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5 Trigger-Happy Shooter Games for the Android Gamer

There’s something exciting about shooting games. The sound of guns, blood splattering, and those epic headshots make us excited. As a game, there is no sight better than seeing a room full of bodies you helped make.

I’ve been an avid gamer almost all my life. While I have passed the phase of multiplayer shooters on consoles and PC, I still love to play many of the shooter games for Android.

Ever since I got myself a PS controller, I have been dominating the matches with ease. You can say this is kind of cheating but hey, when you win you won’t care either. As a matter of fact, I would recommend that you also use a controller for the shooter games on Android. It will make a hell of a difference.

Note: The best shooter games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The games worked really well and no problems occurred during the testing phase. Some of the apps will need an internet connection to work properly.

1. Max Payne

This is the game that introduced slow motion bullet action to gaming. Just like The Matrix made slow-mo action a mainstream phenomenon, Max Payne makes the slo-motion bullet an essential part of gaming. I initially played the game back when it released on PC.

This mobile part of the original game looks even better than I remember. The textures have most definitely been updated to accommodate full HD smartphones and tablets.

The gameplay is essentially the same. You will dive, roll and leap into the air all the while pumping bad guys full of lead. I would highly recommend a controller if you can afford it. Otherwise, you can play the game on a tablet to reduce the thumb cramps. I played around 2 hours of the game on my phone and, to be honest; it became painful to dive and shoot. I would love to do a full review of this gem of a game soon, so stay tuned for that as well.

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2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

I have already listed the next installment of this game in a couple of lists. Best free shooting games and best 3D games for Android comes to mind when we talk about Modern Combat 4. But you see, that game while doing everything better, lacks a good single player campaign. I get it though, Gameloft needed to make a beefier multiplayer mode to rake in profits.

Thankfully Modern Combat 4 comes with a little meatier single player campaign. The multiplayer is there too and some people do play it. Naturally the servers will be packed in the free to play version of the game.

All in all Modern Combat 4 is the last paid game in the series and by the look of it, it will stay that way. If you like a good single player action packed shooter, then this game will serve you just great.

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3. Shadowgun

This is a relatively older game by one of my favorite Android developers. Made by Madfinger, the creators of Dead Trigger one and two, Shadowgun is another quality Android shooter game.

If you are familiar with Gears of War on the Xbox gaming console, you will feel right at home with this game as well. In fact, I can go as far as to say that the console exclusive greatly inspired this version.

The surprisingly well-managed story can keep you engaged until the end. Just don’t expect any deep narratives here. One of the great things about the game is the AI, the enemies know how to attack you. I was surprised at the AI controlled enemy’s ability to flank me.

While we have seen this behavior in console/PC games, this was the first time an AI on Android took me by surprise.

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4. Space Marshals

I’ll be honest here, I came to know about this game from a friend. As this was a pretty new game, I decided to give it a go. As a fan of old school top down shooters, this game really impressed me.

Space Marshals is a great top down shooter on Android and has some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a long time. This game has a great chance of being included in the best looking games for Android as well.

The only downside is that the game is episodic. The first two are available right now while the third one is on the way.

The gameplay is very tactical; you use loud firearms as well as stealth to get the job done. The game is about a space marshal who needs to contain a prison break and hunt down fugitives. From body armor to throwing axes and sniper rifles to crossbows, the game has it all.

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These were some of the best shooter games for Android. If you are into hunting instead of just spray and pray type shooting games, we do have a good hand-picked selection of hunting apps for Android. If you are more of a gun fan, we also have a few apps in the best gun apps for Android list.

So what type of shooter game is your favorite one? I just can’t get enough of Max Payne myself. That is probably because it holds nostalgic values to me.

Tell me your multiplayer stories in the comments below. I would love to exchange some war talk with a gamer.

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