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AirPlay Music and Video from Android to Apple TV (Airplay for Android)

While companies would like for you to be wholly devoted to their product and their product only, you haven’t exchanged rings and are free to do as you please. So, if you want to dabble in the best both Android and Apple have to offer, why should you be limited? By comparison, it is not easy to share content from your Android to Apple TV like it is from other Apple products. But with some help from the right apps, it can be.

These apps will help Android and Apple play nice with each other so that you can have the same effortless streaming afforded by like products. There’s no reason to miss out on the many images, music, and videos available. Although there are several apps that can assist you with this, not all are created equal, so we will discuss some of the best. This is how you can AirPlay from Android device to Apple TV.

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1. Allcast

The only real requirement for this app is that your Android use the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV. Allcast also works with Chromecast, XBox 360, XBox 1, WDTV, most Sony Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, WDTV, many Samsung Smart TVs, Sharp Smart TVs, Panasonic Smart Tvs, and of course, Roku. Streamed content can be local or sourced from the cloud (for example, Google Drive and Dropbox).

Allcast Gallery

The free version does implement a 5-minute viewing limit on pictures and videos, but that can be waived with an upgrade to the premium version for about $5. It still works great to AirPlay music from Android to Apple TV. Some users have indicated that they have not been subjected to any limit, but instead have had to contend with ads. You simply specify which device you want to stream the content to and then pick the content you wish to play or view.

Free Version

Paid Version

2. DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist will also need the assistance of the AirSync plug-in to enable full functionality, but it’s well worth it. It also allows you to sync your iTunes library, complete with ratings and number of plays, between your PC or Mac and Android device. The upgrade helps you to manage podcasts (including the removal of ads) and offers DLNA support. You can even perform album art queries, sync from USB or over Wi-Fi, and it comes with full MTP support for devices like Samsung Galaxy Note or the S3.

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AirTwist, a component of AirSync, is what enables you to send content to your Apple TV. It can also be used to stream to any device that supports AirPlay over Wi-Fi. You will need to turn on the AirTwist and AirPlay options before use, as they are initially disabled to preserve battery life. You can enable AirPlay by going to Settings>AirTwist and AirPlay>Enable Streaming.

Double Twist

Once that is done, you’ll see a Wi-Fi symbol to the bottom right when you are playing a song in portrait mode. Tap on the symbol for the option to play in the Android app or stream to Apple TV. For videos, the Wi-Fi icon will appear in landscape mode and will afford you the same selections for output.

DoubleTwist is bound by Digital Right Management (DRM) protection when it comes to movies or TV shows that are purchased from the iTunes store. This means that it has no way of bypassing “limited playback to authorized devices only”. You can AirPlay video from Android to Apple TV, as long as it isn’t subjected to DRM protection.

3. Apple TV AirPlay Media Player

What makes this media player a huge asset is the myriad of options it offers for you to select videos to stream from your Android to Apple TV. You can peruse and share content from YouTube, Facebook, SHOUTcast, Flickr, Picasa, and/or local sources. Your Android device can transform into a remote control while you watch.

You will need to perform any available updates on your Apple TV (really that is a good idea regardless of the app you choose) and from the menu of your Apple TV, set AirPlay to ON. Within AirPlay Settings, disable Require Device Verification. Once you are up and running, you will be able to search and discover new videos, photos, and music, create and manage playlists, share your finds with others, and upload your own videos and photos.

AirPlay Media

Please note that this app does not work on the Kindle Fire. You will also need to be running Android 2.1 or greater and possess a ZappoTV account. We will give you a link to the website and/or where you can get it on Google Play. There have also been numerous complaints that this app does not work to stream Netflix or Hulu. Despite some downsides, the app remains a viable way to AirPlay Apple TV on Android.

