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Android is a powerful technology shaping and affecting the lives of over 1.6 billion people (including you) every day.

JoyofAndroid is here to ensure you get the best experience from your Android device through the right guidance and knowledge.

Created and run by a team of passionate Android enthusiasts in 2013, JoyofAndroid.com is a blog on the mission to bring peace and joy to millions of Android users looking for help with their devices.

We help connect people with their devices by educating them on useful apps, accessories, games, and the latest gadgets. Plus, how they can get full advantage of these in terms of price, features, safety, and more.

Here technology-nerds share state-of-the-art knowledge about all that happens in the Android ecosystem – how-tos, products and app reviews, comparisons, latest news, data security, troubleshooting, and much more.

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