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5 Android Apps that Use Less Data Than Their Competitors

Data is getting cheaper but it is still far away from affordable for many. Sure companies try to sell us “unlimited data” which has something called fair usage, but it is not unlimited. So naturally, you would want to save some data whenever you can, this is where the 5 Android apps that use less data come into play.

We all use browsers, we all load pictures, we all send audio messages and we all like Facebook. These apps are made to make sure you can save that precious data without compromising on the user experience.

I’m not going to claim that these apps will cut down the data usage clean in half, but they will certainly help you on a limited budget. The number one app on the list has seriously helped me over the years and I cannot stress enough that it actually tones down everything on a website and gives you a smooth, yet less data strenuous, experience.

I usually resort to these apps when I know my data is going to be done in around one gigabyte so that I can easily stay connected the last 10 days of the month. I know, it would have been better if I use them from the get-go but I like to live like a king when a new month starts.

Note: the 5 Android apps that use less data were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. I’ve been using these apps for over 4 years now and they worked perfectly on a number of devices. Apart from the Facebook app, everything in the list has been tested extensively over multiple devices. Obviously, all of these apps will need an active Internet connection to work properly.

1. Opera Mini

Opera Mini icon

Opera Mini is one of the best browsers ever made for mobile devices. And I’m not even talking about Android, I’ve used this app back when I had an old Sony Walkman phone. To my delight, the app has grown immensely over the past years and yet, the basic functionality remains the same.

This browser has the potential of saving you a lot of data if you turn on the data saving features in it. How does this work? When you try to access a webpage the browser actually loads it on a server, compresses it and sends it back on your device. Then the browser compresses it and displays it on your screen.

While this process is technically a bit slower, you won’t even notice this happening while using the browser. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Opera Mini has been on our best browsers for Android list as well.

Free Version

2. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite icon

Facebook is one of the most data demanding apps I have ever seen. That’s right, check out your data usage and you’ll find it among the top culprits. The data usage has gone up since the regular Facebook app wants to load high-quality images all the time.

Thankfully, there is an alternate lite app that can be used to access all the features you have become accustomed to. I’m a social media addict and check my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter once every hour, so naturally the regular Facebook app leeches data like a cyber-leech.

The Lite version of the app saves data by loading only essential information and even reducing the image quality to be less strenuous on your data package. I have to admit, it looks quite ugly but hey, if the app lets you check in without using 5mb, it’s a win right?

Free Version

3. UC Browser

UC Browser Mini - Smooth icon

UC Brower is another app that was featured on the best browsers for Android and there are some pretty great reasons for that. UC Browser is very tiny in size compared to the competitors, it is also evenly matched in terms of speed.

The user experience is well polished and the browser comes with all the features you would need. However, this browser is in last place because the data saving is not significant, in fact it is the least data saving app on the list. As a result, the experience is much faster than Opera Mini but the data savings are average at best.

Free Version

4. Whatsapp

WhatsApp Messenger icon

Want to send text messages to friends or perhaps a recorded message but fear that data will be chewed up? Well fear not, Whatsapp uses the least amount of data I have ever seen. Even if you send and receive videos or images, the app compresses them to save you a ton of data.

Sure, the picture quality won’t be the same but hey, at least you can send a bunch of images without having to worry about data caps. My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge takes pictures of at least 5mb, and sending them to anyone can be a nightmare at full resolution, thankfully

Whatsapp sends a compressed copy that only takes a few hundred KBs. This is exactly why this app was featured on our best messenger apps for Android list.

Free Version

5. Google Chrome

Chrome Browser icon

The premier Google browser, Google Chrome has seen some great improvements over the years and it is still growing. I really like how Google is always moving forward and even borrowing features from other established browsers to make the user experience more enjoyable.

While the browser may look like a regular one when you first launch it, and to a huge extent it is, but the real data saving magic happens when you head over the options and switch on the data saving feature. After that, your data usage will go down drastically and you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite websites with ease.

There is almost no lag on strong connections and the best part? Your browsing history and saved passwords will carry over to the desktop and even iOS variants.

Free Version


These were some of the best apps that use less data than their competition. I have personally used 4 of them over the years and the experience has been phenomenal. Even if you don’t want to save data, some of the apps can still help you in your day to day tasks. For example, Whatsapp is a great way to contact anyone without paying a single cent.

So, what do you think about this list? Give us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. Mai Billa,
    You really want us to believe that S6 Edge came on the market four years ago?
    Are your time gears ok?


  2. What country do you have to be in to install FaceBook Lite? I am in the US, have 5 different devices on Google Play and it shows as Not Compatible with All of them.

    1. It is meant for areas of the world that have less reliable or accessible data networks. I used APK mirror to download and install it when I used it. It won’t update like an app in the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to check back now and again to get the updated version.

  3. Be careful assuming that EVERYONE does certain things. I don’t instant message through an app. I just texted when I need to. Also I could care less about Facebook. Personally I don’t leave data turned on ever. I share a one gig plan with my wife and together were barely able to use half of it

    1. you’re right, not everyone uses the same apps, phones, or services. The plan that I’m on affords me 5gb of wireless data each month. With a few days left, I am at 4gb of wireless and almost 18 of Wi-Fi data for my personal phone. Part of that is syncing all of my data every night automatically. While it’s not the most data saving thing to do, if I lose or destroy a phone, it’s much less worrisome than people who keep everything on their phone and don’t prepare.

      Everyone uses their phone much differently than the next person day to day. It’s about finding what works best for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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