Apple TV AirPlay Media Player


ZappoTV website


ZappoTV on Google Play

4. Twonky Beam

Some apps aren’t exactly easy to use, but this one is. It is also quite versatile in the number of devices it can service, and can be used on both iOS and Android. You can stream music, videos, and photos to not only Apple TV, but also Roku, XBox, AirPort Express, various Smart TVs, AT&T U-verse systems, Blu Ray players, PS3s, etc. It comes with its own selection of videos and also permits you to share data from your computer or other devices on your home network.

Twonky Beam

Twonky Beam allows you to save content from your local network to your Android device with ease so that it can access and play it later. The only requirements are that your device be running, at least, Android 4.0 or iOS 6. You can stream YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites. Just choose what you wish to see on your TV and hit Beam. Yet another great way to AirPlay from Android tablet to Apple TV.

5. Airstream

Airstream lets you stream music, movies, photos, and other types of files from your PC, Mac, or Linux, as well as the Cloud, for a small fee. Most users are so charmed by the app that they don’t mind paying the fee. Perhaps that’s because the app automatically detects computers on the same Wi-Fi network and doesn’t really have to be told to do its job of collecting movies and videos from your computers and mobile devices. This makes it extremely easy to use.

It touts Chromecast support and access to many Cloud apps such as DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Its website boasts that it supports all video formats, as well as the transfer of your iTunes playlist. If you are a minimalist who appreciates a simple design, you will probably like the user interface.


It does require login credentials but that truly is best for security. You can bypass the login credentials if there is no Internet connection. You will need to let the app through your firewall settings.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can set up your desktop by logging in from your smartphone and scanning the QR. Long-press to copy files and folders to your SD card, bookmark videos, and add songs to playlists on your mobile device.

6. Allstream (For Rooted Devices)

First off, let’s start by mentioning that Allstream can only handle audio. If you are looking for visual support you won’t find it here. Now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s also worth pointing out that it is an excellent way to stream audio from apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, and Tunein to your Apple TV. While it is free initially, there is a time limit. After that it will cost you.


Allstream will also transmit the music being played on your phone to AirPort Express, XBox 360, XBMC, PS3, Chromecast, and Samsung Smart TVs. If you already have a favorite audio player there’s no need to switch. Sound quality is great, there’s support for security and automation, and the interface is simple and useful. There are a few devices on which other programs can interfere with audio quality: it’s recommended that you disable Beats Audio on the HTC One and XLoud on the Sony Xperia Z.

Allstream may actually be the best way to AirPlay Spotify from Android to Apple TV.

7. iMediaShare Lite

Unlike some of the other apps listed here, iMediaShare Lite is self-sufficient, and more importantly, it’s also free. It also has the ability to detect other devices on the same network and automatically connect. It can be used to catch up on news with sites like CNN or for How-To videos and entertainment from sites like YouTube. iMediaShare Lite enables you to use your Android device to adjust playback, volume, or to view other content. Speaking of other content, you can also see Picasa Photos and Facebook with this app, as well as play music.


The app is also compatible for use with the XBox 360 and XBox One, numerous Smart TVs, and DISH Hopper. Your photo, music, and video streaming gets to travel with you and should be readily available to play anywhere that has a supported player. You can share your experience with everyone in the room, even spur of the moment. This app is an example of how to AirPlay from Android to Apple TV, impromptu.


One problem that a lot of users run into is a lack of support for music, video, or photo format. An app like Plex (download below) can be a godsend due to its ability to transcode, or convert the format on the fly. There are also some known issues with some of these apps, which is to be expected. While using DoubleTwist Sync, it is recommended that you avoid plugging in a USB cable to charge your device mid-session. Attach the USB cable first, or finish the session and then attach the cable.

On Twonky Beam, attempting to fast-forward to the end of a song can stop playback, but they are aware and will hopefully fix it soon. Problems streaming using Allcast? Check to see if there is a sharing password, and if so, remove. Rebooting software and hardware can solve a host of issues. These are just a few quirks you may run into. All of the apps have them to some extent.

Which app did you decide to go with? Have you experienced any issues? Send us your thoughts on all of these topics.

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