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Best Acer Touchscreen Chromebook to Buy This Year 2023

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to Chromebooks. You might be overwhelmed with the choices and need to know which Chromebook to buy. To help you decide, we will be giving you a review on one of the brands that produce Chromebooks. The brand that we will be talking about is Acer. To be specific, we will be giving a review of the Acer touchscreen Chromebook Spin 713. 

We suggest you continue reading this article if you plan to buy this specific model from Acer. We will be discussing its features, pros, and cons. Other aspects will be addressed as well. These factors will help you decide whether you would buy this Chromebook

The Features of the Acer Chromebook Spin 713

Before diving deeper into the pros and cons of buying this Chromebook, let us know its features. Understanding its features will let us know if this Acer touchscreen Chromebook to Buy This Year 2023 would be serving the purpose we want it for. Whether you want it to use for work or school, it should be able to meet your needs. 

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Let’s Talk About Its Battery Health

Knowing the battery health of your Acer touchscreen Chromebook to Buy This Year 2023 is essential. This is because you would be using it most of the time. It will be such a hassle if you need to plug it in now and then when you are in the middle of working. 

The battery of this best Chromebook for students to Buy This Year 2023 lasted for a long time. To be exact, this Chromebook could operate for 11 hours and 54 minutes. It would be safe to say that you could use it for half the day nonstop. This is great for people who heavily depend on their Chromebooks to meet deadlines for work and school. They would be able to do more with this kind of battery capacity. 

How About Its Webcam’s Quality?

The quality of the webcam is pretty good. It is at 720p. Perfect for work and school online calls. It can pick out colors very well. This is a plus factor when you are giving an online presentation. The people listening would be able to understand you better if they could see the colors and you. 

What Is Its Operating System?

Chromebooks operate using Chrome OS. This is convenient when you have a Google account. When you sign in to your Google account on the Chromebook, you will be able to access files from your phone. You just need to sync the two devices first. Once you sync them, you will not have any problem transferring files across devices. 

What Can We Say About Its Performance?

Performance: Acer touchscreen Chromebook
Performance: Acer touchscreen Chromebook

Research must be included when we are doing our tasks. This is especially true for students doing tasks such as assignments and thesis. For them to be able to finish these kinds of functions, they have many tabs open. 

The Acer touchscreen Chromebook to Buy This Year 2023 Spin 713 can keep up with these kinds of tasks. It can still function properly even though there are over 30 tabs open. You can still listen to music on youtube and browse other websites while doing your tasks. If you rely on research, you can be assured that Chromebooks can keep up with your needs and demands. 

The Keyboard, Touchscreen and Touchpad

Features: Acer touchscreen Chromebook
Features: Acer touchscreen Chromebook

If you have big hands, the keyboard of the Acer touchscreen Chromebook Spin 713 may feel cramped for you. The keyboard is relatively small, making it the perfect keyboard for people with small hands. You could still use the Chromebook if you have big hands. You just need time to get used to it. 

The touchpad is quite extensive. Its size is 4.2 inches by 3.0 inches. I am making it the perfect size for scrolling. You can also easily use it for two-finger scrolling and pinch to zoom. 

As for its touchscreen, it is convenient when you are scrolling through a browser. It would help you navigate and find the information you need faster. A reminder that it could be a bit sensitive, which can be fixed when you get used to it. 

What Are the Pros and Cons That Come With the Purchase of This Acer Touchscreen Chromebook?

Acer touchscreen Chromebook Spin 713
Acer touchscreen Chromebook

Now that we have discussed the best Chromebook Spin 713 features let us move to another topic. Our next topic would be the pros and cons of this Chromebook. 

Every gadget or tech we buy has its own set of pros and cons. Knowing their pros and cons would help us decide if we would be getting the value for our money when we purchase the Chromebook.

Let Us Start With the Pros

  • Long Battery Life – We have said earlier that the Acer touchscreen Chromebook Spin 713 can last up to 11 hours and 54 minutes. This is perfect for people who rely on their gadgets to complete work and tasks. 
  • Can Be Bought at an Affordable Price – The Acer touchscreen Chromebook Spin 713 can be bought for 629 dollars. This is a great price considering the features that would work with it. This is perfect for people who are looking for Chromebooks with a budget. Customers would be assured that they are getting their money’s worth with this purchase.   
  • Great Performance – With 8GB RAM and intel core i5-10210U CPU, this Chromebook can operate smoothly with many tabs open. It can support the demands of people who like to multitask. You can do more with its powerful intel core. Some are specially designed Chromebook for gaming.

If There Are Pros, Cons Could Not be Avoided

Now that we know the pros, it is time to look at the other side of the coin. We should also look at the cons of this Chromebook. With this, you can better understand the Chromebook before you buy or use it. 

  • The Speakers Could Be Greater – The Chromebook’s speakers are located underside. This means that the location you put it on can alter the sound you will be hearing. It could come out as muffled when you put on a pillow or the couch you have. If you put it on your desk, it could be louder. The downside is that the speakers’ bass could be better. You would not be able to enjoy music with loud basses if you use the Chromebook’s built-in speaker. 
  • The Keyboard’s Size Could Use an Improvement – We have mentioned earlier that the keyboard size is tiny. This could use improvement. If the size of the keyboard were changed, it would be able to cater to customers with more extensive hands. They would not have a hard time typing with a larger keyboard size. 

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What We Can Say

The Acer touchscreen Chromebook has a lot to offer. It allows you to multitask without any problem. You could do your tasks with its powerful software and excellent performance. It is perfect for people with different lifestyles. Whatever you need, you would be assured that it can keep up with the demands of your busy life. 

There are also areas for improvement. These shortcomings would be its speakers and its small-sized keyboard. Check out the Acer touchscreen Chromebook Spin 713 online if these do not bother you. Have fun with your new Chromebook!

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