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8 Samsung Galaxy On5 Problems & Troubleshooting

Rarely does a phone look better in person than in advertisements. Despite its status as a mid-range phone, the Samsung Galaxy On5 actually exceeds expectations in some ways. But the On5 also has its problems. Many of these issues are quite common with Samsung devices in general.

Samsung hasn’t become one of the major players in the Android market by sheer luck, however. The manufacturer makes great phones and the On5 is one of them. This phone definitely has some quirks though. The software doesn’t always live up to expectations, and the hardware falls short at times as well.

Problem 1: Unresponsive Screen

Dealing with unresponsive keys can feel completely hopeless. But if even just some of them are working, there are workarounds.



Power cycle your device.

Avoid Water

Although it’s more of a preventative measure, try to avoid exposing your device to too much moisture, as this can cause issues with the screen.

Avoid Water

Remove Protective Cover

Forgo any layers or barriers between you and the screen, at least until you get a handle on this situation. This is includes any screen protectors or similar accessories, as well as gloves worn on your own hands.

Screen protector

Wipe Cache from Recovery Mode

If you have the ability, turn off your On5. Use the Power button again, but also press Home and Volume Up at the same time. Release the Power key only when the Samsung logo appears. When the Android logo appears, release all keys. Navigate to Wipe Cache Partition using the Volume keys, and select the option using the Power key.

Wipe Data

Use Your Resources

Best Buy has a Samsung kiosk you can take your phone to. They may or may not be able to help, depending on the representative you get.

Use Wired Micro USB Keyboard & Bluetooth Mouse

You can also connect the keyboard via Bluetooth, but if your touchscreen is totally unresponsive you might not be able to. You will likely need the keyboard for use of its arrow keys to install the mouse. If you go the USB keyboard route, you won’t have to worry about charging your keyboard as well as your phone. Or, once you have the mouse connected, you can disconnect the keyboard and connect your phone to your computer.

Bluetooth Mouse

Problem 2: Rapid Battery Drain

A 2600 mAh battery isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great. For many users, it has proven to be a problem.


Keep it Charged

Don’t let the amount of battery charge drop. Charge your battery often, and keep it charged fully.

Full Battery

Analyze Apps

Some apps are greedier than others when it comes to using your battery. To determine which apps are being the most demanding, go to Apps > Settings > Battery. You can then select each app to see if there are different settings that reduce battery consumption. If nothing else works, or if you don’t really need an app, you can uninstall or disable it. In fact, you may want to use this opportunity to conduct a Spring cleaning of all the apps you don’t really need or use.

Settings Battery

Check Charging Conditions

Does your phone have a broken or bent port? Does the charger fit too loosely? Have you tried a different charger? A different outlet?

Bad Outlet

Adjust On5 Settings

Does your screen need to be so bright? If not, dim it. Do all of your apps need to use GPS? If not, cut them off. Does syncing need to happen as often, and for as many apps? If not, use syncing more sparingly.

adaptive brightness

Get App Assistance

Not all apps are bad for your battery. Some are designed to help. One example of such an app is Greenify. This app allows you to select which apps you want to place in a state of hibernation, only consuming resources when you actually need them.

Download: Greenify

Install Greenify

Contact Dealer

If your phone won’t hold a charge, it’s most likely one of two things—-the battery itself, or the charger. If your phone is still under warranty or you have insurance, you might as well take advantage of that if you can.

Problem 3: Wi-Fi/Mobile Data Problems

Soft Reset     

Power your Samsung off, then on again. Do the same thing with your router. Leave it off for about 10 seconds.

Grip the Phone Lightly

Holding your device too firmly in the vicinity of the antenna can deplete signal. You might even try removing your phone’s case so that it doesn’t create a barrier.

Loose Grip

Come Close                          

If the signal indicator affirms a weak connection, it could be due to other items blocking it or to distance. For example, if you are next to a tall building or in a basement, you might need to relocate. Also, you could be too far away from the service tower. Move your Samsung On5 closer to the router. It’s possible for other devices can also create interference, so move any other appliances away.

Keep a Full Charge or Even Replace Your Battery

Maintaining the connection to the cell phone tower requires a constant supply of power.

Remove Battery

Remove and Reinsert SIM

Your SIM card might be out of place. With your phone powered off, pull out the SIM tray (located on the right edge of the device). Take out the SIM and insert it again. Push the SIM tray back into place.

sim phone

Unpair Bluetooth & Try Again

Oddly enough, sometimes Bluetooth can mess with Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth Menu

Make Sure Device isn’t in Power Saving Mode

Go to Apps > Settings > Battery > Power saving mode, and adjust the slider.

battery saver

Turn Off Airplane Mode

Press the Power button for only a few seconds and you will see the option to turn Airplane Mode on or off.

Airplane Mode

Problem 4: On5 Keeps Crashing, Restarting, or Freezing

These are usually signs of a software problem.


