8 Android Apps to Keep Your Children Busy During Quarantine

Let’s be honest:

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly around the world, things are getting pretty out of hand. Nobody expected things to escalate quickly, and people are starting to panic.

In efforts to help prevent Coronavirus from spreading, experts advise people to stay at home as much as possible for their safety. Also, numerous countries are now implementing drastic measures like lockdowns and home quarantines.

Here’s the thing:

Due to the pandemic, countless schools closed down, catching parents and students unprepared. Some parents are worried, asking how they can keep their child busy during the quarantine.

Thankfully, we have technology on our side to help us. Since most kids can now use gadgets nowadays, you can use apps to keep them occupied.

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Today is your lucky day!

We curated a list of the best Android apps to keep your children busy during the quarantine. These apps are not only entertaining but educational as well.

Isn’t that amazing?

But before letting your kids use phones, sanitize the device first. Also, remind them of one of the latest health guidelines, which is washing hands regularly.

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Best Apps to Keep Your Children Busy During Quarantine

With so much time off school, your children need to keep themselves busy during the quarantine. Here are a few apps to entertain and help them learn even at home.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. YouTube Kids


If you’re looking for the best video app for children, YouTube Kids is the one for you. This app gives kids an environment where they can explore and have fun on their own.

With the proper automated filters to keep your child safe, you don’t have to worry much about inappropriate videos that can harm him. You can adjust the viewing preferences and recommendations and choose from different age categories that suit your child.

YouTube for Kids

While you’re at home during the quarantine, you can use this app to teach your kid a lot of different things. With tons of fun and educational videos, YouTube kids will keep your children busy for quite some time.

Is this the best app for children out there? Download YouTube Kids now by clicking the Google Play button below!

Google Play

2. Netflix Kids


With all the time to spend at home, why not let your children watch movies and tv series for their age? Watching movies will keep them busy during the quarantine.

So if you’re looking for the best movies and shows for your kids, you can try using Netflix. If you think that this app is only for adults, you’re entirely mistaken.

Netflix has a “kids” feature when enabled, provides a safe watching experience for your children. This function filters videos and shows so that your kid will see the ones appropriate for his age.

If you don’t have Netflix yet, maybe now is the time to get one. Click the Google Play button below for more details!

Google Play

3. Duolingo


Duolingo is a friendly app where you can learn different languages. With each lesson designed as a mini-game, your children can learn new words and expand their vocabulary while having fun.

With its user-friendly design, kids wouldn’t have a hard time navigating the app. With at least 30 languages to learn, I’m sure this will keep your kid busy.

Learn new words

This app isn’t limited to kids only, and parents can use them as well. Why not use the time during quarantine to learn new stuff with your kid?

Is this the best app for your kid? Click the Google Play button below for more details!

Google Play

4. Epic


If your children enjoy reading books, then Epic is a must-have app. With thousands of high-quality books, videos, quizzes, and more, this app brings learning to children even at home.

Epic isn’t limited to just books. It also offers educational videos, audiobooks, and exciting stuff for kids. With its safe and kid-friendly environment, you can let your children explore the app without any worry.

Users can create up to four profiles that you can personalize. With book recommendations that depend on the interests and level of the reader, your kid will not run out of things to read!

Does your kid like to read books? Get Epic from Google Play now!

Google Play

5. Kids Preschool Learning Games


Kids Preschool Learning Games includes eighty games with children-friendly graphics, voice narrating, and sound effects. This app teaches kids the alphabet, numbers, and other stuff by integrating them into games.

With so many things to learn, this app is perfect for toddlers and preschool kids. It will help them with their memory skills and how to recognize numbers and letters.


Educational games help children learn new things in a fun way. With its 80 interactive mini-games, this app will keep your kid occupied for quite a while.

Are you looking for an educational game for your children during the quarantine? Click the Google Play button below to download now!

Google Play

6. No.Pix


Apps that should keep your kid busy isn’t limited to games. You can also let them use apps that can boost creativity while having fun.

NoPix is a new coloring app for kids. They can download, create, combine, and color artworks to improve their drawing and coloring skills.

Paint using numbers!

With the color by numbers tool, your children wouldn’t find it hard to create and color their artwork. With tons of free paintings that your kid can use, NoPix will keep them entertained for hours.

Try this app now, and you might find yourself playing with your children. So, download NoPix on Google Play now!

Google Play

7. Minecraft


Minecraft lets users explore different worlds and build everything from scratch. With tons of new features, your children have a lot of things to discover in this game.

Whether they want to use unlimited resources to build a world or start from scratch, children will enjoy this game. Creating structures, mining resources, and crafting items will spark your kid’s creativity and keep their mind active while playing.

Explore Infinite Worlds

What’s impressive with Minecraft is your children can play it with their friends online. Since everybody needs to stay at home for a long time, it wouldn’t be wrong if your children can talk and play with their friends in games.

Is this the best game for your children? Download it now on Google Play!

Google Play

8. Lightbot


Introducing new concepts to your children and can be quite tricky. But with an app like Lightbot, they can learn new things while playing video games.

Lightbot teaches users real programming logic through the use of puzzles. The app lets players understand different concepts, including instruction sequencing, loops, and procedures while progressing through the game.

Isn’t that amazing?


Children learn faster if they are interested in what they do. With Lightbot, learning the fundamentals of programming has gotten more fun and exciting.

If you’re planning to teach your kid something new during the quarantine, try using Lightbot. If you’re interested, download the app now on Google Play!

Google Play

Related Questions Other People Ask

How can quarantines and lockdowns help in the fight against COVID-19?

These preventive measures could help in preventing the spreading of the virus between people. When you’re not going outside as much as possible, you’re limiting the risk of infecting yourself or other people.

How can Android apps help children during the quarantine?

Spending too much time at home during the quarantine can bore people, including kids. Android apps can entertain, educate, and keep children busy during these tough times.

What can I do to help in the fight against COVID-19?

Unless you’re fighting in the frontlines, it would be best to stay home as much as possible. Doing this will help limit the spreading of virus between people.

To Sum It All Up

Due to the lockdown and the community quarantine, countless children could be out of school for quite a while. Parents are now asking how they can keep their kids busy at home.

With so much time to spare during the quarantine, even kids will run out of things to do. Thankfully, we have Android apps that can entertain and stimulate the active mind of children.

Are these apps helpful in keeping your child busy? Please let us know by leaving a message in the comments section below.

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