Apps for Pet Owners

9 Android Apps For Pet Owners

In the digital app, there’s an app for almost everything, including pet care, whether you are an experienced pet owner or have a new furry companion. These 9 Android apps can make your life as a pet parent more convenient, organized, and enjoyable, they offer ways pet owners can enjoy every aspect of having a furry friend.

1. Pet First Aid

Apps for Pet Owners

Accidents happen but there are preparatory methods that can make all the difference. The Pet First Aid app has been designed by developers to provide veterinary advice for everyday emergencies. From how to approach a bleeding wound to CPR instructions, as well as How-to-videos on how to handle first aid steps for over 25 common pet situations through text, video, and images. It’s also a platform where you can learn size-specific CPR techniques and respond to common and stressful emergencies. This app can be a lifesaver for your furry friend because it helps you to identify common toxic substances, and easy access to find the nearest emergency vet hospital in case of emergencies. Designed and structured by The American Red Cross, you can set up profiles for multiple pets and manage veterinary appointments, interactive quizzes with friends like yourself, early warning signs, medication administrative advice from certified vets, a guide on pets’ behavior, and tips for disaster preparedness. Overall, It’s a great app for pet lovers.

2.  Rover

Apps for Pet Owners

Rover is a reliable pet sitter app specifically for dog walkers, the purpose of this app unlike others is to help users to arrange dog-sitting appointments and walks. Its unique features on how all sitters are reviewed and approved, get real-time updates on your dog walk through the GPS-Track walks, secure booking and payment through the app without going to any office, a great way to read reviews schedule service, and receive and update photos while you are away. Rover doesn’t just help you get trusted caregivers for your pets but also helps you find local pet care professionals around you. Arrange your dog-sitting appointment and walks and you will be glad you did.

3. Chewy

Apps for Pet Owners

Chewy has you covered as the best shopping app for pet products, over 3000 trusted brands have registered with the Chewy app to enable pet owners to shop for pet food and supplies. The platform has a shipment tracker section where users can follow up on their pets ordered boxes from Chewy to their doorstep. The features of the chewy app can never be overrated, providing 24/7 help from pet experts to get advice anytime, Auto ship savings where users get to save extra money on recurring orders, and online top-quality pharmacy for medications and veterinary diet products.

4. Puppr

Apps for Pet Owners

Training your pet using a step-by-step lesson from the best-certified vets around the world, The Puppr app design for dog owners can be a lot earlier when you download the Puppr app from the Google Play Store. Structured with unique millennium features like video tutorials, where pet owner learns dog training techniques from experts, learn fun trick lessons for their dogs, housebreak their dogs with potty training tips, behavioral training to address common dog behavioral problems, positive reinforcement to get reward-based training methods, and practices on how to monitor your dog’s progress. Pet owners can use the Puppr app for basic obedience commands that can help their dogs’ agility.

5. Whistle

Apps for Pet Owners

Whistle is a top tracker for dogs for Android users who have a dog as a pet to track their pet’s health and monitor the pet’s location at any time. Its comprehensive features include Geofencing alerts for pet owners to receive notifications if their pet leaves a designated area, an activity monitor to track your dog’s daily activity level, health insights for personalized wellness recommendations, and a battery life indicator to monitor the tracker’s battery status. The Whistle app is designed to help pet owners keep their pets healthy and safe.

6. Paw Tracker

Apps for Pet Owners

The Paw Tracker app is good for pet owners to monitor their cat’s outdoor adventures, the app allows users to set reminders and share data with their veterinarian for better health monitoring. Its features surpass a GPS collar tracker for owners to know their exact location, location history for pet owners to view where their cats have been over time, training on techniques to set boundaries and receive alerts if your cat leaves the area, Battery life indicator to monitor cat collars battery status. Paw Tracker is very handy for cat owners to order meals, monitor walks, medication, and more.

7. Pet Coach

Apps for Pet Owners

Another Android app for pet owners to get advice on their pet’s behavior, nutrition, or health. Pet Coach is a Unique Landscape is a 24/7 platform to connect with veterinarians’ online services and ask them questions on your pet’s health, a pet health record folder to store and manage your pet’s medical history, a section for a consultation to discuss behavioral issues concerning your pets with professional, receive dietary recommendations on nutritional guidance, access to articles and videos on pet care tips and training, and 24/7 emergency support to reach out to vets in urgent situations.

8. PetDesk

Apps for Pet Owners

The Petddesk app has been developed to simplify the process for pet owners, receiving appointments and keeping to it accurately can be stressful. An all-inclusive app is designed for pet owners to book and schedule vet appointments, set and receive reminders for vaccinations and check-ups, access their pet’s health and medical records, easy ways to demand their pet prescription, and a profile section to keep track of pet details, above all a cool way to chat directly with your veterinarian.

9. 11Pets

Apps for Pet Owners

11 Pets is an incredible app designed for Android has unique features to help pet owners manage their pets’ health records and appointments, the platform allows users to store vaccination history medications, and vet visits, sets reminders for grooming and other related appointments, and sections to document your pets milestone and store photos, a weight tracker monitor to check weight changes in your pet, daily to keep emergency contacts handy and lastly access to create a customized profile for multiple pets. 

Bottom Line

These 9 Android apps are an incredibly useful tool for pet owners who want to give their furry friend the best care, entertainment, and safety, whether you need help training your pets, monitoring their health, or simply want to have fun with your pet. these apps will help you enjoy being a good and reliable pet owner. So if you want to own a furry little friend and don’t know if you can cope with the tasks involved, download any of these apps from the Google Play Store and get all the answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a pet care app?

When looking for a pet care app, consider features like health and vaccination tracking, appointment scheduling, activity tracking, emergency information, training resources, GPS tracking for pets, and access to expert advice.

How can a pet tracking app help me?

A pet tracking app, like Pawtrack or Whistle, uses GPS technology to monitor your pet’s location and activity levels. This can help you find your pet if they get lost, monitor their exercise routines, and ensure they stay safe.

Are these apps available on both Android and iOS?

Most of the apps mentioned, such as Pet First Aid, Rover, and Chewy, are available on both Android and iOS platforms. However, it’s always best to check the specific app store for availability on your device.

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