5 Great Android Apps for Absolute Beginners

So, you have finally gotten an Android smartphone and want to see what all the fuss is about. Whether this is your first smartphone, or you are moving on from the dark side (we love Apple), these are some great Android apps for absolute beginners to start you off.

Thankfully, Android smartphones and tablets come preloaded with a lot of basic apps, so you won’t need to install a ton of new apps just to get things running. However, these are the apps that will surely be useful when you are just starting out with your phone.

Coincidently, the Android apps for absolute beginners also happen to be some of the best apps Google Play Store has to offer. I personally use all of the apps on this list and thoroughly enjoy using them in my everyday life. I’ve included apps that you will use very frequently and I’m pretty sure most of them will become a part of your daily Android ritual.

Note: These apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a Galaxy Note 3 and a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The apps are in constant usage on almost all of my devices and they have performed impeccably over the years. Some of the apps may require an active Internet connection to provide full functionality. The apps are not in any particular order due to their vastly different nature.

1. SwiftKey

No matter which manufacturer made your Android device, it will always come with a default keyboard. While a lot of companies have made strides in making their keyboard more customizable and accessible, they are still far behind what SwiftKey has achieved. This is one of the best keyboards out there not only for new Android users but also for veterans of the Android OS. So, if you are going to start on a new operating system as well as ecosystem, you might as well choose the best of the best.

There are tons of customization options available here and you can even change how the keys are spaced. From changing themes to customizing how you type, SwiftKey allows a lot of freedom. Will it be confusing for new users? Absolutely not, all the options are tucked safely behind the option menu so right off the bat you’ll be getting a streamlined experience without any hurdles. What if you don’t want to type on a virtual keyboard? Well you don’t have to press any keys, you can simply glide your finger from key to key to get your message across.

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2. Chrome Browser

These days a lot of manufacturers are moving away from their own third-party Internet browsers to Google’s Chrome. Google Chrome has been dominating the Android market because of its simplicity. It is a fast and highly reliable Internet browsers available for Android devices. One of the best things about this browser is its compatibility across the board, so no matter how many Android devices you use, all your bookmarks and data can be synchronized seamlessly.

The synchronization even covers desktop PCs and Macs. While the browser is not as fast at some of its competitors, it offers great balance between stability and ease-of-use. No wonder it is on our best browsers for Android list.

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3. SHAREit

Now that you have a new Android device, you may want to get a few movies and videos on it to check out the screen quality. You can easily do that by attaching your device to a PC and transferring the data or alternatively you can simply ask your friend to share with this app. These days, almost everyone I know has this app installed for easy data sharing. From sending high resolution movies to 4K footage that I shot personally, this app has been phenomenal in my day-to-day sharing needs. I even shared 1800 wedding pictures to a cousin in only 30 minutes with this app. The interface is clean and easy to understand, the transfer speeds are extraordinary and you can even send apps to other people in your vicinity.

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4. YouTube

Most devices come preloaded with Google apps and that also includes YouTube, however if it’s not there, you can easily get it from the play store. YouTube is an essential Android app that everyone should have on their smartphone. I’m not recommending it because it seemingly offers unlimited entertainment but it also houses a lot of different tutorials that can ease you into the Android ecosystem.

From app reviews to phone performances, you can get a lot of information on YouTube without any fuss. The app runs really well on Android devices and provides a good viewing experience. Google has also improved the streaming quality as well as the speed in the past several years. Now I can safely say this is one of the best ways to stream media on your devices.

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5. Google Drive

There are a ton of things that Google Drive can achieve but safely storing your files that can be accessed from anywhere is probably the most important one. At first I was skeptical about using Google Drive as my main work cloud storage, but over the years I have grown fond of it. Google has made a lot of advancements in making your files highly accessible and organized.

For example, I can easily search articles I’ve written about a certain smartphone if I put in the name. Want to quickly view the content you have uploaded? The app allows you to do that fairly easily. Another great thing about this app is the level of access you can give other people to your uploads. If you only want people to look at the spreadsheet you made, you can make it happen with just a few taps. Overall, I highly recommend that you upload important data, college notes or even presentation slides to Google Drive regularly, so you will never lose them in the event you damage or lose your device.

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These are some of the must have Android apps for new users. I’m sure that these will have a positive impact on your daily Android usage. Once you’ve grown accustomed to these apps, I highly recommend browsing through our website to access a treasure trove of app lists and recommendations. I’m sure, you’ll be downloading amazing Android apps left and right after a few days and using your device like a professional.

If you have any questions or simply require help, feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. As good as SHAREit is don’t you think that you should have recommended in its place ES File Explorer? (IMO)

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