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Make Free Video Calls with These 9 Android Apps

The Android platform has matured, and so has our mobile connectivity. Just a few years back the mobile Internet was not good enough to sustain quality video calls. Thankfully, with the help of powerful connections as well as the Zen ware apps to make free video calls, you will be able to stay connected with the people you love the most.

I remember a time when video calling was very troublesome, and practically it just didn’t work 90% of the time. Now, we can make video calls with a simple touch of a button; this is how far we have come.

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While everything has advanced, the major players in the free video calling market have been almost the same. True, there are some new contenders in the arena, but the Giants are still here.

Partially because they have also evolved over time and introduce new features and also because of their instantly familiar interface. I’ve used a few of these apps across multiple platforms and to be honest; I always stick with the few apps I used way back when Android launched. However, if you need a reliable alternative to your already in use video calling app, these Android apps to make free calls will come in real handy.

1. Skype

skype icon
Skype is the only Microsoft product I happily use on my Android devices. Not that their other apps are bad, it’s just that Skype is highly convenient to use. I’ve been a Skype user since it was launched on desktop PCs, and I simply find it easy to use and instantly recognizable.

The design philosophy behind the desktop program has also translated well to the touch-friendly interface of Android. Talking face-to-face with a person is as simple as tapping on their face. The app now also offers group video calls with up to 25 people; however, I only got three people to talk to thanks to my poor

Internet connection. New users will find Skype to be a very user-friendly experience and will be able to enjoy one-on-one calls a lot. This app is not the best app to make free video calls but it can certainly be considered a great one.

Free Version

2. Viber

viber icon
This app used to be one of the best apps to make audio calls on Android, then they introduced video calling and voila! Viber has more than 664 million users worldwide and they are growing thanks to its reliability. I have used this app countless time to chat with friends and the app has always delivered.

One of the best things about this app is that it is also an amazing instant messaging app for Android. The video calling is of HD quality but it pales in comparison to the sound quality this app provides. If you want this for purely video calls, I recommend that you check another app but if you are looking for a well-rounded messaging app, you should definitely check this one out.

Free Version

3. Tango

tango icon
The Tango messaging app has gained a large following in a short amount of time, and it is not surprising. I was really impressed by how well the design of this app was while I tested it as an alternative for FaceTime on Android. While I don’t actively use this app, it has always served me well whenever I had to use it.

The best thing about this app is that it is a video calling app first and then anything else. The app works great on smartphones but excellent on tablets as well. Hearing the voice of your loved ones as well as seeing them in great quality is a joy on this app.

Something unique about this app is that it allows a great level of interactivity during a video call, you will be able to apply different filters, send stickers and even play games with your family and friends in chat.

Free Version

4. ooVoo Video Call

ooVoo icon
Apart from having trouble pronouncing the app’s name, there are no oddities to be found on this great app. ooVoo Video Call is an awesome Android app to make free video calls.

The interface is well-designed and allows you easy access to the major features. But the best thing about this app is the ability to talk to up to three other people live. Having a chat with your high school buddies simultaneously is extremely fun.

Free Version

5. Imo free video calls and chat

imo icon
If you’re seeking a simple yet easy-to-use app to make free video calls app, then this app is just made for you. The app works regardless of the device you or your friends use. It also allows you to send unlimited messages over 2G, 3G or 4G with ease.

Making high-quality video calls is only a button away. The app also comes with group chats that allow you to talk to multiple people at the same time. But one the best things about this app are its stickers which are hundreds in number.

Free Version

6. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

line icon
LINE messenger is a relatively new app, but it has made a name for itself thanks to the easy-to-use design and robust feature set. The app has 600 million users currently using it, and there is no surprise behind them. The app comes with a very well-designed interface that allows you to make calls in mere seconds.

You will also be able to use your PC to make video calls to Android smartphones, a feature that is missing on many other Android apps to make free video calls. LINE also tries to replicate the social media aspects my including a timeline, but it is yet to become popular.

Free Version

7. Facebook Messenger

messenger icon
Back when Facebook decided to make a separate app for messaging, there was a lot of backlashes. I was at the forefront of bashing Facebook for its odd tactics. However, when the storm calmed down, and the messenger app was updated, the result was a perfectly fine experience.

