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5 Great Launchers for Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung has improved their TouchWiz Android skin but it is still not as customizable as many people want. Thankfully, there are some great custom launchers for Samsung Galaxy J7 to spice up the interface without a lot of effort.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is a remarkable mid-range device with some of the best specs at the price. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy J7 is its beautiful 5.5 inch full HD screen. Combine that with a large 3600 mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy J7 is amazing overall. So, it’s only natural that you would want to get a custom launcher for Samsung Galaxy J7 to make the screen look even better.

Note: I only had a little time with the Samsung Galaxy J7 and could only test 13 different launchers on it. Thankfully, almost all of them worked flawlessly and no problems were faced during my brief testing. The shortlisted launchers that were further tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone and they all performed perfectly fine. The launchers are not in any particular order, they offer some unique interfaces and you should check them all out before deciding.

1. Evie

Minimalistic; that’s the word that comes into mind when you first boot up Evie Launcher. It is a very clean custom launcher for Samsung Galaxy J7 and works wonderfully well with the 5.5 inch screen. The launcher basically copies the stock Android feel and looks with some refinements to the user interface and icons.

On the home screen you’ll get and unobstructed view of your wallpaper, a translucent Google search bar, and appropriately sized icons. The app drawer is in a list form and shows all your apps in alphabetical order, there is also a nifty shortcut button that allows you to change the arrangement.

Overall, the Evie launcher can easily be listed on the fastest custom launchers for Android list simply because of its fast response time. It is a neat and clean Android launcher that will make your Samsung Galaxy J7 look sophisticated. There are some customization options if you want to further refine the experience but the default looks attractive enough.

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2. Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher has been the topic for almost every tech website and there are numerous reasons behind that. Even Google has been using Nova Launcher features on their stock Android these days, the features that were available years before on this custom launcher.

Nova Launcher is a wonderfully designed custom launcher for Samsung Galaxy J7 that works amazingly well with the smartphone. To be honest, it works just as well with any Android smartphone but on a 5.5 inch full HD display, it just shines more.

Everything is customizable on this custom launcher, from installing the best custom icon packs to changing the home screen transition animations, everything can be customized on it. I’ve been using it for more than 3 years now and I have absolutely no complaints. If you need more information about this amazing launcher, do check out our best custom launchers for Android list and the app review.

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3. Microsoft Launcher

I was skeptical about checking out the Microsoft Launcher on the Samsung Galaxy J7, but it is generally one of the best launchers around these days. If you don’t like the Samsung look at all and want a different interface for your smartphone, the Microsoft launcher is one of the most unique experiences you can get.

It’s not the old windows phone style launcher at all, Microsoft took the Android interface and made it their own. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the Windows launcher comes with a beautiful looking wallpaper selection that just simply looks remarkable on a Samsung Galaxy J7.

Icons are well designed and well placed, the launcher is very responsive on the mid-range smartphone, and the app drawer is uniquely designed. Overall, Microsoft has done a great job of integrating new elements in the traditional Android interface.

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4. U Launcher

U Launcher 3D icon

U Launcher is relatively new on the scene but it has some compelling elements that stand out. One thing you’ll notice is that the animations are superb on this custom launcher for Samsung Galaxy J7. There are 3-D effects sprinkled around the whole interface.

Another great feature of this launcher is the ability to create your own themes. You can combine custom icon packs, wallpapers, and customize the interface to make your smartphone uniquely your own. Adding widgets to your home screen has never been this easier, you can adjust them as well.

If you’re looking for the launcher that makes everything simplified for you, U Launcher has the ability to automatically classify all the apps you have installed based on their functionality. For example, all of the social media apps will be bundled into a conveniently named folder, this makes accessing specific apps a lot easier.

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5. Square Home – Launcher : Windows style

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While the Windows phones did not get mainstream popularity, so a lot of people didn’t appreciate their tile based interface. Thankfully, with the power of Android and a creative team, you can now get that same square tiled experience on your Samsung Galaxy J7.

It is a relatively straightforward custom launcher for Samsung Galaxy J7 that completely replaces the stock Android interface system with tiles. Everything on the screen is based on tiles and they are all interactive as well. For example, the gallery tile shows recent photos you’ve taken with the camera on the home screen; it is a subtle yet very pleasing effect.

Of course there are also customization options, so that you can change the interface according to your liking. Moving the tiles around, resizing them, and even changing the colors is completely allowed in this custom launcher. However, the app drawer could use a little bit of improvement in the long run.

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Closing Words:

With hundreds of custom launchers available on the Google play store, it can be a little daunting to simply select the few best ones. However, we chose the best ones for the Samsung Galaxy J7 not only based on the looks but also the performance. The best 3-D launchers for Android may look amazing, but they can put a stress on a midrange smartphone, thus hindering performance.

I hope that you loved the 5 great launchers for Samsung Galaxy J7 and hopefully you found your daily driver among them. If you have any questions, suggestions, or even just want to chat with us, do leave us a comment below.

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