8 Best GoPro Apps for Android: Get the Most from Your GoPro

The 6 Best GoPro Apps for Android: Get the Most from Your GoPro | Joy of Android
The 6 Best GoPro Apps for Android: Get the Most from Your GoPro

Ever since the emergence of GoPro, many people can’t stop shooting their adventures and action-filled trips. May it be for extreme sports or just simply going on a hike, most of you rely on the tiny, yet ultimate action camera to make your shooting in extreme situations fun and exciting.

However, for you to be able to unleash the full potential of your GoPro camera, you need to learn an efficient way of editing your footage no matter where you are. Yes, you always have an option of professionally editing your videos on your computer, but when you want to edit on the location, you inevitably have to make use of your Android phone.

In this article, I will tell you what are the best GoPro Apps for android that you can use to make those footages more interesting to share with your friends and make your life easier in capturing those moments.

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Best GoPro Apps for Android

These are the best Gopro apps for android.

  1. Quik
  2. Antix
  3. Gopro App
  4. PowerDirector
  5. Youtube Creator Studio
  6. Passenge
  7. Splice
  8. VITA- Video Editor and Maker


Gopro Quik App Logo
Gopro Quik App Logo

It is one of the most convenient and easy to use app in GoPro’s arsenal. Quik is a free application which could automatically create nicely edited videos within just a few minute’s time. You can create the coolest video only by some taps or choose your favorite photo or video clip and let the app do the rest. After finishing the video, you can share it with your friends on social media quickly.

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  • You can edit the videos quickly,
  • No need to have experience in video editing because it can do it automatically,
  • Features are impressive like adding pictures or videos without any difficulties, the app can analyze the video and it can cut the footage smartly, and you can choose the highlights that you want to add by your creativity.


  • It needs more storage to install the app,
  • Requires Android v.5.0.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitor

Google play badge


gopro antix
Gopro Antix Logo

Antix app, in a nutshell, uses artificial intelligence to edit GoPro footage automatically. This app is pretty much popular among surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders. The reason is that of the app’s intelligent technology that makes use of multiple sensors of your smartphone to track your movements while you are out surfing or skateboarding.

The sophisticated algorithm of this app can automatically detect or sense when something “exciting” has happened and produce a Vine-like video which will be automatically posted to your profile on the app.

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  • Editing is super simple,
  • App connects wirelessly to your GoPro for a seamless experience,
  • Will simultaneously begins motion tracking and video recording,
  • The app would send you a notification if something exciting was recorded during your session.


  • For activities that do not involve violent movement might be a disadvantage at this.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitor

GoPro App

gopro android logo

This is the mobile app design by GoPro to use on your Android phone and easily is one of the best Gopro apps for android. Although you can use GoPro with this app, it provides an arguably better interface for controlling the camera than does the camera’s native interface.

The GoPro app allows your mobile device to act as a remote control for the camera and even provides a live preview. It also lets you change the camera mode and access the recordings stored in the camera.


  • You can share your stream easily,
  • Your phone can act as a remote,
  • You can change the Settings of the video that you are taking.


  • Massive delay between the video feed on the camera and the app,
  • The connection between the camera and the app is not that quite reliable.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitor

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power director

From CyberLink, the company that builds its empire from its line of photo and video editing software for PCs, comes PowerDirector. It is one of the few, extremely versatile video editing apps that allow casual video recorders to compose a brilliant video with that professional touch.


  • Simple and easy to use,
  • Plenty of transition,
  • Option to add voice-overs.


  • Linear timeline.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitor

YouTube Creator Studio

youtube creator

The YouTube Creator Studio is a handy app to manage and analyze your YouTube videos. This well-designed app allows you to view all of your videos and track their performance quickly. You can change info and settings for your uploads such as the title, privacy settings, category and comments to name a few.

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  • Excellent, easy on the eye design,
  • Makes it simple to track video performance,
  • Supports notifications.


  • No video editing capabilities,
  • Analytics could be more detailed.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitor


passenger gopro

With the competition in the world of drones is getting fiercer these days, companies need to come out with innovative features. GoPro announced an app called Passenger, which then allows one more person other than the pilot to see what the drone’s onboard GoPro is seeing and control the camera. A pretty neat app which you and your friend can enjoy.


  • Makes drone flying a team effort,
  • Will make you capture more photos with the pilot just focusing on operating the drone.


  • Needs a few steps to get connected,
  • Needs to stay close to the controller.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitor


Image credit: Google Play store
Image credit: Google Play store

The Splice app is simple but an effective one. With this app, you can create videos easily and quickly. The performance of the splice app is at pro-level. With just a few clicks you can trim clips, add music, adjust speed and make videos and create slideshows. it is one of the best GoPro apps for android where you can add more creativity by creating stickers for your videos. You can also share it on social media for people to follow. Have fun making, editing and sharing your videos using the Splice app. 


  • Free to install and easy to use.
  • Tools are easy to access and make editing much easier.
  • Variety of filters and editing options.
  • Unique designs and templates.


  • Contains minimal and simple features.
  • The app lags sometimes.
  • It is glitchy and overlaps.

VITA- Video Editor & Maker

Image credit: Google Play store
Image credit: Google Play store

Among the best GoPro apps for android VITA stands out of the crowd. With the VITA app, you can export videos in full HD quality. This app contains all the features you need for videography. You can start creating unique videos with high quality features in VITA. What’s cooler than adding transitions to your videos! Make your video more dramatic. You can also add some dreamy and glittery effects to make your video a little aesthetic. Also, make vlogs with quick and easy video templates. Collage, cloning and overlaying videos can be done in no time. 


  • With this app, you can add music and special effects to your videos. 
  • You can customize premade fonts and animate texts with strokes, shadows and colors.
  • You can make use of the slow motion and time lapse features on your videos. 


  • It is a little laggy sometimes.
  • No search bar for templates are available.



Is there a free GoPro app?

GoPro is charging $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year for auto editing and other features, though the basic camera connection and control side of the app will remain free to use

Is Quik same as the GoPro app?

Gopro relaunched its smartphone app as Quik with additional features like private feed and auto editing

Can I use GoPro app without WiFi?

Yes, even without internet connectivity or WiFi the Gopro app will be able to pair with camera. However it needs internet connection for uploading files to the GoPro cloud

Final Thoughts on the Best GoPro Apps for Android

There is still a lot the world can offer, which means more fun-filled adventures in store for you. With GoPro, a lot more people are now able to share their experiences with the help of these Android apps. For me, it makes it a lot easier to use GoPro and edit my videos. It helped me became more creative and was able to put my personal touch on the videos.

What are you waiting for? Go out and explore the world. Be ready to capture those moments and enjoy many adventures. Let your creative juices flow in adding some spice on your videos with the aid of these apps. Give us your opinions and let us know if there are any other Android apps that you can add that is compatible with GoPro and do not hesitate to comment down below. Always remember, to seize the day!

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