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5 Android Apps to Stay Up to Date with Donald Trump News or Keep It from Sight

If you live in the US, or even outside of it, it’s difficult to not hear about Donald Trump. Trump has always made a name for himself, but with the 2016 US Presidential election on the horizon, he’s been louder than ever. If you want to keep up with the noise because you’d like to support Trump, or just like watching his antics, I have some apps to let you do just that.

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about Donald Trump when looking up political news, then I have an app for you too that can block Trump from your news feed completely. I’ll be going over the app that can block Trump news first, but it can just as easily make sure you get only Trump news at the same time.

1. US Politics News

US Politics screens

This first app is very general, whereas the others will solely be focused on Trump. US Politics News has a feature included where you can either block or favorite certain tags, one of those tags being, you guessed it, Donald Trump. The app is free, thankfully, and is updated often with new stories about several candidates.

Download at Google play7

If the tag Donald Trump is favorited, you can see a news feed filled with nothing but Trump news. On the other hand, if you block Donald Trump, when viewing a general news feed in the app, no Donald Trump news will be displayed while you try and stay up to date with different presidential candidates.

In a few short steps, I’ll show you how the tagging system works.

First open the app, it will be under US Politics instead of US Politics News in your app drawer.

Next, while looking at the presented news feed, tap the three horizontal bars in upper left corner of the screen.

US Politics feed

After tapping the horizontal bars, you should see a menu drop down.

US Politics dropdown

Here is where you can select topics to either favorite, or block. Favorite topics will show up in the My Topics section of the app, and blocked topics won’t appear at all as long as you have them blocked.

To add a topic to either the favorite or the block list, tap the list you want to edit by either touching the thumbs up, or the thumbs down.

Once in the desired list, tap Add Topics at the bottom of the screen.

US Politics search

You can either search for a topic, or select from a list of popular ones. This way, you can help create your own custom news feed, and surefire way to make no unwanted topics are brought to your attention.

Block Donald

If US Politics News seems like the right app for you, you can download it here by clicking the Google Play button below.

Download at Google play7

2. Trump 2016

Trump 2016

This is the first of four apps for Trump supporters, and just those with general interest in the candidate. Trump 2016 hopes to be your one stop shop for all things Trump, while still remaining a free download of course.

A few notable features of the app include:

  • A quick look at all of Donald Trump’s tweets, updated constantly.
  • A tab where you can view Donald Trump’s stance on many issues.
  • Volunteer through the app to join Team Trump.

Trump 2016 isn’t a very large app by any means, but with a clean and simple interface, it allows you to access specific Donald Trump information that you may be interested in.

Download at Google play7

3. Donald Trump 2016

Trump screens

With an app simply named, Trump, how could you go wrong? The answer to that question may differ depending on whom it’s directed to, but this app’s answers should always remain the same. Donald Trump 2016 is a free app that compiles information about the man himself, and some of his policies.

A few features of note are:

  • A detailed “About Donald Trump” page that acts almost like a biography.
  • A link to Trump’s website
  • Notes on some of the candidate’s policies.
  • A shop for Donald Trump merchandise.

Donald Trump 2016 additionally keeps tabs on big events that the candidate is attending, and offers a map with the locations of the events for user reference. Much like Trump 2016, Donald Trump 2016 has methods to join Team Trump and help their cause.

Download at Google play7

4. Trump 2016

Trump 2016 screens

No need to look twice, Trump 2016 is an app with a strikingly similar name to another app a few spaces above, but has different features on offer. This app is brought to you by Gigawick Mobile Business, thankfully for free, to help give you your daily dose of Trump if that’s what you so desire.

Some of the best features this app includes are:

  • Social functions to chat with others.
  • See trending Donald Trump news stories.
  • View Trump’s stance on important political issues.
  • Never get left behind on where Donald Trump will be next.

The UI for Trump 2016 may not be very impressive, but it’s trough of information present, and abilities to get connected certainly are. If you want to keep up with Donald Trump, Gigawick Mobile Business is in your political corner.

Download at Google play7

5. Trump News Channel

Trump News screens

I’ve saved one of the best for last, Trump News Channel may not look like much at first glance, but for Donald Trump news and information, it does its job well. TNC is free, and I’ve had very little problems with ads causing annoying interruptions.

There are more than a few things to see with TNC, but a few worth mentioning are:

  • A forum to discuss Trump related topics.
  • Three different sections for Trump news, events, and even videos.
  • Easy to use search function to find the Trump stories you’re looking for.

Unlike most of the other apps mention on this list, TNC does not provide any Donald Trump policy information, or background details. However, you could pick another app from this to supplement that need if desired.

If Trump News Channel has what it takes to satisfy your Donald Trump news needs, by all means, download it below.

Download at Google play7


Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is going to be in the news for a good chunk of 2016, and possibly even later than that. If you want to keep up with him, there are thankfully easy ways to do it, and there are even ways to block him out of election news feeds in general if you want to forget he exists.

I have no clue what 2016 holds for Trump, and in relation, the rest of the US, but I’m more than interested enough to keep watching.

So where do you stand on Donald Trump? If you’d like to share your thoughts on him, please leave them in the comments below!

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