While I wouldn’t consider the Facebook Messenger to be perfect, it is a far cry from the time it launched. Facebook has also gradually introduced new features such as video and audio calling. I have used the audio calling feature available on this app, and it has worked fine almost every time.

However, video calling needs a little bit of polish. I can easily see the quality dropping at times, and it happens so randomly that I am unable to pinpoint the reason behind it. Thankfully, the app doesn’t completely drop calls, so it’s a plus in my books.

Free Version

8. WeChat

WeChat is the best Android apps to make free video calls available today, and I really enjoyed testing it out. The best thing about this app is the multimedia messaging features that allow you to send video, image, voice and text messages to your friends.

The app also comes with a great group chat feature that allows 500 people to interact with each other easily. If you’re looking for group video calls, which supports up to nine people on one call; this app is made for you. If you’re into sending stickers to other people, it has a lot of stickers available for you.

9. Hangouts

Hangouts icon
It is a shame that an app made by Google is at the end of our best Android apps to make free video calls list. Hangouts is a stable and serviceable video calling app, but it has a lot of flaws. For one, I get terrible video quality whenever I call someone out of my country.

Don’t get me wrong; the quality isn’t marvelous when calling someone locally, but somehow, talking to someone in Germany makes the app spaz out in weird ways.

And that’s just not me because almost anyone I talked to dismissed Hangouts as bloatware that Google likes to install on their phones. That being said if you want to save some data and don’t care about the video quality; this is an exceptional app for you. The voice quality is also amazing, and the calls do not drop.

Free Version

Video Calling for Free with Android Apps

I’m not a very chatty person, so I rarely do long video calling sessions with friends or family. However, during the testing of these apps, I had the pleasure of talking to a couple of friends living abroad. It was a very unusual yet refreshing experience for me. The apps performed really well and I generally had a great time testing these apps.

Usually, there are some apps that make the testing experience painful but this time around, apps were well-designed and professional looking. Every app on the list works straight out of the box and this is all we want.

If you have any questions about these apps or something is confusing you, please feel free to contact us in the commands below. Happy chatting!

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  1. I am currently using skype and wechat and among both of these apps i prefer skype . I’ve heard a lot about tango too and will surely try this out .

  2. I have 2 kids and dad is out of town for work alot we use tango I love it the only problem it seems to freeze video calls while video chatting tryed to use skype but it wasn’t working soon I’m going to up grade phone to the new iphone which has face time on it my family has it and it works amazing the video picture looks like there right there no freezing wish we could down load that

    1. ijeoma irene okoye,
      How unfortunate about the regular freezing of the Tango Video Call App. I will definitely look into it, but have you tried reporting the issue to the developer?

    1. Hi Lindberg,
      All are great, but Skype is my personal favorite. Have a great call with your spouse. Thaks for commenting. =-)

  3. Can I use any of these free video calling apps listed WITHOUT WiFi or phone service because my bf is going back to Boston for the summer and his family has no WiFi at all. Please let me know if there is something that works w/o. WiFi or phone service.

  4. Can I use any of these without internet connection or Wi-Fi cus my lady is going on this remote camping in the jungles of Florida and I want to keep tab with her while she’s away.

  5. Try out Zangi a messenger app with the lowest data consumption. Zangi works everywhere from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.

  6. I’m looking for a Video app, preferably with a group option, that I can use with my kids & family. My kids don’t have a personal phone that has an active phone number but does have access to Internet (to young lol). So I’m in hopes to find an app that we can use to communicate over video that doesn’t require a mobile number, just Internet! Thanks!

  7. Is there some app, that doesnt require phone number!? Only registration by email and make the video call over internet conection by “calling” that user. I installed several apps and there is always coose country and phone number int the biggining! I have old phone and wanted to make video call with my little daughter in the house – obviously she doesn’t have any phone number …

    I thought that it is possible to call skype number (I used Skype many years ago on my computer), but I haven’t find that option in android app.

    So is there such simple app – register by email – second user registers by email and than you can call each other …

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