5 Best Apps to Have In Case of an Emergency

You never know when an emergency can arise so being prepared never hurts. With the best apps to have in case of an emergency on your Android smartphone, you’ll have the best chance of not only avoiding damage to your health or property but also avoid it completely. Are these app replacement for actual emergency services personnel? Absolutely not, but they do provide you a good chance of surviving until a professional arrives on the scene.

There are numerous possibilities of something unforeseen happening and you being swept up in it. The best apps to have in case of an emergency allow you to not only prepare for upcoming emergencies but also improvise during one. Knowing the right kind of information can be the difference between life and death in certain situations and it is always great to be prepared for any sort of emergency. This is the only app list where I hope that you don’t have to use the apps your whole life but I do recommend that you go through them once so that you may retain some important information. While Android phones are quite sturdy these days, there is no telling what kind of damage to your smartphone an emergency can do. Like I always say, a smart brain is still better than a smartphone.

Note: the best apps to have in case of an emergency were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The apps worked perfectly fine and provided quality information about emergencies and how to deal with them. A few features do rely on Internet as well as calls but most of the information is available off-line.

1. Medical ID (Free) ICE contacts

Usually Android smartphones allow you to display a message on your lock screen. This is not for vanity but to display contact details or your blood group. If you get in an accident and are knocked unconscious, someone will check your phone to call the emergency contacts and they can readily check out what your blood group is. This not only can save off precious time when the paramedics start operating on you but also make it a lot easier for others to give donations.

Medical ID takes it to the next level by displaying an always on notification on your lock screen that can be interacted with, without unlocking your smartphone. You can even have a few contacts listed in there and all the rescuer needs to do is tap and expand the notification. It’s a simple and clean idea that can be the difference between life and death for anyone. I highly recommend that you get this app, or at least use the lock screen text feature to display important info.

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2. First Aid – American Red Cross

First Aid American Red Cross icon

This is one of the best apps to learn about first-aid and I highly recommend that you not only install it but go through it at least once. The app provides simple step-by-step instructions to carry out every day first-aid tasks. From broken bones to heatstroke, everything is detailed and explained really well in this app. You also get safety tips for severe winter, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes so that you can be better prepared for such emergencies.

One great thing about this app is that all of the content is available off-line; so regardless of your Internet connectivity, the app will provide you full information. The app also comes with interactive quizzes that allow you to learn more about first-aid and even compete with your friends. American users can utilize the fully integrated 911, so you can call EMS right from the app. Even though the name has American Red Cross on it, first-aid usually applies to everyone regardless of their nationality, so don’t be deterred by the name, it is a must have app in case of emergency.

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3. Emergency Medication Reference

This is a fast and easy reference for emergency medications and it includes classifications, contraindications, indications and dosages. The app also provides detailed information about dosages for adults as well as pediatrics.

It is a very simple app with text based information so that you can administer a medication in case of an emergency. However, I highly recommend that you go on the Internet and check up-to-date information to double check the correct dosage. Better yet, call an actual professional if you have the luxury. Understand that in case of emergency you need to act fast and this is an app that allows you to do just that. I highly advise you not to self-medicate because this can result in severe consequences later on.

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4. eQuake – Earthquake Alerts

This is an app that sounds too good to be true but a lot of users have reported it working just fine. eQuake uses a network of seismic sensors to detect earthquakes, and when earthquakes occur, it sends an alert to the users. And only warning notification allows you to be prepared for an earthquake and not to be taken by surprise from shakes.

I’m a little bit skeptical about how this actually works in real world scenarios and haven’t been able to test the app yet. But I have it installed on my smartphone and will update the article once there is an actual earthquake where I live. Overall I think the app provides a good service and most of the users are quite satisfied with the app. As they say, it’s always good to be prepared, so I recommend that you install this small app on your smartphone just in case.

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These were some of the best apps to have in case of emergency and I hope you will be safe if there is one. I recommend that you go through each of these apps to get familiar with the interface so that it becomes easy to navigate in case of an emergency. Better yet, read the information in the American Red Cross apps to have immediate information even without your smartphone by your side.

Have you found another app that deserves to be on this list? Do tell us about it so that we can test and share it with others.

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