it is taking 3 hour to get 50 percent battery from zero percent . before it was charging quick .
    what do you think , should i go to shop to complain . or its normal .

    1. Hi, Vipul. This is not normal battery drainage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t solve it. Try the strategies listed here before taking it in.

    1. Sounds like your phone’s memory is stretched. Shut down any apps running in the background and empty some of your larger caches. That should solve your problem.

  94. hi so my A5 wont allow whatsapp on my phone it says google play services does not support this app contact manufacturer for more info

  95. Hi. My A5 will not charge any more when switched on. Only charging when turned off and then it is vibrating during charging. I had issues also with fast battery draining. Can this be somehow related?
    What could be the problem and what are the possible fixes? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Olle! These issues are very likely related, and there are lots of things that could be causing them. Fortunately, we have tons of posts with detailed instructions that can help you out. I’ve provided links to a few below. The first will help with the issue of your phone only charging while off, while the rest can help slow battery drain. Good luck, and feel free to comment back here or on one of the other posts if you need more help.

      How to Fix an Android that Only Charges When Off
      5 Android Apps to Detect Battery Drain
      How To Save Battery Life On Android to Move Like the Duracell Bunny
      How to Increase the Battery Life for Android Phones
      5 Best App Killers for Android: Regain RAM and Battery Life
      The 10 Apps Sucking the Life Out of Your Android Phone’s Battery Right Now

  96. HI I have a problem with my Galaxy A5, my phone turned of while in ULTRA POWER SAVING mode and i have connected to different chargers to charge the battery but unfortunately it is not responding, its only heating up.

    1. Hello, Yasir. Was there any indication that the phone was overheating before it turned off? What battery percentage was the device at when it turned off?

  97. HI, I bought a second hand A5 5 months ago and i realized the software was kitkat 4.4.4. i think its the 2015 model. the problem is that it would go off on its own for more than 3 hours . once it went off for the whole day and wouldn’t turn on.i removed my MICRO SD card and i never experienced that problem again until recently. i never put the SD card back. yesterday my phone was flat and i plugged it in to charge but it wouldn’t charge. it wouldn’t even vibrate like usual to indicate that its charging.when i switch it on it just does short vibrations but wont go on. I’ve tried the hard reset methods (which have worked before) but it still wont go just does short vibrations. PLEASE help i cant afford another phone or repairs

  98. Hi! So my galaxy a5 is new but having issues. When I lay it anywhere and I mean anywhere inside of any building and it goes to sleep there is about a 30 minute delay in receiving a text as well all calls received go directly to voice mail. Help!

  99. Hi
    My samsung galaxy a5 2016 has video quality issue, in some videos there appear some black blur instead of real color of the screen playing. this issue appears in some of youtube videos and on some of ROM videos while some videos plays well.

    Please help me

    1. Hi, Farooq. Clearing your cache and confirming that you have an adequate internet connection for streaming videos should solve the problem.

  100. hi my contacts are fine when looking for a contact but if anybody phones me even a contact i get a unknown caller ,caller id does not helphave reset phone but nothing can it be a software problem

    1. Hi, Alan. This is a carrier issue. Most likely, there’s a caller id setting you need to turn on. Exactly what that setting is called will depend on your carrier. You can change your settings through your online account with the your carrier.

  101. Hi. I have had my Samsung Galaxy A5 for 2 weeks and the phone automatically goes into flight mode and the sound mode goes to mute?
    I have tried to do a reset that worked for 2 days?

    Please help

    1. Hi, Amanda. Boot your phone in safe mode. If the problem doesn’t persist, then it’s an app that’s changing your settings.

  102. Hi, my Galaxy A5 (2016) keeps notifying me about the same software update over and over again. I have downloaded and installed it already 2 times, but that doesn’t help. It says: A510FXXU5CRB2/A510FPHN5CRB1/A510FXXU5CRA3

    1. Hi, Marit. Run a virus scan. You may also want to boot your Galaxy A5 in safe mode to ensure that it’s not a third party app causing the problem.

  103. Hello my samsung a5 2017 flash led wont turn off.i tried to reset many times nothing happened.i also done factory reset but still the led is on.

    1. Hi Rodelio. If a factory reset didn’t solve the problem, then it’s almost certainly a hardware issue. It will need to be looked at by a service technician, but you don’t need to be stressed about. Without having looked at the device and assuming you’re not having any other problems, I would wager that it’s an issue with the electrical work that supports just the light, so it should be a relatively quick and inexpensive fix.

  104. my a5 2015 keeps on bootlooping whenever i used it a very long time. i change my firmware to CHC sm-a5000 but sometimes it keeps on restarting.

  105. Hi,my galaxy A5 2016 is giving me hard time with serious network problems. It comes and goes and in shopping malls it doesn’t work at all,I survive on rebooting or turning on and off the airplane mode but how do I stop this problem…….pliz help

  106. Please help me. I received a call from my ex partner which I answered and it lasted for 35 seconds. I have an app called call recorder and I have it set to record all her calls. The call shows on there and you can hear the conversation but the problem is it is not showing on my recent call log. My current partner now thinks I’ve deleted the call log to try and hide something. I haven’t but have no explanation as to why it isn’t there. This has caused a big problem for me. I have a galaxy a5 and this has never happened before. Please help me try to explain how this could be possible.

  107. My elderly A5 (2 1/2 years old) has recently stopped recognising the presence of the SIM card. I have never opened the phone up (don’t know how to), so I don’t understand how it could have got dirty. I dropped it recently, but the SIM card continued to work for a while after that. Is this just age-related? Is it time to get a new phone?

  108. I lost all my appts on my calendar ….I was told to sync with my email address but didn’t work…..what an I do

  109. My A5 is not responding to make calls play music I tried to change OS but still its not working , what can i do ?

  110. I took 3 videos on my A5 on the same day. I later started to show one to my husband and they were all there and audio and video were working fine. Then I connected my phone to my computer to back them up and they were gone!! Can you help? They were taken at a 90th birthday party and very precious to us.

  111. Hi!
    Could you help please .. Samsung A5 (2016) is charging battery only while switched off. When on nothing, no sighs of charging. Have done a factory reset, opened it but the same. Will battery replace solve the problem?

  112. after having the a5 2016 (sm A510F) model for a couple of years i’ve noticed that the wifi and bluetooth chips are sub par im not sure if it is specific to my device but when i was daily driving this thing i noticed over time that the wifi was disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly and after a couple of months the wifi chip stopped working altogether and no way to recover other than replace the chip all together with a new one

  113. Hi . Before I update vlc about 4weeks ago , I was able listening to audio since the screen shooted down automatically. But since then when I play music, my phone goes off when the screen shoot down and playing music stop . Please let me know how to fix this problem so I can hear music when the screen is closed.

    1. Hi, maybe the update returns your settings to default. You can try to find the playing option in your phone’s setting or the app’s setting.

  114. My A5 just switches itself and it will stay for months without it then it switch on again just for weeks then off please help me coz i no money to buy a new phone

    1. Hi Yvonne! Try doing a factory reset on your device – Although it’s important to note that it sounds like your device has a battery-related hardware problem.

    1. Hi Bishal, this happens when your system firmware isn’t compatible with the app that you’re using. Update your firmware then try again.

  115. my phone is not supported of many type of app why… how can we solve this problems. if i install app the phon reply that your device can not supported this version why ???? sir/madam

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