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Airtag for Android – 5 Best Alternatives

Airtags have a lot of uses nowadays. Since Apple launched the airtag, its users have been using it for tracking purposes. Some pet owners attach an airtag to their pets’ collars. This allows them to track the activity and whereabouts of their pet when they are away. It also avoids theft as they can easily track where their pet is. 

Some users use it to track their luggage. This is to avoid confusion if their luggage’s appearance resembles another passenger’s. Aside from the airtags for Android devices being useful for its users, it does not work smoothly with Android devices. 

You can only scan airtag for Android devices. You cannot pair it with your Android device. This is why if you are an Android user, you must look for an alternative to the airtag for Android.

What Should I Look for When Buying an Airtag for Android?

Compatibility – This is the first thing that you should look for. The airtag for Android that you would be using should be compatible with your device. If you are an Android user, ensure it can be paired to your phone. You can ask the store you are buying it for a test run to make sure it is compatible. 

Bluetooth Range – Your tracker will be relying on your device’s Bluetooth. It helps the tracker track the location of your device. It is better to get a tracker that has a greater Bluetooth range. This is because the more significant the Bluetooth, the further it can track. 

Waterproofing – This can be important if you use the tracker on your pets. This is because your pet can damage the tracker while it is on its collar. It is also essential to get a tracker with an IP rating. The higher the rating, the more it is resistant to damage. 

Price – As for the price, you should make sure that the alternative you are eyeing is within the budget you set. Some cheap trackers perform well. If it’s outside your budget, you can look for others in the market that fits right into your budget for the tracker.

You can check out these four qualities before buying alternative options which are available on Airtag for Android devices.

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5 Best Alternatives: Airtag For Android

If you are one of them, you do not need to look further; we will give you some of the airtag for Android alternatives you can try on your device. 

Tile Pro 

Tile pro

This is perfect for people who are looking for a tracker alternative that is made from durable materials. We mentioned earlier that pet owners also put trackers on their collars. This is perfect for pets. This is because it’s durable metal which has a rating of IP67. This is worth the money as it would not be easily scratched or damaged when your pet gets active. 

Aside from pets, people with active lifestyles can also use this airtag for Android. Its metal rating means it can also protect the tag from water damage. You can go hiking without worrying about the tag on your bag. 

Another advantage of the tile pro is that it can be paired across devices. You can pair it with the GPS tracker, whatever your device is. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, you can use it with no problem. 

If you are curious about its price, the tile pro can be bought for $34.88. You can check it out on Amazon and other available platforms. 

Chipolo One 

Chipolo one

Let us give our eyes a spark of color. Let us take a break from trackers that are either gray or black. Chipolo one can give you a splash of color. Chipolo One is available in different color airtag for Android. You can buy it in blue, red, yellow, green, and basic colors like black and white. 

Aside from being an airtag for Android tracker, the Chipolo One can also serve another purpose. You can use this tracker as a remote for your camera shutter. You do not need a timer when you get this tracker. It would go well with a tripod. 

If your device gets lost, you can look for it easily. This is because it can make 120db sounds and alarms. This allows you to find your device even in a noisy environment easily. 

For its battery, its two-year lifespan is good. The downside here is that once the battery is dead, you can no longer replace it. You need to find and buy a new Chipolo tracker. 

Cube Shadow 

Cube shadow - Airtag for Android

Go for the cube shadow tracker if you want something thin and lightweight. This thin airtag for Android tracker is only 2mm thin. This is perfect for sticking to your household devices as it only takes up a little space. 

Unlike the Chipolo one, you can recharge this tracker. You will not need to buy a newill if your battery runs out. This is also loud; you can quickly find your device with its 100db alarms. 

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Samsung SmartTag 

Samsung SmartTag - airtag for android

The Samsung smart tag is perfect for Samsung users. This smart tag is only available for Galaxy users. One thing that you may like about this is the home integration. 

You can utilize this smart tag to perform essential functions if you have Samsung appliances. An example you can do with this airtag for Android is you can control your lights. You can turn it on or off with the tag alone. You can also use it to send messages. You should make sure that the device you are using it on is compatible with SmartThings. 

For its battery, you can easily replace it. If the battery needs replacement, you will not have difficulty looking for a replacement as it uses a CR2032 battery. They are cheap and available in stores. 

Baseus Intelligent T2

Baseus Intelligent T2

This tracker is for people who want to use a simple tracker for their belongings. Its sleek design allows it to be attached to anything with a hole. You just need a lanyard to tie it around the device you want to track. 

This is also light. This airtag for Android – compact tracker only weighs 5g. Just like the Samsung SmartTag, you can easily replace its CR2032 battery. As for its performance, it can let you know your device’s last known location. With the help of Bluetooth, it can also tell you if you are near or far from the device you are tracking. 

You can simply press find for its alarm, and then this tracker will ring. It also comes with a separation alarm feature. This alarm will ring once you leave something behind. With this alarm, you will remember to bring your essential belonging whenever you leave your house. 

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In a Nutshell

Trackers are handy to us. It can help us find lost belongings. It can also help us safeguard our pets. However, the apple airtag has its limitations. You can only pair it with Apple devices. With that, we recommended some alternatives that you can try out. 

The market has lots to offer when it comes to trackers. You just need to remember some things before buying them. Ensure they are compatible with your device, have a great Bluetooth range, are durable, and are within your budget if you follow the tips above, following the tracker that will fit your needs. 

I hope this article helped you buy an alternative option airtag for Android devices. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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