4 Ways on How To Watch The Overwatch League on Android

Do you want to know how to watch the Overwatch League on your Android phone? Well, you came to the right place.

But before all of that,

What is the Overwatch League?

The Overwatch League is an esports international tournament that features the best players in the world. A total of 20 teams gathered to battle for the strongest by the end of the competition.

Isn’t that cool?

The whole tournament consists of 280 matches. It began last February and will end after 28 weeks.

In addition to this:

The total prize pool is 5 million dollars and a professional player salary of at least $50,000 each. That sure is big money!

For sure, these players trained hard for this league. With this massive amount of prize money, this league is not a simple game anymore.

Want to know a fact?

I tried playing Overwatch before, but after a few games, I realized how hard it is to become good at this game. I felt empowered when I watched gaming streamers from YouTube, so I decided to try the game.


Overwatch is a game developed by the famous Blizzard. It is a first-person shooting game with modern futuristic graphics.

Take note:

You can choose from around 30 heroes, which have different types of roles and abilities. Now you choose which fits your style the most.

The gameplay goes like this:

Two teams with six players will fight for two different objectives. One goal is guarding a part of a particular map, and the other one is to transport something across an area for a specified period.

Sounds cool, right?

Now, after reading all this, I know you’re excited to watch the Overwatch League on your Android phone.

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So let’s get down to business.

Watch The Overwatch League on Your Android Device Now!

Are you someone who prefers to watch while lying down your bed or your couch?

Make use of that Android phone of yours. We’ll share some tricks on how to get updated with Overwatch League while using your Android phone.

Method 1: Watch Overwatch League on MLG App

MLG App Icon

MLG is an app where you can get updates from your favorite games. It hosts games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Starcraft, and many more.

You can watch replays and live streams with just a few clicks. Isn’t that handy?

Do you idolize a pro esports player? Say no more because this app also has access to interviews from some pro players.

Not only that…

It also has daily recaps on the different events in the gaming community. You can also find predictions by analysts for the upcoming matches.

Amazing, right?

Now, we’ll teach you how to smoothly access this app with these following steps:

1. Download the MLG app in Play Store


Can’t find the app on your phone? Click this button below.

download google pay through google play

2. Open the MLG app

Click Open

3. After opening, something like this would appear:

MLG Home Screen

You can already see the latest news from their home screen. If you want to be informed about other games, you can also select a video from there.


For the Overwatch fans, click the search button or the magnifying lens looking icon on the top right portion of the screen.

MLG Search Button

4. Type “Overwatch League” on the search bar.

Type Overwatch League on the Search Bar

There will be many quick search filters, but for this specific example, I chose the one that says “Overwatch League 2020” to get the most updated news.

Click Overwatch League 2020

5. After clicking, this would appear on your screen:

Overwatch League 2020 Results

Now from this screen, you can select a video you want to watch. Enjoy watching!

Method 2: Watch Overwatch League on YouTube Mobile App

YouTube icon

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming websites we know. I bet you already know this one.

But did you know that you can also watch The Overwatch League on YouTube?

Follow these steps:

1. Download YouTube on Google Play

Click the button below to download YouTube on your Android phone.

download google pay through google play

2. After downloading, open the app.

Click on Open

After opening the app, this is how it looks like:

The YouTube App

3. Click the “Search” button or the magnifying lens looking image on the top right portion of the screen.

Search the Channel on YouTube

4. After clicking, type “Overwatch League” in the box.

Overwatch League Search Results

5. If you’re done typing, something like this would appear:

6. You can click on “Subscribe” to get updated with the latest news on the Overwatch League.

Subscribe To Overwatch League

7. Click on the “Overwatch League.”

Overwatch League Youtube Channel

8. After clicking “Overwatch League,” click on “Videos.”

Something like this would appear:

Videos on Overwatch League

Now, you can select which video you want to watch. Enjoy!

Method 3: Watch Overwatch League on Twitch Mobile App

Twitch Icon

When it comes to streaming gaming videos, Twitch is the right answer.

The majority of the uploaded gaming videos are in Twitch. It is the most common streaming app for gamers because it’s easier to start a live stream.

Isn’t that amazing?

Now, if you’re not that familiar with Twitch, here’s our step-by-step guide.

1. Download the app on Play Store.

Install Twitch

For easier access, click this button below.

download google pay through google play

2. After downloading the app, click on Open.

Click on Open Button

After opening the app, it should look like something like this:

Twitch Opening Screen

3. Now, click on the search button or the magnifying glass looking icon on the top right portion of the screen.

Twitch Search Button

4. Type “Overwatch League” on the search bar.

Twitch Search Bar

5. Select the one that says “Overwatch League.”


6. After selecting the “Overwatch League,” something like this would appear:7. Click on “OverwatchLeague”


After clicking, the screen would display this:

OverwatchLeague on Twitch

When you arrive on this screen, you can now choose a video to watch. Enjoy watching!

Method 4: Watch Overwatch League on OverwatchLeague App

Overwatch League Icon

When it comes to Overwatch, this app is the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s the official app for the Overwatch League created by Blizzard.

But sadly, this app is faulty right now. Every time I enter my credentials, I am redirected back to the log-in page shortly after.

Overwatch League Log-in Screen

Let’s just hope this bug gets fixed by the developers as soon as possible. For now, try our other suggestions on how to watch the Overwatch League on your Android phone.

Still, I’m giving the download link to this app for those who want to try. Who might know, It might work on your Android phone.

download google pay through google play


What team is currently leading the Overwatch League?

The top team right now is Seoul Dynasty with 6 wins and 0 losses. The league is still far from ending, so who knows what might happen in the future games.

Are all these apps free to use on my Android phone?

All these apps are free to use. You can stream unlimited videos and pay nothing at all.

To Sum It All Up

The Overwatch League only started this February, so Overwatch fans around the world are waiting for the most recent updates.

The crown of champions is far from ending, and there can be a lot of plot twists on who will be the best team in Overwatch.

Luckily, we can check live streams and replay videos on our Android phones with ease. We can make that free time not go to waste anymore.

We hope that these tips can help you browse your most awaited Overwatch team.

If you think we missed something, please leave a message in the comment section below.

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