5 Android Apps to Detect Battery Drain

As technology has evolved, Android smartphones and tablets are becoming faster and more powerful. However, one thing that has not managed to evolve is the battery. This is exactly why we all need Android apps to detect battery drain. Sure, the new Android versions come with some sort of battery history, but they are not that effective in fully optimizing a device.

Thankfully, the Google Play Store has a lot to offer in this regard, there are some amazing apps which go above and beyond the call of duty to make your device last longer on one charge.

I’ll be honest, a lot of manufacturers are starting to use power saving features on their smartphones and tablets. If I remember correctly, Sony was the first smartphone manufacturer to employ extreme battery saving measures. They baked the features in their own version of Android and delivered exceptional battery savings. Now, there are a lot of manufacturers which are doing the same.

The need to install and run apps to detect battery drain still remains, though, because those features are there to extend the battery life. These apps are made to terminate the battery drain itself. I have personally used the top app on this list on my older smartphone and saw a significant increase in battery performance.

Note: The five Android apps to detect battery drain were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. The apps worked fine, and there were no problems faced during testing. The apps were also able to optimize the device and locate anomalies in battery drainage. Results may vary according to your device and locale.

1. GSam Battery Monitor

This battery monitor is one of the finest ones available in the Android store today. The app is amazing in hunting down battery-draining apps with its app sucker feature. There are a ton of features which will help you optimize your battery life and make the most of one charge.

The app allows you to have an optional status bar notification which will inform you about the battery state and time left. You can even overlay the battery icon by using an icon pack add-on, is a great feature for those who love to customize. If you want details, this is the app you should get.

You can dig deeper into how an app uses your battery and even know the wake lock details. Want to know which app is using the CPU more? Or want to know which app is waking your smartphone in the middle of the night and performing God knows what? GSam Battery Monitor will do the job for you.

The app also comes with one of the most accurate remaining time notifications I’ve seen. It actually uses current and historical usage to estimate the remaining time and it improves the longer the app stays on your smartphone. All in all, this is one of the best and detailed apps to detect battery drainage.

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2. DU Battery Saver&Phone Charger

DU Battery Saver is one of the best battery saver apps on Android and has been for a while now. Personally, I have used the app and it has worked wonderfully in the past. However, it didn’t significantly improve the battery life with my newer device, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you. A lot of people are already using this app to optimize their smartphones and tablets, and it has worked marvelously for them.

It is a simple app that allows you to remove processes which are draining your battery faster. It also comes with a battery optimizer widget which is just one press away from stopping power consuming apps from the background. The app also comes with smart preset modes that allow you to select modes that best fits your own needs. It is a must have app if you don’t want to dwell on the details and just want to get more juice out of one charge.

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3. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is the only app in the top Android apps to detect battery drain list that ships supporting 28 languages. It is a professionally made app, which aims to be accessible to almost everyone. The app helps you in keeping your device going on longer and provides detailed battery information. Finding out what is draining your power is extremely easy with this app.

The app also allows you to adjust your power consumption by adjusting different features like brightness. The app allows you to discover how a single charge will last under different circumstances, for example, how long will the device run while gaming.

There is also a good widget that allows you to turn off certain battery draining features with ease. I really like how the app can kill battery-draining apps when the screen is off. It may not be the best app killer for Android, but it certainly fits the bill.

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4. Greenify

I would have overlooked this app because it felt like an advertisement for Green Peace, but I’m glad I didn’t. Greenify aims to reduce the power consumption of smartphones and make them run at full speed. When you install a ton of apps on your Android smartphone or tablet, it tends to get a little bit slower. Greenify can make it run almost as smoothly as it did on the first day.

Some apps are persistent on running 24/7 on your device and even if you use an app killer they start right back up. This drains the battery unnecessarily and stresses the device more. Greenify actually helps you in identifying misbehaving apps and put them in a hibernating state.

This hibernation comes with an added benefit, you can turn off any app you want just by launching. It doesn’t completely shut off the app, but it does help in keeping it under control and tamed. However, making any app you constantly use hibernate is not a good idea because Greenify will also stop the notifications. This is the only downside of using this app.

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5. Battery Monitor Widget

If you are in the market for some easy battery optimization, then Battery Monitor Widget is just what you need. As the name implies, it is a widget which aims to optimize your battery consumption and monitor the process. It is a very simple app that can run on almost any device.

This app is quite old and this is the only reason why it is ranking so low on the list. While all devices may not benefit from all the features this widget has to offer, almost any device will be able to run it without any problems. If you have a secondary backup phone which is cheap and old, this just might be the widget you need to monitor uneven battery drainage.

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These were a few Android apps to detect battery drain and help you run your device a little bit longer. Manufactures these days are making certain apps identify as system apps, this makes it hard to simply close them. Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG are all guilty of making some stupid app rank as a system app. System apps are considered essential to the workings of a device and thus cannot be closed by any means.

Thankfully, users who have rooted their devices are free to do whatever they want; they can even delete said apps which constantly drain battery life. I would highly recommend that you root your device if you are looking for extreme battery optimization and make the most out of the Android ecosystem. But even if you have an unrooted smartphone, these apps will help you locate abnormal battery drainage with ease.

How long does your smartphone last on a single charge? Have you seen any improvements after using these apps? Do tell us in the comments below.

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  1. “As technology has evolved,” in more than three years since it was written, there has been no apparent need to update any of the information contained in this article.
    Hard to believe? Yep, sure is.
    Google Play store is not the only, or best, resource for Android apps- its simply the most advertised and, consequently, most well known.
    F-droid and G-droid are two other good repositories for Android apps.

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