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4 Best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy On5

The Samsung Galaxy On5 is a slightly older smartphone that is still going quite strong, thanks to its respectable specs and easily manageable size. So, it’s no surprise that you would want to freshen it up by installing the best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy On5.

Despite being very popular, the Samsung Galaxy On5 doesn’t have a lot of popularity when it comes to ROMs. This is unfortunate because the smartphone is such a brilliant piece of technology that could have been amazing if there was a lot of third-party developer support for it. Thankfully, I was able to find at least 4 great ROMs for Samsung Galaxy On5 that will do a great job of changing the interface of your smartphone.

The ROMs are not in any particular order and most of them are not feature perfect. So, if you are interested in getting best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy On5, there are not a lot of options for the smartphone. I understand, that this is not a great situation but these ROMs are a great way to enhance the life of your Samsung Galaxy On5 at the very least.

Reborn On5

Reborn On5

Reborn On5 is a fairly straightforward ROM based on J2 Prime. It is DeOdexed, zipaligned, rooted, and comes with BusyBox support. The developer was also kind enough to remove a few bloatware apps that Samsung loves to pack in, they also went ahead and removed some Google apps as well.

This ROM for Samsung Galaxy On5 emphasizes the importance of battery and performance. You’ll see a visible change and how your Samsung Galaxy On5 drains the battery, especially when it’s not being used. The ROM has a standard TouchWiz interface, so you’ll be familiar how to navigate around. However, it doesn’t have any of that likeness that comes associated with Samsung’s Android skin.

Metro ROM

Metro ROM

Metro ROM is actually the latest Samsung TouchWiz ROM released for the Samsung Galaxy On5. So, it’s made for those who don’t want to lose the functionality of TouchWiz but want to enjoy the benefits of a custom ROM and a rooted smartphone.

The ROM is based on Android version 6.0.1 and is completely devoid of any bloatware. This is a perfect ROM for those who hate Samsung’s apps and don’t want to bog down there smartphone with them at all. This is a very genuine concern, especially when older Samsung smartphones tend to get a little slower after a few years. Apart from that, it’s a straightforward port just without any of that Samsung flavoring.

Pegasis On5

Pegasis On5

This custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy On5 is based on the official TouchWiz released for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It also comes with the latest security patch that was released on 1st December 2016. It is a pre-rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, and DeKnoxed ROM.

There are a lot of different tweaks available and one of the most prominent ones is the inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 side panels. You also get game launcher and game tools, both of them are Samsung apps that optimize game performance on any device. Pegasis On5 also emphasizes on memory optimizations, so that your smartphone will work a little bit better.

Enigma On5

Enigma On5

Enigma On5 is not a perfect ROM and may or may not work perfectly on your Samsung Galaxy On5. However, it is certainly fast and snippy, so if you’re looking for a ROM that is inherently Samsung, and yet has stellar performance, then this is the ROM for you.

The whole interface is TouchWiz based so you won’t be leaving Samsung behind at all and is one of the latest ROMs to be released for the Samsung Galaxy On5. Everything is working okay for some users while some are reporting crashes. While we don’t recommend that you install it as your main driver, it is certainly worth a shot to look at it at least.

Lack of Fireworks

There was not a lot of chatter on the forums for the Samsung Galaxy On5. This is probably because this smartphone didn’t gain as much popularity as other midrange smartphones from Samsung. Another reason is that it’s now around 3 years old so people have moved on, especially when it comes to midrange devices, many are opting for Chinese brands these days.

It’s only natural that there won’t be any ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy On5. Out of 6 possible options, I was able to only select 4 that were worthy enough to be included on the list. They are not best of the best, but they are the best options we have for Samsung Galaxy On5.

If you have questions, suggestions, or opinions about the Samsung Galaxy On5 and the ROM scene revolving around it, do drop a comment below.

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