7 Samsung Galaxy On7 Problems and Troubleshooting

Samsung On7 is a 5.5-inch smartphone from famous Galaxy series with sleek design, slim frame, and comfortable grip. It has an awesome high resolution screen and a great camera.

Unfortunately, the Samsung On7 also has some flaws, just like all smartphones. Fortunately, here at Joy of Android we know all the tricks to troubleshoot errors and work around the less than optimal features of devices.

Now let’s get started. Here are some of the problems you might face using On7 and how can deal with them.

1. Device Storage

The On7 comes with 8GB of ROM, of which only 4.4GB is available for the user (other being occupied by system and bloatwares). Even though it may not sound like a serious problem initially, you will eventually run out of space as you download apps and files.

The easiest solution to this problem is using external memory (expandable up to 128GB) card and moving your apps to that. For moving apps to external SD card, open up Settings -> Application manager and click on the app which you want to move to SD card.

You will see  “Move to SD card” on the bottom right side. Clicking on that will move that particular application to SD card. Moving big apps to memory card might take a while, so sit back and relax.

2. Problem Moving Apps to the SD Card

Even though you can move most apps to the SD card using above method, there are some apps which can’t be moved. This includes all system apps, widget apps, or apps which uses system processes. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this apps to move them to SD card without rooting your device.

If your device is rooted, you can merge your internal and external SD card to make it as one monolithic storage. Samsung used to provide this option directly in the phone itself, but they have got rid of it for security purposes. Fortunately, there’s a patch available in the xda forum to bypass that.

Rooting guide for Samsung Galaxy On7 can be found here.

Disclaimer: Rooting your device voids warranty and could brick your phone.

3. Missing Compass Sensor (Magnetometer)

The Galaxy On7 does not have inbuilt magnetometer sensor which is responsible for showing direction while navigating on Google Maps or  compass applications. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about missing hardware, but GPS applications can generally orient you without the use of a magnetometer.

4. Unable to Detect SD Card

If you are trying to expand your On7’s storage and it’s unable to detect the inserted SD card, you may want look for following factors:

  • Maximum allowed expandable memory is 128GB for Galaxy On7, so make sure you are not trying to insert a memory card with greater capacity than is still available.
  • Make sure the memory card is formatted and ready to be used.
  • Make sure no physical damage has happened to either the memory card or the device.

5. Slow Charging and Quick Battery Draining

As Samsung Galaxy On7 does not come up with any fast charging technology, it will never charge as fast as some of the latest devices do. Still, if you think your device is charging way too slowly and your battery is draining way too quickly, you could try the following methods to see if they resolve your issue:

  • Make sure to run your Android device on latest firmware updates.
  • Use authorized chargers only with specified ratings. Often, cheap chargers available in market has low current ratings and are responsible for higher battery charging times.
  • Make sure your display sleep time after inactivity is not set to more than 15 or 30 seconds. Mobile display drains the highest amount of your battery percentage.
  • Make a habit of clearing your recent application lists before you stop using your device. Cleaning applications from the recent list reduces RAM usage, which in turn improves battery life.

6. Device Is Heating Excessively

When smartphone features or apps that require more power are used for extended periods, the device tends to heat due to excessive CPU utilization and battery consumption. First aid for this kind of situation would be closing all open apps and not using the device for a while.

Some scenarios where a device may overheat:

  • While using mobile as a hotspot and tethering device,
  • While using navigation with device placed in sunlight,
  • Charging the battery with non-standard or damaged charger,
  • Large number of background apps using data services.

Ways to avoid overheating:

  • Keep updating device with latest firmware,
  • Restart the device,
  • Deactivate features like hotspot, GPS, and Bluetooth when not in use.

7. Poor Camera Quality

Often you may experience that camera quality is not as good as advertised. It’s frustrating to know that your camera is not worth taking out of pocket for capturing those perfect moments.

Try the following to improve your photo quality:

  • Make sure dust is not covering your camera lens. If it is, clean your lens.
  • See if quality degrades only if you are using third party camera application. Try switching to another third party app or the default one.
  • Make sure conditions of surrounding are good enough to take a good photo. The On7’s camera doesn’t work that well in the dark. If you are trying to take photos in excessive brightness, make sure to take photos by reducing brightness setting from camera.
  • Use HDR mode for better photo quality.

Wrapping Up

The Galaxy On7 is budget phone from Samsung and like every other phone, it has its ups and downs. It really comes down to compromise between amount of money you want to spend and number of features you want in device.

If you think I missed any common problems in Galaxy On7 or are struggling with a less common problem, let me know in comments and we’ll help you out. 

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  1. I just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. It takes great pictures and sends them but I cannot receive any pictures sent to me from my contacts. I can get the text messages but not the pictures. I hope you can help me with this!

    1. Hi, Marie. You can try clearing your messaging cache, but it’s most likely a carrier issue. You’ll need to contact your carrier to have it addressed.

  2. when I text there is no gallery icon when I touch the paperclip so I am unable to attach pictures with my texts…when I click on the image icon it only brings up all my bitmojis?

  3. please answer my question in email as this is my second request for an answer to this question…when I am texting someone on my samsung galaxy on7 2015 there is no gallery icon for me to attach a picture and the image icon is all bitmojis?

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