Safe Mode/Uninstall App(s)

Third-party apps can cause conflicts, and can also run in the background, affecting performance. To enter Safe Mode, turn your Samsung off. Now long-press the Power key until the Samsung logo appears. Release the Power key, but then immediately hold down the Volume down key until you see Safe Mode in the bottom left corner. While in Safe Mode, you can monitor performance and identify whether the issue arises when no third-party apps are involved.

Safe Mode

Clear App Cache

If the problem seems to lie with a particular app, go to Settings > Apps and select the app that keeps crashing. Select Clear Cache.

Download Task Killer

This app works to improve your phone’s performance by killing any app that is hogging the CPU and/or battery. Manually killing apps is still recommended.

Download: Advanced Task Killer

Hard Reset

Navigate to Backup and reset from Settings and tap on Factory data reset. Tell your Android to Reset the Device. This wipes data so you might want to backup what you wish to save!

Hard Reset

Problem 5: Adverse Audio

Are you having trouble hearing or is it your phone? Are other people having trouble hearing you? If the sound quality is inadequate or non-existent, read on.


Power Cycle Your On5

Press the Power down and hold for 7 to 30 seconds. The phone should restart on its own.

Clean Microphone

Use a few toothbrush bristles, a needle, a vacuum, or compressed air to clear out any debris. Do take care to prevent damage to the mic.

Toothbrush Bristles

Use Noise Reduction

Select the phone icon on your home screen. From the keypad, select the Menu button. Go to Settings > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Noise Reduction.

Faulty Speakers/Headphones/Audio Jack

Broken hardware can be difficult to fix. Sometimes replacement is the only viable solution.

Remove Case

Or anything else that might block the mic, like a finger.

No Case

Problem 6: Camera Calamity

If your camera app refuses to load, crashes, or otherwise stops working correctly, you are not alone.



Hold the Power button until the phone shuts off. Turn the phone back on.

Download Camera App

Switch to a different camera app. FV-5 is a camera app used by some professional photographers.

Download: Camera FV-5

Update Apps

Make sure that all of your apps are up-to-date, not just the camera app. The most comprehensive way to do so is to tap on the Apps icon from your home screen, then Play Store. Open My apps & games to view what apps are updated, and those for which updates are available. You can also elect to Auto-update apps.

Auto Update

Turn Down ISO

One of the nice things about the On5 camera is its Pro Mode. This setting is available within the camera app itself. Select the Mode button in the bottom-left corner of the app, then choose Pro. Turning down ISO may alleviate issues with weird colors, graininess, or noise.

Pro Mode

Master Reset

Go to Backup and reset from Settings and tap on Factory data reset. Instruct the Galaxy to Reset Phone. This wipes data so you might want to backup what you wish to save

Problem 7: Notifications

Whether you aren’t receiving your email notifications, push notifications, or it’s your notification sounds that need adjustment, we can help. There’s no need to spend days trying to figure it out on your own, like Samsung users some have done.


Download App

Push Notifications Fixer says it’s for every phone, and doesn’t require root. There is also an application for rooted devices fittingly named Root—Push Notifications Fixer. It’s free, with no advertising, which can be a true rarity.

Download: Push Notifications Fixer

Download: Root—Push Notifications Fixer

Check Email & other App Settings

From the home screen, tap Apps, then Email. Select the Menu button. Go to Settings > Manage accounts > your email address > Email Notifications. Choose Notification Sound, Allow Notifications, or Enable Notifications and adjust as necessary. (Note that the application of these instructions may differ slightly with other apps besides email, but are often quite similar.)

Notifications ON

Soft Reset

Reboot your Samsung. Hold down the Power button, select Power Off or Restart, give it a few seconds and turn the phone back on again (if it doesn’t restart on its own).

Enable App-Data Sync

Download Quick Sync Settings (optional, but useful). Now go into Settings > Accounts > Account of your choice > Sync all, or deselect any boxes next to apps or accounts you don’t want to sync before tapping Menu > Sync now.

Download: Quick Sync Settings

auto sync

Check Background Data Settings

Visit Settings > Data Usage. Disable Restrict Background Data.

Restrict Data


Hopefully now you will be able to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy On5. If your On5 is still not working, leave us a comment.

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  1. I am in trouble with my On5 Samsung(SM-G550T) handset. Every now and again there is a notification saying Storage space running out some system functions may not work. This started after i made upgrades to Google applications on the phone. How can i regain my freedom since an external memory card is not working as well?

  2. My On5 is perfect–except no one can hear me on a phone call.
    No Bluetooth, no external microphone.
    I didn’t find a solution here.

  3. My Galaxy On5 dies, even when fully charged, sometimes even when still plugged into the charger. There does not appear to be any specific pattern or reason for it. Sometimes it does it while I am using it, but most of the time it does it when no apps are running in the foreground and I am not using the phone. Sometimes, I even have to take the battery out and then put it back in before my phone will restart.

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